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May Moon Mother Earth & Wesak Transmission

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    May 11, 2017 12:57 AM PDT
    May Moon Mother Earth & Wesak Transmission By Sonja Myriel RAouine Dearly beloved lightgrid family and gridwork team, As the Wesak Full Moon is drawing near and the energies of Mother Earth, Gaia Terra Shan Vej, are raising us up to as high a frequency we can safely support, we are preparing for an extraordinary experience of unison in SPIRIT. Ready to receive the Divine Will Inspiration from on high? Well then, lay out your instinct crystal grids, focus on your intention to give and receive, to be of SERVICE to the Divine Master Plan of Humanity's Resurrection to the Golden Age of LOVE - and there we go! I would like to ask all of you who have been working with the invocation I sent out at the New Moon, to set a time to do this invocation for 3 more days in a row after the full moon - same time, same place. Here's the link for the invocation: We shall anchor the silver platinum and golden infused Ray of Freedom through Forgiveness, Ceremony and Magic at about an hour before the actual Full Moon takes place, so we can then be transported to the Wesak Valley to receive Divine Inspiration and Enlightenment on behalf of all humanity. And the following 3 days, let us recall and confirm and thus anchor all the gifts we will have received plus the 7th Ray upgrade to the platinum silver and golden Frequency. What to do: Read out the invocation as you used to - be truly aware that YOU ARE PART OF MOTHER EARTH, YOU ARE PART OF THE DIVINE, YOU ARE PART OF ALL THAT IS in the light of the CREATOR. Know that what you are experiencing in your meditation is part of Humanity's Awakening and Cleansing Process, aiding all life on this planet to gain AWARENESS of the true nature of BEINGNESS, to overcome the shadows of illusion which have held most of us prisoners life time after life time. Read slowly and speak out loud what you read. Take deep breaths in between each paragraph and when you reach the PAUSE - expand your consious awareness and reach out to your brothers and sisters in SPIRIT, your soul family, so we can WEAVE the NET OF LIGHT all around the planet, anchoring the platinum silver and golden Violet Ray in the bosom of Mother Earth, at the 7th Ray Crystalline Amethyst Palace, where the FLAME of FREEDOM is burning brightly, awaiting our conscious recognition! Let us gather in the Crystalline Amethyst Palace around the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame of Freedom, ready to birth this light into the consciousness of humanity this Full Moon! And may the light of this precious flame HEAL the wounds of loneliness, spiritual emptiness and perceived abandonment and lack of love! Once you are there, join the CIRCLE of LIGHT around the Flame of Freedom and allow your consciousness to merge with the purity of the Violet Golden Platinum Silver Flame which illuminates all around it. BECOME the 7th Ray glorious emanation of FREEDOM through Forgiveness, Ceremony, and Magic! Allow yourSELF to fully take in the vibration of this 7th dimensional gathering, allow yourSELF to receive the gifts awaiting you to be able to continue your journey on a new level of frequency from this full moon on! You ARE Mother Earth You ARE the Divine You ARE nothing and all that IS! You are no longer separated from God, from Source from Home. You are returning to your Divine State of BEING! And in allowing the Violet Flame, infused by the platinum silver and golden frequencies of LIGHT, to clanse and purify your 4 lower bodies as well as to elevate your higher consciousness, you are rendering SERVICE to the planet, Mother Eareth, Gaia Terra Shan Vej, who is awaiting humanity's arrival in the 5th dimension so she can finally move on, close the lower frequencies of existence, where fear and hatred still prevail, awaiting to be redeemed, transmuted, brought to the light. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR - and it is us who will birth the 7th dimensional light into the 5th - and raise the 3rd dimensional throught patterns to match the glory of forgiveness which shall set us FREE! After this act of SERVING the highest good of humanity and ALL that IS - repeat:




    to the Golden Age of LOVE!

    Finish the invocation and ask to be transported to the WESAK VALLEY where we shall all celebrate together the service which Buddha rendered to humanity through his coming down to earth and subsequent ASCENSION to the higher realms again, from which he brought message to humanity to follow on his path of LIBERATION! Hold high the FLAME OF LIBERTY, the FLAME of FREEDOM, the FLAME of RESURRECTION! And anchor your experiences in Mother Earth's Electromagnetic Field of Existence through your conscious rememberance of your meditation in the 3 days to follow the Full Moon. Anchor the Violet Ray, enhanced by the platinum silver and golden frequencies of cleansing and illumination into humanity's consciousness through your awareness of being born a HUMAN BEING ON EARTH, a PART OF HUMANITY, a PART of GAIA TERRA SHAN VEJ - breaking FREE now! I wish you a most blessed journey this Wesak and hope to hear from you about your experiences. BLESSED BE, my beloved family of light. I miss our conversations, Sonja Myriel RAouine

    A Blessed Wesak to All,



    Myriel RAouin

    I so love these moments when Synchronicities show me how right on the spot we are!!! The following is an excerpt from the quantum awakening newsletter of this month: This Wesak will be different as many will soon feel and find out. It is a big healing event that will be hosted by all the divine holy female presences thru time. The Christ and Buddha will step back to allow the divine feminine to issue a unanimous decree of healing to earth. All that is female and holy that has loved the earth steps forward this Wesak; from Mary, to Quan Yin, Magdalene, white buffalo calf women, all archangel consorts, on and on, every holy women that walked the earth adds her tad of healing and love to the crystal bowl of wesak. Flowing from their every cell is a decree of divine proportion. Love to all reading this! Blessed BE! Let us come together tonight to anchor DIVINE WILL on Earth! Mother Gaia Terra Shan Vej and all Divinely Blessed Female Abatars are with us! Ready for the ride of my life - I AM!

    Video: "Vlog 9 Downloading the Patterns of Perfection" By Patricia Cota-Robles

    The Seven Rays and OUR Power of Creation By Suzanne Lie
    Within the Source, all is One and there is no separation. Just as light divides into seven colors when it travels through a prism, the Source divides into Seven Rays when it travels through the prism of separation and down into the fourth, and then the third, dimensions. These Seven Rays represent the Seven Divine Qualities of the Source.
    The First Ray, which continuously separates from the Heart of the One is of the essence of the Divine Father and His Divine Will manifested into the quality of Power.
    Therefore, The First Ray is the Quality of Power.
    The Second Ray, which continuously separates from the Heart of the One is of the essence of the Divine Mother and Her Form manifested in the quality of Wisdom.
    Therefore, The Second Ray is the Quality of Wisdom.
    The Third Ray, which separates out from the union of the First Ray/Divine Father and the Second Ray/Divine Mother, is the essence of the Divine Child and his or her Consciousness, manifested in the quality of Love.
    Therefore, The Third Ray is the Quality of Love.
    Just as the Third Ray separates out from the union of the first two rays, the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, rays four through seven separate out from the Third Ray, the Divine Child.
    Rays four through seven represent the qualities that the Child of Father/God and Mother/Goddess should possess in his or her manifested reality if he or she is ever to return to God/Goddess and into the Heart of the One.
    The Fourth Ray represents the quality of Purity, which will allow the Divine Child to ascend back into God/Goddess and into the Heart of the One.
    Therefore, The Fourth Ray is the Quality of Purity.
    The Fifth Ray represents the quality of Truth, which will allow the Divine Child to heal him- or herself and to progress scientifically.
    Therefore, The Fifth Ray is the Quality of Truth.
    The Sixth Ray represents the quality of Invocation, which will allow the Divine Child to call upon God/Goddess/All That IS.
    Therefore, The Sixth Ray is the Quality of Invocation.
    The Seventh Ray represents the quality of Precipitation, which will allow the Divine Child to evolve into God or Goddess through precipitation, or manifestation, on the lower dimensions.
    Therefore, The Seventh Ray is the Quality of Precipitation.
    Each individual human Soul is an emissary of one of the Seven Rays,
    and through many lifetimes, the qualities of that Ray are developed and
    refined to contribute to the further evolution of humanity.
    Each individual also possess portions of the other six rays as well.
    These Seven Rays, which exist in Unity in the higher dimensions,
    represent the seven natural divisions of all Source
    as It expresses Itself in the fourth and third dimension.
    The Seven Rays and their colors are:
    1. First Ray - Blue; Divine Quality is Power
    2. Second Ray - Yellow; Divine Quality is Wisdom
    3. Third Ray - Pink; Divine Quality is Love
    4. Fourth Ray - White; Divine quality is Purity
    5. Fifth Ray - Green; Divine quality is Truth
    6. Sixth Ray - Gold; Divine quality is Invocation
    7. Seventh Ray - Violet; Divine quality is Precipitation
    The First Three Rays
    The first three rays to separate from the Heart of the One became the three evolutionary groups of our Universe. These three evolutionary groups serve the Heart of the One as:
    The Keepers of Flame,
    The Keepers of Form, and
    The Keepers of Mind
    The First Ray: The Keepers of Flame
    When the Divine Father separated from the Heart of the One to become The First Ray, the evolutionary group of the Angelic Kingdom sprung forth. The Angels are closest to the Heart of the One of all the Kingdoms and serve to uphold the Divine Will and Power of the Source.
    Therefore, they are the Keepers of Flame led by their Archangels who protect
    The Flame of Divine Will,which is manifested as:
    TheDivine Quality of Power.
    The Second Ray: The Keepers of Form
    When the Divine Mother separated from the Heart of the One to become The Second Ray, the evolutionary group of the Devic Kingdom sprung forth. The elementals and devas, led by the Elohim, serve to uphold the Wisdom that can be gained through taking form in the lower dimensions.
    Therefore, they are the Keepers of Form who protect the image of Divine Form
    as it manifests on the third and fourth dimensions.
    THE SECOND RAY: The Keepers of Mind
    When the Divine Child separated from the Divine Father and Mother to become the Third Ray, the evolutionary group of the Human Kingdom sprung forth. Humanity, led by the Ascended Masters, serves to uphold Higher Consciousness and the quality of Love. Therefore, humanity is the Keeper of Mind and serves to ground higher consciousness, which stems from pure love, in the lower dimensions.
    These “Keepers”
    ARE the evolutionary groups of life in our cosmos, which, through mutual co-operation, are responsible for the fulfillment of the Source’s creation. Life exists independently in each of these life evolutions, but they work in unity towards their service to the Source.
    The Angelic Kingdom
    serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Flame
    to uphold the virtue of Divine Will.
    Even though the Angels work to uphold the masculine/Father aspect of Will, they use the feminine, Mother aspect of Love and Emotion to accomplish their service.
    The Devic Kingdom
    serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Form
    to uphold the virtue of Divine Form.
    Even though the Devas work to uphold the feminine, Mother aspect of Form, they use the masculine/Father aspect of Will and Thought to accomplish their service.
    The Human Kingdom
    serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Mind
    to uphold the virtue of Divine Consciousness.
    It is humanity’s challenge to combine emotions and thoughts to ground the Divine Qualities on the third dimension.
    The Four Lower Rays are off-shoots of Third Ray.
    These four lower rays are known as the Rays of Attribute, and they serve to further define the Seven Qualities of the Source:
    The Fourth Ray represents the dispensation to humanity of the Divine Ideas of the first three rays.
    The Fourth Ray is known as the Ascension Ray because the knowledge and workings of these Divine Ideas are the core of humanity’s ascension.
    The Fifth Ray represents Divine Ideals connected with scientific discovery and medical research.
    This Fifth Ray is known as the Ray of Truth and Healing.
    The Sixth Ray represents Inspiration.
    This Sixth Ray is known as the Ray of Invocation.
    The Seventh Ray represents humanity’s quest to be creators in their own right.
    This Seventh Ray is known as the Ray of Precipitation
    The Devic Kingdom is ruled from the Mental Plane to infuse Divine Ideals into all physical manifestations.
    The Ascended Masters assist us from their retreats in the Etheric Plane to infuse the Divine Plan into our acti Blessings on your Journey HOME
    I, Zadkiel, will guide you. Just follow my Violet Light

    Embodying the New By Kara Schallock

    Kara Schallock
    We continue to calibrate new bodies through letting go of the old and embodying the New. Easily said than done for sure. As we integrate the tremendous energies flowing into us, we may simplify our lives by releasing anything that no longer serves or inspires us. This includes people, things and beliefs. Anything that holds the past in its energetic fingerprint needs to go, as the old simply cannot exist in the New and everything holds energy. Many do feel complete and it takes a while for this completion to integrate throughout one's life. It can be a confusing and disoriented time and yet it all leads to a greater new level of purpose and new ways to express it. Truly all one can do is to take one step at a time as it presents itself. As we let go, we also receive more Light. With each let-go, we integrate the same amount of Light that is equal to the amount of energy we let go of. New choices come with this New and if we attempt to make decisions based on old beliefs or what we've done before, nothing happens. We are no longer separate; we are sovereign Divine beings of Light. Be aware that any calibration must move through our cells, our mental, emotional, physical, astral, etheric and the many bodies that make us who we are. Know too that each being is of a particular dimension, so the calibration also moves through your Home Dimension that is also a part of who you are. Your Soul orchestrates all of this, so relax and get out of your intellectual ego that wonders how to do this. As Your cells absorb the New Light, the Light helps dissolve old beliefs, which are energy, held in your cells that keep you repeating the same situations over and over again, for beliefs create. Your cells are fed by your DNA and your old DNA is transforming to your New DNA and all this affects your Blueprint, which holds your new potential. I speak of your New Blueprint; not your original Blueprint, for that one is obsolete. This transition is only easy if you let it be, even while you physically feel so much! You may have highs and lows; you may be forgetful, have headaches and cry easily. Your Awareness is acute and this leads to be being very intuitive about others and all dramas; however, you may find that you are no longer sucked in unconsciously. If you choose to play, you do so consciously. You may feel as though there are so many choices that you may feel pulled in many different directions. Observe it all. Observe the lies and manipulations unconscious folks play out without the ego-need to change them. Just be you; stay grounded and detached and be who you are in every situation. We are moving from being linear to being multidimensional, where there is no time. You may forget what day it is and may not have the desire to take part in others' ceremonies or group gatherings. You may not even feel as though you want more information or take part in more and more education. Know too that the 5th Dimension is simply one dimension among many. You are of a higher dimension than the 5th almost assuredly. The New Earth Grid is made of many dimensions and each being brings their own dimension to be a part of the New Earth Grid. I see it as a grid of leylines with each leyline activated by one's own dimension. Stay in the Moment. Because we are no longer in linear time, there is no past or future; all is in the Moment. Being in the Now Moment is the only place where you can be aware. Awareness is not in the past or the future, for the past is complete and the future is created from choices made in the Now Moment. If you are in the present Moment and a memory becomes conscious, then you have a choice to let it go or continue to have it create your life. Your body changes when you are transitioning to the New. You may find you are more sensitive to chemicals and certain foods. Your skin may break out as you detox. Food is important to pay attention to. Eating organic, non-GMO and pesticide-free helps tremendously. If you live on any land, you may be guided to treat the land as you treat yourself...with care and no pesticides (I love my dandelions, as do the bees and birds). You may experience changes in sleep and other phenomena. Your mind is blending with your Heart and you are more discerning with what you watch, listen to and read. Your Intuition sees through illusions and lies; whether they are of the government, advertisements or individuals. You are becoming more creative, which is actually a connection with Soul. You may choose more Silence and alone time and a desire to be outside. Time is different. Sometimes it seems as though time slows or speeds up. This again is the shift from being linear to multidimensional. Meditation is essential; for it not only expands your Heart; it connects you with Soul/Source and empowers your Awareness so you do not mindlessly repeat old nonsensical patterns. It balances you and aligns your chakras. It does much to help you be in the New, rather than staying in the old, which perpetuates being an unconscious puppet of the 3D matrix. Video: "The Moment Of Beauty" -
    We are becoming New; we are embodying it. When we intellectualize the New by looking for more and more information, it merely keeps us in our heads and the New cannot be embodied when we intellectualize it. The New must be integrated/embodied. Walk your talk. Pay attention to all synchronicities, for they guide you. Be aware of how you limit yourself and how when meeting a challenge, you retreat...if you do. Rather, see what the challenge teaches you. Perceive the challenge as an Opportunity to grow. There are many kinds of food, to others, to T.V; to purchasing things...the list goes on; it is a way that separate ego fills an empty space within. Separate ego always thinks it's best to go outside of oneself to be happy. Really? Addictions are created any time one unconsciously does something and repeats it over and over again with no Awareness. Addictions are attachments. Addictions are a way to avoid something. Is there something you are avoiding? In each Moment, ask what would serve you and what holds you back. Speak honestly and express yourself in loving ways. Listen to your body and ask what it needs. Pay attention and follow your Intuition (Guidance) always. The Divine Trinity of Faith, Surrender and Flow helps you awaken (more) and empower your Awareness (more). When you trust and have Faith that you are much more than what you've believed, you grow. When you surrender the old and flow through life, following your Intuition and Guidance, you grow. Be in Acceptance and be patient, for there are eons of unconscious lifetimes that wait to be transformed. There is no rush; we are not in some kind of race or “deadline.” Rather, we simply take one step at a time so that the changes we make create a foundation. Otherwise, it's all fluff. The world and you actually are transforming rapidly, although it may seem so slow. We are not in linear time, where there is a continuation of Step A to Step B to further steps. There very well may be growth, integration, a sense of going backward, repetition of old patterns, then movement and so forth, with no particular pattern. All growth ebbs and flows. Do not be discouraged when and if you find yourself repeating old patterns or engaging in old dramas, for these are times to simply strengthen what you started. Trust it is all a part of your unfolding into being more. If you feel the stress and fear of others, transmute it in Nature. Trees especially are wonderful transforming beings. Pay attention to all of life; human, fauna and flora; for each has a message for you. I especially like Aodaoin Hathaway's (Dances with Dragons) Nature Essences (my name for them). They include messages from the Elementals, Sacred Sites and the Green World. Montserrat (The Sacred Feminine) has created messages from Light Codes, which I also love. The two oracles together balance Earth with the higher dimensions. Simplify your life; uncomplicate things. The New is simple. There are no rules and no exhaustive list of “how.” I like that! It is then easy to stay in the Moment. Sleeping with the window open blesses me with the birds' early-morning song and perhaps the singing of coyotes and owls at night. Looking up at the Moon and stars is another favorite blessing of mine. Keeping life simple is a way to stay present without the overwhelm of worldly drama. Breathe deeply into your Heart, the gateway bridge between the lower, personal chakras and the higher spiritual chakras. There is no need to visit sacred sites around the world when it is sacred right where you are. Whatever you choose to do always blesses the Earth with your Presence.
    Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited. WE Are Embodying The White Light of Heaven & Changing Forever We are Now embodying the white light of Heaven and we are changing forever. “The light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution.” Matthew’s Message, Dec. 31, 2003. “As the diamond is the crystalline Revelator of the achromatic white light of Heaven, so is a perfect poem the crystalline revelation of the Divine Idea.” Thomas Holley Chivers “Hear the sledges with the bells, Silver bells! What a world of merriment their melody foretells! How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, In the icy air of night, While the stars that oversprinkle All the Heavens seem to twinkle With a crystalline delight: Keeping time, time, time, In a sort of Runic rhyme To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells From the bells, bells, bells, bells, Bells, bells, bells From the jingling and the tingling of the bells.” Edgar Allen Poe, The Bells, Stanza 1. Video: " Full Circle" -