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The Winds & Waters of Change - AA Metatron Via James Tyberonn

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    September 7, 2017 2:40 AM PDT







    The Winds & Waters of Change


    Understanding Disasters




    Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn




    Copyrights Reserved 2017

    Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We welcome each of you in a vector of unconditional love.


    We speak today on a very timely topic, that of natural disasters. We understand the deep trauma and sorrow, as well as the great pain and misery that accompanies all such catastrophic events, as has occurred with the hurricanes, forest fires, super tornadoes and earthquakes over recent years. A very recent super-storm has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, with cataclysmic landfall occurring in Texas and Louisiana.


    Time of Shift


    Being human at this time of shift on the Earth is extremely difficult for so many, and we ask all of you to offer your prayers to those that are experiencing agonizing loss. We of the angelic realm are with you.

    Although there was a tragic loss of lives and devastation to the land and structures, these catastrophies are not meant as any retribution.  Masters, we tell you that what is taking place must transpire. It is a requisite realignment. It is the earth shifting, transiting into new energy....and indeed the sort of occurrences will continue on a regional scale across the planet.


    The Energy of Change


    We feel your pain at these losses, and we honor you so much for holding the energy of change throughout the hardships you are enduring. We truly do understand the sadness of duality realms. We encircle you in love through these times of transition. But understand that everything happening is by choice, and the courageous, sacred choice that humanity has made, is to Ascend.


    Every soul whose physical life ends in such events, makes the choice to do so in free will and in higher purpose. We  also tell you that while difficult, such events bring people together, and truly bring out the best in humanity, pulling together to help one another. And this aspect of unity was indeed seen in the areas of the Texas and Louisiana hurricane/tropical storm. Now, although the cleansing shift aspect of that termed as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes & tsunamis are natural occurrences requisite for the planet, these in the recent circumstance, also have an effect of re-prioritization.


    We have shared with you information regarding the upshift and cleansing of the earth in seeking balance and preparing for change. However, many of you do not realize that there are also very intricate relationships that exist between the psychological environment of the human collective thought-flow, and ensuing weather affects & climatic patterns. We tell you that people's collective thoughts can & do indeed play a key role. Humanity's collective feelings, thoughts & emotions absolutely flow into & thus influence to varying degrees, the 'consciousness' field of the Living Earth.


     Indeed, it is from the consciousness field of the earth's natural patterns that all of your annual seasons and weather affects emerge. Accordingly humanity collectively can and do, play a role in the formation & effect of that which you consider to be 'natural disasters'....especially in times of polarization and fear.


    Polarization & Rebalance


    In this way, natural disasters oft ultimately end up 'correcting' an existing or emerging imbalance, and form  conditions that may bring greater realization of life's true purpose, that of truly, unconditionally assisting & loving one another.


    When striking polarization occurs within the human field, it creates a frequencial imbalance, and such divisional attitudinal imbalances are capable of mal-effecting the ascension path and obstruct the desired quality & higher goals of life. In this way, natural disasters, often create a scenario which alter priorities, up-shifts collective thinking in manners that bring about a higher good, and enable a need for unity, of mutual caring and assistance in the face of the tempest.


    It is true that when humans suffer great loss in a devastating disaster, as excruciating & painful as it is, the survivors overwhelmingly express their gratitude at still being alive. For such traumatic events bring a sense of renewed priority , an understanding of the 'gift of life'. And in most cases, live their lives with a renewed sense of harmony and love toward one another and a great and greater understanding that changes them for the better. 


    The physical planet that you recognize is highly conscious, indeed more conscious than is humanity at the current time. The Living Earth is attuned to the needs, resonance  and vibratory energy patterns  of human thought, and is aligned to the ascension path of humanity in the ''New Earth'.

    Make no mistake, the natural climatic patterns of cleansing are not only requisite, they also contain vast imprintable geo-patterns & codes. These patterns are "fluid," in that while they exist, their final expression is often a format of possibility and probabilities, imprinted & directed by consciousness. The patterns themselves can be "activated" in specific mannerisms & affects.


    J Tyberonn Question to Metatron: We understand from the information given over the past years, that these are necessary for the Ascension. Can you expand on this ?


    AA-Metatron:  Hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, floods, et cetera, are ever and always, necessary to the balancing & well-being of the earth. Accordingly, both electromagnetic balancing of the planet, as well as mankind's succinct purposes are 'naturally' served when such events occur. The earth is ever dynamic. You must understand that the balancing of the living planet is a continual 'natural' process. The equilibrium shifting that has always occurred will continue to occur as needed, it is an ongoing process.


    But in the present time, these storms and also serve to further awaken humanity to greater truth, higher purpose. For it is within the difficult experiential arena of disasters and catastrophes that human life is for an enduring time, drastically altered.


    Just as your physical human body & 'auric' body make necessary adjustments according to external and internal experiences and forces, so does the body of the living planet Earth make shifts for balance.

    To some extent mankind's collective attitudes, desires and emotions effectively blend & merge with the physical aspects of nature so that such storms or disasters in certain circumstances, are as much the result of psychological activity as they are of physical weather conditions.  


    Disasters provide a rather drastic, societal shock. This immediate chaotic confrontation disrupts habitual, institutionalized patterns of behavior and quickly renders people to react in the 'now' and opens people to more amenable actions of assistance &  survival. The affect can bring social, political and personal change.


    Emotional influence as a 'Human Event'


    Mankind in mass consider storms, hurricanes, rain, earthquakes etc, as natural events, yet you do not consider thoughts or emotions as natural events in the same terms. We tell you there is a very real & valid interaction between emotional attitudes and 3d-physical events. 


    Although most humans realize the weather affects your emotional moods, very few of you recognize deeply understand that your moods & resulting attitudes can have an absolute effect upon the weather. Although this may seem obscure, even unbelievable to many, you are never unaware victims of natural disasters. Initially it may seem that you are, but on a higher level, you must understand that you have scripted your life events, and accordingly you have willingly had a hand in forming them....for greater good and higher growth. Indeed, your lives are pre-planned in higher self. You are individually, collectively co-creatively involved in all of the the earth's events & cycles.  Do you understand?


    A Global Event


    To no small degree, the increasing polarity and resulting outbursts of violence, have influenced the longevity & intensity of the recent hurricane & flooding experienced in the United States. Do not think it is a punishment specific to a localized region. It is not a punishment, rather an opportunity to raise awareness and change priorities. Nor is it truly regional, it is a global event, in the sense of the worldwide focal attention given by the media. 


    What has taken place in the face and aftermath of the disastrous flooding, has provided a unique and optimal opportunity for change, it serves as an awakening. A unifying desire for man to assist fellow man.


    If the quality of life that is considered spiritually and biologically necessary fails, then adjustments must occur. Social, political problems can indeed be modified, reshaped and reformed by a natural disaster if political means fail.


    Creative Response


    Disasters provide a temporary liberation from the status quo in daily life. Worries, aggression, prejudices, inhibitions and anxieties associated with the immediate past and future temporarily are put on hold. That is clearly because disasters literally force people to concentrate their full attention on survival, on the immediate moment-to-moment, needs within the context of the present realities. 


    Disasters, in this way, stimulate rousing courage & creative energies of the populace.  In survival emergency mode, humans tend to see one another as fellow humans in need, not categorized by race, religion or economic class. Assistance is rendered based on common need.  Indeed, this is exemplified in the altruistic and heroic actions of so many in the aftermath of the recent hurricane in Texas. People from all parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico came together to offer assistance. Many courageous rescues came not from government agencies or military, but from what your media referred to as the 'Cajun & Cowboy' navy.


    Bearded and tattooed, rough and ready individuals highly capable of navigating their boats through raging currents into isolated flooded neighborhoods to heroically rescue the trapped of all ages, religions and races. This action inspired others to play various roles in opening their homes, providing food and blankets to the less fortunate. Do you see the silver lining? 


    Do you understand that such noble actions would not have occurred without the setting of the catastrophic floods? 


    We tell you that the actions of both the rescuers & rescued have changed the attitudes & focus of millions, not only effecting those in the immediate area, but also the hundreds of millions of souls across the planet who viewed the events on television, internet and other media outlets.


    Mankind & Nature


    Mankind cannot separate, cannot divorce themselves from nature, nor nature's collective experiential intents. Although at such times you may consider nature, in its violent storming expressions as an adversary, on a higher level you are aware that you collectively played a role in co-creating the enduring trauma of the experience....and that this very trauma brought out a better side of humanity. In this way, you are forced to look for reasons outside of yourselves to explain what seems to be occurring. The belief systems and struggle for survival, upon which you humans base your lives, do indeed condition & culturally program your existence such that you outwardly deny what you inwardly know.


    You have made certain divisions because of your cultural programming and beliefs which make this kind of explanation extremely important, but equally difficult to contemplate or truly grasp in higher context. You think of flooding or earthquakes as totally natural events, but you do not consider thoughts or emotions as natural events in the same way....or consider that your fears, prejudices or emotionally charged thoughts played a role in the manifestation of any disaster. And that the disaster itself helped you raise your consciousness into a more aware & indeed noble context.




    Masters, we emphasize that every experience each of you experience, you have had a hand in creating. The University of Earth is a purposed illusion, but if it did not seem real, you would not learn. 


    Life can be difficult, and that is a great Truth. But it is often in very difficult times that you rise to the occasion, and transcend the past cages & limits. For it is through facing your chosen 'set-ups' that you master the lessons of love offered in the curriculum of duality.


    Natural disasters paradoxically bring out the altruistic aspect of humanity, in which mankind become kind men, and neighbors become truly neighborly. The lessons learned in these experiences, while devastating in 3d, also change people for the better, revealing a greater truth, the truth of Love.


    I am Metatron, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these truths. You are deeply beloved.


    And So it Is...And it is So...


    Authors Copyrights 2017 Duly Reserved to James Tyberonn & Earth-Keeper




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    Our Vision for today was sent in by Marie Ginga from New Mexico. Marie says: 

    Hi Tony,

    I heard "Imagine" today by John Lennon and, of course, it speaks to all you have devoted your life to. I offer it for a vision if you think it's appropriate. I have taken liberty with a few of the words to keep it in present tense.

    Imagine there's no heaven

    It's easy if you try

    No hell below us

    Above us only sky

    Imagine all the people

    Living for today...

    Imagine there's no countries

    It isn't hard to do

    Nothing to kill or die for

    And no religion too

    Imagine all the people

    Living life in peace...

    You may say I'm a dreamer

    But I'm not the only one

    I know today you'll join us

    And the world is all as one

    Imagine no possessions

    I surely know you can

    No need for greed or hunger

    A brotherhood of man

    Imagine all the people

    Sharing all the world...

    You may say I'm a dreamer

    But I'm not the only one

    I know today you'll join us

    And the world is all as one



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    Guided Karma Cleanse with Metatron

    Karma Cleanse



    This karma cleanse angel message channeled by Melanie is filled with insight, clearing and healing from the angelic realms.

    As you relax and listen (or read the transcription) you will be guided to clear and cleanse your karma, releasing negativity, and dark or lost spirits of any kind into the light.

    This karmic healing occurs across the lines of time, for the highest and greatest good.

    As you simply listen you will be walked through the process of connecting with source energy directly.

    You will experience firsthand the process of releasing any earth-bound attachments, dark spirits and negative entities, releasing limiting beliefs, cutting any draining cords and cutting any Karmic cords still adversely affecting you.

    This Angel Message is a beautiful guided meditation that will lead you through some of the most powerful healing processes that I’ve ever recorded. Just by quieting your mind and opening your heart, you are able to connect directly with the healing powers and energies available to you, right now.

    After connecting with this powerful message, you will feel lighter and more connected to your truth. Your energy will be cleared, cleansed and you will come away feeling refreshed and re-energized.




    Join me now in taking a deep, relaxing breath as you begin to focus your awareness within. Allow your heart to open and now allow your energy to drop down, grounding you to the earth.


    And notice at the core of the earth now the brilliant, golden, bright light that you find there. Tune into this and notice that it is connected to all that is and that you are a part of it.


    Feel this oneness with the earth at the core, and now allow this light to travel up in through the bottom of your feet, quickly flowing up your spinal column, opening, healing, and balancing each of your 7 chakras of your physical body and continuing up more, opening your higher chakras and energy centers and keep lifting up with this light with consciousness up and into the light, into direct presence with source.


    Breathe and feel the light that is all around you, the love that is all around you. Let it in and notice that you are a part of this, you are a part of source energy, of the creative spirit flowing throughout all that is. Feel this connection as you instantly receive healing and blessings and love.


    And we now invite the best, highest, most loving possible angels with an activation for us right now. Please come in, connect, and channel through me now.

    signs your angels are near

    Greetings, beloved one. Indeed I, archangel Metatron, am here.


    I Archangel Michael, am here. Archangel Raphael, Archangel Azrael, and Archangel Uriel, and we blend our energy together to assist you in receiving powerful, cosmic, clearing.


    Understand, dear one, that you are indeed at the brink of a powerful new beginning where much joy, love, and positivity can flow into your life to boldly and confidently and joyously step into this new.


    We connect with you now to first clear that which no longer serves, that which is connected to past dates and times and experiences.


    For, you see, all that you have ever experienced is stored in you, in your body, in your emotions, in your mind, in your spirit, and unless you go in, as we are about to do, and cut the cords to the past and release the challenging experiences that are held within, they will be there and they will come up when is least expected.


    But by releasing density of past that does not serve, by cutting cords that drain physically, spiritually, and karmically, you dearest one are able to step fully into your light raising your vibration and fully uniting with source.


    We angels are here to assist you in this process, for this is your birthright.


    Making the direct connect with God, with source, with the divine that, once again, yes, you are a part of. You are one with this creative life force energy and when you regularly connect with it, when you lift with this light, you open yourself to healing, to blessings, and to unconditional love, which serves you in many ways.


    And so we will begin your clearing by first pouring down a waterfall of light. Notice this coming down from the heavens from above and let it in.


    Open your crown chakra at the top of your head where you may feel some tingling or pressure and relax, and let this light flow into your being washing around your auric and etheric body, releasing any and all negativity or emotions that are trapped in your energetic field and that are not based on the principles of love and blessings and truth.


    Let these be washed away and we angels circle you and any emotions that come off are lifted up and released into the light, and now replaced with the feeling of love and joy.


    Feel now what it feels like to be immensely loved by the creative source. Feel outrageous joy and with these two emotions, or feelings, allow your vibration to lift.


    Open your heart and while your body stays seated, present, your mind still and calm, your spirit and your consciousness are able to lift tuning in now to the realm of angels, noticing now that you are not alone, you are surrounded by light, and you are wrapped in wings of love.


    Breathe and feel this divine love present around you now.


    Dearest, the next stage of this cosmic clearing we offer is clearing out attachments or earth bounds, which may have become trapped in your energetic field. There are two forms by which this can occur.


    Attachments can simply be an energetic attachment. If you are very upset about a certain situation, the energy attached to that will stay with you, reminding you of that pain, reminding you of that struggle, at what may feel like the most inopportune times.


    Another form of attachment is in the form of earth bound spirits. Yes, these are souls who have passed away and yet whose spirit has not fully crossed over into the light.


    Because you are an ascending spirit, because you are a bright light, they may be mistaken, they may latch on to you for help or for comfort. Know that this does not serve you, and ultimately it does not serve them. And so we are able to release both of these types of attachments for you and, dearest one, indeed you are able to do this for others as well.


    The process is simple: Notice that your angels are all around you and they are surrounding you with an orb of light. And now inside this orb of light any and all attachments, be they energy or spirit, are encouraged now to look up and in one motion released into the creator’s life.


    Dearest one, you are safe now in releasing. Now is your time to return to spirit so your personal journey may appear.


    Look up and see the arms of love from your family and friends who are already in heaven, from the divine welcoming you back into the light. Archangel Azreal, please come in now and assist any attachments who are not wanting to go. Give them the nudge, look up, and release into the light. And so it is. And now, beloved one, I, archangel Michael, come in for I am here to assist you in cutting cords that may be draining to you. Understand that cords are energetic attachments, in a sense, put on you by others consciously or unconsciously.


    Have you ever noticed that you have left a conversation or an experience with another person and you feel weak, you feel tired, you feel drained?


    Chances are this person has unknowingly attached an energetic cord to you. They are energetic vampires, so to speak, gaining strength and light and joy from your energy not directly from source as is recommended without detriment. All the energy of the universe is available to you by simply reaching up. Do not look for your energy exchanges with others to bring you what you most need. Claim this for yourself from source, from spirit, so that you are able to overflow love and blessings to others, not take love and joy away.


    You are, once again, surrounded in our wings of love in an orb of light and we ask archangel Rafael to gently pull upon any cords that are draining to you that no longer serve. You may feel a tenseness as this happens. Do not worry, relax, and now with my sword of truth I, archangel Michael, cut any and all cords that are draining to you.


    They are cut, they are severed, and now all energy that is rightfully yours that has been drained by another return to you now cleansed and purified. And any energy of another’s that you have absorbed consciously or unconsciously, let this return to them cleansed and purified.


    Any remaining cords are cut and notice the waterfall of light from the heavens pouring down around you once more, clearing away, gently, any residue, any negativity, any emotions or beliefs, or feelings that do not serve you. They are wrapped up and released into the light. And notice now without these cords draining to you, you are able to open your heart and effortlessly lift higher.


    Let your energy free, let yourself lift. And now, beloved one, there is one more type of cord we are able to assist you in cutting now, and these are karmic cords. Much like the cords we just cut, they are connected to different points in time, often to past lives. Or they are created from challenging experiences in this, your life, the law of cause and effect.


    If there is harm you have caused to another, there may be a karmic cord bringing harm to you. But in this now, these cords no longer serve. They are ready and able to go so that you can step off the karmic wheel and more fully into presence of creative source and light.


    And so relax as you are surrounded with angels, as you are protected, and as, once again, archangel Rafael, pulls at these karmic cords. And I, archangel Michael, cut them with a giant sword, a cleaver.


    Any and all karmic cords that are draining to you, that no longer serve, are cut in this instance.

    And, dear one, from our perspective these cords are connected to a bug, to an entity, to what some may call a karmic demon that has been triggering karmic events on your path, by pulling these cords.



    But do not worry, light is flown the way of this entity and they are wrapped in light, and now in a beautiful force from creative source, they’re released into the light.


    Feel this, you may, or you may feel nothing at all. But know that in this time, in this very now, the karmic cords draining to you have been cut, the entity triggering these challenges on your path released, and now you are wrapped, once more, in love.


    And let the waterfall of light from the heavens flow down, clearing away any residue, any energy that is not yours, and that does not serve you anymore, and any energy left that is yours but that does not serve, that brings more challenge than love, let it be released into the light once and for all. And now, dearest one, visualize or imagine that there is a door of light before you.


    This door leads you towards your full and total transformation, towards your ascension. By stepping through this door you are taking a giant leap forward on your ascension path, on increasing your vibration, to hold your full light and unite fully with your higher self, the aspect of you that still exists in spirit, closely connected to source.


    And so, when you are ready, notice this door of light and now take a step forward and step in. step into the light and as you do, you are lifted, you are blessed, choirs of angels sing. We rejoice, for you are moving in the direction of your soul’s authentic purpose and goal.


    You are moving in the direction of fully embodying and encompassing your full light. Once you step through this door, now imagine that it is likened to an elevator and instantly begins to lift up taking you up, once more, above the lights, above all your higher chakras, above the universe, and above the lights at the end of the universe and into, once more, direct presence and connection with God, with goddess, with divine, with source.


    Breathe in and let this light from the heavens enter you.


    Let it rejuvenate your spirit, let it offer you what you most need in the form of healing, reassurance, guidance, joy, and love.


    By making this connection, your love, your light, returns to you. And as you embody more love and more light, you will find that your abilities increase physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


    And from this place you are able to manifest, to clear, and to heal with your intention and with your command.


    By thinking or saying now, “Creative source, show me anything else in me that is needing to be released. Any belief that is holding me back from my true potential, make me aware of this now.” And notice that your intention works, your attention is focused. What belief comes up? What belief is limiting you?


    Feel this, witness this, look it in the eye, do not be afraid of it or try to bury it again, but feel what it feels like to have this belief. You may not even know that it was there, but be aware now. And now on your behalf we ask, creative source, release this belief into the light. Beloved one, witness this release now as the belief that was holding you back is truly lifted and released and now let it be replaced with an empowering belief that serves you in your life purpose and mission. Let this empowering belief from source come in.


    What serves you? Witness this light returning to you. Dear one, you may repeat this process as often as you like until you ask, “What belief do I have that is holding me back from my true potential?” and none is there. Know that there may be much belief work for you to do, one belief at a time. And so once more, “Source, what belief is needing to be released that no longer serves? Draw my awareness to this now.”


    Notice what pops into your mind, notice your feeling, your thought, a subtle mental image. Identify this if you can, know its root cause if you can. Where did this come from? When was it originated? And now, source, release this belief into the light and replace it with an empowering thought, an empowering emotion, an empowering belief centered in love and in divine light. Now, witness this, as the old, outdated, and ugly beliefs are let go and love and an empowering perspective is entered in.


    Dear one, it is finished. You are encouraged to continue with this belief work at your own pace. And we angels will assist you whenever you ask in lifting your vibration to connect with source. Understand that, yes, you may connect directly with us. We are happy to assist, but we are more happy to assist you in lifting so that you can hear direct the messages from the divine, the message from God, from goddess, from the one creative source energy flowing throughout all that is. Dear one, we leave you now with one final waterfall of light. Let this into your energy to let yourself float and lift and be free.


    Enter fully into the realm of spirit now, claim your power from the light, from source. And now we invite you to ground this light and your spiritual power into the earth as you once more imagine your energy flowing downward through the bottom of your feet, grounding to the core of earth where you find the light therein, where you relax, and simply notice that you are not separate, you are one with this energy of earth as well, and it is connected to everything, to all that is.


    Feel the light here, feel the earth’s love and blessing and support for you on your path and now, once again, let this light flow up, opening, balancing, restoring harmony to your root chakra, your sacral, your solar plexus, your heart, your throat, your third eye, your crown, and your higher chakra energy centers.


    Now open your eyes, fully present, fully awake, and fully aware. Know that much blessing, healing, and clearing has transpired. Carry the new level of light you have attained with you out into the world, share the love, share the light, share the blessings.


    You have much to give and much to serve and your path of service, of love, and of compassion will carry you forward towards accomplishing divine will and your purpose towards opening fully to your light ascending, enlightening, and loving.


    We are your angels, we love you dearly, and we leave you with our blessing. Goodbye for now.


    Ready for more?

    Experience even deeper cleansing with our Spiritual Cleansing Sessions… 




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