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    March 17, 2016 1:54 PM PDT

    An Alternative to Suffering: 3 Simple Steps To Mindfulness Meditation by Melanie Beckler


    I saw an interesting quote from Eckhart Tolle this morning... Maybe you've heard it? 

    He say's: “For most people, their spiritual teacher is their suffering. Because eventually the suffering brings about awakening.”

    The thing about these words is that they're true... 

    Suffering does bring awakening, because it forces us to become present where we are in the moment, which is the only place we can do anything about it. 

    But do we really have to suffer to awaken? 

    What Eckhart doesn't mention is that there is another way. 

    If you find yourself suffering through the changes and challenges of your life now... 

    Know that what you're going through is your best spiritual teacher. 

    And you don't have to suffer your way through it!

    Are you familiar with the practice of mindfulness? 

    This is your other option... 

    And it can be really easy.

    Mindfulness Meditation

    What is mindfulness meditation and how can it help you?

    Have you ever asked someone a question, and then not listened to his or her answer?

    Have you ever found yourself at home thinking about work, and then at work you seem to keep thinking about home?

    Or maybe you’ve met someone new and realized you forgot their name the second after they told it to you?

    How often are you fully present in the moment rather than thinking about the past or future?

    We all have the ability to be present, but most people only experience tiny moments of presence before jumping back into thought, doubt, or worry.

    This lack of presence may seem innocent, but it has a long list of side effects!

    Stress, anxiety, frustration, lack of focus, and feeling frazzled are all side effects of bouncing from one thought to another, rather than being right here, right now.

    Fortunately, there is another way… It’s called mindfulness.

    Mindfulness is a state of being where you are relaxed, aware, and paying attention to whatever you are doing in the present moment. If you’re sitting on a bench, you’re fully there on the bench, not thinking about another person, place, or point in time.

    When you’re in a state of mindfulness you’re able to experience what is called open attention. You’re paying attention, and observing your thoughts and feelings as if from a distance.

    This passive oberver mode, allows you to be present and oberve without judging your circumstances, thoughts or feelings as either good or bad. You’re simply observing, with a keen  presence and attention to detail.

     Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that can be practiced at virtually any point in your day. It is the process of living in the moment, and becoming fully present, and awake in the exact moment you are in.

    You bring your attention fully into the present moment and let go of judgements and, thus, they stress, anxiety, and fear that appears as a result.

    Sound too good to be true? I’ll show you how you can enjoy this practice in a minute, but first, let’s take a look at all of the benefits mindfulness has…

    Both physical and emotional!

    The Benefits of Mindfulness

    Practicing mindfulness meditation has been found to literally slow down the aging process of the brain…

    And all we have to do to accomplish this is to take control of the mind, and focus our thinking right where we are.

    Mindfulness MeditationA person that practices mindfulness is said to have better memory recall, both long-term and short-term, as well as stronger decision-making capabilities.

    Equally as important, mindfulness has been scientifically proven to lessen the risk of heart attack, decrease blood pressure, aid in digestive health, and even strengthen your libido!

    Normally when we see benefits like this, they’re accompanied by, “ONLY $29.99!”

    But mindfulness can be done from the comfort of your home… with no drugs or equipment necessary.

    And without ANY negative side effects and tons of positive ones.

    The emotional benefits of mindfulness are just as impressive.

    The practice reduces stress, alleviates depression, anxiety, and promotes acceptance. It brings you into a state of receptivity where you can tune into the blessings of Spirit, and the guidance from your team of angels.

    Mindfulness does this essentially by getting your mind off of autopilot… where you think, say, and do literally whatever your subconscious tells you to.

    Essentially, this “autopilot” mode is your ego bossing you around. And it has led to all of your bad habits, biases, and anxieties.

    Mindfulness takes the reigns back and allows you to just exhale, quit rushing, and…

    Simply enjoy life in the present moment, exactly where you are!

    3 Step Guide to Mindfulness

    1. Location and Positioning

    One of the great things about mindfulness is that it can be practiced anywhere…

    MindfulnessSitting, walking, eating, working, washing dishes, and so on.

    But, for those new to mindfulness, it’s best to start in a quiet spot without unneeded distractions.

    This includes could be your bedroom, or any room where you can close the door, and be at ease, without interruptions or distractions.

    Yes, of course mindfulness is something you can practice anytime and anywhere.

    A peaceful and quiet location however is helpful to start. Practicing mindfulness in a way that is easier initially will help you to build the skill so you can then leverage it in more stressful situations and chaotic locations.

    So once you’ve found a peaceful location where you won’t be disturbed, find a comfortable and relaxed position.

    In other words, you’ll want to find a position that can be effortlessly maintained.

    This means avoiding sitting in that old, rigid wooden chair, or lying down on a hardwood floor.

    Instead, try the couch, on a meditation cushion or a comfortable chair.

    Once you choose your location, it’s important to be centered. This means bringing your awareness inward, and focusing on being present in the moment, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

    It also helps if you sit it in a way that isn’t hunched over or stiff and one that keeps your core relaxed.

    2. Breathing

    breatheOnce you’re quiet, comfortable, and centered, lightly place your attention on your breathing.

    Observe as it effortlessly rises and falls… much like the flowing in and out of the tide.

    When a wave ripples up onto the shore, at its peak, it doesn’t immediately dive back into the ocean… it slowly begins to recede… steady and peaceful.

    Just like the tide, allow your breath to ease in and out of your lungs.

    Observe the bliss of your breathing.

    Some like to close their eyes during this process. But do what works for you.

    If you find that with your eyes closed it’s easier to focus, then by all means.

    Click Here to Learn More About Breathing to Increase Awareness!

    3. Observing your Mind

    One thing many people believe when they hear the word, “meditation” is that, in order to do it properly, they are not allowed to think.

    MindfulnessThis is the case in some forms of meditation, but not so with mindfulness.

    With a mindfulness meditation you are perfectly at ease to think, sense, and feel whatever arises.

    The only difference is, instead of running after your thoughts to whatever future or memory they may wander towards, you are simply observing them, letting them go and returning to where you are in the present…

    Through this, you remove the judgements and anxieties that define your conscious.

    You acknowledge your thoughts, and feelings instead of chasing them like a rabbit down a dark hole that leads to anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

    With mindfulness meditation instead of trying to stop thinking, you become fully present in whatever you are doing or experiencing.

    Bring your attention back to where you are sitting in your quiet room.

    Become aware of how it feels to be sitting, the feel of the chair beneath you, and the ground below that. Notice the air temperature, the sounds, and feeling of your space. Notice how you feel in your body, and just for now, enjoy simply breathing, being, and becoming fully present with yourself here and now.

    With practice you can then do this anywhere. You become fully aware of yourself washing dishes, walking down a trail, or brushing your teeth.

    You shift into the perspective of the observer, into fully being and experiencing the present moment.

    So how can you actually become the observer of your thoughts?

    For starters, when you’re practicing mindfulness, you are not attempting to solve any problems. That is the job of the ego, and by constantly attempting to solve problems, the ego often finds problems that aren’t really there!

    With mindfulness all you’re trying to do is come to an understanding and acceptance of how you feel, and the state that you’re in.

    Once you realize that you’re allowed to think whatever you’d like as long as you’re observing your thoughts, you’ll realize that your thoughts really weren’t going anywhere anyway!

    With mindfulness it’s like you’re now driving the car.

    Before, you were just a passenger. You believed that your mind was taking you where you wanted to go. But now can you see your mind was just driving you around in circles!

    Even so, as you mindfully observe your breathing and your thoughts from the present moment, at some point or another you’ll inevitably find that, without even knowing it, your mind has wandered.…

    Maybe you hear a sound and your ego takes back over to help you decipher the source, or a light flickers through the room and you begin to wonder where it came from.

    Before you know it, that flicker has taken you out of the moment, your mind now back in the drivers seat begins to run. It reminds you of your challenging day, obligations, or unknown future which then leads to worry, which in turn leads to irrational thought, and suddenly you’re somewhere else entirely!

    It’s okay.

    Much like the tide and, breathing, when this happens, you can just gently ease your minds back to the present moment.

    And back to observing.

    And that’s it!

    You can practice mindfulness at any point in the day…

    And eventually… anywhere!

    You can start off today with 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or as long as you’d like. The more you practice, the easier it is to place your mind in a state of the Divine Now.

    Once you practice mindfulness enough, you will come to realize that we are all born anew in each moment.

    That the future is always one second ahead of us. The past, one second behind.

    And the only time we actually have is right in the present.

    So enjoy the gift! 

    With love, light and gratitude,

    Melanie Beckler

    A Soul Centered Life

    Shelly Dressel

    a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    Sunday, 21 February, 2016

    Do you ever feel a need to be loved and nurtured? Do you ever wish you were wrapped up in loving arms that are there just for you?? This channel will give you that experience.  The Goddess began by speaking to people about how they are not alone, there are always many angels and light beings watching over you; but most especially your divinity. 

    The Goddess speaks about how there’s been a shift in the universe from a star that exploded or broke apart.  This is sending waves of energy through the universe that will in turn jostle or nudge the stars and planets of our solar system.  This will cause a ripple effect and then the planets will regain their balance.

    For several weeks starting about February 18th, people will be feeling the results of this in their lives.  For most, it’s going to be about clearing out the past once and for all. You will feel uncomfortable so clearing is the best thing to do.  So too it’s about finding the true joy in your life. 

    While in the All That Is, she works with people to realize what they want from a heart centered place and then we actually called in people from our lives to communicate with them.  This is a powerful mechanism for living your life from your soul rather than your ego. 


    Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

    I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out with open arms to embrace you, to embrace your life, to embrace everything that is happening within and around you. If there are times when you feel alone, lonely, separated or isolated I want you to know that you are never truly alone. I want you to be aware that I the Goddess, the God energies, your own divinity; we all have that direct alignment with you and that direct influence so that we may flow love, flow light into and around you at any given moment.

    If you feel that separation, recognize that that is a perception that’s coming in from your human reality. And while that is something that we love and respect because who would you be without your humanness; the part of you that lives forever is the part of you that flows love and support. Allow yourself to open feeling it as it flows within you right now. Take a deep breath in and it’s as if you are breathing in all those particles of your divinity and breathe out releasing and letting go of anything at all that no longer serves you.

    Humanity has been on a very active transformation for a number of years now. Your growth in terms of consciousness has been phenomenal. The awareness of you yourself, your divinity, others around you continues to expand as each one of you expands.

    As the perception of transformation is moving through society in many ways it’s as if there is a gulf that is being created. There are the extreme on this side and the extreme on this side. This is a human perception. I always love or feel laughter when I say something like this, because as humanity you always tell me, “Oh it’s not an illusion, it is real, it is absolute” as indeed it is when that is your perception.

    It is this specific energy that is creating the illusion that people are separate or that people are lonely or that people are alone which is why I chose to open this channel this evening speaking of such instances.

    Take a moment and just allow yourself to let your focus go into your heart center.

    While we’re all here upon the earth, check in with your hearts for just this moment and say, “I’m here, I hear you. I love you. I honor you. I respect you.” As you allow those words to flow through your consciousness for yourself you can feel it as you soak it up.

    Breathe in this now moment; breathe in this acknowledgment for who you are. Feel it, know it, accept it.

    I invite you to take in another breath and really send this energy down into the earth as if you breathe down in the earth and that stream of energy as it connects with the earth just spreads out in different directions. It then comes back up within you and you send it up. It flows from you into the energies of your higher self.

    As you do so allow your consciousness or your awareness to link so that you may expand as you look around.

    As you consider your higher self, it is a place for you to come, to work with and to filter so much of what is happening with you.

    If you see or sense energies within here that have to do with old ideas, old potentials, let’s just take a moment and clear it through. ~ Whew ~ Clear it out. Let this breeze, let this light energy just flow through with gentleness and ease clearing out this space.

    It’s almost as if your energy begins to expand even further, because now you’ve got more place with which to expand. You allow your consciousness to move even further. It leads through the top of your head and it moves through your higher self, going all the way out until you feel yourself merging with your divinity.

    Allow yourself to feel that warmth, to feel the love, to have that knowledge of coming home, so to speak; that coming home, that arriving in this place that is you.

    As you allow your consciousness to merge there is a blending that takes place and that blending just allows your consciousness to expand.

    Feel that slow and easy movement as the energies flow through you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.  

    From here, allow your consciousness to open up further as I the Goddess walk in and amongst you. As I reach out to each one of you there is that sense of knowing, that sense of awareness, that sense of “There you are! Welcome back my friend.” I flow my energies into each one of you.

    As our blending takes place everything moves into the All That Is.

    As you look around become aware of all that is here. The All That Is, is an alignment that will take you into other galaxies, into other universes. It will allow you to have that perception of looking at your own earth, at your own life. This place is where the universal light beings come to work with you.

    So too your Angels, the Ascended Masters, there are many, many, light energies that will come to this place sometimes to have discussions, sometimes working with individuals specifically.

    Allow yourself to experience what this is for you. As you breathe gently and easily allow yourself to just be who you are.

    There have been changes taking place within the universe. There is the star that seemed to break up or explode. This is something you will probably hear more and more about in the days and weeks to come. It happened a while ago.

    The effect of that though is sending waves that move through your galaxy thereby creating changes within the support that the earth has from your universe. It is as if one might say a strong breeze flows through and the planets and the stars all wave; some of them jostle. But then the intrinsic balance always comes back and everything finds its balance once more.

    The effect of those waves is going to be felt in humanity and upon the earth in different ways. It is beginning to come in to the consciousness of the earth at this time.

    Some people consider this, the solar flares that have been so prominent over the last six months have been a result of this experience, of this star because there have been more than typical. So too people are going to find what may feel as if a disorientation is taking place almost like, “Where was I? What was I doing? Did I forget something?” It will therefore be even more important for you to be conscious of anchoring yourself, clearing out the cobwebs, so to speak, and then becoming very clear about what it is you want to have in your life.

    It has been the trend with humanity to recognize what they do not have thereby focusing upon that; whether it’s conscious or unconscious that you are doing, that’s what you’re doing.

    I therefore wish to take this moment and gather each of you together and let’s consider what do you want to have in your life, how do you see yourself living your life. As you consider what that may be, for some it’s always very clear and in the moment. If you are unsure, now is the time for you to bring up that indecision so to speak.

    Are there certain things that you have desired but didn’t feel either deserving or that you had done the work that was needed to manifest? I invite you to take this moment, and be anything conscious or unconscious let’s tap into that so that you may bring it from wherever it is within your life. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ clear it out.

    Look again at that situation. What is it that you do want to have in your life? Perhaps another way to consider this is for you to let go of everybody else’s opinion, let go of everybody else’s desire around you so that you can come into a centeredness and you will know from within your heart what is that you seek to have.

    As you do this, take a moment, look around at whatever that may be and then let yourself sit back as if to receive, let it wash over you, “This is what I would like in my life.” 

    There are times when people get so caught up in their life and in what other people want them to do or what you are trying to do for other people that what you truly want in your life becomes very convoluted or overlooked or forgotten or distorted.

    The more that you are clear about what you seek in your life, the more that the people around you will also become clear about what they want. It’s almost as if the confusion of one leads to the confusion of the other, and the other.

    If you are therefore seeking to manifest with a partner, have each person really get in touch with what it is that they seek to have within their life just as we talked about with you in this moment, letting go, clearing out everything else, clearing out what I think they want me to do or what I think they want me to have and instead just being very clear you will find that the communication between people flows with greater ease.

    Okay, what I sense someone saying was if someone is stubborn and are stuck in an idea of what they want to have, maybe it’s more ego-based than divine-based then we say, become aligned with your divinity, clear out what’s ego-based. Yes, yes, I know you cannot do it for someone else and if that’s what you are working with then disconnect so that you are not caught up in the energy of that ego-confrontation and still continue to communicate with the person from the space and the balance and the centeredness of you being you.

    And what you will find is that the other person will begin to respond in a similar way. As you communicate and as you put yourself out there with the authentic truth, you will find that that is how others will respond back to you.

    It may be, as you practice this that there are times when you have that link of ego-based and you let it go. Ego-based and you let it go. It will begin to become clear what is from your divinity and what is from your human self.

    As these waves of energy that are reverberating through the universe and coming into the earth have this effect, it will amplify anything that is in discord. Therefore the time that you can take that will allow you to be in balance with your divinity and with what you truly do wish to have; will create a greater sense of balance and ease. This in turn will help you to feel more comfortable and balanced throughout any transition or transformation taking place.

    You are not alone upon the earth. Even if people have a sense of isolation or a sense of being different than what’s around them, unless it’s somebody that lives up in a mountain peak away from everyone you still interact with people in your life.

    I invite you to take a moment in which you are here in this space where you are completely blended with your divinity, you feel your heart center just wide open and as if you were sitting here comfortably create a circle around you and invite one, two, maybe three people that are in your life to come within that circle.

    For some they may feel very discorded to this vibration, they may be very uncomfortable, so we have the intention that they feel a sense of ease as you feel a sense of ease and everyone gathers together in this circle.

    Now, take this as an opportunity to express to them what you have come to realize is your authentic self or your authentic desires. And by authentic I mean, that which is truly within your heart and that which is the foundation from within your divinity.

    We send a wave of energy through each one of the people that you may be speaking with, inviting each of them to find what they truly seek to have in their life.

    It may be that sometimes you bring into this circle those people you are arguing with. It may be that you don’t actually know the names of the people that you bring into the circle but you invite them in anyway.

    There is a sense of community that has been created and as each person is there whether you don’t have any idea at all of what they have come up with, we take this opportunity to help them clear out. Clear out any old energies so that they may become aware and then as you talk with one another, how would it be if you can express, this is my desire and then you look, they express, this is their desire and theirs and theirs and theirs.  

    In this space that we have created everyone has the ability to express themselves and to be heard.

    You may be surprised when you take the ego or the personality out of it, how much closer people are in their desires. Now, when you hear their heartfelt or that which comes from their divinity as they speak to you, you may choose to do something different or to change or shift what you desire until everyone is doing this and it creates a consensus in which everyone is aligned, in which everyone is working from their heart.

    As this consensus has been created, it begins to swirl. It’s a ball of energy that everyone has inserted their intention into and that ball begins to swirl, moving through all of you. As it does so, let yourself feel the blending, the balance and the alignment.

    There may be times in which what you seek to have is one thing specifically and then you choose to either adapt it, let it go or hold strong. When you make that choice from here within your divinity you are at peace with any decisions you make no matter what they are.

    When you feel that you are making choices and it goes against what you say or against what you want or you are feeling it from the perspective of your ego, you are now disconnected from your source energy and therefore you feel resentment, you feel anger, you feel frustration. So you take a deep breath in and breathe out.

    And if you find that between you and another individual there’s always just that which is not going to be able to blend, then so be it. You respect yourself and you respect them and you let it go.

    This is soul communication. This is a means that you can use in your everyday life with your family, your loved ones, your workers.  The foundation is you becoming very clear about what you seek and within that clarity you understand what is you as the divinity and what is you as the human, ego or personality.

    Take a deep breath in, breathing in the flow of light, breathing in the flow of love that is within here. We release everyone in your group and your circle, we disperse them. We have that intention that any communication that took place will filter down into their human reality. As always we allow it to be whatever it will be; that which is in the highest good for all.

    Take a moment to feel that clarity within you. Take a moment to have that knowledge of who you are. As you feel the flow, as it washes over you appreciate who you are.

    I invite everyone to come together as a group. Our group has quite multiplied because many of those energies that you released have also stayed around to be in this space. But as you each gather together, recognize how as you look at one another when you look at life with the eyes of your soul, you look at life with the eyes of love.

    How would it be if that was how you’d live your life?

    Therefore as this group is coming together, you can practice what that is. Coming up within the group you see that hologram of the earth, it comes up within and each one of you may infuse the intention that you seek to communicate or that intention of what you seek to manifest or be in your life. You send that down into the hologram. Everything from this universal light is also infused into it; the lightbody energy, the crystalline.

    The hologram itself begins to turn and spin as it takes in all of this energy. We then release it so that it may move down into the earth. It’s as if there is a part that goes out to the universe and the majority that goes down into the earth. As it does so it goes within, it anchors within the center of the earth activating the crystals, activating the other energies that are the core essence and they begin to come up through the layers of the earth. That intrinsic balance that is always present is integrating this adjustment.

    As these energies flow up you may feel it as it comes up through your own body. You bring in your divine essence, so that you may integrate it into your physical reality.

    You take a deep breath in, allowing it to flow up within you and then you send it out into the world around you. So too this balanced energy is moving up through the grass, the water, the trees, it moves into the rocks, the animals. It integrates all, and it also moves into the collective consciousness of the earth.

    Soul communication as a part of the collective consciousness just imagine the limitless potential for transition that takes place with that.

    You may feel your consciousness still out within the All That Is. You begin to bring that back into you, you flow first through your divinity, you flow down through your higher self and you bring yourself back within you the human. As you anchor these energies within you, take a deep breath in and breathe out.

    Allow your full consciousness of this experience to integrate from one direction and then feel those energies of the earth that have blended with it to flow up from within you in another direction and everything merges together within you in your physical body. Take a breath in and breathe out.

    As you consider the next days and weeks that will manifest in your life, I invite you to consider the option of living a soul-based life, meaning that you open that flow to your divinity, so that with greater and greater ease you can say, “Oh, I need a hit” and then that divinity flows into you; “Oh, I need an answer to something”, you open up and your divinity flows into you.

    There is so much available to you as a resource that comes from your own divinity. therefore have that intention that you will create a greater vibration, create a greater alignment and then allow for that to fill you up and then from there it will flow through you, out of you and be reflected outward to everyone that’s in your life and every experience that you have.

    Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.


    This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

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