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One Day in Enlightened Gardens ~ by Amu

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    One Day in Enlightened Gardens ~ by Amu

    Let's make up a story. Let's say... I had a past lifetime, in which I was named Humi. I was a legendary wizard, part of the Royal Court of Enlightenment in a Fabulous Kingdom. This place was like a Majestic Fantasy, from the architecture to the vegetation.

    We had fruits and vegetables of an extremely radiant color and vitality. We had Magnificent Gardens, with flowers that were singing... There were all kind of Magical Beings you could talk to and play with.

    Each step in these gardens was Ecstatic Bliss, everything reminding of the simple Beauty of Existence. Every being smiling and talking to you... I could stay entire days in these gardens.

    With such beauty upon my senses, how could I not be thrilled, and blissful at the simple idea of existing? How could I not drink deeply of every single moment, in such an ecstatic sensual experience?

    During the time spent in these gardens, I had written my own 'Book of Wisdom', in an Ancient Asian Dialect unknown to this day, in which I talked about the Simplicity of Living as a Wizard, living in a Magical State of Consciousness.

    I wrote of the Simplicity of Assuming my own Reality. I wrote about distilling every parts of life into the least amount of efforts, and the highest efficiency, about how simple everything is.

    One day, a strange man named Heïu crossed my path, and saw me smiling at him, as I walked the garden. "Hey you!", he said, as I replied "Who, me?". "Yes of course you, who else could I be talking to?".

    He probably didn't sense the presence of the fairies and the elves in the garden, I believed this was the reason he said that.

    "How can I help you strange man?" - "You seem to be quite pleased walking in these woods. How can you not feel bad when you see all the suffering there is in this world?" - "Which woods are you talking about, I asked, these are the most magnificent gardens in the entire world. Look at these colors, this majestic radiance! How can these earthly matters tickle your mind when such beauty is caressing your senses?"

    The strange men looked at me as if I was delusional, scratched his head wondering how could such craziness be.

    And I then felt into his energies... and I saw, the dark forest he lived in.

    I felt compassion for him... felt on a Soul Level. Because I knew it could be different if he allowed himself to be the creator. I didn't feel sorry, as I knew we all have Full Responsibility as Creators.

    Yet out of this Sense of Compassion, I handed my Book of Wisdom to him. He perceived it of course, translated into a language he could understand in his reality, since it appeared we both existed in different realms.

    As he read the first sentence of the book, I saw the most magnificent flower I had ever seen grow in his dark forest. Thrilled with joy was I to witness such a thing. An amazing experience.

    I then smiled one last time to the strange men, and walked away... in the realization that there has never been anything absolute in Existence.

    I walked on... in the Ecstatic Knowingness of what it truly meant to be a Creator. I walked on, in the Blissful Awareness, that anything I assume to be true becomes what the energies align to in my reality.

    And from this moment forward, that Knowingness has never left me, and forever I remained in an Experiential Adventurous Sensual state of being.

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    A Sonnet for Liberation from all burdens

    A Mind from endless thoughts and gravity psychic freed,

    Limitation, procrastination, excuses decided to no longer feed.

    From trying, and with itself fighting,

    Out of exhaustion, now simply allowing.

    Knowing that everything was already there.

    There was an ecstatic shimmering light in the air.

    Gazing upon realized, yet unborn potentials,

    Relaxing into a fulfillment, exponential.

    Carried by the measureless Wings of Dreams

    And a golden ecstatic flow, Supreme.

    In Endless seas of bliss, reborn,

    The Atlantean Dream's voice, unworn.

    Beyond power, force, struggle, effort stretched,

    And into a Free Energy richness, fled.

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    How to use depression and anxiety as a force to pull you up?

    When we feel depressed, anxious, and have unfulfilled spaces within us, it is most of the time because of unrealized desires we have. These moments allow us to become more aware of what we truly desire, and it creates a rage which most of the time we channel into the unfulfillment of those desires.

    However, it is also possible to channel that rage in a different way.

    It simply means to be aware of those desires, feel what it would be like if those were already fulfilled, and channel the rage into this feeling. Open the knowingness that everything is here, fulfilled and realized. And open to the knowingness that you are timeless... that you are The Creator and therefore can choose your future. As you do channel this rage in a genuine way, you are therefore moving up on the 'radiance scale' so to say (the radiance of your consciousness is what attracts energies and experiences).

    When you place a reality in the future, believing in the illusion that you are moving towards it, it goes further and further away as you advance in your journey. When you realize and feel that this reality is already here and fulfilled, the energies align, and in a state of loving acceptance & gratitude & allowance - such a process can accelerate, with the energies re-aligning themselves to present to you this beautiful reality in which only Absolute Fulfillment exists.

    When you know all your choices (about how you want your life to be) have already been granted without any doubt, you can forever stand in the Knowingness of your Absolute Fulfillment, with Trust that your Perfect Reality has already been Created, from your Awareness into that Potential Reality of Absolute Fulfillment.

    You never need to ask for anything, because you Know it’s already there. As you sense and know your reality to work this way, this is therefore the way it shall always be for you.

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    How to go beyond 'disorders' like PTSD/Bipolarity?

    I have heard and read many things about the concept of disorders like bipolarity, or PTSD (I have been said to have both by psychologists). The only thing is that if you believe yourself to have disorders you create it. What if you believed you were cured and start feeling good just because of that?

    To certain degrees most humans feel like they don't even want to be here. I believe this is because of our perception of how things could be different, our perception of all the things we dislike in our life and in the human world in general. But actually it can be a totally different experience if we allow it to be.

    All humans forced themselves linear, saying "this is the way things are; life is difficult and challenging; we are stuck in a prison; there is too much suffering in the world...". Yet, we're just passing through this experience, and it can be a totally fulfilling one if we choose it to be. I mean... since we are here, why not make the most of it, by being outrageous and enjoying it?

    This is not about battling what you call "negativity", it is simply about walking beyond. This is not about keeping your thoughts on track either, this is more about not caring what thoughts are passing through your mind, knowing that none of this really matters anyway, and that all is well in all of creation.

    This is not either about being positive nor negative, but simply being. Being in a state of Pure Existence beyond all concepts of good/bad, positive/negative. Feeling your Existence and knowing that all things are possible if you choose them to be.

    Knowingness is not about thought, this is not a concept of the mind, creation either. Life, is about True Feeling and Passion. Knowing and Being, feeling that Life can truly be a Wonderful Amazing Experience if we choose it to be.

    There are many different ways to do this. Some who trust themselves know they can do it with pure ease and grace simply by allowing what is natural. Some other prefer to make it difficult by battling with themselves or believing they have to work on themselves to achieve a different "state of mind".

    Yet here it is not question of a state of mind, it is question to go beyond the thoughts and the limitations of the mind. Here I talk about feeling, not thinking. Especially addressed to those who love simplicity and trust themselves to be able to do it with perfect ease and grace.

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