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I Am ! And You Are ! An Ebodiment Of The Creator's Love & LIght

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    May 20, 2017 1:23 AM PDT


    I Am ! ... And You Are ! ... The Divine Architect Of Your Life ! By Emmanuel Dagher

    My friend,

    Have you noticed how challenging the past year has been? So many deeply rooted patterns that we thought we had overcome, seemed to come roaring back to the surface again.

    Why is this happening?

    We've been moving through an important energetic cycle that is bringing up all of the deep wounds and pains of the past that the mind and body may still be holding on to. This is happening so that we can fully accept, embrace and heal these wounds once and for all.

    Every being on the planet is being refined and expanded so quickly now, which is leaving many people to feel disconnected, in fear and confused.

    This is especially the case and is more heightened for those who identify with being an empath and are sensitive.

    Are you noticing yourself a bit more moody or emotional than usual? As empaths who have been on a journey of personal development for a long time, everything is feeling even more amplified which is magnifying the effects of the moodiness and emotional ups and downs.

    This has left so many people wondering, is this path of personal development all worth it?

    To our Spirit, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! But the mind will often resist this inner YES simply to protect itself.

    Our Spirit only gives us what it knows we can handle.

    When we notice that the mind begins to question our path, especially if we've invested a great deal of time and energy on expanding our consciousness, it's usually a confirmation that a BIG breakthrough is just around the corner.

    All that is asked of us is to simply be with the experience we are having, and love ourselves through it.This creates a ripe space for the breakthrough to happen.

    However, we often block ourselves from experiencing big breakthroughs, because the mind tends to focus on what it thinks is not working in our lives, (this is a type of control) that it forgets to see all of the abundant blessings that are working.

    As a result, we start to feel disconnected from our true selves (Spirit,) and enter survival patterns that the mind often finds comfort in as a result of previous conditioning.

    The good news is that no matter what occurs on our path, whether we choose for it to be long and arduous or easy and joyous, we will always come back into alignment with our true selves one way or the other.

    I know so many of us are ready to get back into the flow sooner than later, so that we can enjoy the journey again, while feeling deeply connected to our Spirit, the world and the Universe.

    If you are someone who is ready to feel connected to your I Am Presence/The Universe/Spirit, to the world, your purpose, and to your creative contributions/career, the divine energy in my free audio message, (and video), will help you do so. And if you want to take this a step further and expand your connection to your 'I Am Presence' even more, it is my deepest honor to invite you to join me for this 5 part LIVE healing series.

    The Connection Series - Tap Into The Power Of Your Eternal Self - By Emmanuel Dagher

    What You Will Receive:

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    Ascension Activations With The Seven Mighty Elohim By Tercy Logan
    Sit in meditation call forth and go to the Golden Chamber of Lord Melchizedek and sit in the ascension seats to get plugged into the universal current.
    After achieving a deep state of relaxation and attunement, call forth the seven Might Elohim and the Council of Elohim. And, as you call forth the divine ascension blessings from each of the Elohim below, you may want to pause for a few moments with each blessing & breathe in the divine energy, as you are divinely guided to do so.
    Call forth first an ascension blessing from the first-ray Elohim Masters, Hercules and Amazonia.
    Call forth a second-ray Elohim Ascension blessing from Elohim Appolo and Elohim Lumina.
    Call forth a third-ray ascension blessing and activation from Elohim Heros and Elohim Amora.
    Call forth a fourth-ray ascension blessing and activation from Elohim Purity and Elohim Astrea.
    Call forth a fifth-ray ascension blessing and activation from Elohim Cyclopia and Elohim Virginia.
    Call forth a sixth-ray ascension blessing and activation from Elohim Peace and Elohim Aloha.
    Call forth a seventh- ray ascension blessing and activation from Elohim Arcturus and Elohim Victoria.
    Call forth a perfect divine alignment of my Whole Being with the Elohim computers in the Earth.
    Chant the name “Elohim” for several minutes in order to magnetize their energies to you and immerse yourself in their vibration. Elohim is one of the most holy of all the names of God.
    Now send all of these blessings to the Mother Earth herself and to all Lightworkers consciously seeking their ascension.
    Call forth a down-pouring of the divine energy of the sacred scriptures.
    Wish you a wonderful day to you with lots of love & light. Tercy
    Video: "vlog 10 - Are you Empowering your Pain and Suffering?" By Patricia Cota-Robles

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    Christine Day's Message For May 2017 - The Holy Vine Energy

    Sunday, May 14, 2017
    Hi, There has been so much unfolding on an energetic level over this last month. The Pleiadians have been speaking about this powerful energetic happening that was to begin to anchor on our earth plane in the form of energetic Blessings for us to receive at the end of April and throughout this month of May. I have a powerful experience to share with you all. The Pleiadians talked about the appearance of a new energetic form in the sky, they likened it to the appearance of the first rainbow. Alisa and I were sitting by the ocean waiting for the sunrise. It was early morning and still quite dark. As I looked up into the night sky I saw a brilliant white light, diamond shaped, too big to be a star. This light was situated in the east, just above where the sun was going to be rising. As we focused on this light it suddenly moved into a small, pinpoint of light and then it immediately returned back into its full size. At first we thought it was a space ship, and as we continued to watch we both became aware that this was a sign in the sky, which the Pleiadains had spoken about. This sign was to herald in the beginning of these Blessings. This light form stayed in the sky, not moving. As the sun rose all the stars disappeared but this light continued steadily brilliant, despite the rising sun moving closer to the light form. We were aware of a transmission of energy from this light form coming into us. I was told it was the ‘Holy Vine’ energy beginning to anchor onto our planet for our next phase. All I can say is I am aware of being incredibly changed through the Holy Vine energy. This essence of light carries a transformative energy that has interwoven itself within my heart. I will be transmitting elements of this profound energy of the Holy Vine outwards to each one of you through the upcoming Broadcast and Blog talk radio shows. I have just returned home from Brazil, deeply and profoundly touched through this essence. I am filled with gratitude. I feel there has been a strong upswing in the drama that is unfolding on our planet and the Pleiadians continue to remind me to witness the drama only, do not become a part of the drama. Each one of us can make a difference at this time by staying connected to our hearts and by continuing to let go. We, together can hold a platform for humanity, we can join to hold a sacred communion through our hearts. In the upcoming free Pleiadian Broadcast there will be a powerful opportunity for each one of you to be activated and become opened through the Holy Vine essence. Watch out for the announcement! I send love and blessings out to each one of you. Christine
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    The Pleiadians On The Holy Vine Energy

    Beloved ones,
    We greet you. There is much for you to unfold within at this very sacred juncture on you Earth plane. We are holding and anchoring a new frequency of Light steady for each one of you to align with called the Holy Vine Energy. This is a special frequency of Light Energy designed to liberate you within your own heart. It's also a sacred design to reopen a doorway within your heart to effortlessly receive that which is part of your divine plan now.
    We are witnessing the energetic frequency of your planet as it transform. We know that you are experiencing the increasing drama on your planet where everything seems to be breaking down, which is a necessary actions at this time. This breaking sown is the death of many old patterns that have been holding the illusion of separation firmly in place.
    Watch the demolition of the old structure knowing that there is a plan for an energetic process to be activated to rebuild that which contains the new frequency and will readily align to it as it is interwoven throughout your planet.
    This is the time to let go even further within your own consciousness and link deeply into your Divine Heart Space. Through your heart connection - Divine Truth will be revealed to you.
    Blessings, The Pleaidians
    Video: "Angel Card Reading for the Week ~ May 14-21 2017" By Melanie Beckler