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Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow By Ailia Mira

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    September 15, 2017 3:18 AM PDT

    Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow By Ailia Mira

    Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light


    Hello, Dear Friends,

    It's good to be with you. We are excited and happy to be with you now, and we are looking forward to what you are doing today, what you are feeling today, what you are experiencing today, and to what you will choose to create as your state of being, who you will decide to be. 

    Today, we're going to do a little-guided visualization, and we're going to encourage you to use your will deliberately to entrain yourself into states of being that benefit you and feel good to you. 

    We always want to encourage you to use your will to lay down new pathways. New pathways and new ways of being, and the creation of those through your focus, is the most fun way for you to be here. You feel like the most you when you feel you're expanding. You're always expanding experience, yet you don't always have the realization of your expansion. Being present in ways that allow you to experience the expansion you're creating, more directly, is the gap we're aiming to close.

    Yesterday, we walked you through an example of how laying down thought patterns can help you to create new behaviors, can help you to bypass patterns or habits of behavior that are well-established gracefully and easily with not too much of an investment in terms of new thoughts. 

    Today, we want to expand upon laying down new thought patterns decisively by inviting you to use the powerful combination of will plus imagination. 

    When you use your imagination on purpose, you are doing what you are most naturally doing in your most expansive state of being. You are unconditionally flowing energy and creating.

    When you allow yourself permission to think about things, to imagine new ways of being or new experiences, and when you allow that kind of thing to be your focus, you feel better, and you feel more of who you truly are. 

    You can start this very easily, very softly, and it can open up, building into such a beautiful experience of momentum, and it can all happen without too much time investment, either.

    All of the things we are suggesting you do with your focus happen easily, happen through not much shifting, just a little shifting. Let's do some of that together today, deliberately focus and use imagination and will. Let's start here.

    Take a look around wherever you find yourself right now and just choose one thing about that environment, your physical environment, that could be enhanced. 

    Just choose one thing. Allow yourself to imagine that one thing is changing, that one thing. No matter how big or small it is, whatever occurred to you first is the one thing. Allow yourself to feel how you will enjoy that upgrade, and if you like, close your eyes.

    Allow yourself to feel and reach even further into what might be a first class version of your environment. Wherever that invitation takes you, let it take you. Be free and open with no cares. Just allow your imagination to flow into what might be a first class version of the ideal environment all around you and feel that.

    Feel how wonderful it is to be present in whatever calls to you as an expression of the first class version of your environment. Feel how nice that feels. 

    Feel how easy and graceful that is. Feel the joy and the beauty of you being in your environment in a way in which you're surrounded by what you feel would be an even better, or an even first class way that that space might manifest. 

    How might that space be perfect for you and inspire you? Feel that, and feel how wonderful you can feel as you allow yourself to imagine that. Notice that. Notice the way you feel. Let yourself feel it. Feel the sensations of it, and put yourself into the imagining of it. 

    Notice the way you move your body in that space. Notice if anyone else is there with you in that space. Notice the temperature and how your skin feels, and notice the view. Notice the way you're moving. Put yourself into the vision, and feel the way you will feel in this beautiful space. Just let it be soft and effortless and dreamy and wonderful, and then let it go. That's it. That's it.

    That is effortless creativity using your will plus imagination. 

    You've done more than just call forth an upgraded environment for yourself in the manifest experience. You've just laid down some new pathways in your consciousness and entrained your energy into a new way of being. 

    If you felt pretty great while you did that, then things will happen that feel like that more often. More of that will start to fill in in the manifest, and if you return to that kind of feeling state, you'll manifest more of that, and ideas about what will also feel that way to you will also come to you. 

    You don't even really need to think about that vision again, but feeling that way whenever it occurs to you can feel wonderful for you, and this is how easy it can be. This is how easy it can be.

    If you found yourself getting hung up on “the how,” while imagining, or you felt somehow limited or like you couldn't do it, or as if you don't have permission to have the setting you'd like, then use your will and imagination on something that is easier for you to play with. This is why we say that. What's important here to realize is that, first of all, you've already abundantly, repeatedly created and defined what you want, emanated your preferences. You do it day in day out. 

    Secondly, the primary purpose of using your will to imagine is not just to create. It's to get into a different state and feel differently. It's to use what you think about to get into alignment. The intention here is to use how you're focused to reshape your energy, so you feel better, so you're happier, directly, and the things you focus on are just a means to flow your energy.

    We keep returning to this idea, but it's so important for you to realize that when you focus on trying to make stuff happen, you get in your way. If you focused on feeling the way you want to feel, you would feel the way you want to feel right now, and the stuff that also feels like that would come, too. 

    When you alter your energy state, the world adjusts to your new state of being. When you use your imagination intentionally, on purpose, with will, or if you want to call it engaging light, whatever words you like, when you use your focus to alter your energy state, you allow yourself to move into new territory in life, new experiences. 

    When you use imagination to do it, you have an unconditional ability to create the way you want to feel, to create new experiences, yes, but to create how you want to feel regardless of what's going on or how life is. This is how you bypass patterns and habits. This is how you allow yourself to know you in new ways and to experience new ways of living.

    You can lay down new thought patterns this way, and what happens is not just that you create, which you're doing, but you get more familiar with being in these states of being. You get more familiar with thinking about things you like and feeling good, which means you are getting better at allowing what you feel like you want because you're feeling good when you think about it. 

    If you're not feeling good when you do this kind of thing, then whatever you're focused on isn't the thing to focus on. If you're not feeling good, don't push. Just let go and do something easier. Focus on something that feels better. Do something that feels a little bit lighter, because what's always the main event in life is "How do you feel? How do you feel?" and "Are you feeling as good as you want to and as you can right now?"

    We say this to you, repeating many ideas, knowing that many of you still spend a lot of time trying to create what you want. We want you to understand in a way that's going to liberate you, that what you want, you've already asked for. It's already done. 

    We said the other day; it's en route to you. For most of you, with most things you want, you've asked for them many, many, many, many, many times. What isn't happening? It's not the creating part of that equation. It's the receiving part. 

    You have created it. It's trying to come to you. It can't come to you because you're not receptive to it. You've got to get receptive to it, and we're inviting you to play with using your imagination to get into feeling states that are more resonant with the life you want to be living by going right for the feelings.

    Something as simple as imagining a perfect environment in which you feel more like you, you feel more like the pure you, the one who is joyful and abundant and free and living a glorious first class life, the you who is not resisting life by trying to figure it all out and do it by yourself through action because you're already living it, that state of being is so beneficial to you. It's so beneficial to you. It's you acclimating to being the real you by imagining in ways that feel good to you. You can do this. You could also do this by remembering something wonderful, ideally, something more like how you want life to be all the time.

    Any time you're doing this kind of thing, choosing intentionally to get into the feeling states you like, you are entraining yourself vibrationally to be present in that state more often. You're creating a momentum of that kind of energy so that you can allow more of that kind of experience to come forth and be realized by you as direct manifestation. The aim here is the feeling state, because the aim here, is more alignment.

    The aim is the feeling state. You're using your will to be who you want to be, not who you have been. You're using your will, your choice of focus, your imagination to get into states of being that line up with the life you want to be living, and you do it by feeling your way into it because that's what it's all about. Do this. Get in. Feel it. Use imagination to enjoy it. Let go.

    Little moments like this are very helpful for you, and they're very wonderful because they acclimate you to the life you want to be living and the way you want to feel. 

    You could have many moments like this each day. You could pause a few times every day and do this kind of thing for just a few moments. If you did this more often and stopped while it was still feeling really good, you would be easily acclimating to different states of being. All of that would be tuning you to who you want to be, the version of your life you want to be living. Isn't it easy? This is easy. This is fun, and it feels good. We say this is mastery, so try it and enjoy it.

    As you're doing it, remember, the point is to feel the way you want to feel, so don't spend your time taking score of how things are showing up. Let the point be "I feel better more often, and I'm learning how to use my imagination to feel more the way I want to feel, and I'm using my imagination to discover how it feels to be me in ways that are really, really fun and really, really elevating. I do it whenever it occurs to me, and I get in and out, and it's fun." 

    Let it be light. Let feeling be your aim. Let that be your goal, and let Life, let Creation deliver what comes to you from that without demanding or evaluating how fast or how well it's producing. Focus on feeling better. Focus on alignment.

    If you would make that your aim in life and use your will for that purpose, life would get so good so fast you wouldn't believe it. But you can't pretend to do this for this feeling and be doing it hoping five minutes later, something marvelous is going to manifest. It won't work. You have to learn to be honest with yourself and feel the difference. 

    As you do this, you can discover your unconditional capacity to be in alignment and feel good and be happy. You can find out what that's like, and you can get better and better at generating states of being like that for yourself in which you feel wide open and free. 

    You can do this out of love for you and with the knowledge that there's only now. 

    There's only now, and if now, you imagine on purpose in a way that feels awesome to you, the only thing that can come from now is more awesome, so focus on the feelings. 

    Use your will to strengthen your joy muscle, your capacity to be who you truly are.

    We are complete.

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    Lemurian Love – You Are Beautiful

    Lemurian Love – You Are Beautiful By Jamye Price

    A Powerful Time for Prayer


    Hello Powerful Love,

    I have been spending some time praying for peace and resolution with the hurricanes, earthquake and peace between countries and people. There is so much change occurring. It's pace and manifestation can be frustrating at times.

    While these are turbulent times, they offer the path of change that is most appropriate at this time to help people discover their courage and compassion. As we each follow what we are compelled to observe, do and be, we are changing the trajectory of humanity. Prayer is most likely not your only action, but it is an important one along with other ways that you feel drawn to support. 

    As we work with the momentum of the subtle realms, we are creating a powerful potential of empowered and loving human beings interacting with life. 

    This week's video is a loving support from the Lemurian energy of Mt Shasta. Have a powerful week. 

    Much Love,


    Visiting Mount Shasta is always a joy. The energy there is palpable as you are immersed in such beautiful nature. Yet there is a deeper pull there that has drawn many Lightworkers.

    The city of Telos, a fifth dimensional city of Lemurian ancestry, has been guiding us through our own ascension in many ways. As channelers connect with information from Adama, or dreams and experiences inspire Lightworkers, the Lemurian connection is never lost. 

    You Are Beautiful

    In the video I speak about a shared experience with a friend that was a message from Adama that we both received in different ways. The message is ultimately about seeing the beauty and Love within yourself. This is a deeply profound message that is not always easy to live in our world. Some have to heal through past pain, sift through misinformation about selfishness, and learn to nurture a deep courage to Love the self.

    Self worth creates a wellspring of Love that flows out into the world. Sometimes we learn it by helping others, sometimes by receiving help from others, sometimes through opposition and sometimes through support.

    As you embark on amplifying your Love within, honoring your uniqueness and honoring your connection with all of Life, you are assisting the ascension of humanity in profound ways. 

    It is the message of our Lemurian brothers and sisters that we are each beautiful, special and bringing Love to Life in human form. I hope this video helps you connect with your Lemurian heritage, as they are connecting with you through the connection of Love that Life shares.

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    Ami - Child Of The Stars By Enrique Barrios




    It all started one afternoon last summer in a small, quiet town on the California coast, where my grandma and

    I go for vacation almost every year.

    Last summer we rented a small wooden house. It had several pine trees and a lot of shrubs in the backyard

    and a front yard full of flowers. It was on the outskirts of town, near the ocean, on a path that led towards the


    My grandma likes to go on vacation at the end of summer when there aren’t as many

    people. She says that it’s quieter and cheaper then.

    It was beginning to get dark. I was alone on some high rocks near the isolated beach, just watching the

    ocean. Suddenly, I saw a red light in the sky above me. I thought that it was a sparkler or

    one of those rockets

    that people shoot off on the 4th of July.

    It came down, changing colors and giving off sparks. When it was lower I could see that it wasn’t a sparkler or

    a rocket because as it grew larger it began to look like a small airplane, or

    something even bigger


    Without making a sound, it fell into the ocean about 150 feet from the beach, right in front of me.

    I thought that I’d witnessed an air disaster and looked up at the sky to see if anyone had parachuted out of the

    plane. No one had. Now nothing disturbed the silence and tranquillity on the beach.

    I was really afraid and wanted to run off to tell someone, but I waited a little longer to see if I could make out

    anything more. As I started to leave, something white appeared floating in the ocean at the point where the

    plane, or whatever it was, had fallen. Someone was swimming towards the rocks. I supposed that it was the

    pilot, that he had survived the accident. Intending to help him, I waited for him to get closer. He was swimming

    so well I knew that he had not been badly hurt.

    As he approached I realized that he was a child. He swam to the rocks and before beginning to climb out he

    looked at me with a friendly smile.

    I thought that he must be happy that he had saved himself. He didn’t seem to be upset about the situation

    and this calmed me down a little. When he had climbed to the top of the rocks, he shook the water out of his

    hair and gave me a happy wink, as if we shared a secret. Then I definitely felt better.

    After coming over to sit down near me on a protruding rock, he sighed with resignation and started looking at

    the stars that were just beginning to appear in the sky.

    HHe seemed to be about my age, a little younger and a little shorter. He wore a white suit fitted close to his

    body; it must have been made of some waterproof material because now it wasn’t even wet. On his feet were a

    pair of white boots with thick soles, and on his chest, a gold-colored emblem of a heart with wings. Some

    instruments that looked like portable radios hung from each side of his belt, which was the same gold color. In

    the center it had a very pretty, large, shiny buckle.

    I sat near him. We spent a few moments in silence.

    Since he wasn’t talking, I asked him what had happened.

    “Forced landing,” he answered, laughing.

    He was nice. He had a strange accent and big, kind eyes.

    I supposed that he had come from some other country in the airplane.

    Since he was only a child, I thought that the pilot would have to be a grown up.

    What happened to the pilot?” I asked.

    “Nothing. Here he is, sitting next to you.”

    “Oh!” That surprised me. This kid was a champ! At my age he was already flying airplanes! I imagined that

    his parents must be very rich.

    Night was falling and I was getting cold. He noticed this because he asked, “Are you cold?”


    “The temperature is just right,” he told me, smiling.

    Then I felt that it wasn’t really cold, after all. “That’s true,” I answered.

    After a little while I asked him what he was going to do.

    “Fulfill the mission,” he replied without taking his eyes off the sky.

    I thought that he must be an important kid, not just an ordinary schoolkid on vacation, like me. He had a

    mission, maybe a secret one... But, on the other hand, he was just a kid... I didn’t dare ask him about his

    mission. Everything about him upset me.

    “Won’t your parents get mad when they find out that you wrecked the plane?”

    “But it’s not wrecked!” he replied laughing, leaving me even more confused.

    “Wasn’t it lost? Wasn’t it completely destroyed?”


    “How can it be taken out of the water to be repaired? Or can’t it?”

    “Oh, yes, it can be taken out of the water.” He was observing me affectionately and added, “What’s your


    “James, but people call me ‘Jim’ or ‘Jimmy,’” I said, but something was beginning to bother me. He didn’t

    answer my questions completely and he kept changing the subject. He was acting all mysterious...

    He noticed that he was bothering me and thought that was funny. “Don’t get mad, Jim. Don’t be angry...

    How old are you?”

    “Ten... well, almost. What about you?”

    He laughed softly. His laugh reminded me of a baby being tickled.

    II supposed that he was going to gloat because he could fly a plane and I couldn’t. I didn’t like that.

     But still, he was nice, agreeable. I couldn’t get really mad at him.

    “I’m older than you think,” he remarked with a smile.

    Reaching for his belt, he pulled off one of the instruments that seemed to be radios. It was a calculator. He turned it on and some glowing symbols appeared that I had never seen before. He made some calculations

    and, seeing the results, he began to laugh even harder and said, “No, no... If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

    Night had come and a beautiful full moon appeared, illuminating the ocean and the entire beach.

    I I was liking that strange kid’s riddles less and less. That

    kid, or whatever he was. I examined his face carefully. He couldn’t be more than eight years old. But he hinted that he was much older

    and he was an airplane pilot... Could he be a dwarf?

    “Some people believe in extraterrestrials,” he remarked almost distractedly.

    Even though this observation seemed strange to me, something told me that this was the solution to the mystery. I thought for a long time before opening my mouth. He was watching me, his eyes full of light. The night’s

    stars seemed to be reflected in his pupils. He looked too beautiful to be a normal person.

    I remembered his burning airplane falling into the ocean, and

    , ac cording to him, it wasn’t wrecked... There

    was something very strange about that. It was weird how he’d appeared right in front of me. His calculator with the funny symbols was weird, too. So were his accent and his clothing. Besides, he was a kid, and we kids

    don't fly airplanes.


    “Are you an extraterrestrial?” I asked him, a little afraid.

    “And if I were... Would that scare you?”

    It was at that moment that I knew for certain that he had come from another world. I was a little frightened but he seemed to be looking at me with kindness.

    “Are you bad?” I asked timidly.

    He laughed, amused. “Maybe you’re worse than I am...”


    “Because you’re an earthling.”

    I understood what he was trying to say. He was saying that we earthlings aren’t very good. This bothered me a little, but I preferred to ignore his comment for the moment. I decided to proceed with caution. He was a strange guy.

    “Are you really an extraterrestrial?”

    “Don’t be afraid.” Smiling, he comforted me and pointed to

    the stars while telling me, “This Universe is full of life... Millions and millions of planets are inhabited... There are lots of good people up there...”

    His words had a strange effect on me. When he said those things, I could almost “see” those millions of worlds inhabited by good people.

    I wasn’t afraid anymore. I decided not to be surprised by the fact that he was a being from another planet and just to accept it, especially because he seemed friendly and harmless.

    “Why do you say that we earthlings are bad?” I asked.

    He kept looking overhead. “How beautiful the night sky looks from Earth... This atmosphere gives it a brilliance...a color...”

    I I began to feel annoyed again. Once more he wasn’t answering my questions and, besides, I didn’t like him thinking that I was bad because I’m not. Just the opposite. In those days I wanted to be an explorer when I grew up and to hunt down criminals in my spare time...

    “Do you see that group of stars there? The ones in the Taurus Constellation?”

    “  O yes, of course. I always like to look at them because they’re so pretty.”

    “Well, they’re called the “Pleiades” and they’re home to a marvelous civilization...”

    “We aren’t all bad here...”

    “   Look at that star... It was like that a million years ago..

    .  Now it doesn’t exist anymore...”

    “Like I said before, we aren’t all bad here. Why did you say that we’re all bad? Huh?”

    “I didn’t say that,” he responded, still looking at the sky. His eyes were sparkling. “It’s a miracle,” he remarked.


     Because I raised my voice, I was able to shake him out of his daydreams. He was just like my cousin when she was thinking about her favorite rock singer. She was crazy about him.

     He looked at me attentively. But he didn’t seem mad at me


    “I meant to say that some earthlings are often less good than the inhabitants of other worlds out in space.”

    “You see? You’re saying that we’re the worst people in the Universe.”

    He started laughing again and patted me on the head. “That’s not what

    I meant either, Jim.”

     I liked that even less. I pulled away. It bothers me when people treat me like I’m stupid. After all, I’m one of the best students in my class and, besides, I was almost ten years old

    ... “If this planet is so bad, then what are you doing here?”

    “Have you noticed how the moon is reflected in the ocean?” He kept ignoring me and changing the subject.

    “Did you come here just to tell me to pay attention to the moon’s reflection?”

    “Maybe... Have you noticed that we’re floating in the Universe?”

    When he said that I thought I finally knew the truth: the kid was crazy. Of course! He thought he was an extraterrestrial. That’s why he was making such absurd statements.

       I wanted to go home. I felt awful because I’d believed his fantastic stories.

    Or maybe he’d been pulling my leg... An extraterrestrial! And I had believed him! I felt ashamed and mad at him and at myself. I felt like giving him a good sock in the nose.

    “Why? Is my nose really ugly?”

      I stopped cold. I felt afraid. Was he reading my mind?

      I looked at him and he was smiling triumphantly. But I refused to surrender. I preferred to think it happened just by chance, that it was just a coincidence that what he said had anything to do with what I was thinking.


        I didn’t let on that I was surprised. Even though it might be true, I had to verify it. Maybe he really was a being from another world, an extraterrestrial who could read minds... Or maybe I really was sitting there with a crazy

         person...I decided to test him.

    “What am I thinking now?” I asked, and I began to picture a birthday cake.

    “Haven’t you had enough proof already?” he asked.

     I wasn’t going to give an inch. “What proof?”

       He stretched his legs and supported his elbows on a rock. “Look, Jim, there is another type of reality, other,

      more subtle worlds, with subtle doors for subtle sorts of intelligence...”

    “What does ‘subtle’ mean?”

    “ How many candles?” he asked, smiling.


      I felt like someone had hit me in the stomach. I felt like

       crying; I felt stupid and slow. I asked him to forgive

      me for having doubted his word, but that hadn’t bothered him. He paid no attention to me and began to laugh.

      I decided never to doubt him again.

      Chapter 2 - Flying Jim

      To continue reading - click on the link for the pdf:

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