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How To Experience Harmony At A Physical Level By Natalie Glasson

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    August 9, 2017 12:36 AM PDT

    How to Experience Harmony at a Physical Level - Lord Melchizedek Through Natalie Glasson

    Brilliant blessings upon the Earth, I recognise you all in this way, you are a blessing to the Earth and all upon her. Brilliant is your soul and the ascension process you are moving through. I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to connect with and observe the brilliance within your being, the energy, light and consciousness that you are in this very moment. In doing so you will observe the magical Universe of the Creator within your being.

    As you observe the Universe of the Creator, meaning all that is the Creator, there is one energy and quality you will recognise as being ever-present; harmony. Harmony exists within all aspect of the Creator and between all aspects of the Creator. It is often an energy which goes unrecognised, and yet it is a powerful force that moves through all.

    It is important to contemplate the harmony ever-present within the Universe of the Creator and therefore your own being. Not only will it awaken harmony within your being, it will guide you as to how to exist naturally in harmony with everything in your physical reality. Harmony is a natural quality within your being and soul, and yet sometimes it may feel that the energies within you and around you are inharmonious. Many people experience disharmony daily and may not even be aware that they can experience harmony instead.

    There are many ways to encourage the natural vibrations of harmony within your being to awaken and ground into your entire being. There is a need for you to contemplate in your own time:

    • What harmony means to you

    • Whether you prefer or are attached to experiencing drama or harmony within your being and reality.

    To further aid your understanding I, Lord Melchizedek wish to share with you:

    • Why disharmony manifests

    • How to experience harmony at a physical level

    In my opinion, harmony is the bond that connects all aspects of the Creator as one. It is akin to invisible golden threads that connect the truth, core and essence of all beings creating a flow of the Creator’s light, love and consciousness. Harmony is always present at the core of your being and the core of relationships, or with your connection with all aspects of the Creator. Harmony is an eternal bond and alignment which can never be broken.

    Disharmony only manifests when you distract yourself from recognising the truth within your being. Distractions are drama, illusions, blockages, limitations and boundaries, in truth anything that encourages you to ignore the truth of the Creator.

    If it is more exciting to experience drama and illusions in your reality, then you will continue to manifest these experiences.

    There is a need to recognise that harmony is not boring or mundane, instead it energises, rejuvenates, connects you with your power and aligns you with your inner wisdom. It is the truth of your being that is required to be acknowledged.


    ‘It is safe for me to live in harmony with myself, the Creator, humanity and my reality.’

    Due to many people being accustomed to disharmony within their being and reality and their acceptance of disharmony as a way of life, there is a need to reaffirm that it is safe to live in a state of harmony.

    Disharmony is familiar, it means that you can hide yourself, not take responsibility for your actions, and exist without inner observation and transformation. Disharmony encourages and allows you to blame others and look outside of yourself for answers and guidance.

    While harmony is a natural aspect of your essence, in order to embody harmony there is a need to align with your truth, accept your power, realise that you create your reality, that you are responsible for your reality, and all you require is within you. To achieve this takes courage, not because it is challenging to be aligned with your truth and essence, instead due to you letting go of all that is illusion as well as familiar to you in your physical reality.

    The greatest energy within you which creates disharmony within your being, reality and relationships is fear. When we recognise that fear is only a reaction of being misaligned with our inner power and truth, we realise that it has little power.

    When we connect into our inner love, power and wisdom, fear dissolves as does disharmony. And yet disharmony is the result of our fear and can take on many forms, even an energy of its own developing in our reality. We can recognise that disharmony in relationships, with self and the world is caused by existing and expressing from a space of fear, projecting fear and all its other manifestation into the world.

    Fear within our beings means that disharmony is present within our mind, emotions and energy bodies, our inner world reflects into our outer world. This is a reason why chaos, anger, pain and suffering manifests within the world of the Earth, causing so many people to abuse others mentally, physically and emotionally. Often people fear connecting with themselves as a divine loving powerful being and connecting with others in the same way. It is much easier to close your heart to yourself and the world than to take actions from an expansive loving heart.

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    How to Experience Harmony at a Physical Level


    ‘I live in harmony with all aspects of the Creator.’

    There is a need to observe what you are projecting into your reality and the world, and also when you meet or think of others. Take time in your daily reality to contemplate this. What is occurring within your being? Are you experiencing fear and disharmony, or are you acknowledging your love and power predominantly?

    Remember that you do not have to be in a space of love and power at all times. It is natural to experience fear. Of more importance is simply how you deal with the fear, whether you sink into it or shift your perspective to love and examine the fear from a space of love.

    This requires focus and determination from you. Realise if you are approaching people, situations or yourself with negativity, this is creating disharmony in your relationship with the person, situation or yourself. When there is disharmony there is also a lack of love, trust and acceptance. The flow of the Creator is limited and supressed.

    Allow yourself to approach every person, situation or even conversation with yourself with the perspective that you are creating the energy and therefore the outcome. With this perspective, there is no need to allow your ego to engage with manipulation, control or dominance.

    Instead you are deciding what energy you wish to share. This energy energises and lovingly influences your experience, creating an outcome that is aligned with and a representation of your inner truth.

    You are constantly giving and sharing energy, just as you are constantly creating the world around you and within you the way you wish it to be, whether that is from the loving centre of your being or the negative programming/ fear based programming of your subconscious.

    Now is the time to take responsibility for the energy you share by creating an intention for your energy with each new situation and experience in your reality. When something negative occurs, what energy do you normally express (mostly the expression is without words or actions) and what would you like to express? Each situation will be different. When you connect with another person be aware of what energy from within your being you express. Is it loving or fear based? What would you like to express instead?

    Rather than the words you say and the actions you make, although these do express your energy, I wish to encourage you to engage with your feelings, emotions and reactions within, observing and acknowledging them with love.

    Then when you choose the energy from the core of your being that you wish to express and project instead, take time to go deep within. Find the energy, feel it build within you, sink into its embrace and embody the energy.

    Then allow yourself to project and radiate the energy from your being to the situation, person or yourself.

    The original feeling will dissolve and be replaced by the energy you have activated and engaged.

    This will naturally and positively influence your actions and words, further magnifying the energy within you. Disharmony will dissolve. You will notice a new sense of harmony within yourself and between yourself and your outer world. Your inner harmony will activate and expand into all that you are, supporting many in accessing the same.

    You are a source of harmony,

    Lord Melchizedek

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    Dancing through Life

    Pamela Kribbe

    a message from Pamela Kribbe

    Pamela channels Isis:

    Dear friends, dear lovers of life, I am Isis. I am the bird that flies freely in the sky, enjoying both the energies of Heaven and of Earth. I am inside you all, so one day you will fly free of this body and be like a bird, traveling elsewhere in the universe.

    Wherever you go, you have two energies inside you. One is the energy of joy, which keeps you moving forward, always finding new ways of expressing yourself, always seeking life and adventure.

    The energy of joy is the light inside you; it is truly what Creation is made of. When you feel the energy of joy, truly feel it and become fulfilled; know there is nothing outside it that you are looking for. The energy of joy is a purpose in itself. It is the expression of life in its freest form and therefore you cannot capture it – joy is the essence of life.

    But, as I said, there are two energies which you take with you. The energy of joy is one and the energy of darkness or pain is the other. Where there is darkness or pain, there is no joy, only its absence.

    It is the part of you that feels stuck, separated, and lonely. Nonetheless, it has a meaningful role to play within Creation.

    The energy of joy and the energy of pain or darkness deeply belong together. Inside the darkness is always a craving for liberation, for life. Darkness yearns to be released, and when the energy of joy embraces it with acceptance and lightness, the darkness cannot resist and will open up. Everything that is dark, both within you and within the world, longs for life, longs for liberation.

    I ask you to now connect with your own darkness and to not see it as an enemy. It is a part of Creation, it has meaning. As the joyful part of you seeks expression during many lifetimes throughout the universe, it crosses boundaries and discovers unknown territories.

    This very movement will create the energies of fear, insecurity, and ignorance, and you are then confronted with pain and suffering. Nonetheless, somewhere behind this suffering is the energy of joy. There is such a lust for life in your heart and your soul that at a deep level you are willing to engage with the suffering. Because you are so full of love, the joy enables you to explore life deeply and always go beyond boundaries and into new adventures.

    I now ask that you connect inside your body with the dark areas which cause you trouble, or where you feel a heavy energy, or where you connect with an emotion that is continually  bothering you and that you consider to be negative and blocking you.

    And now imagine that you see this particular area or emotion as an energy that is waiting to be released. You can look at it in this way: this dark energy inside you is a pioneer of consciousness; it is the part of you that is moving beyond what you consider safe. It is exploring something new that you do not yet understand and therefore gives you confusion and perhaps sadness or struggle. But it is because you are such an adventurous spirit that you are willing to accept the darkness and to deal with it.

    So I ask that you see the darkest part of yourself – the part that is struggling – as your most revolutionary part that is uncovering new experiential territory. I invite you to visualize this part – this difficult emotion or that physical problem – as a warrior. Visualize this part as a warrior in whatever way you like. See it as a male presence, and look at the fire in his eyes. He is wounded, but at the same time he is a deeply creative part of you.

    Now imagine or visualize the joyful part of you and see it in the shape of a female figure, a woman. She is dancing, singing, feeling free and light, but she wants to join the warrior. She has a deep yearning to be with him and to embrace him, because she knows that he is the adventurer and will open up new territories to explore. And she will follow him and embrace him with her healing powers and her spirit of joy and laughter. So imagine the two of them coming together: the hurt and wounded part of you and the joyful and free part. Imagine them embracing; you can feel that they deeply love each other.

    The words "light" and "dark" have become associated with good and bad, with judgment, but these energies are much more playful and far-reaching than such a narrow framework would allow.

    Both these energies are full of life and together form the essence of Creation. So imagine these energies merging and feel this in your heart and in your abdomen.

    The heart is the seat of love and joy, while the abdomen is the seat of passion and emotion, and, therefore, also of emotional pain. The heart desires to descend and to embrace the energy in the abdomen and this is what true healing means: that you embrace the dark emotions and desires within yourself and recognize them as your partners in Creation, and not as an energy you need to get rid of, but as an essential part of you.

    Darkness plays a vital role in your lives, and exploring that role is why you are here, why you have incarnated in this flesh. When the emotions – the so-called lower nature of yourself as a human – become inspired by the energy of the heart, the energy of joy and fearlessness, then true creativity arises. By that I mean you will experience a kind of creativity within you that is grounded and real and that you can truly express in your everyday life.

    Some people have a lot of loving energy in their hearts and so they are able to connect with the energy of joy at those times when they feel inspired. But because the emotions of the lower region of their abdomen feel stuck or blocked, and because they do not know how to deal with these emotions, these people are unable to fully release and express their joy and inspiration in practical ways. They start to feel disconnected from this world, from Earth, and from human society.

    The key to overcoming this lack of connection is to really address the parts of yourself that are in need of emotional healing. Inspiration alone is not enough; you need to recognize the darkness within yourself as your partner and not as a block that needs to be eliminated. It is by embracing and working with your own darkness that spiritual alchemy takes place: true transformation.

    Often when you “work on yourself” – for example, in therapy or different modes of healing – you are still struggling with your darkness, because you are very eager to find ways to get rid of it. But behind this eagerness is a disrespect for the vital role that darkness fulfills in the universe. You are not playing or dancing with these energies; instead, you are struggling with them and, in the end, this can exhaust you because it takes a lot of energy to struggle with yourself.

    To genuinely start the healing process, you need to release the notion of a struggle or a battle between light and dark within yourself. Really respect the dark parts; even your violent, aggressive parts are not intrinsically bad. If you address these parts with compassion and the sincere yearning to reach into their essence in order to fully understand what they are really about, they will listen to you; they will come to you as would a child.

    It is the energy of judgment and resistance that intensifies darkness, whereas it is the energy of acceptance and joy that always creates unification.

    This dynamic process is something that is unfolding, not only at the level of your personal lives, you can also witness it in the world at large in which you are living.

    Throughout your religious traditions, there has been an immense fear of darkness, passion, creativity, and free self-expression. Out of fear, there has developed a need to control the human spirit. And the sad thing is that, as a result, there has been not only a fear of darkness, but also a fear of joy.The energy of joy has not been welcome in human societies for a very long time.

    It may seem strange to say this, because everyone on Earth agrees that all human beings want to be happy, but your notions of happiness have become so restricted, so narrow, that they leave no space for the energy of joy.

    Joy is ever flowing, it cannot live inside rigid structures and hierarchies, or obey false authorities; joy is a truly revolutionary energy. Joy has often been expressed in the arts: in literature, poetry, and music, and most people who surrender to the flow of joy in their life will become outsiders. They will feel that they are different and do not fit in with mainstream consciousness.

    There are certain definitions of happiness in your society, but most of them are to some extent controlling. For instance, earning money is supposed to make you happy, having a successful career is supposed to make you happy, getting married and having a family is a goal that many people pursue, but as you all know and observe around you, all these things do not guarantee happiness.

    You can find happiness in all these things, but the essential part of that happiness is something inside you. Nothing outside you can make it happen. True happiness means that you feel you are embodying the spirit of joy; that you have become friends with the dark parts of yourself and are free to explore life.

    The theme of our gathering, here and now, is the return of Isis, and I am waiting for you to open up to my spirit and to find the fountain of joy inside your heart and, at the same time, to embrace the darkness within. And that is actually one movement, one flow. Dance with life; dance with whatever life is bringing to you. Try not to judge it, to label it as good or bad; life is far too rich and mysterious to be approached in that way. You really liberate yourself if you stop doing that.

    Very briefly put, there are two ways of opening up to the Isis energy, and this is what is now happening all around the world. Either you decide to open up to this energy consciously and freely or you get so caught up in crisis and suffering that you go through a really difficult time or become ill, and then you will have to open up to the spirit of life, either in this lifetime or in another one.

    At this moment on Earth, things are intensifying. There is a huge need for liberation, for releasing the heavy energies inside people.

    Energies always move, they are dynamic, and there is such an accumulation of pain and suffering in humanity that this energy has to rise to the surface and express itself. It is like something explosive: it needs expression at some point.

    The more conscious people become, the more this healing process of release can happen in a balanced way. The more you address darkness with deep understanding, the milder its expression will be. But this will not be possible all round the world. There will be expressions of deep pain and aggression that can be really hurtful to others.

    I am asking you, even in the face of very violent expressions of pain, to remain in the space of compassion. Compassion does not judge, it simply observes.

    You may feel sad about the lack of awareness in the world, the presence of fear and misunderstanding and the lack of communication; but I am asking of you: if you want to preserve my spirit, if you want to pass it on to others, do not judge the darkness; be still and keep the space inside your heart open.

    What holds you all together as living beings is your humanness. You all are made up of light and darkness, of joy and pain. And when we deeply understand this about each other, and dare to communicate freely about it with one another, then true healing will arise. It is unavoidable, because things cannot stay as they are.

    Please travel lightly, do not hold on to the burdens of the past. You are an explorer of the new, you are an adventurer. Work together with the warrior inside you. It is a wounded warrior, but a brave one, and he is yearning for my embrace, the embrace of joy and light and laughter. I am Isis, I am inside you.

    Copyright © Pamela Kribbe - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely. E-mail: 

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    Sound Your Note By Joe Hurley


    You are a wonderful note.

    Sound your note.

    You are an amazing song.

    Sing your song.


    Let go of control.

    Accept the flow.

    Feel your song.

    Express the dance.


    Hear the music that is all around you.

    Look inside and see your magic.

    Tune into wisdom and know what is.

    Sense into unconditional love all that you can be.


    Pure affinity brings you together to dance with others.

    Divine synchronicity is the key.

    Open at a speed that is truly loving.

    Open and experience true harmony.



    The universe has its own song.

    It allows you to sing.

    You have your own song.

    Sing !



    You are a wonderful note.

    Sound your note !

    You are an amazing song.

    Sing your Song !












    Simply Relax into the Knowingness... that Everything is Taken Care Of !

    It can be extremely easy and graceful to go through life, if you are in a constant state of allowance. Meaning, assuming that all energies are here serving you, that you are a Master and everything will respond to you accordingly... meaning that you no longer effort and struggle through anything, but allow everything to serve you.

    In a Pure State of Allowance, you no longer doubt yourself and the Ability of your Consciousness to attract absolutely anything that it needs. You simply know everything is going to work out, without having to know how. Without having to know if this is going to be in the form of a new job, someone providing you with a roof, or suddenly finding money on the ground (or anything else you need)... you don't need to confuse your mind with details because that clouds the Knowingness and Simplicity of your Consciousness.

    You just Know, that everything comes to you, everything is going to work out. You Assume It, and it becomes so. It doesn't have to be a complicated assumption, the Simpler it is the Better.

    The mind loves to complicate things. Consciousness, is Simple.

    It can be like, going beyond time. Experiencing, Sensing your Future Potentials and assuming these are already fulfilled, in this precious moment of realization. Suddenly, those aren't needs anymore, because everything is already there.

    It doesn't have to be clouded with thoughts, details, facts and figures... it is simply, a Sensation. A Sensational Experience of Realizing Yourself as the Master, as the Creator of every single experience. Realizing that therefore, you can't fail at anything, you can fall in any abyss, everything is taken care of for you, and you don't have to worry about anything.

    It is not a thought, or a feeling, it is a sensation that goes beyond the mind, the emotions, and the physical senses. It is an Awareness, a Knowingness, that doesn't need force or power, it just knows... it senses that everything is taken care of, and there is nothing to worry about.

    As you Allow Yourself to be Constantly Aware of this Sense of Knowingness, you will forever assume your beingness, in a Realm of Ease, Grace, Fulfillment, Simplicity and Mastery.

    Beyond the need for doubts, or worries, beyond even much need for thought.

    It frees up Your Consciousness, to go beyond the mind.

    Because doubts are just clouds covering up your consciousness, an inexistent glass-sealing that prevents your Wings from carrying you the rest of the way. This sealing isn't real, but most humans believe in it.

    That is why, as you constantly remain aware that the Wings of your Consciousness are carrying you the rest of the way, that everything is taken care of, that you do not need worry about anything, it will always be so.

    The Only Key that I would use, is Relaxation into this Knowingness. The more you relax into it, the least resistance there will be and the easier things will flow.

    There is no need for any complicated belief systems or linear gears of creation. No mantra needs to be whispered, no ceremony needs to be done... just Relax, into the Knowingness that Everything Is Taken Care Of.

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