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You Are Never Far From The Light By Shanta Gabriel

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    March 17, 2017 2:20 AM PDT


    You are Never Far from the Light By

    Shanta Gabriel

    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

    For this week's issue, our message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us that a focus on our breath is an important tool at this time.


    The Gabriel Message Card for this week


      You are never far from the Light. It is as close as your breath.


    Have you ever started to feel anxious and confused, and then noticed that you were not breathing?

    Obviously our breath is a key to staying alive, but it also offers us an avenue for alignment. The yogis say that the Infinite Intelligence lives between our in-breath and out-breath.

    Our breath is a powerful tool for becoming more calm, settling our mind and creating an alignment within us to our Divine Source. Often the confusion and anxious feelings we are experiencing are because we have separated from our need to breathe more deeply. The body can literally begin to believe it will not get enough oxygen to survive, which causes the anxious sensations. This is also a demonstration that we are out of present time, because in the future or past we forget to breathe.

    It has become essential to my Well-being to sit in the Light of God's Presence every day. For varying reasons, some days this is easier than others. The essential key that makes the difference between feeling suffused with Golden Light or ruminating over my life situation is my breath.

    The full Gabriel Message below speaks about a Balanced Breath. This is simply breathing in for the same number of counts that you breathe out. It is a very basic tool for coming back into balance with yourself. This breath exercise is so simple you can do it in traffic or in line at the post office. It will help you feel much more centered and at ease.

    The Balanced Breath exercise is very well known all over the world. In Hawaii it is known as the HA breath, which means the Breath of Life. When you can hold your breath for the same number of counts in between the inhalation and exhalation, it becomes a very simple, yet powerful meditation tool. This has been called the Square Breath, using the same number of counts to breathe in, hold, breathe out, hold.

    Breathing in God's Light and Wisdom every day is an essential practice for my Well-being. I know that it fulfills my purpose as a Light-bearer as well because when Divine Light is anchored through me into the Earth, it radiates into the world.

    Divine Light becomes our link to higher dimensional realms when we can remember that God is with us always, as close as our next conscious breath.

    Divine Presence,

    Thank you for inspiring me through my in breath and my out breath. Thank you for helping me remember that I feel much more at peace when I slow down and breathe more deeply before continuing in my day.

    I ask to feel this alignment with the Light of Divinity in every moment, with every breath. May all beings feel their connection to Source and live in Wellbeing with every breath they take. Thank you God. And so it is. 

    March 12, 2017

    The Gabriel Messages #4


    You are never far from the Light. It is as close as your breath.

    Dear One,


    Your breath is your connection to God. Breathing is the first thing you do when you arrive on the earth, and the last as you depart. Your breath feeds your body and mind the oxygen it needs to exist. Your breath also holds the power to create an expansion in your energy so you can be aware of your link to the Source of all life.


    Divine Light is showering upon you at all times and it radiates from within your being to the world around you. This light holds the essence of peace and love. The more you are aware of your connection to this light, the happier you become.


    There are times when you may feel alone and in turmoil because of situations in your life. It is at these times that breathing consciously and remembering the light of God will be helpful. When you pray to experience the power of your connection to the Divine Presence, you are opening a door in your mind to allow in more light. The more you open, the more you are flooded with light and love. Remember at these times that your breath is the key to opening this door.



    When you breathe in a conscious manner, taking in and releasing balanced breaths, it will compose your energy and allow you to focus on God. Continue to breathe and pray for greater awareness of Divine Presence in your life at all times. Ask to know your oneness with the Divine as you breathe deeply, and anxiety will drop away. It is difficult to be upset when you are breathing deeply and openly. Part of your anxiousness is caused from breathing very shallow breaths. Your body starts to fear that it won't receive enough oxygen to live, so taking a few moments to breathe in a conscious way is very reassuring to your body as well as your mind.


    As you inhale, imagine you are breathing in the light of God and allowing it to flow into every cell of your being. As you breathe out, imagine that you are releasing everything within you that is not of your highest good. Each breath renews you. As the light creates more clarity and focus, Divine Love brings you peace.


    Remember that you are never alone. There are messengers from God in the form of Angels who are available always to bring you peace and guidance. You can call on Divine Light and ask to know personally your guiding Angelic presence. Prayer is always answered. You can ask for what you want to be or to have in your life, knowing that it will manifest in a form that is for your highest good. You can release to the Angels all that no longer serves you. Then give yourself time to breathe and receive the abundant level of love and wisdom carried by Divine Light.

    Your life will change in miraculous ways when you remember:

    You are never far from the Light. It is as close as your breath.

    Archangel Gabriel

    through Shanta Gabriel

    March 12, 2017


    Come and Be Nourished...

    Does your inner fuel tank feel like it's running on empty? Do you want to recharge your life? Do you want to experience more balance?

    In times like these, we all need to feel more Balance and be renewed with a sense of meaning that nourishes and empowers us. Equinox allows the world to be in harmony with Nature's Balance. It is the perfect time to use that energy for recharging our spiritual batteries and renewing our lives.

    Nowadays, Life is our Ashram and sometimes it is hard to get away to a place where we can recharge our batteries. However, we know that to feel happier and more inspired, we need to fill up on spiritual energy so there is more meaning and purpose in our daily lives.

    One of the best ways to do that is with a dedicated spiritual practice for a specific period of time that raises your vibrational frequencies and brings you more life force and fortitude to lead your life. It's called an Anusthan.

    I offer this powerful quarterly group spiritual practice, so we can all recharge our spiritual batteries and gain a new sense of purpose and focus on our worldly lives. It need only take you 10 - 30 minutes per day in your busy life, but the rewards will continue long after it is over.

    Our Equinox Anusthan

    It is my pleasure to invite you to join our group of dedicated heart-centered people for this important individualized spiritual practice.

    Be nourished in this sacred gathering from March 15 through March 25 to celebrate Equinox by anchoring Balance and Renewal into our lives and on to the Earth in a special empowering group spiritual practice.

    You don't need to participate in all 11 days, but you can make it work for you by dedicating 3 or 5 or 7 days, in any way that works best. It's your spiritual practice!

    A renewed sense of purpose and filling a deep well of loving energy is my intention for all of us involved in this practice. We are bringing a focus to your life that is very inspiring and will nourish and recharge you for the time ahead.

    When you register, you will receive a beautiful Equinox Anusthan booklet with all the guidelines for your practice. There are affirmations, prayers, mantras and simple spiritual tools to enhance your life.

    During the 11 days, you will receive a message from Archangel Gabriel every day.

    There is no charge for this spiritual practice, though I am asking for a love offering for the technical support to make it happen. You can choose your level of support.

    "Blessings and so many thanks for the incredible Anusthan and the beautiful full moon prayers and ceremony. May you be blessed 1000 x 1000 fold for all the incredible beauty that you and your work brings to creation!"

    "Shanta, thanks again for all the multidimensional networking you do. This Anusthan series and your daily messages have been exceptional."

    "This practice of Anusthan has brought me so much, I truly feel grounded, connected and in alignment with my Highest Self, with my destiny supported by Heaven and nurtured by the Earth."

    Register for the Equinox Anusthan here

    Please join us for this inspiring practice of Balance and bring a beautiful spiritual focus and renewal into every area of your life.

    With Warm Blessings for Balance, Shanta

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    Jamye Price

    a message from Jamye Price

    Thursday, 9 March, 2017 

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    Stillness and Movement

    As you are beginning to choose more of what you are creating, quite often you begin noticing how much is out of your control. You observe all that you (and humanity) are experiencing and recognize the lack of control. It creates confusion of what is actually controllable to you.

    We want to give you some areas of focus with this basic drive of seeking control, so that you can begin to shape your inner world and feel more of the progress of creativity and empowerment growing within.

    We speak of this often because it is important. It is what this time is about—beginning to discover more of yourself. This shifts the human experience into a connective experience that connects you as a species, connects you with the Earth and all of her inhabitants, and connects you with the subtle realms—even beyond the Earth.

    Creating and Control

    As you observe your emotional flow, one of your drives of control becomes very prevalent—your drive to feel good, to feel positive, and to feel fulfilled. This drive is very natural. It is inbuilt into who you are because you are a loving being, a loving species, in a loving world and a loving universe. Love is the binding force of Life. It is the creative force. Wanting to feel good is very natural to you.

    When you are feeling badly, your lack of feeling good creates a feeling of lack of control. It is the opposite of the satisfaction that you are wanting to create in your life. This drive to feel good is a positive aspect of you, but right now you are learning to adjust into feeling strong, no matter what the experience.

    Life, this loving universe within which you reside, is also wanting you to feel good. It is wanting your movement, your creativity. Your creativity expands you and expands Life.

    When you are not feeling good, your drive to feel good is a movement aspect of Life, it creates movement. Life expands and continues. Do you see the engine of movement? It is benevolent, even though it doesn’t always feel good. This creates a strength within you to feel good or feel better because of your internal control, not because of the world around you.

    Life wants you to create. That is Life continuing. You are Life continuing.

    Stillness is Movement

    We begin with the dichotomy of stillness to create movement. As you begin to become more comfortable in stillness, you will begin to feel more strength no matter what is going on around you. This creates change.

    Stillness is a connection point. It is where two energies of movement meet and create a connection. Stillness is where two opposites meet and become one, the midpoint of a spectrum where two waves merge into one. Whether a harmonious merging or not, the connection happens. For a “moment” in time, two opposites create a stillness, a neutral point, then reaction happens.

    Inner Stillness

    Stillness is not just meditation, but that is an obvious and wonderful aspect of it. It is very important to be able to focus your beingness and discover your inner connection, your inner stillness.

    Can you find that stillness while you are in movement? Can you find that stillness while you are in interaction with others? Can you find that strength to remain loving no matter what experience you are having within you or within your life, or even within your world? That which you observe on your television, you are experiencing within your bio-mechanism. All of it is important.

    You do not have to meditate for hours and hours. Meditate in a timeframe that feels appropriate to you, but practice finding stillness in mediation first, then in action or movement, and then in interaction.

    You may begin with meditating while you’re sitting with your eyes closed, focusing on your breathing, on a light within you, or on a mantra, for example. And then, you may want to focus with your eyes open while still sitting quietly focusing on your breath, light or mantra. Then, you would begin meditating as you are walking quietly and gently in nature.

    You are recognizing the focus and the stillness within you even while you are in movement. You are creating a connection with Life around you while maintaining a deep connection within the self.

    Observe and interact with your inner self with great focus and compassion. Allow the experiences that you are having within to surface into your awareness. This is a powerful practice that will begin shaping your internal world and surfacing much Love in the form of strength within you.

    A Connected Being

    This creates a reference of deep connection within, even while you are aware and silently interacting with Life. It creates a strength of inner connection and a deep connection with the present moment. It strengthens your inner realm, creating an inner “control” that is powerful beyond what is occurring outside of the self. It begins to change your interaction with the world around you.

    You will begin to strengthen the most valuable relationship that you have in singular, physical form—the relationship with yourself. This foundation will bring you much transformation. It will begin to move you in ways that cannot be accomplished as easily when you are just interacting from the outside in. That is important also, but it is this inner experience that will shape your strength.  

    From this inner strength, all that is going on around you is meeting such great Love within you as you observe life, that it is transformed as it comes into your awareness.

    This is the powerful step that changes how people interact with each other. As you find that still point within and love and nurture the beautiful and the “ugly” parts of you, you will be transforming into a strength that will recognize that any “ugliness” was beauty under a rock.

    You will begin to discover the powerful flow of love emanating from you, rather than just being fulfilled around you. And yet, as you do that, you will begin to find everything around you fulfilling. That is when you have changed the definition of control.

    You have discovered the ultimate control is your connection with your infinite nature of Love.

    It is boundless. It is infinite. As this inner well-spring of Love flows into your world, it changes, it cleanses and it replenishes all that you’re experiencing. You can access a grand stillness within, even as you are interacting with others.

    Copyright: © 2005-2017 Jamye Price All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

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    "Have The Courage To Feel Extraordinary"

    When we are simple, our state of being aligns with our nature to be happy. Also, our thoughts, actions and attitudes will be free of complications and we are willing to share our happiness. Happiness starts with our self-awareness. When we are aware of ourselves, and our nature is being happy, we will avoid attaching any conditions to our state of being. We all have experienced this. This is what I call the soulful existence of life and love. It is about having detachments and attaching no conditions to our state of being who we are. When we become detached from our thoughts, attitudes, emotions and behavior and therefore able to watch as if we were someone else, it is our enlightenment. We watch our thoughts with detachment, but we are not the thought. We are conscious at this stage of our inner dimension. We can watch internally and control our thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitudes and behavior. If we need to, we can start a new pattern of thoughts and a new wave of emotions. These are the most everyday ordinary things that empower us as the masters and creators of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes. When we consciously train ourselves to witness what we think, our attitudes and our emotions, we are consciously participating in our lives that are unfolding in front of our eyes. In reality, this is our self-control and staying present. To remain in peace and being in calm, we become the creators of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behavior. If we are able to do this, there is no need to tolerate the circumstances and suppress our emotions.

    When you see a beautiful flower, you become the flower. When you see a stream, you become the stream. It is to step back as a detached observer and to see whether love is woven into our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behavior. When we become whatever we are seeing or feeling, those things are going to connect us. This is our conscious energy, connecting our hearts to someone else’s and putting us in another’s shoes. When we see another’s crisis, we extend our help. It is our connecting capacity to care and love. When we start to think about this, connecting to strangers becomes a scary proposition. It is also common, to start to withdraw and become closely guarded. Our nature is that we want to define everything and we try to bring a resolution. In other words, we are attaching conditions on how we want to see things unfolding. True betterment comes when we let things unfold as it is without our conditions involved. If we intend to do any harm to anyone, let us see ourselves in the faces of those people that we want to harm. We will become connected either to their sadness or happiness. Our vulnerability to our sadness and happiness is our power and it makes us human. It continues here at This is an excerpt from my 462 page book that took almost four years to complete. I am honored that based on top bestselling titles, my book was selected to be featured in the prestigious The Hay House 2016 Holiday Catalog "The Best Gifts for Living an Inspired Life."



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