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Opening Into The New You By Judy Satori

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    June 12, 2017 12:32 AM PDT

    Opening Into The New You By Judy Satori

    Hi Everyone,

    I created a short audio transmission that Spirit say will lift you into the next level of your soul’s expression. The very strong energies that have been coming to Earth from the heart center of a 22 galaxy multi-galactic diamond and rising up from a place of energy creation within the Earth called Amenti, have been creating a feeling of energy compression, (physical pain, anxiety, confusion, stress), within each of us, as we are energy conduits feeling compacted by the energy.

    This audio transmission entitled "Opening into the New You" will move you past and through a ceiling of previous limitation and of who you know yourself to be. Each time you listen to this transmission you will be assisted by the energy and by Spirit to open into the NEW YOU in a more powerful way.

    It is only the beginning…the energy downloads will continue. We are all being upgraded and recalibrated. It is a process of Regenesis…a new beginning for who we are as human beings. At times it will not feel comfortable, but it is entirely positive and all for the good.

    Listen as often as possible to Opening to the New You in the next seven days and see what happens in your life!

    Listen Here - (The link is also for a free audio download) />
    I communicate most days on Facebook and Twitter.

    Please Join me on Facebook for ongoing support and energy

    upgrades. Judy

    Steven Hutchinson:

    Judy Satori's transmissions channel to us God's Divine Uplifting Energy through Light Language....and all you really need to do while listening is to relax and let go of the thinking and analytical mind and just Feel !

    Infinite Blessings of Love & abundance to all,


    Please Join me on Facebook for ongoing support and energy upgrades. 

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    Your Inner Passion Transcends All Obstacles By Ari Kopel

    I watched this last night, as I was working up a sweat on the treadmill. It made me smile and tear-up. There are many of us who have lost sight of our goals, of the vision that we have for ourselves and are innermost desires. Life has a way of throwing some major left curves at us and we're tired at swinging and missing...

    Yet, there are some of us who, even when we've been dealt a bad hand, we hold on to our vision, our desires. And if we have that drive, that inner-passion to BE who we inherently are, nothing -- NO Thing, or circumstance -- can stop us! We find a way to overcome all challenges and negative circumstances. This is Transcending at its Best!

    Please, watch this performance and witness how this young woman overcame a major setback that aimed to take away her passion in life.

    So, I ask: what's your excuse for not realizing your full potential... and when you come up with an answer, watch this performance again, and see if this young woman inspires you to change that.

    -Ari Kopel

    Video: "Mandy Harvey: Deaf Singer With Original 'TRY' Gets Simon's GOLDEN BUZZER | America's Got Talent 2017" />

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     Each Morning As I Awake...I Listen...! By Secretgardenmoment

    Each morning as I awake, even before I get out of bed, I take a few moments to listen. Sometimes I hear the early-morning songs of birds. Sometimes I hear the rustling of other early-morning risers. Other times, I simply hear the stillness, inviting me to turn within and listen. In these hushed early-morning times I attune to God, open to quiet whispers in my heart.

    I listen with my heart and with my mind, knowing that answers come in the perfect time and way. God may speak to me as a quiet nudging of my spirit, as words on a page that suddenly hold a new meaning, or as the wise voice of a trusted loved one. In whatever form my guidance comes, I remain open and receptive to the answers I seek.

    Video: "Vlog 13 - When Will We See Progress" By Patricia Cota-Robles width="560" height="315" src="">