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Restoring Your Natural Conversation with the Creator

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    July 11, 2017 8:28 PM PDT

    Restoring Your Natural Conversation with the Creator by Archangel Michael Channelled through Natalie Glasson 

    What you are dealing with in your reality right now is essential for your spiritual evolution and the transformation of the Earth.

    I, Archangel Michael, invite you to take a moment and breathe deeply, numerous messages are coming to you from the Universe of the Creator and from within your being. Everything is the Creator, and everything is speaking to you. The key is to take the time to listen and to allow your intuition and inner navigation to accentuate the message that is most important for you to acknowledge, accept, embody and act upon now. 

    The message that is aligned to your soul and its quest upon the Earth will come forth to you with greater power and presence than any other message. The universe is speaking to you, every message is important, acting as golden opportunities of manifestation, experience and life.

    There are so many beautiful pathways of experience for you to embark upon on the Earth and many will bring you fulfilment, happiness and a deeper connection with the Creator. There is no wrong pathway; there is only creativity, exploration and understanding.

    The more you know yourself as a spiritual light being existing and exploring the Earth, the more you will receive the messages from within and the Universe of the Creator that are most fulfilling and aligned with your truth. It is time to let go of the perceptions of your mind and even your emotions, instead focus into your heart and let yourself feel, sense or acknowledge your energy, who you are and all that you are.

    Remember that the Creator in truth cannot be labelled or even described verbally or within your mind. You are the Creator which means that you cannot be described or even labelled, to do so limits you in understanding your expansive nature and essence.

    Instead feel who you are, observe the energies that create the 'You' that you know yourself to be now. You may experience some beautiful loving energies; there could be energies of resistance, awkwardness and pain. Simply sit with who you are as energy, recognise and observe your energy until it feels familiar.

    With acceptance of the energy that composes who you are, your thoughts and emotions, your energies will transform which will bring a purification to your mind and emotions. When you know and simply sit with your energy more frequently, you will open yourself to receiving messages from your essence, your body, in truth all that you are.

    Not only will this create a strong feeling of inner guidance, it will also mean that negative thought or emotional patterns will not manifest as frequently. You received the intuitive message from your energy before it began to move into your thoughts, emotions, body and chakras manifesting as limitations and restrictions within your being and reality.

    If every part of your being is balanced, aligned with, and experiencing the divine flow of the Creator, then the messages you will receive will magnify and enhance your state of existence. Messages such as you are loved, you are worthy, anything is possible, and your power is working to manifest your dreams, will fill your body, being and reality. Your conversation with the Creator in the world around and within you will be blissfully nurturing and nourishing.

    You are always in constant conversation with the Creator; the Creator exists within everything, so your conservations are with everything within and around you.

    If a part of your being becomes unbalanced.... maybe a negative thought is given energy, or a reaction to an experience is unexpected and causes some chaos within your being - then it will be easy to pinpoint the energy causing the imbalance. We ask the energy what message it wishes you to receive and embody.

    Simply because the experience is negative doesn’t mean the message will be negative, for each message is a conversation with the Creator. You began the conversation, and the Creator is replying to you.

    A message can be a feeling, realisation, word, or in truth can be expressed in any creative way. It offers you a unique and beautiful pathway to realise your natural harmony and oneness with the Creator and all that is the Creator.

    Such messages could be to let go of fear, engage with love, gift yourself freedom, access your power, recognise your beauty, or a feeling such as peace, freedom, happiness and so forth may arise.

    You are being guided at all times and are in constant conversation with the Creator. When you are centred and balanced it is easy to recognise this and recentre yourself whenever you need to. There is no need for you to try to be perfect. Just simply become familiar with who you are as an energetic being.

    When you lose focus of your centre and your awareness of yourself as a divine being of light existing on the Earth to experience all aspects of the Earth, you may begin to ignore the messages and conversations with the Creator that your being is naturally experiencing at all times, whether you are asleep or awake.

    As you ignore the messages - they build. While some are positive and continue to magnify your essence and truth, others may regard imbalances within your being and could manifest as pain in your body or challenging circumstances in your reality. Still, they build until it is too chaotic to even know where to begin, and which message to address first. And even discovering the messages can be a struggle because of inner confusion and unaddressed energies.

    Many souls upon the Earth are currently experiencing this without even being aware of it. The chaos within is all the unreceived messages and conversations with the Creator which have been ignored and are climaxing and manifesting to get your attention.

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    When chaos is manifesting within it can be difficult to know where to begin to unfold the messages to bring your focus back to your essence and truth, because of this I wish to share with you some steps to assist:

    1.Take a moment and breathe deeply to quieten your mind and emotions, focusing within.

    2. When you are ready simply acknowledge that numerous messages are coming to you from the Universe of the Creator and from within your being, and each message is to support you in remaining focused upon your centre; the truth of the Creator within you.

    3. Acknowledge that your natural ability is to be in conversation with the Creator and to receive inner guidance. This is not a mystical power or unusual experience. Essentially it is you in conversation with yourself. However, you are the Creator as is everything within and around you.

    4. Focus within and imagine, sense or acknowledge yourself as energy. Observe yourself as energy until it becomes familiar.

    You may recognise colours, memories, feelings or sensations. Observe and use your intuition to allow understanding to dawn. If an energy feels negative or uneasy to you, sit with it until it reveals its truth, its message, or the understanding that is required for you to acknowledge. It may simply dissipate because the message is realised on a higher level of your being; or you may receive the necessary insights to create transformation within your being and reality.

    At some point, you may feel guided to anchor certain energies from the Creator. You know exactly what is necessary and needed, it is important to trust yourself and go with the flow of that which is being drawn to your attention. If you are unable to transform the energy, then return to the same energy another time as there may be several layers of the energy.

    5. Rest or continue observing yourself as energy and acknowledge anything that comes to your awareness. It is important to note that you will recognise deeply loving energies, emotions and messages as well as resolving unbalanced or light lacking energies.

    Restoring Your Natural Conversation with the Creator by Archangel Michael

    This only needs to take a few minutes; it is important to acknowledge that you can transform your energies yourself and very quickly, without lengthy meditations. The more familiar you become with the practice, the easier you will find it to instantly acknowledge the messages without even following the steps I have provided or entering into meditation. In truth, you are coming back to yourself, your true awareness and your natural conversation with the Creator, which in itself is immensely healing.

    This is the most perfect time to reconnect with yourself,

    Free audio download of Natalie's channeling Michael

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    Respect By David Dolberg

    As we celebrate Independence Day for the United States of America, I want to express my respect for all those that have served the cause of independence over the centuries. Men and women from all walks of life in this country have served in many capacities to secure and protect not only the freedoms that we enjoy, but also that of other countries who have remained free as a result of American blood, sweat and tears that have been shed on their behalf.

    The people of our country are no more perfect than that of any other, and war in itself is not something to be taken lightly regardless of the reason to wage it. In my early youth, a mentor of mine shared his story. James K. Odum was still a teenager in an LST boat involved in the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944. He wasn't on the beaches that day, didn't fire a weapon, and didn't come face to face with a Nazi soldier. Instead he was part of a frantic effort to patch up the allied soldiers who were being shot apart in the name of independence for all countries.

    He and so many others are part of our legacy. While we may all have varying opinions about politics, war, and involvement in foreign affairs, I believe that we should all agree that respect should be given to those who fight for the independence of our country, and that of others. I've gotten to know soldiers over the years through my work, some at Fort Bening in Georgia, some at Parris Island in South Carolina. Some were Airborne Rangers, others were U.S. Marine Corps personnel. Something they taught me still supersedes all else. It's respect. They're taught to respect others, and in the end it's that respect that serves as their reason to fight. Regardless of orders, who's in charge, or where they're serving, ultimately what drives them is their respect for those beside them.

    I wish that we could adopt this same mentality here at home: to have respect for those to either side of us. We aren't on a battlefield, but you wouldn't know it by all the nasty conflict going on in the media and on social media. There is so much hate, accusation, assumption and prejudice on all sides. Whatever happened to respecting the constitution of the United States, respecting the freedoms it affords ALL citizens, regardless of color, religion, creed and beliefs, to choose their own paths, vote their own consciences, and live as they see fit? Tolerance is being preached but it's not being practiced, as it's indeed a 2-way street.

    Our country was founded on respect, to acknowledge that although we are different--from difference ancestry and origin, with different specialities and abilities, that we can still work together, and thrive in the process.

    Independence means freedom from oppression, which is to say freedom from societal pressures to think a certain way, freedom from needless childish shaming, from double standards in the name of progress and other pitfalls that we are now seeing come creeping in. The same constitution that was established ages ago that gives you the right to live the life you choose is the same one that gives your neighbor the right to live in a way that you do not approve of, agree with, or even like. That is the nature of freedom.

    Let us respect others the way we would be respected. Let us extend them the same freedoms that we hold dear for ourselves. Let us stop focusing on all that may divide us in this country and return focus to all that unites us. As we disrespect the rights of others to choose differently than we would, we disrespect ourselves in the process, and also disrespect the constitution that made your own rights to choose possible. United we stand, divided we fall.

    My friends, let's please remember to respect. I salute all those who have contributed to my freedoms, regardless of how different they may be from me in every way. We are all imperfect, but together we are strong and serve to provide synergy. Let us remember that this Independence Day.

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    Grandmother’s Story of the Bear

    Grandmother’s Story of the Bear By Jenny Schiltz

    I have been feeling the urge to do a long shamanic journey and found the perfect opportunity to do so this morning. I want to share with you what I learned.

    As I settled into the hypnotic drum beat, I found myself on a familiar road walking towards an area where I knew I would find the one I call grandmother. As I came upon her fire circle I saw that there were little ones sitting around, they looked to be 4 to 6 years of age and they were settling down to hear a story.

    The grandmother asked me to join them as the story was important for me too. She went on to tell about a large grizzly bear who was gifted with the ability to know when the seasons would change, what the weather would be, where the herds had migrated and when there was imbalance in their world and how to fix it.  This bear would meet with the village Wise Man and share what he had learned and it helped the village be abundant and joyous. Everyone praised the wise one for the ability to speak with the bear, but he knew that it was the bear that had done the amazing thing, as the bear had moved out of his comfort zone. Though the bear was doing great work and helping many, the other bears shunned him, judged him and did not understand. The Wise One knew that for the bear to continue sharing his knowledge was an act of love.

    The grandmother went on to say how each person has their own gift, their own ability that should be honored and not compared against another. This little boy pipes up and shows us how his tongue can move in so many different ways. The grandmother smiled and said “You will use that to communicate with many and bring honor to your people” The little boy was beaming with pride. Then this little girl next to me twists her body into a position that would make any yogi proud and says “I can do this, but when I do, my sister’s make fun of me” as she looked down, you could see that she was expecting to be told she was strange. Instead the grandmother says “That is a beautiful gift, flexibility will serve you well in all areas of your life, stay bendable, never rigid and hard. Do not allow another who does not have your abilities to make you feel bad. For you are just as special as are they in the eyes of the creator.”

    Not long after this she dismisses the children and we begin to walk in a field of flowers. She asks what is on my mind, why do I feel so troubled. I told her how I had been seeing in multiple groups and posts about how it is wrong for people to charge for spiritual services. It has left me frustrated, frustrated by the judgement I feel from the ones that believe this and frustrated for the healers, shamans and guides that buy into it and give all of themselves away, creating deep lack, even physical sickness.  She looks at me and says “Do you not think the bear was given meat, berries and treats? The Wise One knew that to not have an equal exchange would bring dishonor onto himself, his village, and the bear.”

    She continued “It use to be that your shamans, healers, wise men and woman were well cared for by the people. All they had was provided for by the ones they served. It was an honor for the shaman to eat the food, wear the furs hunted, and to live in a home fashioned by the people. Today your society, does not provide for its sages yet begrudges them when they provide for themselves. It has created quite an imbalance.”

    I agreed and asked “what about energy exchanges?” She answered by saying  “These can be beautiful and wonderful. However, until humans are able to turn energy into something tangible, money will always be part of your world. To learn this alchemy is possible but how does one eat while learning?” she said smiling.

    I asked her when she thought a time was coming when humans would no longer need money her response was “When humans learn to not hate money, nor begrudge the exchange, but instead give and receive in gratitude.” She went onto explain that due to our belief systems we are not in the flow of giving and receiving. In the flow where money is simply a tool. That instead we have constructed many false thoughts and constructs that keep us out of this flow and it is in this flow where all potential resides.

    She looked at me and said – “Be the bear, do not worry what others think or do, for you know your gifts.” She grabbed both my hands, turning me to her and says “What a shame it would be for the bear to not have shared his knowing because he allowed the other bears to make him feel bad, unworthy or selfish.”

    I thanked her again for her wisdom and allowing me to partake in the sharing of the story. It was a treat to see those young children, as I saw myself in each one.

    It is with this understanding that I say to you now: BE THE BEAR.

    However, that looks for you is perfect. Be the bear. Allow your gifts and talents to shine through. Don’t allow yourself or others to discount them, put them in a box, or make you feel less them for them. When you share your gifts, be open to receive in return, as that is the natural order of things. For what a shame it would be for you to hide your gifts, your talents, your light too.

    I don’t think there is any coincidences that this message came through on my country’s “Independence Day”. As we all work to gain independence from belief systems, judgement and lack.

    Sending you all lots of love,