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Shanta Gabriel's:"Planting the Garden of Your Soul"

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    March 22, 2017 2:16 PM PDT



    Spring awakening


    Planting the Garden of Your Soul By Shanta Gabriel


    A Message for Spring Equinox from Archangel Gabriel


    Dear Ones,


    Planting the Garden of your Soul invites the Grace of the Angels to work in your daily life. This focused activity demonstrates your desire to co-create what you need to harvest a more bountiful future.


    The northern hemisphere will experience the Spring Equinox on March 19, a season of new birth and renewal. If you are in the southern hemisphere, planting your inner garden now will allow you to create a winter focus that will bloom in its proper time. Equinox is the optimum time to plant your personal garden of powerful intentions within your being. This timely action will bring great rewards as you till the rich and fertile soil of your soul, elevate your thoughts and activate new life within and around you.


    The Equinox is always a moment of Profound Balance — a time to reassess your life and choose anew.  When you plant clear intentions for your most empowered future, the manifestation of your dreams will become your new reality.


    What does it mean to plant the Garden of your Soul?


    It is really very simple to plant your personal garden. What are the qualities you most want to see manifest in your life? What are your goals and dreams for a joyous future? What needs have to be met so you can be happy? These are the seeds to plant within the garden of your being so you can create a new structure for your life.


    When you plant the seeds of growth and renewal, it can be a fun, creative and positive way to promote a joyous, abundant life. Consider those things you most want to have thriving in your interior garden. Maybe you would like to plant the fertile seeds that lead to Abundant Prosperity? Perhaps you want to empower the seeds of Harmony in all your relationships? What about planting the seeds for Health and Well-being deeply in your base chakra so they can grow with zest and vibrancy?


    The soil of joyous potential exists within you and awaits your attention.


    Are you too busy to plant your Soul’s garden?


    These vast exalted ideas surprisingly require very little time during your busy life, full of commitments and deadlines. In fact, the small amounts of time you give to planting and nurturing your interior garden will enhance every area of your life with a bountiful return. It is said that when a person takes one step towards the Divine, this Higher Power will take ten steps towards you.


    Let your imagination soar as you bring forth those magical qualities in which you wish to live. Nothing is too large for you to dream to manifest a happier life. As you play with this process, you are co-creating a field of unlimited potential within and around you. When you dream big and feel the joy of it, your vibrational frequency will be uplifted and your energy field expands. This allows doors to open that you have not imagined possible. It is your open mind, and a heart unencumbered by doubt and self-criticism, that attracts new growth and evolution into your life.


    Planting the Garden of your Soul inspires great support from the seen and unseen world so you can live life in a more inspired way. When you allow yourself to be a part of this co-creation, all your needs can be met with Grace and Ease.


    How to plant the Garden of your Soul?


    Since every new project requires some thought and planning, when you begin your inner garden, make it creative and fun. The visual images that you choose will greatly enhance your ability to manifest them. It could be a beautiful work of art with many colors, magazine pictures or a painting. The shape your interior garden takes might be a pattern, like a spiral, that inspires you. You could decide just to make a list of those qualities of consciousness you want to experience in your life. The action of writing will assist the energy of your garden by taking your dreams from the inner to the outer level.


    The Angels of Creativity are available to work with you in this project, and can inspire you so it will be fun. When your inner spirit is stimulated in this way, new life flows into your mind and heart, and you feel uplifted. This increased energy flow attracts more joy and you feel happier, which in turn, brings more creative ideas and a sense of Well-being. Your life will begin to change in surprising ways.


    When you see old patterns of thought and action manifesting, and you begin to feel stuck in problematic energies, consider them to be compost for your new inner garden. Ask the Angels working in your life to help you pull these weeds and transmute old ways of behavior with Divine Light. This will help feed the garden of your soul with loving energy. Soon you will see the new sprouts of different ways of being.


    Rejoice in this vibrant growth knowing that as you respond differently to old situations, you will receive fresh, positive results in every area of your life. By focusing a little bit every day on what you want to see manifest in your life, you provide a new structure so your interior garden will thrive. Remember that as you plant the seeds of new consciousness into your garden of Pure Potential, you are grounding the Creative Essence into the Earth. Through this action of bringing beautiful qualities of consciousness into your world, you become a bridge from Heaven to Earth.


    Bask in the Sunlight of Divine Illumination


    The Garden of your Soul has amazing potential to bring you the life you want to experience. Even the willingness to open yourself to new thoughts and behaviors attracts assistance in ways you never knew existed. This beautiful garden thriving within you will become a magnet for your new soul community, as many people are attracted your inner balance and joy. In this way your new growth and the thriving space within you reach out to bless the world. As your garden comes into fruition, you will find your life nourished in bountiful ways.


    The company of Heaven awaits you as you begin planting these seeds for your new life. Bask in the sunlight of Divine Illumination. Breathe it in deeply and let it nurture the new growth within you. Know the Angels will joyously assist you in weeding out the old ways that no longer work so your garden will thrive with new life.


    You are never alone. You are being guided as you open to a new way of being. Let all the frantic activity in your life drop away as new Balance and divinely inspired action takes root within the garden of your life. This simple process will enrich your life’s purpose, so your next steps become very clear.


    There is a flowering of new life beginning within your heart, and new balance flourishing in your life. Allow yourself to be inspired and nourished as you plant the Garden of your Soul. Remember that as you empower these exalted spiritual qualities and plant them into your consciousness, they become living fields of energy that will enhance every area of your life.


    As you look at the flowering of Nature around you, it can remind you that the same beautiful new growth is taking place within your very being. You are a precious being, worthy of all you aspire to receive and so manifest. Know deep within your heart that all is well. And so it is.


    Shanta Gabriel

    for Archangel Gabriel

    March 13, 2017




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    What is True for You


    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

    For our Sunday inspiration, this message from Archangel Gabriel is teaching us how to focus on what is most important in our lives.



    The Gabriel Message Card for this week




    Resonate with what is true for you and leave the rest.




    Shanta GabrielThere is so much information coming at us right now that it is difficult to take it all in. Especially my email, even if it seems really fascinating, it is often distracting me from what is essential and important for me to focus on. Learning how to resonate with what is the Truth in my heart has been an ongoing process of discovery.

    I have been recently receiving the message that I need to prioritize. I have so many things that I love and am interested in, I find that I spend way too much time exploring or reading than keeping my focus on what I am working on. This means that I might even have to stop signing those important petitions that save the waters, the animals and the forests until I can complete my Inspiration message :-)

    So one of the ways that I have sorted out this process is by recognizing the resonance within my heart. If I feel at all obligated to do something that is not in alignment with the resonance of my heart, I just have to leave those things aside and come back to what is most necessary.

    Not only do I feel like there is too much to do, I also notice that it is not leaving as much time for rest and the nourishing activities like hiking in the forest. It is a priority for me now to slow down, breathe more deeply, and do only that which resonates with my heart. I may do only 5 of the 7 (or 180) things on my To Do List, but I will do them more consciously and with more focus of attention. That way they carry much more Love and Presence into the world. I also feel like I accomplish more when I bring my full consciousness into the project, and it helps me to enjoy the process.

    I am realizing that there will always be more to do. What is essential is that I feel happy and that I am truly enjoying my life. That is what makes life more fulfilling and my work a true Joy.

    Divine Presence,

    Thank you for assisting me in bringing more clarity and awareness into my heart and mind. I offer all my work to my divine Senior Partner that guides my work to help me prioritize all that I do each day. I ask to know by resonance in my heart, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is important for me to focus on. Thank you for showing me what will most nourish and enhance all that I am so I can bring into the world only that which serves in the greatest way.

    With every action that I take, may I and all beings, become more attuned to Source energy and in alignment with our Soul's Purpose. For these and all my blessings, I say thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is.

    March 19, 2017 The Gabriel Messages #5



    Resonate with what is true for you and leave the rest.


    Dear One,


    Every day you receive wisdom and guidance from the Angels. Sometimes this guidance comes from those around you — friends, family, teachers, strangers or signs in obvious places. Sometimes this wisdom comes as an inner urging. Whenever you receive guidance, if you tune within, you will feel a resonance when it is coming from a place of truth. Call this your "God check." Create your own little sign that you can recognize when something is right for you. Then you have a way to really know what it is in your highest good at all times.


    It is important to do this "God check" before your mental activity is engaged, because the mind creates confusion at times. It is the heart that is in tune with Infinite Intelligence. This is where you receive your truth. Many times what is in your highest good may not be the most rational of acts. You must be willing to do that which resonates deep within as the most appropriate action for you to take.


    The God within you knows the answers. Before you can hear them, however, it may take a little prayer you make to yourself in moments of decision, especially when you are receiving conflicting advice from many well-meaning people around you. Take the time to center within, so you can know what is true for you.



    One little ritual that may be helpful for you is to stop, take a deep breath, and say to yourself: "The God within me knows the truth in this situation." Take several deep breaths and continue with your life process. You will feel a resonance within yourself that is your true knowing. The more you act on this resonance, the stronger it will become. Be willing more and more to do that which your heart tells you is right for you, rather than following your rational thoughts or the suggestions of those around you.


    No one knows more than you do what is truly in your highest good, when you are in that infinite connection to the Source of all life. Ask for this connection to be strong and clear.


    It is very helpful to give thanks in advance for clear direction from God. This creates a frequency of energy within and around you that allows the Angels to bring you assistance. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way to bring about that which you most want in your life. Be clear about the qualities you want, such as joy, wisdom, love, prosperity, and peace. All of these qualities represent the energy of the universe that is always available to you. You must ask for them directly in order to receive them. You also need to keep bringing your focus of attention back to what you want, rather than focusing on what you don’t want in your life.


    So the steps we are suggesting in order to bring about a higher level of order in your life are:

    Stop, breathe, ask, give thanks, and then be willing to receive on a level you have never believed possible. Allow the universal energy of the Archangels to work in your life.

    When you come from this high level of intention, you will begin to sense within you the resonance of your highest truth. And from this place comes Divine Right Action.

    Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:  



    Resonate with what is true for you and leave the rest.


    Shanta Gabriel

    for Archangel Gabriel

    March 19, 2017




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    Journey of a Thousand Deaths – Letting Go


    Journey of a Thousand Deaths – Letting Go - By Jenny Schiltz




    It has been said before that it is like we die a thousand deaths on this journey. This is one of the truest things I’ve heard. It matters not where you are on this path, because once you step foot on it consciously or unconsciously, parts of you begin to die. We leave behind all the bits and pieces of who we thought we were, the identities that we took on or were put on us, the parts of us and the people that do not resonate with whom we are becoming. These come off in layers, because I’m not so sure we could handle the truth of our being all at once.  Sometimes the letting go is done forcefully as if the universe (you) is conspiring against you and other times the layer is so deep that your full participation is required. It has to be conscious letting go, deliberate stepping into the new.


    Now more than ever we are being asked to not only let go but to really see the impact these ‘false selves’ have had on our lives. Where these selves held fear, lack, and at the same time how they provided the perfect canvas for us to experience exactly what we needed to for our growth.  We are being shown our dysfunction and how deep it goes for none of this can stand in the higher light. It is the resistance to this letting go that creates such suffering in our lives.


    I knew I had tapped into a new layer of self that needed to go. I had been working with it for a few days, feeling it out, understanding its voice and role. A few days ago I was headed to the hot springs as I needed the healing soak. I began again, tapping into this layer, really feeling the resistance that was there and found underneath was fear. This layer was afraid to go and was really wreaking havoc on my emotional body. I was anxious, cranky, feeling insecure… just yuck. The rhythm of the road and the radio blaring provided the perfect escape for me to explore and really hear and feel what was being expressed. I was grateful for the sharp mountain roads requiring my husband’s attention because if he had looked over and seen tears running down my face, I would have had to confess the existential crisis I was having. I then began a sincere, active dialog within myself.


    Me: I need you to go, this needing to play small, and making myself small for another’s comfort, the fear of putting myself out there…. it doesn’t serve me any longer


    Layer: What if when I leave you die too? You have children and a husband.


    Me: Then it was meant to be. Their highest good would be served too. I trust that.


    Layer: What if you change so much that your husband won’t want to be with you?


    Me: This gave me pause and then I heard my higher self say – he has stood by you through every change and has loved seeing you, the you he always knew come out of the shadows.


    Layer: I’m afraid


    Me: I know, but you will be fine. Thank you for all you taught me.  I am stepping forward now.


    With that, I literally felt something leave my body. It was a huge shift and a release like nothing I have ever experienced. Then I felt peace, beautiful blessed, peace. The next time I caught my husband’s eye, I flashed him a smile. I was going to be alright, we were going to be alright and I felt such joy and excitement for what new is showing up in my life now that I released the old.


    While that conversation was so clear, I began to remember more subtle ones I have had through the years. What if I lost everyone on this journey? What if they thought I was crazy? What if I am crazy? I remember the fears stripping away layer by layer. Some layers had stayed around causing me suffering for months before I was finally able to TRUST and let go. The releasing is faster now because my trust is greater and instead of fighting the release I express gratitude for its role and consciously step into the new. Being clear on my inner dialog, which we all have, has really helped. Slow down your thoughts, really hear them and don’t hesitate to speak your truth to those thoughts.  I have found that there is a misguided belief within spirituality that to speak your fears, to name them gives them power or manifests them. I call BULL! I find that naming my fears helps me to really see them and show them compassion. Isn’t that what all of us want when we are scared? Compassion and understanding. Parts of us feel like they are dying and that the world around us will crumble as we embody more and more of who we truly are.  The only way that this can be done gracefully is with conscious intent and deep love.




    As we near an extremely powerful Equinox, you will find that the need to let all within you that is old, go. This is also being mirrored in the outer world with de-cluttering, job changes, moves, relationship changes, and even deaths. Some of our animal companions are also transitioning because their role is complete… they helped assist you by showing you true unconditional love. Now it is time to show that love to yourself.


    Due to the vast changes that we all feel, even those not energy sensitive, I’m noticing that outside fears are on the rise. Stop, be still, and see if you are fearing something in front of you or far off. Many are disconnecting from social networks and the media for these reasons. The truth may be hard to discern but what isn’t is how your body reacts when you focus on these things. Do you feel anxious, scared, tired, and overwhelmed? Make no mistake, we feed things with our energy; we can either feed love and joy or we can feed fear and duality.


    The separation of the frequencies is becoming more distinct, this has to happen so that we can easily see and feel the differences. The Equinox marks the beginning of the time when the frequencies are not only distinct but will begin to move away from each other. This is why there is such a great push at this time for all of us to be very conscious of our thoughts and emotions. We have to choose what we want to continue in our lives. Choose and consciously overwrite the old programming by stating your truth. Deeply imbedded programing will take consistent effort, but it’s worth it. It’s time for us to own exactly who we are with no apologies.


    As we rewrite the programming, density leaves our form in sometimes unpleasant and explosive ways. Headaches can be common as well. During the process of grid removal, (more of an explanation here:, feeling dizzy, nauseous and ungrounded is common. Also with the timelines dissolving and shifting it can feel like we are losing our minds. Things go missing and pop up someplace else. I have even been in a car and saw someone getting ready to T-bone us and as I braced, the car disappeared. All we can do is laugh and shake our heads.


    With all of this activity, you may notice that your own intuition and abilities are increasing. It’s quite exciting. We are entering a whole new world of possibilities as we make the higher frequencies the dominate one in our form. There is no veil on the New Earth, the only veils that remain are within each of us and are determined by what we can handle and what experiences we have chosen for our continued growth. Now is a great time to journal so that you can look back and be amazed at how much has changed and how much has shown itself to you.


    I hope that each of you are finding some peace within the chaos. As a healer I work with has said “May all things happen with ease and grace, ease and grace.” Sending you all love and strength.




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