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    March 24, 2016 2:10 PM PDT

    Sweet Song of The Silence by Ernest Holmes

    Sweet song of the Silence, forever singing in my heart!
    Words cannot express, the tongue cannot tell;
    Only the heart know the songs never sung, the music
    never written.
    I have heard that great Harmony and felt that great Presence.
    I have listened to the silence; and in the deep places of Life,
    I have stood naked and receptive to Thy songs, and they have
    entered my soul.
    I am lost in the mighty of Thy inner calm & peace.
    The Ecstasy of Self-Realization by Jesus Through Ernest Holmes

    Thou art the center and circumference of my life,
    The beginning and endless part of me,
    The eternal reality of me;
    The everlasting Power of me;
    The eternal Good working through me;
    The infinite Love impelling me;
    The limitless Peace and Calm within me;
    The Perfect Life, living through and in me;
    The Joy of the Soul, and the Light of the Spirit, illumining me;
    O Lord, God, Eternal & forever Blessed, Thou art my Whole Being!

    God's Presence Within Us All By Ernest Holmes
    Inner Presence, Great & Mighty,
    Inner Light, that shines divinely,
    Inner Life that lives completely,
    Inner Joy that smiles serenely,
    Inner Peace that flows so deeply,
    Inner Calm, untroubled, happy,
    Inner Love, that gives so freely,
    Inner Truth, that never fails me,
    Inner Power that holds securely,
    Inner Eye, that sees so clearly,
    Inner Ear, that hears Him always,
    Inner Voice, that speaks supremely,
    Inner Good, that binds me to Thee,
    Holy, Holy, Holy- 
    Lord, God within me.
    Listen To The Quiet Within You By Suzanne Lie
    "Listen to the quiet as it floats throughout the air. 
    Listen to the quiet, you can hear it everywhere. 
    Listen to the quiet, it will take you if you dare. 
    Once you listen to the quiet, it's a message you can share. 
    The quiet will remain inside the moment your heart hears it.  It's fine to do, it's yours to take - there is no need to fear it. 
    The quiet is a force; it is the core of Life and Love.  It is a part of deep inside and comes from far above. 
    If you listen to the quiet, you will find there is much to say. 
    If you hear the quiet deep inside it will take the stress away.  When the stress is gone, you can hear the "you" - the One who lives inside. 
    That One is there each time you laugh and holds you when you cry. 
    If you listen to the quiet, you find it is within you. 
    The quiet is the Still Small Voice that tells you what you can do.
    Who Am I by Al Powers February 1, 2016

    I’m a comet in the sky,
    that stirs up vibrations in the sky
    you figure out the reason why.

    On Earth as it is in Heaven
    I shall provide the leaven
    of the bread to be fed.

    I spread my energies upon our land
    use it my friends, if you can
    it contains all colors of a rainbow band.

    Continual conjunctions of planets, sun and moon;
    occurring in our sky above this year, all in tune;
    just to inspire our hearts and souls to bloom.

    Super energies are present and here to stay.
    scoop them up inside us all; put them in play;
    prepare ourselves for the golden age every day.

    Why are roses red and violets so blue,
    to shows us love and faith, is always true
    available every moment, for me and you.

    Now comes the Violet Ray
    immersing my being in every way
    transforming me to a brighter day.

    Al Powers

    Happy Holidays in Spirit and Thought by Al Powers December 2015

    Each one of us is holy,
    an incarnation portion of the same light,
    that burns from the Sun, that lights our lamps
    as that One born in a manger.

    Our heart with pure soul is the manager,
    the birthplace of everlasting Light
    that burns forever and ever,
    within exists a triad of God’s might.

    Our heart generates love eternal
    being sparked with every breath of air
    when balanced external with internal
    know Spirit with love is there.

    We are so very fortunate, always know,
    with love and compassion in our heart and soul,
    we blend it all from above to us below,
    the blessing of the Christmas Spirit, the Golden Bowl.

    Let the Divine Light guide us this coming year,
    our Guardian Angels are ready, eager to help us all;
    to erase all trepidations and latent fears,
    receive this light and celebrate, answer our soul’s call.

    Just go and bask in the light of Trust, Faith and Love,
    by taking the steps we know we need to take,
    being thankful for that eternal energy from above
    and demonstrate that we are now ready to participate.

        Amber Dawn February 3 at 2:59pm   ☀️Sunshine☀️
    Sunshine brings the energy
    Your love makes the light
    Together we are synergy
    In kindness we make it right
    We seek to help all others
    To love as we love you
    Increasing positive energy
    Negativity just won't do
    The nature breathes us in there
    No indifference but with care
    We can light the love in others
    Positive energy we can share
    With love and light to heal
    Peace and happy is our dream
    It is simple this to bring you
    From us this positive energy
    Together find the strength there
    More is always you plus love
    Let's combine then us together
    Blessing us the Divine above
    We are one!