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My Thoghts On Divine Forgiveness By Adya Love

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    May 16, 2017 9:03 PM PDT

    I would like to share my thoughts on Forgiveness. I hope you enjoy this and find it helpful.

    The idea of forgiveness is challenging when we don't understand what it means or what is being asked of us. And is what is being asked reasonable or possible? I would say that most people's idea of forgiveness is completely unreasonable because it is based on falsehood and misperception. It is this misperception that leaves us running away from our truth, causing us to feel disempowered and fully invested in our role as victim. It is no wonder most of us are not interested in forgiveness as we see it, preferring to cling to our ingrained sense of self-righteousness and control.

    The error of it is this: most of us think of forgiveness as submission. We say things like: it's okay, or it doesn't matter, or I don't care or I wasn't hurt by you or I consent or I agree or you can go on doing it again and again. This perception puts the perpetuator in the power role, and we, the "forgiver" as the submissive minion. It's no wonder we run shrieking from the room. 

    This idea would allow others to continue hurting us with our consent while getting off scott free. It's the equivalent of a moral "get out of jail free" card, with us being the masochistic enabler. Now, our Higher Self, knows this idea is based on falsehood, so it recoils at the prospect. And without further inquiry or guidance we remain recoiled.

    But this idea keeps us in our comfort zone - as uncomfortable as it is - of holding a grudge and not moving forward. Still, it is familiar, and keeps us with the delusional sense of empowerment. This kind of thinking is not empowering at all as it is not coming from Truth, but rather our sense of what is easiest to avoid.

    Forgiveness is much deeper and much easier than all that. Forgiveness is simply the acknowledgment of freedom. The awareness and acknowledgement that everyone is free to be how they are, to behave as they do, to think and feel etc as they do. It is the acknowledgment that we do not have control over anyone.

    And much much deeper than that it is the awareness that all of our behavior is motivated from forces, and patterns and programming and karma that is much deeper than anything we as individual "I"s could come up with.

    Forgiveness then is about allowing all of us to be sovereign beings with sovereign behavior and choices, and in so doing we avail the Universe of its sovereignty. The Universe flows through us and lives ITS life through us, and yet our egos have co-opted that truth and tried to make it ours. Ego has tried to convince itself that it is running the show. Forgiveness allows the awareness that a much bigger force is running everyone's show.

    In this light then, we see that to not forgive, to hold on to a grudge is a big ego trip and the height of arrogance. By not forgiving we are implying that our little self called "me" knows better than the Universe how anyone else should behave. Our little "I" knows and understands all the deep implications of all the deep forces of infinite nature and programming and patterns and karma that go into motivating anyone to do or see anything in any particular way. Our little idea of "me" knows better than the whole of creation how things should be, and putting it that way, it is easy to see the absurdity.

    Forgiveness does not mean that we are consenting or submitting or even happy with the outcome. Forgiveness does not require us to deny our feelings of hurt or betrayal or anger. It does not require us to deceive ourselves into a round about way of dealing with problem - which is why we can't do it. Rather, it confronts the issue head on.

    In full light of truth, forgiveness allows us all those feelings and the acceptance of those feelings, and then it plunges deeper into the universal truth of allowing the universe to unfold how it will. That is all. Of course, we have preferences on how we would like things to play out. Forgiveness does not forego this desire. It simply allows that the Universe may have had other plans.

    So forgive. Allow all of us to be as we are. Understand that forgiving is easier than not forgiving. To forgive relieves us of the burden of carrying that heavy weight illusion of thinking we are in control or falsely responsible for another's behavior. And that is the irony - that seen from the ground up, forgiveness looks like a huge mountain to climb. Seen from the sky, it's like flying a kite.

    Love and Harmony. Adya Love.

    Video: "Emmanuel Dagher: You Are ! ... And I Am ! ... The Divine Architect Of Your Life " -

    The Federation Of Light: Darkness Shall No Longer Overshadow The Light On Earth

    Channeled Through Blossom Goodchild on May13th 2017. 


    Blossom Goodchild: Hello there, once again. I expect there are a million people eager to ask you a million questions … yet, I choose to leave the floor open and see how our conversation flows today. (When I meet a friend for a chat, I don’t think up questions to ask, I just enjoy the company).

    Federation Of Light (FOL): As indeed, Dearest Blossom, we always enjoy our communications with you.

    Blossom Goodchild: Are you doing many things at once, as we speak?

    FOL: Of course.

    Blossom Goodchild: Like what?

    FOL: We are BEING … and BEING, although this means ‘Doing nothing’ actually encapsulates everything.

    Blossom Goodchild: Interesting, as White Cloud in his chat at Easter time said exactly the same thing … over and over he repeated that ‘Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing’.

    FOL: And this is so.

    Blossom Goodchild: Can you elaborate please? As, for me, at this time … I am sitting in my healing room, and concentrating on communicating with you … that’s it … that’s enough … it takes all my concentration.

    FOL: Yet, the fact is Blossom … you are doing so much more than JUST doing that. We could simplify to start with by stating the obvious. You are breathing, you are thinking, you are aware of sounds outside, therefore, you are hearing. Yet, on a completely different level ‘beyond’ the obvious … you are … for example … living many lives … you are creating newness … you are BEING LIGHT LOVE etc. etc. On and on we could go … and yet, within doing all these things, you feel you are JUST communicating with us.

    You are so much more than the YOU that you think you are BEING NOW. For you are EVERYTHING.

    Blossom Goodchild: And nothing?

    FOL: Indeed. You see, Blossom … there is only Love. You understand that. Maybe … perhaps, you think you understand that … and yet, not quite.

    For within that LOVE … Everything is/shall be /has been created. Conjured up/manifested through one’s Divine will to … BE … SOMETHING.

    And yet, it is really a figment of your imagination … EVERYTHING IS.

    NOTHING IS REAL … other than the ENERGY of Love, which is capable of BEING EVERYTHING you desire it to be.

    Blossom Goodchild: And yet there is nothing.

    FOL: Exactly. For LOVE is an ENERGY … which can be created into any form of your choice. ANY FORM!

    In any time and in any space … there is no end to what it can be moulded in to. It is entirely up to you.

    You are the creators of your Universe. This you know, and yet again, we say with all respect, do you fully understand this?

    For if you did … there would be such a different world that you reside upon/within.

    There is blame given to others who have turned your world upside down. You talk of atrocities that take place by your so called  ‘Elite’. You say you have no control over chemtrails that make you sick … and the banking systems that cheat you from your rightful earnings etc.

    This is how you are choosing to see and feel and focus upon the world you have volunteered to live in.

    Because we are affected by all these things and there seems to be little we can do about it. For instance … there are so many chemtrails in our area at the moment and for the third time this year, myself and my family and friends are once again flattened with flu and colds … how is it we are choosing this? For … I don’t.

    Yet, on a collective level … you are.

    What do you mean?

    Your world and the way it is … has come to a collective creational state of affairs. You cannot JUST blame those of lesser Light for all that they are doing. You cannot JUST blame terrorists. You cannot JUST blame the banking system or those who have only ‘their’ interest ‘at heart’ … YOU CANNOT BLAME ANYONE.

    The way your world is today … IS …the way it is. It has come into manifestation over eons of your time. And … we say this with ALL LOVE … EACH ONE OF YOU has played a part in making it this way.

    The way your world is … is part of THE DIVINE PLAN. Therefore, you have had to have had a part to play in it.

    Your world, many times, has reached a position in which it has turned in on itself and been created anew. One has gone to all lengths of the scale, for both Light and darkness to present itself and be acknowledged. How could you experience one … if you were not aware of the other?

    And the further the darkness falls … the further the Light can shine. It is a polarized world in which you chose to experience … and experience you have.

    Yet, as a Collective Consciousness, it has been revealed that the darkness and all its entanglements are no longer suited to express the LIGHT of LOVE.

    Please look at that sentence again. ‘It has been revealed that the darkness and all its entanglements are no longer suited to express the LIGHT of LOVE.’

    By this we mean ‘souly/solely’ … that your Vibrational frequency …as the said  Collective Consciousness … has reached a peaking ‘balance’ … and it was decided that once reached … the darkness was never to tip the scales again … upon your Earth. This is not to say that this may not occur in other lives on other Planets/destinations.

    Yet, here now ON EARTH … the ‘seesaw’ … if you like … the scales… balanced up and decisions were imparted to all … that meant that the darkness shall no longer overshadow the Light.

    One has experienced just about all there is to experience, where upon a human Being can be of such malicious intent towards another. We would say there is nothing left within the violation status of human kind that could be enacted. All has been proved of just how ‘low’ a frequency LOVE can stoop to.

    And it has been heralded that such ‘movements’ are to cease and BE NO MORE.

    Yet, even in saying this … there is still free choice. So, it can continue for those who choose to ‘be within that frequency’ for as long as is desired by any given soul … until they too … decide to begin their journey home.

    For those already along the pathway … be it baby steps or by many mountains accomplished along the way … you are moving into this ‘HIGHER FREQUENCY’.

    You have tipped the scales now from the Lighter perspective.

    You just said we have reached a balance …

    You have … and … at the same time … you have tipped the scales.


    Blossom, how many times have you been confused by what we say?

    20 billion ... or round about.

    And yet you still TRUST us.

    Yep … yet, it doesn’t mean I always understand. You see, from a human perspective, what you have just said doesn’t make sense.

    And we are not in human form.

    Yet I am, and so are many reading this. So, I would be grateful if you could please speaky dee English!

    You balanced out the Light and dark. You have to have done. Your world is one of opposites. Black and white … up and down … high and low … left and right … Light and dark. The Light and dark came to an agreed balance of each other.

    Then due to the Divine plan …

    I am clearly seeing The Globe and ¾ of it is merging colours and ¼ of it is very murky!

    This is exactly right. This is the position you are in.

    This is how NOW, the Collective Consciousness has chosen to BE. Has chosen to change things.

    Those of you upon Earth NOW … those of you actually living within it … within this Divine Plan … sometimes feel that you are fighting a losing battle … as you suggested earlier Blossom. Yet …




    You expressed Love to the depths of darkness … you did your job! As a Collective Consciousness. You each played your roles … you experienced it … and now it is done. For many. For most.

    All that remains now, is for you to stand strong in you Light .


    That is all there is left to do for those who desire to raise their Vibration onto Higher levels of consciousness … once again.


    I do get what you are saying. However, if I may say … actually BEING down here is perhaps a little difficult to understand how it is/feels … if you are not within its density. Someone wrote in and expressed very well how many see our circumstances here on Earth. She said:

     ‘People have changed quite a bit in the past 10 years or so. It's hard to explain, but I think it's an effect from living in such hard times. They are happy and are enjoying their life. It's just that the happy is kind of warped. Where they wallow in their misery enjoying it, sharing it. It's not misery to them. (It would be to me, but not to them.) It's like by life being so hard, we've developed a whole new kind of people. They are doing the best with what they were given and now that is their "happy" life’.

    For those of us who ‘feel beyond that warped happiness’ … it STILL is not ‘THAT EASY’! We try, oh, so hard to stand strong in our Light. Yet, we are bombarded with energies that pull us down … many of which we are not even aware of. You cannot be aware of what this ‘does’ to us as you have not experienced it and therefore, not know that it is NOT that easy. You know I am not being rude or anything … just pointing it out.

    No Blossom, we do not know how it feels. Yet, we DO KNOW how strong your LIGHT is as a messenger of THE DIVINE and in saying this  … we do not mean YOU in particular Blossom … we mean ALL.

    Therefore, knowing what we know … we have no doubt at all that you are able to overcome ALL these difficulties.

    Remember we have said to you many times … ‘Many volunteered and only the strongest of the strong were chosen to see this particularly intense mission through.’

    You knew about all this interference of your Energies … before you came. You knew you wouldn’t remember about all of this … yet, you still volunteered. You were so keen to be here at this time … as were so many millions of souls that did not ‘get the job’.

    So, although we understand what you are saying … you must understand what WE are saying.



    And when you say to yourselves ‘Ah yes, that’s’ right. I DO remember’ … Also say to yourselves ‘And I remember too, that we made it through. We completed our mission. The Light Won. We did what we came to do … to raise Mother Earth into her Higher home once again … and we all lived happily ever after’.

    THE END?

     Of course not! There isn’t one!

    ‘Ever after’ it is then.

    It is indeed. Happily.

    Thank you my friends. Always an absolute pleasure. Well, nine times out of ten. In Love and so much Gratitude and Thanks.

    The pleasure is ours, also.


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    Imagine ...


    As (k)newly born beings,
    we begin by first 
    accepting a naturally abundant source of support
    ~ the Breath of Life ~
    only to immediately return this gift ...
    and then begin again.
    Give and Receive
    Accept and Release
    In and Out
    Beginning to End

    Our breath is a constant companion,
    guide, and connection to Life.

    So it is, too, with Gratitude!



    Go Gratitude!


    Now ...

    breathe deeply, as if this is the One,
    the beginning, the first breath connecting
    You to Source and All that IS.

    Upon release, imagine a state of purity
    returning to all creation - this breath
    imbued with innocence, Divinity, and Gratitude,

    gifted to All by a (k)newly born YOU.


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