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    Future Awakening of Humanity and Earth by the Original Essence of Mother Earth


    Channeled through Natalie Glasson -  18th August 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa




    Greetings, I am the original essence of Mother Earth, the pure consciousness that fuels the energetic body and presence of Mother Earth. You might say I am the higher aspect or consciousness of Mother Earth.




    I hold the awareness of the codes and wisdom which were anchored into the Earth at its creation as well as the pure intentions of all light beings for the Earth. During the time of the Creation of the Earth and the synthesis of my consciousness as Mother Earth with the Earth, there was a great deal of excitement. In order to create the Earth a clear and strong vision was needed, the same required to aid my integration with the land and the incarnation of beings of light onto the Earth.




    Everything was achieved with a pure, clear and strong vision which encapsulated all that was needed in the present as well as for future ascension. Everything was taken care of, even the energy vibrations created to support many light beings such as yourself in moving through levels of self-exploration on the Earth.




    The planet Earth was made three dimensional, physical and solid to enhance experiences and a greater understanding of all your senses. Enjoyment of the Earth, working in harmony and peace with all creations on the Earth was the key.




    The codes and wisdom specified as important and sacred at the creation of the Earth remain weaved into the fabric of present day Earth and humanity. You hold within your energy and consciousness these codes and wisdom of the pure and clear intentions and visions created by many light beings. These can be activated and awoken once more to be synthesised with the codes, energy and light you have already anchored due to your current stage of ascension.




    By reactivating the codes and wisdom born of the creation of the Earth, you return to a greater understanding of your wholeness as the Creator and your connection with the Earth. You begin to embody and accept a deeper understanding of the Earth and its greater purpose in the larger picture of Creator ascension. Your perspective expands, and you begin to recognise Mother Earth in a new way, therefore co-creating the Ascension of the Earth and humanity.




    Reawakening the Codes and Wisdom from the Original Creation of the Earth




    ‘I call forth my community of guides to draw close and surround me in their loving supportive vibrations. You each have a reason for being my guides, I surrender to your divine purpose as my guide and invite you to assist me with the outcome of further awakening my ascension and self-discovery.




    I invite my guides, soul, the Original Consciousness of Mother Earth and the Creator to channel into my being the appropriate energy to reawaken the codes and wisdom born from the visions and intentions of many light beings for the creation of Mother Earth and her humanity.




    Let these sacred codes and wisdom awaken appropriately, merging with my entire being and the sacred light I Am. If it is appropriate, I would like to receive insights of the visions and intentions that were created for the Earth, so I can better understand the purpose of the Earth from a larger picture. I now allow the awakening, synthesis and deeper understanding to begin; I am now ready to receive. Thank you.’




    Simply allow yourself to enter into a deep meditative space to observe and receive the benefits of the codes and wisdom reawakening within you and merging with your entire being. With patience and trust in your own abilities, you may receive some divine insights to support you in your co-creation with Mother Earth.




    Video: "Future Awakening of Humanity and the Earth by Mother Earth"






    Holding a Focus of Truth


    The Earth was created through many beings holding a focus, vision and intention of a pure and expansive nature. The beings who created the Earth and the purpose of the Earth were not attached to the outcome they were creating, nor did they create visions which were rigid and inflexible.




    They held an idea in their mind, heart or third eye chakra which was often formed from the flow of energy within them and through them from the Creator. It is as if they received a seed of inspiration from the Creator which they allowed to rest in their own energy, observing what it developed into.




    They then energised the idea or development by loving it unconditionally. They did not judge the idea, try to manipulate it or doubt the necessity of the energy they co-created with the Creator. They simply loved and accepted it, until they felt ready to anchor it into the Earth for all to embody and experience.




    The same co-creation with the Creator and focus is needed now by light workers upon the Earth. Many of you wonder how the Earth and her humanity will awaken so all may exist within and experience heaven on the Earth. Many cannot comprehend how this will happen or even understand what needs to take place to create the necessary transitions.




    The answer is within you. You are the answer to the question of how to awaken humanity and further the ascension of the Earth. You have a sacred connection with the Creator; you have the ability to communicate and co-create with the Creator.




    Every single awakening, alignment, light activation and inner exploration you have ever experienced has supported you in existing as a beautiful aspect of your truth. The combination of energies and consciousness you have downloaded into your being has created you as a unique source of Creator energy upon the Earth.




    Then you simply allow yourself to receive divine inspiration from the Creator, letting this settle within your being, synthesising with your own energy and developing into an intention or vision. Through this process, you create a unique energy which will then synthesise and merge with the creations of others concerning the awakening of humanity and future ascension of the Earth.




    That which is not needed will fall away; this is the case even in the intentions and co-creations you create. Energies which are of a similar vibration and purpose as that which others are energising will build, become energised and anchored into the Earth and consciousness of humanity, creating new awakenings into love, peace and harmony. This is why it is important to maintain a high vibration within all levels of your being. You are creating the future of ascension and supporting the awakening of humanity on the Earth.




    Awakening Humanity into New Consciousness and Supporting the Future Ascension of the Earth



      1. Allow yourself to enter into a meditative space within you and choose a space to rest within, (heart chakra, third eye, soul.)


      1. Ask to receive an idea, vision or inspiration from the Creator to support the full awakening of humanity into love and truth and to support the future ascension of the Earth.


      1. As you receive the energy of the Creator, let it sit within your previously chosen space within you and merge with your light.


      1. As the energy of the Creator merges within your light, so a new energy, perception, idea, vision or purpose will form.


      1. Energise that which forms by expressing and surrounding the new energy with your unconditional love.


      1. Only when you feel ready, imagine that you release the energy which has been formed from your being to the world, Earth and humanity or wherever you feel it needs to be anchored.


      1. Ground yourself and the energy you now embody by sending energy from the previously chosen space within you through your chakra column and into your Earth Star Chakra.



    Future Awakening of Humanity and Earth by the Original Essence of Mother Earth






    Not only are you creating a new energy to aid the awakening and ascension of the Earth and humanity, you are also creating a new awakening within your own being. You will be awakening the Creator’s energy within your being, energising yourself, raising your vibration and supporting yourself in aligning with the truth of the Creator. As you go about your daily routine without realising it, you will act as a beacon of light, love, awakening and consciousness that supports activations of love and truth in others.




    You are an example of all you wish to see and experience in the world because you are co-creating with the Creator at all times.




    In acknowledgement of all that you are,


    The Original Essence of Mother Earth


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    Love All & Everything To Full Capacity By Fran Zepeda 




    LOVING THOUGHT OF THE DAY ~ 8.19.17 ~ 




    Hello everyone!  My Heart is so very Full and Open this day, as I trust yours is …. May you all enjoy the fruits of the coming Eclipse by emerging more as the Beautiful Divine Being that you are, replete with all your gifts to share with the world …. The following is a Loving Thought from my Heart to Yours. ~ Namaste. ~  With Love and Blessings, Fran.


     Loving Thought of the Day By Fran Zepeda


     Our Greatest s Gifts:



    The ability to LOVE, deeply from our Hearts, from our Whole Beings, is the greatest gift of all.


    The ability to LOVE ALL, no matter what, is the greatest gift of ALL.


    No Matter our situation, to be able to return to the deep Soulful place in our Hearts and stay there, is what we are here to do, what we are meant to do, what we were birthed to do.


    To be GRATETFUL for this ability is also the greatest gift of all, because it multiplies its effects x Infinity. It brings Abundance and Grace and the unearthing of even more great Gifts from our Soul. It is the Sweetness of Life.


    This is our privilege of being in our earthly vehicles at this beautiful momentous time. Bringing Heaven to Earth is our purpose and our privilege, right here in our earthly bodies, always tapping into and AT ONE with our Divine Selves.


    More and more integrated and AT ONE with our Divine Self, our Soul, our Higher Self, our Christed Self, our Multidimensionality, and our pure Source Consciousness, we are becoming more and more unified within ourselves and with others in this beautiful journey of ONENESS.




    How magnificent is this, Beloveds everywhere: To know our HEART deeply down to its PURITY, and more so every day, as we strip and let fall away all that impedes us to LOVE ALL AND EVERYTHING, every moment, every day to Full capacity.


    Until next time, I leave you now with this gentle reminder for us all to do and say Everything with LOVE in our Hearts.




    With Love and Blessings ~ Fran Zepeda


    Copyright © 2011-2017 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message, complete with the full and complete audio, on your blogs and websites, provided that the message and audio is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, credit is given to the author/channel: Fran Zepeda, and this copyright and links below are included, as well as the direct link to the message. Any other use of this material is prohibited without written permission.     style="border: 0px; font-family: inherit; font-size: 16px; font-style: inherit; font-weight: inherit; margin: 0px; outline: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: #265e15; text-decoration-line: none; transition: color 0.3s linear, background-color 0.3s linear;" href="" target="_blank">  style="border: 0px; font-family: inherit; font-size: 16px; font-style: inherit; font-weight: inherit; margin: 0px; outline: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: #265e15; text-decoration-line: none; transition: color 0.3s linear, background-color 0.3s linear;" href="" target="_blank">




    Video: "Judy Satori's Trinity Of 8 8 8 Audio Transmissions"  














    Boundless Love is Within this Moment By Ishema


    Wait patiently within the silence


    Of eternity


    For answers


    And Intensions


    Jewels of the past are remembered


    That which was hidden


    Obscure or avoided


    Is remembered


    That which is to be revealed


    For the future


    Is within this




    Release outworn thoughts and feelings


    Of the old paradigm


    Walk through the gate


    To the future


    All exists


    In this eternal now


    Nothing need be done


    except to love




    August 2017
















    Forgiveness Across The Lines of Time By Melanie Beckler


    Forgiveness Across the Lines of TimeArchangel Michael connects with a powerful guided experience into Divine Forgiveness.


    You can now read or listen to this angel message on Forgiveness across the lines of time channeled by Melanie Beckler.


    To listen simply click the link below. Or Right click ( ctrl click mac to save to your computer) Press and hold on phones/ tablets.


    This message is now available on YouTube as well, scroll down to the bottom of this page to listen to the forgiveness meditation with Archangel Michael on YouTube now.


    Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or deKeep reading below as this message with Archangel Michael has now been transcribed for you here:




    Dear one, indeed, I, Archangel Michael greet you in this moment with love and frequency in direct presence with the divine as you now relax and let your heart open. You do not need to think about how to do this, just focus upon your heart, tune in, and relax as you read these words and are presented with a powerful opportunity to turn into divine forgiveness, which is essential for humanity continuing forward.


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    For know that you are now experiencing a time of great change. The ascension or transition of earth is not yet complete, for millennia, negativity, doubt, corruption, manipulation, power, and self service have plagued the earth in the form of actions by humans in this way.


    There is much negativity still in escrow. Karma from past actions waiting to unfold. Density that must be released in order for humanity, for you to come into alignment with the light of the divine anchoring light, spirit, and well being unto earth to assist earth in completing the transition out of corruption and control. Releasing the bonds of negativity and fear and karma and entering into the new era of divine love, radiant well being, vibrant living, and joy.


    From where humanity stands now, this is a long road. For there is much that has been done that does not serve earth, animals, plants, all beings. And yet you, beloved one, connected to all have an opportunity to ignite the flame of forgiveness within your heart, to transmute past karma and challenges into divine love.


    And through forgiveness and through unconditional service, you can realign for yourself and for all with divine love alleviating challenges and lessons of the physical realm, tuning into the rewards created through forgiveness, divine love, and service.


    And so let your heart open by simply focusing therein. And as we complete this forgiveness practice together now, let yourself repeat in your mind or aloud the words of forgiveness spoken from the heart to receive full benefit and to create a ripple effect of love and blessings throughout the greater field of all that is, through uniting with the power of forgiveness for yourself and for all in this now. Live, love, forgive.


    This is the path to ascending and to smoothing out this transition process, which was not completed in 2012, but simply beginning. And so allow your heart to open and focus therein and energetically now you are lifted up in consciousness into a special healing place. Notice in this space that you are intricately connected with all.


    All beings, all souls, all life. And so the healing, the love, and the forgiveness you tune into now ends not with you, but ripples throughout all of creating bringing humanity closer to the alignment with divine love and spirit that is an underlying goal of this time, to bring earth back into alignment with the divine, to release eons of negativity and negative karma through forgiveness, through love, and through service.


    And so in this place, allow these words to radiate through your being, body, mind, and spirit. Divine forgiveness, divine forgiveness, forgiveness. And still focused upon your heart, you may choose to repeat these words aloud or in your mind. Intend for the benefit of this practice to be found.


    archangel michael I now ask for divine forgiveness for me and for any of my ancestors, past, present, and future, from all souls, beings, in all universes who me or my ancestors have harmed consciously or unconsciously, mind, body, and spirit. We ask for your divine forgiveness now. And if granted, promise to serve all beings on earth and all universes with love and gratitude. Please forgive me and all my ancestors for any harm we may have caused you or any of your ancestors body, mind, and spirit, past, present, and future.


    Please offer your forgiveness now, divine forgiveness. And now offer forgiveness for all souls or beings who have harmed you or any of your ancestors past, present, or future, mind, body, spirit, in thought, word, or deed. We grant forgiveness now to all souls who have ever harmed you or any of your ancestors along all the lines of time.


    Divine forgiveness is granted now. Forgiveness for mind, forgiveness for body, forgiveness for spirit, forgiveness heals past karma, forgiveness heals past wounds, forgiveness changes the fabric of reality, erasing sin and negativity, karma, fear, and doubt, for you and humanity to come into alignment with the divine love that is present in this realm but is blocked by past transgressions built up over eons.


    And so focus upon your heart and if it is your intention, repeat these words aloud or in your mind now, spoken from the heart for the full benefit to enter therein.


    “I now offer forgiveness to all souls who have ever harmed me or my ancestors in any way past, present, future, mind, body, spirit. We forgive. I now ask for forgiveness from all souls who I or my ancestors have ever harmed mind, body, spirit in this now, in the future, or in the past.


    We humbly ask for your forgiveness now. And commit to serve and to love and to honor all souls, all beings, all creatures, and mother earth to serve and to love in exchange for the fforgivenessyou offer now. Thank you.”


    And now repeat these words and feel the blessing, the energy, the frequency behind them as divine forgiveness divine love is offered. Divine forgiveness, divine love, divine qualities of mind, body, spirit. Divine love, divine frequency, divine forgiveness.


    “Dear souls in this universe and others who have been harmed consciously or unconsciously by me or any of my ancestors in this time or at any time, I humbly ask for your forgiveness now. Please forgive me and all my ancestors for any harm we may have caused you in this paradigm or in another. Please forgive.”


    Divine forgiveness.


    “ Dear souls of all who have harmed me or my ancestors in the past, in the present, or in the future. We offer forgiveness now, for any and all harm, ill thought, or negativity imposed upon me or any and all of my ancestors. We offer you our love and forgiveness now.”


    And, again:


    “To all the souls who have been harmed consciously or unconsciously by me, by my family, by any of my ancestors, we humbly and sincerely ask for your forgiveness now. Please forgive us for any harm we may have caused to the earth or to all beings or all souls in all the universes.


    Please offer your forgiveness now and know that we sincerely request your forgiveness and promise to serve, to love, to inspire, and to help all souls we may encounter moving forward in exchange for the forgiveness you freely offer our way now. Thank you for this forgiveness. We promise to love and to serve moving forward to benefit all souls and to ultimately realign humanity with the light and blessings of divine, of divine love to anchor divine love fully into the present, into the physical, into earth.”


    “Dear all souls on earth and all universes, please forgive me and any of my ancestors and anyone who I am connected with who has harmed you in any way past, present, or future who has harmed the earth or other souls, who have harmed ourselves, who have harmed in any way. We humbly ask for your forgiveness now.”


    Divine forgiveness, divine love, divine forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, indeed, is granted in this now. The light of forgiveness shines brightly all around from within your open heart.


    Let this flame of forgiveness enter in, healing, forgiving past karma accumulated by you or any of your ancestors, for any actions of negativity in this life or others, for any harm caused to earth or all inhabitants therein. Forgiveness and love are offered your way now.


    Divine forgiveness is downloaded into this very moment, divine forgiveness, divine light, divine love, and divine well being are present here and now. Embrace this love, know that you, indeed, have been forgiven.


    You and all of your ancestors past, present, and future have been forgiven in this now, this very moment, this time space continuum by which you are connected to all, to everyone and everything. And thereby are able to create significant shifts for understand that your earth is going through a transition now as the karma triggered by humanity for a long time since the fall of Atlantis, since the fall from grace and full connection with spirit, earth, and all beings therein have been plagued with this negativity and doubt and control, but you dear one, light of the divine, spark of divine love with your willingness and with your open heart are able to initiate profound change, to heal along the lines of time, to heal the wounds of past inflicted upon you or inflicted upon others, to forgive, and to receive forgiveness is to heal body, mind, and spirit, to realign fully with the divine love that is your birthright to connect with.


    Forgiveness is freely granted for those who request it with sincerity. And as you offer forgiveness to all who have harmed you or your ancestors at any time, you release the karmic ties which lead to lessons and with service and love, forgiving and honoring all souls, you are able to align with the rewards of the divine, and this is the great shift that is possible and is why you have chosen to be alive at this time right now.


    To change the field of existence with love and forgiveness, to erase the karma that humanity has accrued over millennium, and to unite with the divine love that is pouring unto the earth in increasing frequency and magnitude. For with forgiveness and with divine love, huge change is able to unfold. Know that huge changes are happening now regardless, but are the changes in forms of lessons, of natural disasters, of shifts of the earth caused by the karma of humanity? Or are these taking the form of forgiveness, of divine love, of an upward spiral returning the earth plane to a place of vibrant well being, love, co creation, and connection, unity, divine light, and well being?


    These two paths will simultaneously unfold. Which path you experience and which path is experienced by all depends upon your choices. And now as change stirs within the earth, as the earth transitions and is lifting in vibration, as past transgressions, negativity, and hurts are released away, the power of divine forgiveness will ease the transition, will ease the burden, will heal the karma and allow the inner light to emerge and shine. Open your heart and once more now think or say in your mind:


    “I humbly ask all souls who I or whom my ancestors have harmed in this present time, in the past, or in the future in mind, in body, or in spirit, please forgive me, please forgive us, and know that in exchange for this forgiveness I promise to serve, to love, and to make a difference. Please forgive me and any and all of my ancestors for any harm we may have caused you or any of your ancestors. Dear souls of the multiverse, please forgive me. And I now offer my forgiveness to any and all beings or souls who I or any of my ancestors may have harmed past, present, or future. We humbly ask for your forgiveness and humbly offer our forgiveness therein. You are forgiven, we forgive, you forgive, divine forgiveness is present here and now.”


    Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Feel the vibration of these words. Forgiveness, divine forgiveness. And know that as you use this as a mantra or as a mediation daily invoking the power of forgiveness, you pave the way for the new earth, the connected, humanity connected with divine love to emerge.


    For the ascension light to fully anchor into the physical, forgiveness is required and the forgiveness you have offered today and the forgiveness you have received are essential components in this process of clearing out the old, of releasing past negative karma, of releasing struggle and challenge and control, and entering into the new paradigm of divine love, divine light, and divine forgiveness.


    You are forgiven, your ancestors are forgiven, and the forgiveness you offer in exchange to all who have harmed you or your beloved, to all who have sinned or conspired against you with forgiveness, the healing loop is complete and you open a doorway within your heart and within the greater field of the earth plane by which you live for divine love, divine well being, and divine truth to enter in.


    And so forgive and be forgiven, for forgiveness is paramount and essential for cleaning away karma and negativity and entering into the divine love and the new paradigm that humanity and earth and all souls together are able to rise in spirit and step into.


    Are you ready to release the struggles and challenges and tough lessons of the physical realm? Forgive and be forgiven.





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    Heal your karma and heal the karmic field around the planet. Let divine love shine brightly within your heart.


    Serve all souls and with your good service, with your contribution of divine love and light and well being, where challenges and struggles and lessons were once experienced, divine blessings, a reward, and forgiveness are able to enter in.


    You are forgiven. In exchange for your love and your service of all, in every moment you have the opportunity to love, to live, and to forgive.


    This paves the pathway into vibrant well being, into co creating, a spiritual mecca of love, of understanding, and of divine light on planet earth across the lines of time. You are the one who is able to initiate these changes.


    Live, love, and forgive. Keep moving forward, follow your heart, serve all souls, all beings, all life, and forgive for the full blessings of the divine to enter in, to ground to earth for the benefit of all life, to transform the planet from a paradigm of fear, of karma, of corruption into a new earth of light, of well being, of co creation, and of vibrant living. Live, love, forgive.


    Divine forgiveness. Divine forgiveness. Divine forgiveness is offered, is broadcast, is present. Tune in.


    I am Archangel Michael. You are loved, you are blessed, you are forgiven, and so it is. And so it is.


    Ready for more?


    Access Archangel Michael Meditations on CD or for instant download here~ 


    Video: "Forgiveness Angel Message with Archangel Michael" By Melanie Beckler -