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Observing The Hive Mind Of Humanity

  • Humanity is a wonderful species. Mostly harmless, we are born into a society where we are taught to be a product of our environment. Sometimes, such a teaching can result in us being prone to vulnerable hive mind ideals based on social tendencies to be loyal to specific ideals related to our work and other relations. However the time is almost upon us, where by we may see a significant shift towards personal understanding, instead of a shift of imperial design.

    For many years, we have experienced war. Conquest, domination and fighting over common ground, which has not led us into peace time as many people believe. Across the world, we see a pattern emerging. First comes challenge, then blood shed, eventually common agreement. But at what expense should we risk the same pattern? Over money, resources, stock value of gross consumption of knowledge and its application? Have you ever dreamed of a better way to live on Earth? A time when we are not controlled by the decisions others make, but by the unconditional nature of who you truly are? You my friend, have a choice to make in the time you have to spend on Earth, by being alive.

    We must make a choice, collectively. Be a part of social values, so our kin may have us to thank for their survival. Or be apart of something other than a moral dictation scheme, where everything you do, is not politically regulated by someone other than you. The choice you make, is about how you express how important survival and social existence, means to you. As such, remember you don't only have two options, but to share with you the depth of everything you mean to someone, is just as an important of a feeling, as connection itself. Depth is what is lacking in our society today, and instead of it becoming our soul focus, it should be the result of which ever purpose you live for speaks to you in as true a form of clarity as is required to make anything you ever dreamed of become possible, a living possibility in reality for you.

    In an ideal world, conflict does not occur. Your only news source is one which cares about your interests based on your experiences. You have total control of what you need to excel in things you are successful at in your own time. And you have the space to make any invention your most prised, well protected and innovative invention of its kind. In the world today, this is possible. It always has been. Humanity, however, has entered a hive mind state, where conflict has resulted in the necessary control measures of the world leaders, to prevent wide spread chaos. As such, order and authority has always been challenged, because conflict and barriers in communication has brought us closer to every man for himself mantality, to which our society has prospered up to now based on such a concept. Although political favor has brought one nation victory, it has crippled another, which is where the sharing of ideas comes in to focus. If we simply have to care enough to become interested in an exchange of some sort, we can make connections based on the same principle. Which in turn, would not result in conflict, so long as you recognize all you have comes from you, not at you due to social circumstance.

    People are born in to an environment where not a lot of internal focus is encouraged. For whatever reason, we are exploring new inner territory as much as we are outer well traveled territory every day. Nothing is impossible, so warring over what is possible seems to be an idea which will soon leave us as we search for an external spot to call home. In many ways, we are troubled by our external circumstances, because of the internal power play we are so used to. Hive minds always have a power play associated with external environments, which is why we must explore our inner and outer world through the observation of ourselves, in order to determine a spot for chaos to rest in peace, while it is simultaneously used to bring creativity and energy to our very being.

    As you become aware of your own self, become aware of your conscious form to make a difference where you can, to be equally unique as you are important to others who wish to do the same.