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A Prayer To Manifest Miracles & Healing In Your Life Now !

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    September 19, 2017 2:50 AM PDT
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    A Prayer To Manifest Miracles & Healing In Your Life Now ! - By Steven Hutchinson




    In the name of my I Am Presence and the Light of God in me that never fails - I accept miracles and healing in all aspects of my life this day. I claim a miracle in my finances, health, work, and relationships, and in all levels of my being. I claim a miracle of Love for my full healing, Resurrection & Ascension.

    Beloved Father/Mother God - Blaze forth The Light of Your Perfection made manifest in me now with my every breath. Infuse your miracle of Light that manifests Your Divine Perfection in everyone & everything on Earth now with each breath of every human being, and with each breath of our beloved planet 'Gaia'.

    I call forth the over-lighting of the Ascended Masters, angels, & Archangels in the miracles & healing taking place in all aspects of my life now. The miracles are taking place now In my heart,... in my chakras..... in my DNA.....and throughout my physical, emotional, & mental bodies with my every breath.

    Blaze forth the Miracle Light of the Immaculate Twelve-Fold Rays of Creation from the heart chakra of Mother/Father/God throughout my entire being. Blaze forth the Miracles of the Holy Spirit in my heart and throughout my being ~ Blaze forth God's Perfection made manifest in me now with my every breath !

    I accept that all areas in my being where healing is needed are being healed now. I declare that I AM a miracle of God made manifest this day. I AM a miracle in action in this eternal moment of now with my every breath !


    I AM a Blazing Miracle Light from the Great Central Sun Resurrecting my Whole Being & returning me to my true identity in God. Blaze the Miracles of Light & Transfiguring Divine Love through me and everyone on earth now with each breath of every human being !




    I Am the Miracle Energy of the Creator embodied & manifesting fully in my Whole Being & thru me in all of Gaia & in every person with each breath of every human being!




    The Creator's Divine Energies and Creative Intelligence continually flows in me & thru me as I breathe them in with my every breath, creating my healthy body, & 5th Dimensional Self, & my reality, which are always unfolding with Divine Grace in the Creator's Perfection.


    Thank You God ! And So It All Manifests with my Every Breath !






















    Anrita Melchizedek Invoking Divine Love

    Archangel Chamuel now comes forward and places this beautiful Red Rose of Self-Love and Self-Nurturing within your Christed Heart. As this occurs, you have a sense now of activating this beautiful Red Rose within your Christed Heart. 


    You now repeat the following: "I Am forever bathed in the Divine Love of creation. Love is all there is. I Am a sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love. I emanate the Love of my Beingness onto this sacred Earth and within the hearts of all humanity. As I bring a focus now to my Christed Heart I recognize my Beloved I AM Presence as my guiding Light to God. I hold the Flame of Divine Love within my heart, and within every reality I may experience, no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance. I allow myself to embrace and Love and accept and appreciate each and every experience that I am having no matter how uncomfortable this change may be for me, for I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Love."


    Your Melchizedek Master guide now steps forward, and places this beautiful White Rose of Purity and Innocence within your Christed Heart. Wrapped in these healing and loving Temple Flames of Light, you experience the deepest levels of your own Divinity at this time.  You recognize your preciousness, you recognize your Light, you know, sweet ones, how magnificent you truly are ~ incomparable to others, as you now release the lesser-than and better-than consciousness, the victim or persecutor consciousness, comparing yourself to others, and coming now sweet ones, into deeper levels of Self Appreciation, with increased levels of discernment and clear boundaries.


    You now state: "I am already whole on every level of my beingness, this perfect, beautiful and loving soul who, through taking on the human miscreations of this sacred earth and assist in lifting the consciousness of all Life, has experienced the full range of human emotions. I allow myself to release all issues of being unwanted, unappreciated, unheard or unseen, knowing this role was chosen for this plane of polarity as I deepen into the purity and innocence of myself as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love and Master Being of Light. As I release the sadness and pain experienced through this role, I activate and expand the unlimited possibilities and wisdom of my Beloved I AM Presence through my heart chakra and through every subatomic particle of my body. I am filled with the vibrant Light of Divine Love, and the energetic patterns experienced through my wounded soul aspects that have felt unloved, unappreciated, unseen, or unheard, amplify into the Christed Light of Creation and the nurturing Love of Mother God. As I nurture and Love myself I experience the regeneration of my Self into the resonance of the innocence and purity that I am. And so it is.

    I now assist in activating this beautiful White Rose of Purity and Innocence through the hearts and souls of every awakened man, woman and child on this earth choosing this glorious Golden Age of Light, choosing the upward spiral of the soul's forward evolution".


    Archangel Tzaphkiel now comes forward, anchoring the black rose within your Christed Heart as you experience a renewed balance between your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits. Your Divine Feminine Spirit sweet ones, embodies the qualities of stillness, compassionate Love, receptivity, intuition and a limitless capacity to lovingly hold the expression of life's potentialities. And your Divine Masculine Spirit embodies the qualities of action and speed, ecstatic Love, expression, knowledge and the limitless capacity to lovingly hold the expression of life's potentialities. Together with these two distinct energies you experience Divine Union within yourselves sweet ones.



    Video: "Gateway Of Light Transmission By Anrita Melchizedek"












    Judy’s “Opening to Spirit” Story

    A free gift for you to expand your connection with Spirit


    Are You Giving Spirit The Green Light By Judy Satori?


    Dear Friend,

    Recently I wrote to you about my new CD and Mp3 program,“Opening into the Heart of Yourself. This program was transmitted by Spirit when I was in Warsaw, Poland.

    As we connect more deeply into our true essence and our authentic self we also tend to gain a better access to the realm of Spirit.

    In Singapore I taught a short class on “Opening to Spirit.” I offer it to you as a GIFT. The 30 minute audio is FREE to download TODAY. (see below)

    Read my story below, because this time period we are living through right now on the planet feels similar to when I began to channel 20 years ago. We have a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth, personal growth, accelerated ascension which is all part of the creation of a happier and healthier life, but we have to “seize the day” and take hold of the opportunities we are being offered by Spirit for our evolution and advancement.

    Twenty years and six months ago, almost to the day, I began the greatest journey of my life when I connected to my first ever spiritual guide Balthazar.

    The day remains crystal clear in my mind. It was March 1997 and I had received in the mail a LEARN TO CHANNEL workshop brochure. To this day I don’t know who sent it, but I felt compelled to enroll for the two day weekend event.

    Often when we go through major positive change in our lives the run up to the change does not feel very pleasant. And so it was for me. I was running late. I felt stressed and could not find the venue. I sat in a coffee shop berating myself for not checking out the location better in advance and feeling annoyed and frustrated.

    You see, I think that there was a part of me that was not quite committed

    and my higher self was checking out whether I wanted to stay entrenched

    in my same old story of life, or whether I actually wanted change and

    wanted to move forward. I was procrastinating.



    The brochure I received in the mail was like a ‘carrot’ of opportunity being dangled in front of me.

    My choice was whether to give up, to sit and read the paper and go shopping, or to make an effort and FIND THE PLACE. It was tempting to give up. My life had been fairly challenging thus far and truly I did not expect any miracles. I did not have a strong spiritual connection.

    Something inside of me pushed me on … I remember feeling a pit of discomfort and sadness in my gut, (my intuition – the voice of my higher self), and a realization that I kept on wanting change, but that I gave up on myself too easily and nothing ever seemed to shift!

    We all get lots of opportunities presented to us in life,

    but the question is




    I got up, paid for my coffee and, with a new and different resolve, I quickly found the venue. The woman running the course took one look at my stressed out self and gave me a large dose of rescue remedy, but as the day went on I relaxed and became excited about what I was experiencing. I haven’t looked back since!






    This event changed my life and has opened up everything for me in my work and in my personal life. The workshop was the catalyst that five years later opened me to automatically speak the spiritual "Languages of Light". My entire life opened and blossomed from this first connection with Spirit.

    At the workshop, I saw Balthazar in my inner sight as a tall dark man with black eyes wearing and purple robe. He looked Persian. He told me that in a previous life we had been connected when he was Balthazar, one of the three Magi.

    What convinced me it was true and I was not making it all up was that when Balthazar’s energy meshed with my energy field I shook violently. I knew I could not fabricate this! For several years thereafter my voice changed whenever I connected with him.

    Connecting with Spirit is a skill that we can all learn to do. It just takes

    practice. My spiritual connection, first with Balthazar and then with

    many of the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Multi-Galactics

    has been THE KEY to my own spiritual advancement.


    I taught a short 30 minute class on how to increase your connection with Spirit when I was in Singapore recently and I would like to share it with you as a catalyst to your own spiritual activation and opening.


    Even if you already connect well with Spirit you will be assisted to go beyond previous abilities and maybe connect to that place that I know and speak of as BEYOND THE BEYOND.


    In the audio, I say to call upon the highest level guide aligned to you from the Light, but you can just as easily say, “I ask to connect to my highest level guide from Beyond the Beyond.” Beyond the Beyond just means that you are opening to

    multi-galactic connections from all of the 22 galaxies that make up the 22 galaxy Multi-Galactic Diamond, our human and Earthly source of a more potent and

    powerful God/Creation energy.

    Opening Your Connection to Spirit

    Download FREE for Seven Days ONLY

    (Expires midnight September 24, EST USA)

    This audio will NOT be available on the website.

    This audio will be added to my new Accelerated Ascension Library Coming Soon.

    Use the button below to download.


    Opening Your Connection to Spirit

    Download FREE for Seven Days ONLY

    (Expires midnight September 24, EST USA)

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    To download, click on the button above. When file begins playing, right click

    (or control click on a MAC) in the screen while it is playing.

    Choose Save As from the dialog box and save it where you want.

    We cannot send this file individually so please follow the directions above carefully.

    Share this Email Before the Link Expires on September 24!

    Video: "Judy Satori's Trinity Audio Transmissions" -






    I am now in the presence of Pure Being,

    I behold no other radiance than the radiance of the Christ Light

    Of which I am a divine part,

    I am now fully conscious of the presence of the indwelling God.

    I now behold the living Christ of God, in whose image and likeness I AM.

    I ascend in consciousness and stand before the altar

    Which I have created through my desire of oneness

    With the Supreme Principle of the Universe,

    That Principle which has brought all life into manifestation.

    I am no longer part of doubt and fear,

    I am at peace with all mankind through the love of the living God.

    I behold nothing but perfection.

    I see all mankind in perfect spiritual accord.

    I proclaim peace on earth, as it is in Heaven.

    Nothing can separate me from the living God.

    I send thoughts of Love to all those who may be

    In understanding less fortunate than myself.

    I bathe them, Spirit, Soul and body and see them continually bathed

    With the Goodness of God’s Love.

    There is no confusion in the Universe, I see none, I hear none.

    I hear but the voice of God and I feel the presence of God’s

    Oneness throughout the Universe.

    I see youth in all that which expresses life, I see life eternal.

    I do not, I cannot behold a part, for myself or my fellowman,

    Of that which man has learned to call death;

    I see Health, Peace, Life in every full measure of abundance

    Wherever life is expressed,

    I am one with the Living God; I see no defeat.

    I do not know or understand what man has called annihilation.

    Every good purpose and every good deed;

    Every good act, every good thought, continues its growth

    Throughout the Universe.

    I am now in the presence of Pure Being.

    I know no malice, no contempt,

    I am one with God and my fellowman.

    So mote it be.


    Dear Hearts, let this be your prayer whenever you are in meditation, whether

    It be for yourself or for others. Let it not be just idle thinking but let it be

    thought with all the dynamic power within your understanding.

    Be firm. Be positive……………..


    By Frater Achad

     Video: ""The Law Of One Transmission - Ending The Great Heresy of 3D Separation" By Steve Noble