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    The Answers Are Within You By Shanta Gabriel


    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

    For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel is reminding us that we have a direct connection within our hearts to all the information we require to thrive.


    The Gabriel Message Card for this Week




    Be Aware that the Answers to All You are Seeking are Within You.




    Shanta GabrielThere are times when I receive this message, and I feel frustrated with it. I use the Gabriel Message Cards to help me receive the answers I am seeking. I think I want more information than to merely look within. There even may be a part of my mind that wants the decisions to be made very clearly for me.

    I know this card is telling me to settle down, breathe more slowly, take some time to be still, and THEN I will have the answer. Sometimes my rebellious nature shows up, making me feel impatient. That is when I really need to go for a walk, do some yoga, dance to loud music, or something else of a physical nature.

    Those are the times when my mind has gone on mental overload and there is no way I will be able to find my answers intellectually. Why does it seem so hard to step away from the computer, when it is so obvious I need to do something more resourceful or loving for myself?

    I find it really helpful to stop and say a prayer. I am letting the Divine Mind know that there are answers I am seeking and would appreciate the flow of clarity and wisdom that will help me to receive. And I might make sure that I also ask to be a better receiver, what they speak of in Buddhism as beginner's mind. When my mind — or my heart — is not open to receive, there will not be any clarity for me in that moment.

    After a prayer, gifts come to me that look very different than the answers I had imagined. If I am not able to receive my answer clearly from within my heart, in perfect synchronicity a book might fall off the shelf in front of me. I may be in a store and overhear a conversation, or a friend will mention a class she took and will give me insight to the answers I am seeking.

    The Universe is conspiring to support us in every way. Our willingness to have an open mind and heart offers us the ways to receive all that we need in every area of life.

    Divine Presence,

    I offer to you this decision I need to make. I offer to you the questions in my life that require clarity. I offer to you my work, my relationships and my Well-being.

    Thank you for bringing me the support, the clarity and the answers that I require to thrive in the physical world. As I begin to trust myself more and more, allow me to begin to be a willing participant in the transformation of my life. Help me to open my receptive channels so I can be inspired deep within, with true knowing from my soul's highest wisdom. I ask to integrate this wisdom within my being to assist me in living a more fulfilling life in the world.

    For these and all my blessings, I am filled with Gratitude and Love. And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel

    June 4, 2017


    The Gabriel Messages #16


    Be aware that the answers to all you are seeking are within you.


    Dear One,

    When you are in harmony with your heart's intelligence, seeking answers to your life's questions outside yourself will seldom be necessary. This seems impossible to you and yet this is a time when people no longer need an intermediary to be in tune with God, the Source of all Life.

    There has been a quickening in the vibrational frequencies on and around planet Earth. Because you are an electrical being, you are very much affected by this increased Light. A higher level of energy enables you to attune yourself to a finer vibration, which allows you to consciously receive the resonance of wisdom and love from the Divine Mind. Wisdom and love come through your energy field as light energy, which carries with it information allowing you to live more in harmony with the needs of your soul.

    This means that as you pray and meditate, you raise your vibration and draw to yourself, like a magnet, a high frequency of light and love-filled energy. As this energy permeates your being, it opens your mind to receive answers to any question you put forth. You have the capacity to be a conduit for information, as well as for the ecstasy of God's love.

    It may not seem possible to receive answers to complicated questions. Yet this is true only when fear and doubt cloud your perception. Pray to receive clearly, and pray to know the truth that is in your highest good. You can ask to know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Then you can follow the "Diamond Covenant of Moses." This declares that you are willing to do whatever is revealed to you, when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that which is in your highest good. This willingness to follow your inner guidance sets up a flow of energy through you, which allows your Higher Self to be attuned to your conscious mind.

    When you are in a relaxed and expanded state of being, you have access to all the wisdom of the universe. The Angels are available to flood your mind with love and light if you ask. When your being is filled with love and light, you understand consciously what steps to take in any situation. This inner knowing may not be immediately apparent to your conscious mind. However, as you go about your day, you will begin to respond to all situations with greater calm and certainty. When you look back, you will see how you just "knew" what to do.


    Try writing your question on a piece of paper. Have it with a pen close to you as you meditate, and pray to know the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt. Call on your personal Angelic teacher. Ask that your Higher Self be in tune with Divine Mind. Now sit, breathe in a rhythmic way, and allow your mind and body to relax. Visualize yourself sitting in a pillar of golden light connecting Heaven and Earth. After sufficient uninterrupted time, you may feel the impulse to write.

    While you pray and meditate, you are in an expanded consciousness. From this place all answers are obvious, yet the critical nature of the mind loves to make judgments. Do not read your answer right away. This will defuse your inner critic. After an hour or so, go back and read what you have written. Most likely you will surprise yourself with the simple, practical solutions to your questions. With practice this process becomes easier, as you set up a direct conduit to your higher self, that part of you in touch with the angelic dimensions and divine guidance.

    This is the dawning age of direct guidance and wisdom. You no longer need priests, gurus or those outside yourself to show you what is in your highest good. This does not mean that teachers and role models are not important. It does mean that you do not have to seek outside yourself to find the answers to your most important questions. No one else knows more than you what is right for your life. When you are aligned with God and spend quiet time in prayer and meditation, all that you want to know will be there for you.

    So remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:


    Be aware that the answers to all you are seeking are within you.


    Shanta Gabriel

    for Archangel Gabriel

    June 4, 2017




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    You Are The Pattern Makers - Let Joy Be Your Guide - Ascended Master Hilarion




    Beloved Ones,




    I come on the wings of love! As your world continues to makes changes in all areas of human existence, many people are finding it difficult to hold on, to feel a foundation around them and under them, so to speak. Everything is changing, everything is shifting and as that occurs, so too, does the human consciousness shift and change. This shift that humanity is experiencing is difficult for the majority of the people of the world to understand and experience consciously. For those who have been doing the work, following their inner guidance, their spiritual guidance on their spiritual path, it is a time of acclimating to the higher frequencies that are now coming in.




    It is a time to stretch beyond former limitations, to comprehend and understand that you now have the great opportunity to experience life on Earth on a much grander scale than you ever dreamed possible. This is something that most of you still find difficult to understand and comprehend, that you are now the manifestors! YOU can create a wonderful new reality for yourselves, for your loved ones and by doing so, for the world at large. You are the pattern makers; you are the ones who are creating the new reality by being willing to expand beyond previous limitations, to expand into new horizons by following the inner promptings of your heart, by doing that which comes to you, by being willing to follow through and complete the projects.




    We from the spiritual realms of existence can now communicate more easily with many, many of you and those of you who are not used to hearing and receiving our thoughts and communications are finding this an amazing phenomenon. It is time! The veils have thinned. We can now communicate on a moment by moment basis. We can answer your questions as they come to you. All you have to do is intend that it be so and we are there to answer that which you desire to know more about.




    The ancient knowledge from former civilizations waits poignantly to be tapped into and returned to the human civilization in the current times. There is much that can come through that will be of immense benefit to all who are fortunate enough to seek this knowledge. When they see this knowledge available, they will immediately make sure that they benefit from it. Many of you are still straddling two worlds, with a foot in each one but this is becoming more difficult. As you become more attuned to the higher dimensions, you naturally let go of all that held you back before.




    You are moving forward, you are moving upward, but you are finding as you do this, that you really do not have to go or do or be anything - that the answers come to you within your own being. You are your own guru, you are the one who holds all the answers within you, it is time to let those answers come through. You can do this by sitting in stillness and quietness without disturbance, opening up a clean page in a new notebook or journal and allowing the words to flow through you. Then you can put this information away for a later time, making sure that you record the date and you will see as time moves on that what you have been receiving is highly relevant, not only to you but to humanity at large.




    Then we ask you to consider sharing this information in the form of books or ebooks; blog entries or whatever. Share what comes to you. It is not necessary that you give all that comes through for free, for those who are required to make the effort of a small payment for information coming through you, will invariably and inevitably value and appreciate it more than that which has been given freely. There are many seekers coming to the fore looking for information, seeking answers to their questions as to why things in the world are happening as they are happening and this is where those of you who have prepared and shared are in position to be of assistance to them.




    This does not have to be personal one on one assistance, for many of you such as our scribe, have come to be of service to greater levels and numbers of humanity, rather than working one on one with people and this is perfectly acceptable and perfectly fine. It is all about giving with joy, receiving with joy, sharing with joy - all that comes to you and through you. Each one of you comes with a special gift to give to others, to share with others and it behooves each one of you to begin to appreciate others who also bring through important information, knowledge and wisdom for these current times.




    Each of these offerings weaves together on the cosmic field of consciousness in golden strands, helping each person to glean from them the golden threads of truth for their own journey. Seek ever the way within; this is where everything that you have ever wanted and needed to know is located, within your own being. You have all the answers within you, within your greater Divine mind and consciousness. You hold the wealth of information that all aspects of your Soul have contributed throughout the ages.




    You it is, as ancient ones, have experienced this world many, many times in many different roles from the highest to the lowest. You chose the path of personal experience in order to become the master over the challenges and obstacles that are presented in the world of duality and you have done it! Most of you have moved beyond that phase, you are now in the phase of the challenge of accepting yourselves as masters of this world and this reality as you move into the creation of the new world. You all are doing this so very well! You are letting go of 'shoulds' and 'have tos', and just going with the joy of what you are doing. If you feel joy and it feels good continue, Dear Ones!




    If you are doing what brings back cycles that you have already worked through that brings through fear and doubt or lowered self worth or self esteem, then quickly drop whatever you started to do. Go back to doing anything that you attempt with joy in your hearts. When you feel joy, all the energies flow together and everything comes together with grace and ease. This is another barometer to gauge how you are doing. Continue on! Yes, your world is changing, your outer world. Your inner world is based on a solid foundation of Spirit, of the Divine and this is what will always carry you forth into the new millennium.




    We are ever with you, it is easier for us now to come to your side when you call, and why is that? Because, you are like great pillars of Light upon your planet, that is why!




    Until next month, may you be blessed!




    I AM Hilarion




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    JOURNEY to the Golden Platinum Palace of PEACE By Sonja Myriel RAouine:




    (This is an excerpt from Sonja's post entitled "Anchoring The Flame of Peace". To read Sonja's full post - click on this link: )






    PEACE is not the absence of war - PEACE is a state of mind, a human and universal condition, which allows maximum growth and learning through the contemplative force of BEINGNESS. If we enter the sphere of ETERNAL PEACE, schemes of black and white no longer apply. Instead, a world wihch in colour, sound and scent begins to unfold not only right in front of us - but ALL AROUND US, without us having to cognize everything we truly affect in the world.






    This PRESENCE of PEACE is what our focus in JUNE is on.






    The Golden Platinum Palace of PEACE is where the Golden Platinum FLAME of PEACE resides. It is nowhere and everywhere. It is within and out there, too. In order to reach this space of Divine Tranquility and COMMUNICATION with SOURCE, surround yourSELF with your guides, angels and helping hands and become STILL ... listen to your heart beat, which is but an echo of Mother Earth's Heart Beat, ... feel your body become heavy and RELAX ... your body can melt with the environ now. It's SAFE and well-protected. ... and you are FREE now to take on any form you wish, any form that comes naturally to you and TRAVEL to the PALACE of PEACE at the Centre of the Galaxy. The Palace of PEACE can be encountered in every SUN, ... HELIOS, SIRIUS, ALCYONE, the Central Sun and Great Central Sun ... our universe is FRACTAL in its nature, and WE ARE HOLDING ALL that IS INSIDE - as well as it is ALL reflected like in a mirror cabinett around us ... Whatever you focus on .... it makes up the patterns of your lived, everyday REALITY ....




    Now find that STILL POINT WITHIN whence all reflections vanish and make way for a clean sheet to be impressed by your visions. But instead of indulging in your phantasy now, drawing pictures of a better future, STAY CALM AND STILL your mind even further, until the urge to CREATE subsides and all that remains is the sensation of PEACE, TRANQUILITY and BEINGNESS.




    REST in this state of equilibrium and allow your four lower bodies to recalibrate.




    You might begin to discern and environment now of beings gathered around a golden flame of fire ... you might hear voices, get insights, feel elevated and empowered by the knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Never ever ... you are cared for, comforted, LOVED beyond measure and all that it takes is your readiness to LET GO some more of any preconceived ideas in order to penetrate DEEPER into the golden void of PEACE, STILLNESS, CALM and TRANQUILITY.




    BREATHE in the GOLDEN Flame of PEACE now with every fiber of your beingness .... and breathe out PEACE as a gift to the world and yourSELF.




    Stay with this breathing until you have found your personal rhythm of PEACE - your personal sound, tone, colour, developped from the GOLDEN PLATINUM VIBRATION OF the FLAME of PEACE ...




    Pictures and images are no longer needed in order to know that you are part of the WHOLE and that all that you are experiencing is reverberating forEVER in the CREATIVE FIELD of GOD- Consciousness .... All that is no longer needed is SET FREE NOW ... and GOLDEN LIGHT streams in where these former ideas of right and wrong resided ... Experience the TOTAL CLEANSING of old thought forms and behavioristic patterns NOW ... entrust yourSELF into the Hands of God. God's eternal PRESENCE envelops your individual perspective and the more you allow it to penetrate your field of consciousness, the clearer new visions of possiblities and hope begin to enter your field of perception. Do not cling to any of them, however, instead, CONTINUE to BREATHE until your energy field is entirely SATURATED with the GOLDEN LIGHT ESSENCE of PEACE and TRANQUILITY.




    YOU are not only ONE with the WOLRD and ALL that IS now -








    And in this state of full RESONANCE, you are imparting this quietness, this stillness of mind, this fullness of JOY as an essence of YOURSELF to ALL that you come into contact with.




    When we are ready, we will experience our very personal initiation to the GOLDEN PLATINUM FLAME OF PEACE.








    I will set up intuitive crystal grids at the Full Moon which shall accompany us throughout the JUNE SOLSTICE and aid each individual's connection to the Golden Flame of PEACE and the Silver Flame of FREEDOM. TOGETHER they bear a potential we still have to fully encounter in order to measure their possible IMPACT on the revolution we are living. The Golden Age of PEACE, LOVE, WISDOM, POWER and PRESPERITY is awaiting us - let us CLAIM our Golden Future NOW!




    May FREEDOM and PEACE go hand in hand, changing the paradigms which humanity is following once and for all!




    FREEDOM and PEACE, embedded in LOVE, WISDOM, Divine WILL and POWER, the transmutative Force of Fortgiveness, a field of Divine SERVICE and HEALING and the Pearlescent White ASCENSION FLAME ... we are headed towards HOME!




    ETERNAL BLESSINGS, Now and Always,




    Sonja Myriel RAouine




    Video: "Music & Mantra To Help You Relax & Experience Happiness & Divine Freedom"