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Healing Prayer Treatment For Body by Steven Hutchinson

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    March 6, 2016 2:22 AM PST
    Healing Prayer Treatment For Body by Steven Hutchinson
    The One Infinite Life & Substance of God's Perfection is the only Life & Substance in existence...and this Divine Life & Substance is my Life & Substance being expressed perfectly in every moment throughout my body now. Everything being expressed in my body is from the Creator's Perfect Eternal Spiritual Body, and there can no illness or destruction or wasting away in what is being expressed from the Creator's Spiritual Body - there can only be Divine Perfection. Any tissues, organs, or other parts of my body that appear to be impaired are now renewed by the very Life of God flowing through me with my every breath.
    One should always be conscious of the idea of 'Wholeness' of Life, with perfect functioning in mind, body, & emotions...and Spiritual Substance can never be destroyed or impaired on any level. Affirm: I erase from conscious & unconscious mind all beliefs that any part of my body can be impaired, inflamed, or destroyed. I joyfully, confidently, & trustingly give my body, including every tissue, atom, & function over to the Spirit of Perfect Divine Life. The Perfect Life & Energy of God is the Life & Energy that continually flows through me and is now healing & renewing & rebuilding me out of Itself. That Divine Substance out of which my body is created is Spiritual, and is maintained by the All-Powerful Essence of Spirit...which is my Essence being expressed perfectly throughout my body and throughout my Whole Being in this Eternal Moment of Now ! Thank You God ! And So It Manifests ! And Blessings of Unbounded Love & Light to all, Steve
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    Loving Your Body by Maria Chanbers

    Some Body To Love

    February 20, 2016 by soulsoothinsounds40 Comments

    Dear Body,

    Hello.  I want you to know, from the deepest part of me, to the deepest part of you, I am sorry.  I haven’t been the best friend to you over the years.  My love toward you has been rather conditional.  When you felt good and looked good I could more easily love you.

     Not so much when you got sick, or hurt, or when you began showing your age!  There were so many times I worried about you, and went into gloom and doom, expecting the worst.  I didn’t realize that doing that only made things worse, that you were simply responding to my emotions.  Now I can see that you were always doing your best.  You were a loyal friend, even when I was not.  When I think of all the times I berated you, was ashamed of you, angry and disappointed in you.  Boy, if I was in a relationship with someone and he or she did that to me, I would kick their ass out the door!!!

    In my defense, I really wasn’t as aware and awake as I am now.  Now I get that you are responsive to my emotions generated by my beliefs.  But you know that.  You also know that you are the product of a long line of inherited attributes.  In a way, I’m just borrowing you.  You are not yet a true expression of my newly developing Christ Consciousness.  But, dear, dear body.  Does that give me the right to berate you?  To be so abusive to you at times?

    Now, by the grace of the new Christ Consciousness, you are transforming.  You know that every one of your cells has been activated.  You are becoming more and more light body.  And now I know that all the symptoms, the illnesses and diseases are part of the process, and that I serve you best by just allowing those energies to transmute and be released.  I want to be with you more, and not somewhere far away, in my mind, where it was safer to be.  Or so I believed.

    I hated you when you gained all that weight.  But now I know you did it to ground the intense crystalline energies.  Now that they are stabilizing, you have shed the weight.  It still fluctuates from time to time, and now I am o.k. with it.  And the fatigue.  It comes and goes, but the chronic, daily fatigue is gone now.  You seem to know what you are doing when I step out of the way!

    Something is happening.  You are getting healthier.  You still have some stuck energies, or maybe that’s my interpretation of what’s going on.  I’m learning to trust this process.  I see how you have your own wisdom.  You know when to eat, and what to eat.  When to rest and when to walk.

    I have begun to appreciate you.  And to see your beauty.  You have been a loyal friend to me all these years.  You were doing your best considering your genes and the gloom and doom you had to deal with from my mind.

    So on this day, dear body, I honor you.  I respect you as I never have before.   Thank you for your loyal service to me.  I look forward to us transforming together into a true expression of spirit.

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    March 6, 2016 9:00 AM PST

    I bless you in all things love today and for ever more.