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Awakening of Your Root Chakra

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    July 5, 2017 2:42 PM PDT

    Awakening of Your Root Chakra – Galactic Energy Waves

    by Melchior Channelled through Natalie Glasson  3

    I am Melchior; I am the Galactic Logos, I oversee the Galactic Levels of the Creator’s Universe and distribute the sacred energies and will of the Creator. I am neither masculine nor feminine; I am the synthesis of both, a unity and expression of the Creator. The energy that I share can be perceived as silver, golden light which brings forth healing, awakening, enlightenment, unity within and initiations to aid further remembrance of the Creator.

    The Galactic Energy Wave Begins

    I, Melchior, have been guided by the Creator to deliver three energy waves of light from the Galactic Level to humanity. The first energy wave will be distributed from my essence at the beginning of July 2017. The second will be distributed at the beginning of August 2017 and the third at the beginning of September 2017. Humanity will experience each energy wave for at most five days. However, the transformational experience will continue over the three month period.

    To Receive the Galactic Energy Waves

    Imagine the lower part of your torso from the base of your spine, up past your hips and to your waist as a chalice or cup that collects light. Let the energy of love from your soul and heart chakra overflow to create the outline of the chalice or cup of light that fills your lower torso. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the colour your heart and soul emanate is creating the chalice or cup of light.

    Recognise that in the centre of the chalice of light there is a magnificent jewel of light, you may perceive it as red colour or another colour; it represents your root chakra at the base of your spine. Your root chakra is opening and expanding to become connected with and a part of the chalice of light formed by your heart and soul, while also sending a beam of light downwards through your earth star chakra below your feet and into the core of Mother Earth.

    Take the attention of your mind to your stellar gateway chakra above your soul star chakra and say out loud: ‘I permit the most appropriate vibration of Galactic energy from and overseen by Melchior for my soul and ascension to ground into and through my stellar gateway chakra now. 

    You may experience an expansion in your own energy as silver golden light flows through the Universe of the Creator directly into your being. The light will flood your being grounding into your soul star chakra and resting within this chakra until you are ready to continue.

    Take the attention of your mind to your soul star chakra between your stellar gateway and crown chakra. Allow yourself time to acknowledge the energy now present within your soul star chakra. When you are ready, you can say out loud: ‘I now invite my soul star chakra to deliver the galactic energy essential for my ascension into my entire being.’ Observe as the light flows into your being and is collected within the chalice of light created by your soul and heart chakra.

    Bring the attention of your mind to the chalice of light in your lower torso, let it fill and overflow with Galactic light. Focus on your root chakra and imagine the light penetrating and merging with your root chakra. A beautiful and transformational shift occurs within your root chakra.

    Continue to focus on your root chakra and the flow of Galactic energy pouring into your earth star chakra and the core of the Earth, as well as filling the chalice of light in your lower torso. Place most of your attention into your root chakra to observe the shifts, awakenings and energies anchoring in the present, coming moments and days.

    Practice this once or as many times as you feel guided at the beginning of each month during this three month period.

    How the Galactic Energy Will Assist

    The root chakra represents patterns and habits of survival, learning to exist on the Earth, and strength for living. As you receive the Galactic light, your root chakra will be reprogrammed, healed and activated to support new understandings of survival and existence on the Earth.

    Galactic codes, energetic patterns and sacred symbols will be anchored into your root chakra holding wisdom and knowledge which will support the creation of new patterns of survival. No longer will it feel as if there is a need to learn to exist on the Earth. The Earth will become a part of you and you a part of the Earth.

    Survival will transform into unity with the Creator, receiving all that you need to aid your existence on the Earth and the strength of your root chakra will support further exploration within your existence as a spiritual being embodying a physical body. A deep sense of knowingness will emerge from your root chakra as the Galactic energies activate deep-seated spiritual energies stored within this chakra.

    The Galactic Codes, Energetic Patterns and Sacred Symbols

    The Galactic energy that I, Melchior, am sending forth to you in three energy waves holds a purpose of awakening from your root chakra an acceptance of your existence and presence on the Earth, as well as an acceptance of your spiritual self unified with your physical existence.

    The energy encourages you to be more fully grounded into Mother Earth, accepting the gifts of life and learning to exist in oneness and harmony with Mother Earth and the physical planes. The Galactic energy will support a deeper acceptance of spiritual living and a spiritual outlook upon the Earth.

    This means the embodiment of love, peace, joy, fulfilment, truth and healing, allowing these sacred energies to become your patterns of survival and existence upon the Earth, your strength and vigour for a powerful, meaningful existence upon the Earth. Thus, the same energies will form the foundation of your reality and will be your experiences of your reality as well.

    Your awareness will allow you to recognise that through the grounding of Galactic light into your being, especially your root chakra, you will embark on a healing journey of acceptance. Acceptance of yourself, your experiences, creations and reality on all levels of your being. This adoption and realisation of acceptance will allow for higher aspects and consciousness of your soul to merge with your being while encouraging a deeper understanding of the marriage between spiritual and physical existence on the Earth.

    The Three Galactic Energy Waves

    The first Galactic energy wave will focus on clearing your root chakra while beginning the process of acceptance where is it vitally necessary to support physical and spiritual existence on the Earth.

    Some people may experience a deeper bond forming with Mother Earth as they recognise the unity between their being and Mother Earth, as well as how this supports life and ascension on the Earth.

    Awakening of Your Root Chakra - Galactic Energy Waves by Melchior l

    Others may experience a deepening of their bond with themselves and an acceptance of energies that have been held within their root chakra that no longer align with the transformation occurring within their root chakra.

    The second energy waves will be of a higher frequency of Galactic light allowing for a deeper healing within your root chakra and therefore a greater activation of acceptance. Awareness of patterns and habits of survival which no longer serve you will come to the surface with an acknowledgement of their transformation into patterns of positive fulfilling experiences upon the Earth. New outlooks for life will dawn, making you aware of actions and further healing that is required in your journey of acceptance.

    The third Galactic energy wave will be of a higher frequency of light than the previous two energy waves, continuing the process of grounding the Galactic light, I, Melchior, am sharing with you. As the energies encourage you to move deeper into an exploration of your root chakra, so you may discover the core of the energy of acceptance and the core of negative patterning which impacts your reality.

    The energy will flow into your being and root chakra three times whether you are aware of it or not. If you are conscious of the process, you will receive the benefits with greater ease and perfection, aiding your acceptance of yourself, Mother Earth and your spiritual existence upon the Earth.

    With joyful anticipation of working with you,


    Read More from Melchior - audio download of Natalie's message: "The Heart Sūtra Mantra by Deva Premal: - width="560" height="315" src="">

    Solstice Passageway Conclusion By Lisa T Brown

    Lisa Transcendence Brown

    Solstice Passageway Conclusion, Crystalline Lightbody Templates, Next Phases of Integration & further Unfication BEgins for Highest Timeline Convergence

    We are completing this Solstice Passageway and anchoring phase for all new higher dimensional timelines and further materialization and implementation of a "bigger picture" here. For me, I have a beyond huge project that began in January and continues even now... It's to complete the writing out of processes necessary for each of us to bring forth more Heaven on Earth and further form our Galactic Civilizations here. It comes through in increments as it's "loaded" (integrated) into our own Universal Body Templates .... In January/February it was the Schematics, in March/April the "Implementation Processes", this week the "Grand Design" ... meanwhile we continue the other gazillion things we do in every dimension still....

    So as you can see, it takes awhile for these "biggies" ... :) There is a lot that has to occur for us to accomplish everything. All of the "pieces of the parts" have to converge in the physical. This occurs as each person finally steps forth to fulfill their own Soul's purposes here. They step forth when we vibrate into that reality. Both occur simultaneously here.    (Click "Read More" below)

    For many, you are coming to realize more and more how much your bodies play a role in this entire process here. How your cellular memory must completely cleanse old programming, come alive/online AS NEW Earth Bodies that hold Heaven within, hold PURE SOURCE LIGHT within, hold CREATOR within and how your body forms crystals and changes how your body functions (completely), how you function/exist and how this gives you the cap-ABILITIES to completely re-write your own programs/realities and align them yourself. 

    You are here to construct and build your own higher timeline realities yourself. You are here to hold the FOUNDATION of NEW Earth in form. You are here to anchor this vast light and all of these encodements for implementation. Your bodies templates continually being re-written, re-coded and you/your field constantly re-synchronizing and re-calibrating so that you can literally vibrate onto a higher dimensional plane of existence and leave all of the old behind. 

    Your new realities are built on a foundation that is PURE. Divine Love is the basis for all things here. Everything grows and evolves from this. We nurture ourselves and realities, we expand beyond the physical to shape realities through our super consciousness, through our access to infinite dimensions and through what is already available and has already occurred.

    Through complex geometric encodements, we need not logically do this.... for our intentionally expanded consciousness gives us the ability to activate and recode just by focusing our inner vision and by tuning intentionally to the vibrational resonance that activates the next awesome thing that we are ready to bring forth here. 

    Our new realities are through enhanced abilities and gifts that come forth naturally as we integrate light instantly and continually on a daily basis over linear years into our now. The constructs of realities completely being reworked, as each on a human level learning what is necessary to bring them through/over the RAINBOW BRIDGE... to the other side.... where magic and mystical amazingness is our "new normal" and where separation/unconsciousness has no place/cannot not exist/live.... 

    These continual passageways are for each to come to understand from INSIDE what is truly important, what truly matters and how each plays an integral part of what we are all here to do. Uniting, coming together, pooling our resources/sharing and supporting each other, working together, creating more together to bring more fully conscious realities into how we all live our lives. 

    Those things that the human avoids or doesn't want to do/face/see, those are the very things that  one must move through/dissipate in order to dissolve the old separation energies and bring each further into higher consciousness existence. 

    Human aspects are now learning at an expedited rate.... Learning how to truly love and respect themselves, learning what deep sacred (Soul) respect is, learning how to share, come together, work together, support, learning what gratitude and appreciation really mean, often through loss or not having that, because this is how our human learns and comes to understand.

    Polarity teaches, not having teaches, doing without teaches us not to waste, not to take for-granted, not to become complacent and not to treat each other in unconscious ways anymore. Not having causes the human to appreciate. Having very little teaches us how important the things we do have are and we see how we are to utilize instead of waste, and it causes us to have to work for what we receive until we've cleared all karmic residue and programming of Lack/Abundance that is a culmination of all of our existences in this physical one here.

    Most of us will be "taught" to appreciate through loss, because our focus and what is important is not aligned with our Soul, it's aligned with the physical first and what we "think" we want or should have, instead of realizing from deep within our core, what truly matters.... this is what experience teaches us.... 

    Once we "get it", we do not choose those lack-filled realities anymore. We do not need to be "taught lessons" (a lesson = not listening or wanting to understand/see/open up fully), because as our heart truly opens we choose to love and respect us. We choose to share, we choose to unite, we choose respect for all as one... instead of putting anyone over anything.... or anything over anyone.


    We also start to "learn" how realities are created/constructed/built, the characteristics of "separation/human'ness/ego" and how to "deal" with these energies as love and through an inner power that is soft and impenetrable by lack or fear. We "learn" not to feed the old unconscious mentality realities, because this just creates more of that again. We "learn" to re-educate through love, to SHOW OTHERS there's a different way and to hold the highest consciousness, which does not have one ounce of judgment, imposing, need or lack of power in it. Total inner honor and respect are KEY here. It doesn't matter what "they" do. It's what you do and where you come from that always matters here.

    We are cosmic portals, Star BEings and Angels, Christed BEings who hold God & Galactic Consciousness too. We are Gatekeepers for Heaven and for StarGate Systems... we open portals and leave them open, only closing those that need to be closed, for another will be opened "later" when a higher reality is ready to "arrive", unfold, materialize through Purity. Sometimes we have to choose to close a portal (an opportUNITY), because this action is what wakes others up. The "not having that anymore" is necessary when ego separation is more powerful than ones Sacred Soul. The energy creating the separation is too strong and it will take many other experiences to dissolve it all. so that their heart can finally open and they are ready to shift to a timeline that doesn't hold that old programming still. 

    This is a vibrational existence and we leave the old unconscious dimensions fully by vibrating out of them, each time we release anything that we held in our own cellular memory and body template. In their place we anchor higher dimensional codes that embed into our bones, muscles,teeth, flesh, skin, organs and every Star particle that makes up these "physical matter forms" that we occupy here. 

    At first, when our bodies start to awaken and release all of the suppression, all of the victim hood, all of the lack of self-love programs that were packed inside, this will/can present as emotional or physical discomfort/pain and be triggered by an experience. This is how this works.

    That experience is not the cause, it's the activation point needed to release a multitude of programs and mentalities that the body can no longer allow to be housed inside. It can't keep suppressing the lower vibrational density. It needs to be dissolved, resolved, released in order to clear the body template so that your body come alive. It was dead, unconscious, asleep, in a deep slumber and it often awakens with a vengeance for the ultimate suppressor and unconscious ones. For others, it's easier, yet all will go through intensity all along the way, until all of this separation is gone and unity love takes it's place.

    Your whole body will charge electromagnetically and vibrate... literally. You will feel photons firing off and moving about inside. Anywhere old programs are held, you will feel this in your body somehow. Unconscious (closed heart/closed/fixed mind) humans seek a diagnosis to "fix" something, label it as something that supports an old belief system of fear and victim mentalities again.

    At first this activates fear, which is an unconscious program, so that more love can take its place, more trust, more inner-connectedness, more abundance... and SPACE will take the place of density as the body expands and contracts with each new code and sequence initiated.....

    Human aspects love to believe that unconsciousness is "everyone else" and everyone else's problem... not realizing that everything affects the whole. Everything and everyone is to show us what we hold inside, how conscious we are and how much we can BE the conscious one (LOVE). When unconsciousness presents, then that's OUR inner reality materialized in our physical to see and experience. Where we are fully conscious, we can expose others to what full consciousness is. Where we don't know, understand or are able to communicate this yet, then this will teach us, continually, until we have Mastered all physical realities as LOVE here. 

    Every exchange is the playing out of a timeline... 

    The aspect that you ARE will determine the outcome... it is this simple... 

    We conclude this passageway and now move into the next. These powerful gateways and initiations can be integrated instantly and with experienced greater ease now. The physical experience will vary depending on how you choose to honor your own processes of EMBODIMENT here.

    The more the physical world dictates, the more intense it is. The more holographic abilities we possess, the easier the physical is. This is achieved through the embodiment and full integration of PURE SOURCE LIGHT. This is done through an immense focus, directed energy, conscious choice, intentional action and instant integration for easy convergence to occur.  

    We now move further into the culmination of a huge gateway that began with the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. This August's Convergence marks 30 linear years coming to a conclusion and a new beginning "set-point" being created on a collective and individual level too. This convergence is powerful and important for us all. I'll be sharing more as we continue through the various portals, passageways and initiatory processes that continue to be paramount in Multi-Dimensional Super Quantum Existence as all "leave" limited dimensions through inner transcendence and Embodying the vastness of Infinite Existence here.

    I love you! It's beyond time... literally.... are you ready? WE ARE! ♥

    Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

    Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

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    Big Push in the Energies – Asking Us to Step Up

    We Are Being Asked To Step Up By Jenny Schiltz

    Even though the energies from the Solstice and New Moon are waning, there is not much reprieve right now. At times I feel like a broken record discussing the mental, emotional and physical effects of the higher frequencies coming in. Yet, what I am feeling with this latest burst of energy is a push, a big push for us to be our most authentic self. My grandmother would refer to this as “shit or get off the pot” energy.  When I pondered how to describe it, those were the words I heard and I had to laugh and share because it is so fitting.

    For those who have been on the journey for a while, there is a sense of action, of doing, and creating WHILE BEING.  For most of our lives we were action oriented beings, striving and achieving, going with what was expected of us by society, friends, and family. We had a vision of what was ideal and we went after it, even though it left many of us empty.  

    Then the world changed, the universe conspired to shake us up. We experienced destruction. Some of us experienced the destruction of health, finances, security, relationships, jobs, even where we were living. Some simply felt this feeling that they were living a lie, that there was more out there that they couldn’t put their finger on. Spirit did whatever was needed to get our attention, to get us out of the day to day that was just piling on the layers of the veil year after year. Whatever we falsely identified with was stripped.

    Amidst all the destruction, we searched and searched and found our soul. We began to get a glimpse of who we truly are without all the beliefs and expectations that we carried. We had no choice but to learn how to BE, that we were worthy and ok for simply being alive. We had to learn how to be when the energies knocked us down, learn how to be when it felt that all we had counted on for security was taken away. We had to learn to trust in the process, honor it, and do the hard work of clearing our emotional and mental bodies.

    Now we are being asked more and more to get back out there, the cocooning time is done. For those who have been active there is a great push to expand – become more than you ever thought you could. There is a giant push to let go of all of our fears and reservations and be exactly who we are with no apologies.

    For years the masters have talked about becoming the light house to lead others out of the dark. For those that are in this stage, it is indeed what you have become. You are becoming the example for others, while remembering that the lighthouse stays on shore, not jumping into the storm. How can one guide when they become lost themselves?

    There is no self-sacrifice in the new paradigm, there is no debt that needs to be repaid and when we give, it is from the heart and pure. We have learned that to not put ourselves first and honor our soul is to go backwards and the repercussions on our emotional & physical health would be swift

    Now is the time that “boots on the ground” are needed, the cocooning or quarantine is over. What this means will vary with each person. Some will find themselves entering high density positions or locations, some will simply expand into more of who they are while others will find that they must leave the safety of the nest and fly.  

    Remember, a light house must be on the edge between the land and ocean to be of service, a land locked lighthouse would do little good. However you choose to put the “boots on the ground” is perfect for you. As humans we tend to want everything to be perfect before we act. We want to be 100% through the process, secure and in constant alignment before acting. Yet, if we wait for that day, we would never act. Consider this your internship. You are learning how to return to DOING while BEING.

    This concept of getting back out there in whatever form it means for you can feel terrifying and that fear alone can cause you not to act. Settle yourself, and listen with your heart – what is your soul saying? Sometimes the hardest and biggest step is the first one.

    I had been feeling this push in the energies for a few weeks now and the same has been expressed by some of my clients, for some it exhibited as restlessness, a longing for something which often times is undefinable.  As always spirit shows it to me in such a way that I truly understand what is happening.

    Throughout the night last night, I dreamed of my grandmother’s house. She had a large garden with fruit trees and it was teeming with life. This place was my sanctuary, my peace.  There were so many people in her home as it was an open house and I inquired about buying it. 

    I then heard “Jennifer!” and I snapped to attention as it was my grandmother’s voice. She passed in 2015. I walked into the kitchen and she says “Sit down and have some coffee”. She then proceeded to tell me that I need to stop looking backward and to look forward. That I hadn’t truly made a home since I lost my farm in 2012. That it was time I made my own sanctuary, my own place to be. This was all accurate, I have been holding back. 

    She then says “And you need to decide what you want to do, it doesn’t matter, just decide.” I asked her what she meant and I found we were both standing in a hallway with 3 doors that contained possible futures. As I opened each one she said – “If this is what you want, it will be a good life, but only if it is what you want.”  I realized that the only requirement for choosing was – did I want it? Is it what will make my heart soar or am I choosing based on fear?

    As I stared at door number 3 and its potential I asked “If I choose this, will my husband and little one be OK with it?” She looked at me and said “Leave that to spirit to sort out. You have to trust.” There it was…Could I trust in this possible future, trust in spirit to guide, trust that no matter what the highest good is done or do I retreat back into the illusion of safety?

    I choose door 3 as it made my heart soar.  She said “Good, then go in and close the door behind you.” I did and was immediately surrounded by my team who congratulated me. They explained that there was no wrong choice as long as whatever choice made was not made from fear.  There is no more playing small, as we are not small beings. The enormity of the situation hit me as my human brain took over and I got scared. I looked at my higher self and said “What do I do now?” She smiled and said “Just be you and it will all fall into place.”

    I woke and asked if this is a message to share with everyone and was told yes. That for those in the destruction & entering the cocooning phase it would bring hope that it does end. It does get better. For those feeling the intense energies and the urgency it would provide an understanding; a framework as to the purpose.

    I hope that this message finds you stepping into your power more and more, becoming and being the lighthouse that you were born to be. Thank you to all who share this work. It means the world. <3

    Lots of love,


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