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Judy Satori's Trinity Of 8.8.8 Free Audio Transmissions

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    Judy Satori's Trinity Of 8.8.8 Free Audio Transmissions




    Dear Friend,

    Recently Spirit had me create three audio transmissions…

      • Opening to the New You

      • Breaking through the Limitation Matrix

      • The 8.8.8 Lionsgate Transmission

    The names of the first two explain their effects.

    The third 8.8.8 Lionsgate Transmission will activate power and potential.

    When you listen to the 8.8.8 Lionsgate Transmission in conjunction with the two previous transmissions so much power and strength will be activated within you. What may have seemed impossible for you to accomplish before will become easy and effortless. This is the time for you to reach for the stars and to hold your “star”, your special gifts, talents and abilities in the palm of your hand for all to see and benefit from.

    Previous challenges will fall away. It’s time for all of us to stand tall and be ALL that we are and have the potential to be and become.

    LISTEN: Opening to the New You -


    LISTEN: Breaking through the Limitation Matrix -

    Judy asks us at different points in this transmission to be repeating to yourself affirmations like the following:

    1. I release all limitations causing pain and discomfort in my physical body.

    2. I Am in the new. My Soul releases all pain that does not serve me.

    3. I Am in the new. My Soul releases all limitations that do not serve me.

    4. I Am in the new. My Soul releases all thought forms and repressed emotions that do not serve me.

    5. I Am in the new. My Soul releases everything that is not of God's Divine Joy, Love, & Abundance.


    LISTEN: The 8.8.8 Lionsgate Transmission -

    When you listen to these transmissions you will change at a very deep level and begin to express more of your true essence.

    The audio recordings are a gift from Spirit ... from God …

    for everyone on Earth.

    You can either listen once or three times at one session for seven consecutive days, or three times at one session for three consecutive days. The energy works like alchemy, which is a complete change of state … like a new energy being imprinted into the fabric of your being.

    You can cycle back and forth between these three transmissions. Their effects are cumulative and ongoing, but the 8.8.8 Lionsgate energy streaming through the portal right now is a powerful catalyst and will increase the positive effects.

    All can be found on the home page of my website, The transmissions are a gift to help us through to the next stage of our human evolutionary upgrade, which is soon to begin.


    Breaking Through the Limitation Matrix - A Daily Diary

    "I kept detailed notes on my experiences with the Light language for moving out of the soul matrix of limitation. I want to share them with Judy, in case they may be of use to her. It's too long to post on Facebook. The notes are below." ~ Thank you, Susan

    Day 1: Tingling in the hands and crown chakra; right hand began repeatedly clenching and opening as though releasing energy on third repetition.

    From Judy: “The crown chakra represents “Divine Knowing”, so what is

    happening is that you are opening to more of spiritual essence. Karmic release is beginning. This will be different for everyone.”

    Day 2: Moved from exhaustion to physical energy after four repetitions. Release of low back pain. At one point, I was guided to place my hands on my temples, and felt energy shooting through my brain. I felt a sense of mental expansion. Many affirmations came to me, such as, “I release all limitation to who I can be in this life. I release all limitation to trust. I release all limitation to self-expression. I release all fear of retribution. I release all limitation to fulfilling my soul plan destiny.” All hair on my arms is standing straight up as I write this following the session. I feel liberation and exuberance.

    From Judy: “When you listen to this recording speak the words that I say in English about releasing limitation. This is important. A metamorphosis is taking place within you.“

    Day 4: Tingling in my hands, energy pouring through my heart that made me laugh out loud. Clearing my entire energy field. Lots of Light. Lots of affirmations about my soul releasing all limitations to success, self-expression, joy, love, abundance.

    From Judy: “Some of you might feel completely exhausted for the first few days.

    I certainly did and this usually means that you are releasing very deep seated unconscious past life emotional trauma."

    Day 5: Tingling in the arms where I had had pain. I prefer listening to the recording four times at a session, because the fourth feels most powerful.

    From Judy: “There is no reason why you cannot listen four times…each time you listen the energy goes deeper. Be guided by your intuition.”

    Day 6: Listened five times. Bursts of joy through my heart. Bursts of Light language and pains releasing from the body. A feeling of optimism that has been very unusual for me to feel and hard to maintain in the past.

    From Judy: “You will become so different in your expression of self…to BE JOY is our true birthright and thoughts and feelings that make this challenging will seem to melt away. I notice that things that used to bother me now don’t at all. I feel very much in my power, but there is no aggression, or need to control or dictate. It is a state of perfect peace.“

    Day 7: Listened four times. By the end, a great surge of joyful energy flowed through me and my hands started clapping repeatedly throughout my energy field, as though breaking up and moving stuck energy.

    From Judy: “Yes…I also clap my hands like this at times…often hand movements are part of soul recall and come spontaneously.”


    More Feedback from Susan:

    "In the past week, I have moved from fear that I would sabotage my financial success with a new client or completion of a book I’m writing, fear of that it was too good to last, to a feeling of confidence and joy. For ten years, I haven’t had credit cards and I’ve been working for the past year to rebuild my credit. Yesterday I applied for one and got it with a $2,000 credit limit, which I will easily be able to pay with my new client income. I feel that I’ve stepped through a doorway into new abundance."

    "I stopped listening for one day, and found the old, limiting thought forms returning: What if this new client doesn’t want to pay me what the projects are worth? What if they decide they don’t need all the projects they’ve spoken about? What if after the first project, they don’t hire me for more? So I returned to listening to the Light language track, and it continues to dissolve old thought forms of ALL limitation to how much I can receive, how much I can desire, and to the fulfillment of all my desires.

    My sense is that this track is helping me release at a soul level ALL limitations and embrace unlimited life in form. I’ll keep listening to it until I’m sure its work is done."

    From Judy: "I really appreciate Susan’s detailed summary, because it helps all of us to understand that this “Light Language” is actually recoding sequences of sound and light specifically designed by Spirit…God …to help all of us through a time on Earth of intense transition. We are being remade anew…going through a process of Ascension and mind, body, spirit restructuring while remaining in a physical body on Earth. It is God’s plan and we are all okay and everything that is happening to us and our planet is in divine perfection. Old habits, even energy habits, die hard…we have to keep going…to eventually rise up like the lotus rising up out of the depths of a muddy lake until we can stand in the sunshine of the new day with our hands held high."

    Blessings and love,



    Steven Hutchinson:


    I just meditated with all three of Judy's transmissions, three times in a row like Judy recommends...and I can testify that they are extremely powerful & much energy & kundalini was moving through my body that at times I could hardly sit still. What a beautiful divine gift Judy has given us here.


    The links above Judy gives us allows you to either listen online, or download the audio for free like I did. About a month ago, I produced a video with Judy's 1st transmission, "Opening To The New You By Judy Satori", and already it has over 3,400 views. Here is the video below:


    Enjoy with Infinite Blessings of Love & Light,




    Video: "Opening To The New You By Judy Satori" -





    Image may contain: one or more people, sky, cloud and outdoor

    Holy Spirit, As You know, Theresa and I have been discussing whether You, as the BREATH of God, breathe ON us, as the beautiful hymn entreats, or breathe IN us, as somehow seems more efficient.

    “I breathe on you always, unceasingly. It is YOUR choice to breathe Me IN, inhale Me. This is ACCEPTANCE. 

    “As with all God's gifts, they are yours, freely. It is also your choice, as always, whether you accept them unto, or, in this instance, INTO yourself. 

    “As you know, ‘hale’ means whole, well, strong and healthy. So, to IN-hale the Breath of Life is to take IN, to receive unto yourself, wholeness, strength, health, well-being.

    “Breathe Me IN until you are completely filled and have become fully Identified with Me, just as Jesus/Yeshua did. Then we are One. 

    “Envision breathing IN the Light. You are bathed in the Light; you ARE the Light. You have denied your Self. 

    “It is now time to accept, ALLOW your Self again. By excluding the Light from your awareness you SEEM to be in (spiritual) darkness. This is not ACTUALLY so. 

    “By breathing IN the Holy Spirit - you breathe in the true and only Life – ETERNAL Life – and Life and Light are One. Life and Light are also Perfect Love.”


    On Divine Forgiveness:


    Now is the moment in the Great Awakening when time is being increasingly collapsed, by and for increasing numbers of us.


    True forgiveness is the mechanism of this collapse. We can actively, knowingly, consciously take part in its collapsing, by silently practising true forgiveness.


    By forgiving our brothers, even without them being aware of our committed endeavour, we INCLUDE ourself, since, in spite of contra appearances, we are One.


    The contra appearances are caused by fear, engendering judgement. We all desire to escape from fear; fear is perpetuated by UNWILLINGNESS to forgive.


    We are all crucifying OURSELF in myriad forms, some slowly, over decades and multiple incarnations.


    The nails we are driving into our own flesh, and the crown of thorns we are placing on our own head are unforgiveness, judgements, grievances.


    These all, inevitably REFLECT BACK to us, and we find ourself on the receiving end, sooner or later.

    Yet we can avoid all such without lifting a finger by choosing UNCONDITIONAL forgiveness.


    This means we make the conscious choice to forgive EVERYTHING – past, present and future – regardless of what it might appear to be, whose ‘fault’ it might appear to be, what appears to be done to whom.


    Forgiveness is an all or nothing thing. Partial forgiveness is not forgiveness at all because it is not TRUE forgiveness.


    How could we be at peace about God if He was partial in His forgiveness?

    How could we become like Jesus if we were partial in our forgiveness?

    How can we get Home if we are partial in our forgiveness?


    From “Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality”.

    For more information please visit:














    Future Forming



    Future Forming By Jamye Price

    Blessed beings, as always, it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness, for it is your awareness that is the key to life. It is your awareness that brings focus to the experience of being human and expands the human being through you.

    Your awareness is key because it is the culmination of all information and experiences that you have had through time. This blends with all other experiences through time that are meeting within your awareness.

    You hold resonance with your DNA ancestry, some cultures beyond your physical DNA, and you hold resonance with the Earth. You hold resonance with Earth that you have not even touched with the feet of this lifetime experience. It is written within you, and you are rewriting and reshaping that information with your awareness constantly.

    The experience of being human brings your awareness into a focal point that is the linearity of time. That is the experience of past being done, present occurring now, and the future not yet experienced. Your awareness is a focal point, and yet all of that time is within you now.

    Your awareness is the key to the future that you have not yet experienced in the physical plane. Your awareness holds that totality of information and what you amplify with your focus resonates into experience. You magnetize it to you, you bring it to you, you shape it, you form it.

    The future is formed by your awareness.

    The brilliance of the linearity of time is that you can focus. The challenge of the linearity of time is understanding the past, the present, and the future in this current moment.

    Forming the Future

    This understanding of the fullness of Time is what you are expanding into now. You are learning to experience beyond the present moment while being fully in the present moment. You are learning to experience the present in its fullness—containing the past, the present, the obvious, the subtle, the direct, the collective, the fear, the resolution—the All.

    You are learning to focus beyond the physical experience into your emotional and your mental experiences with equal measure. You are focusing on the change that you are wanting to create with the present moment, and you are beginning that bridge of understanding to the future that you are creating now.

    It is not easy to hold that vastness within the present moment. It is not easy to observe the world around you and maintain your unique vibration.

    And yet, that is the challenge that you are embarking upon now—looking beyond the obvious, beyond the physical expression that is occurring now, and into the future that you are wanting to create. To accomplish that in a grounded beingness, you are becoming an Empowered Sovereign connecting deeply with Life.

    Energy of Knowing

    Let us speak about Knowing. It is a knowing with a capital K, the strong Knowing. The Knowing that perhaps does not have all of the steps defined, but within, there is a deep understanding of the potentials and the natural flow of life. It is a Knowing that as you continue to focus on your divinity within, you are bringing that into physical form and magnetizing life to you.

    Life Evolves Areon Lyra Channeling by Jamye Price

    This is a deep understanding of perhaps not knowing how or when; but knowing that Life evolves in directions that support life.

    Life evolves in directions that support Life.

    It is a deep Knowing within that whatever is occurring in this now moment has built from a past that has created this perfect now moment that is building the future.

    And yet, all of that is within you. That is the linear experience. You are also the vast experience—that deep Knowing that Life evolves in ways that support Life. That evolution is not always easy, but it always occurs. You see nature replenish itself, you see animals adjust to the needs of nature and what they can provide for themselves. Humanity is learning this on an external level. You already know this very naturally.

    Path of Least Resistance

    As you begin to connect with the divinity within you, you experience that everywhere. You can observe the experiences that are happening around you and see where that connection is lost—where the actions of a being do not align with Life supporting Life. And yet, every being on Earth is an individual that is also connected. How much of that connection they are utilizing in the moment varies. And yet they, too, are connected.

    As you hold that Knowing—that Life evolves in ways that support Life, you are magnetizing that natural flow of life.

    As you see in the water that flows in nature, life seeks its path of least resistance, shapes to that path, and then begins a great flow because of it. You also, very naturally, seek the path of least resistance. Resistance in and of itself is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is a protective mechanism, a survival mechanism. It keeps you in a linear progression that is less overwhelming. Resistance in and of itself is not a bad thing.

    The path of least resistance looks different in every moment. It is not always comfortable or smooth and yet, over time, the hardest of rocks is shaped by the softest of water. But that water is not timid. It flows where it wants to flow regardless of the rock. It just takes its natural path of least resistance.

    This is why we recommend celebrating when you recognize any inkling of an opening within. If you recognize the energy of victim within, celebrate it. That is the path of least resistance. You are that soft water flowing in that moment, creating a new path. Embrace the self and you will find an opening occurring that embraces all life. This is very natural to you. It is very natural to you to want to embrace life. It is not natural to all beings. It is not natural to feel safe enough to embrace all life.


    Honor Your Knowing

    As you find a path of least resistance, you will flow with life. This sustains your intent of co-creating in life. Your focus then moves into co-creating with the conditions of the physical realm and the unconditionality of the subtle realm. Sometimes that unconditionality means not knowing how or when, but still being open and honoring your experience. This is your inner Knowing. This awareness opens you to your divinity, manifesting it more directly here in physical form.

    It is sometimes a subtle shift of perception that creates such a trajectory that is not visible from your physical experience, but over time, that trajectory creates a vast difference. This is the power of your inner Knowing.

    This is working with the subtle realm, and you will find that as you open to the divinity that is within you, trusting the unknown within you—that the momentum of life is carrying you in a very different direction. All you are doing is allowing the path of least resistance to show you the next flow available.

    Things may look similar on the outside—for it is often a subtle change at first, but the experience that you will be having energetically is very different, and you will start to notice the clues of things changing around you.

    This also requires a shift in perception, being able to look at an experience that is occurring with the eyes of the potential of how life is evolving to support life. It takes great patience to develop, it takes finding your footing with faith and Knowing. You are fully prepared for this journey.


    Enhancing Inner Knowing

    When you let go of the how and when, you open up to the flow of synchronicity that builds for your improvement. Quite often, when you control the how and the when, you are limiting what you are able to manifest. When you let go of the how and when, sometimes things move faster, sometimes they move slower, but they move in a much stronger flow, that path of least resistance. This creates a manifestation that is a greater improvement than you may have been able to access by controlling the how and when.

    What letting go of how and when does to your energy field, is it opens you to a greater flow of information. It opens you to greater physical support. It opens you to information that can then clue you into beneficial action steps, lead you down pathways you may not necessarily have chosen without that inner Knowing that Life evolves toward improving Life.

    Letting go of the how and when is not lack of control, it is not inaction. It is choice and action that is coming from a more open flow, a greater connection with the divinity within you, a deeper trust of the yet unknown.  This creates a potential that may not have been on your trajectory before; but because you opened to trusting yourself and Life more, you changed to a new direction.

    Letting go of the how and when keeps you open to greater potentials because if you were already on your trajectory for your greatest improvement, that flow will just be an easier flow without the stress or worry of how and when. If you were not on your trajectory of greatest improvement, it will open you up to that availability.

    View Life's Potential Areon Lyra by Jamye Price

    Letting go of the how and when is an opening to yourself—to the divinity that is within you.

    It is seeing with the eyes of potential and understanding that there is something greater within you that Life is drawing forth.

    It is a powerful practice, though it is not always easy.

    You will find that Life starts to support you with flow more and more, and you will begin to recognize signals. You will begin to recognize patterns. It is life saying look at this pattern, look at this clue. Are you provided all that you need? Are you provided a pathway to improvement? Are you provided all that you intend and maintain your openness to create? Your flow will continue to build strength.

    Right now, what you are leading the way through is learning to let control go from the outer realm and learning to maintain “control” in the inner realm. Inner control is not a suppression of the self, it is an honoring of the self and shifting focus to nurturing the self and playing more easily with Life.

    With this inner control is the nuance of taking actions and participating with the outer realm—which is out of your control. This is embracing the emotions, thoughts and feelings that do not feel good, but as you embrace them, you begin to transform them from victimhood into understanding your capability to flow with Life. It is the path of water flowing, hitting a rock, readjusting, and finding a new flow.

    If you look at some of the humans around you, you will recognize that they ran into a rock, and they begin to blame the rock. Bless them. In that moment, they do not understand the power that is within them. You may have moments like that, too. Celebrate yourself in that moment, because you have already begun to flow in a new direction. You are open to growth.

    That is awareness.  As you utilize it, that momentum of change begins to flow with you. You are utilizing the engine of the subtle realm. It is the invisible, it is the unknown. Your thoughts and feelings are your bridge to it, but it is the largest aspect of you. Indeed, it is what creates the physical.

    As you start utilizing the momentum of the invisible realm, that 99% space that is all around you and within every atom of your physicality—you start utilizing that momentum. It doesn’t all happen at once. You have times when you feel it flowing well and then, boom, there’s a rock. That’s okay. Time to breathe. Maybe that rock is just a resting point.

    This is the benefit of letting go of the how and the when. It opens you to the flow of time that is non-linear, that is all time in the moment, the future birthing in your now moment. You have great potential to create within you. Embrace it fully and flow easily with Life.

    With this, we want to remind you that these moments where we communicate with you and your awareness are a gift to the universe from you. When you are not in physical form, you know it fully. In physical form, you remember it linearly as you experience. It is a blessing to us to meet in your awareness. We love you, we receive you, we bring your love forward in all that we experience through this universe. That is how powerful you are. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

    Jamye Price


    Jamye Price


    Jamye Price is an author, energy healer, channel, and teacher. Her unique energy healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, along with Light Language—are a powerful transformational experience. She also channels Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, with information focused on the mental and emotional balance of Ascension. Jamye’s work is practical and profound.


    Video: "8 /8 Gateway Of Light Transmission By Anrita Melchizedek"

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