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Alignments of Truth by Master Kuthumi

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    October 2, 2017 3:42 AM PDT

    Alignments of Truth by Master Kuthumi

    29th September 2017

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    Channeled through Natalie Glasson

    Greetings, I am Master Kuthumi, the World Teacher at a Planetary Level alongside Master Jesus. I come forth with news from the Creator that will support you in discovering greater clarity within your being, reality and ascension.

    The Creator is emphasising at this time, through the deliverance of energy waves, enhanced alignments of truth. Every soul upon the Earth and the inner planes is aligned with the truth of the Creator. The truth, essence and all that is the Creator exists within you and can be accessed with your intention and conscious awareness.

    In doing so, you access and enter into the consciousness, awareness and energy of the Creator, experiencing expansion, bliss, clarity and oneness. As an awakening being on the Earth, you are constantly in the process of remembering the Creator. You are continually recognising your alignment, connection and integration with the truth of the Creator, how it resides within you and around you.

    In this time of ascension, encouragement is placed upon recognising the truth of the Creator that is most needed and beneficial within your being and reality, thus creating an alignment or greater awakening of specific fields of truth. This is connected to your purpose upon the Earth and within your ascension. The mission of the Creator is to support you in existing as and experiencing your purpose more fully within your spiritual evolution. Many people struggle to understand the truth of the Creator they hold and their purpose upon the Earth. I, Master Kuthumi, will share with you that your purpose is constantly shifting as you develop and allow your being to unfold.

    Exercise to Discover Your Purpose

    I wish to share with you three questions to support your understanding of that which the Creator encourages at this time.

    Direct each question to your soul, surrender and allow the response to unfold from your soul.

    1. What quality or qualities does my soul desire to embody fully in this lifetime?

    2. What quality or qualities most support my full remembrance of the Creator and experience of oneness with the Creator?

    3. How will embodying this quality or these qualities assist me now in my life and ascension?

    Take time to receive all that is necessary for you to understand and become aware of. The answers, feelings, visions or knowingness you receive will demonstrate to you and guide you in understanding your purpose in your ascension and on the Earth. Remember that you have all the wisdom you need to access the understanding you require.

    Simplicity is the key, and through the simple responses given to you by your soul, you will discover that your purpose is simple when described and yet expansive and fulfilling when embodied and expressed in your reality. Examples of your purpose; to be peace and teach others the art of peace, to be courageous and guide others in experiencing their goals, to be love and assist others in accessing their core unconditional love, or to express the beauty of the Creator through creative expression.

    Understanding Your Alignment of Truth

    Once you have discovered the truth (quality) of the Creator that most resonates with your soul and current existence, it is far easier for you to be in the flow of the Creator, expressing, creating and experiencing the truth in every moment. With this understanding, you can begin to align your entire being with higher more expansive aspects of the Creator of the same vibration, meaning the same truth or quality.

    By aligning yourself with the truth of the Creator that is the same vibration as your purpose, you are empowering yourself, expanding your understanding of yourself and the Creator, as well as further awakening yourself into the conscious light being that you are. The Creator offers to you a downpour of high vibrational light, love and consciousness; truth of the same vibration as the purpose of your soul.

    For example, if it is your purpose to embody peace, then the Creator will align your entire being with pure and powerful vibrations of peace from numerous dimensions, anchoring all fully into your being. The Creator will also integrate with your being light vibrations of different qualities that support the embodiment, expression and experience of peace. Such an alignment is transformational, creating numerous activations within your being which support a greater state of oneness and realisation of all that is the Creator.

    The alignment of truth I, Master Kuthumi, speak of is akin to powerful laser beams of light anchoring into your being, synthesising to restore connections of truth, harmony and pure consciousness within your being. The upgrade of light will also assist you in understanding how to make your way in the world, what you can do to be of service, how you can support yourself and how to feel at home within your body and soul. It will guide you how to create action in your life and how this action supports further awakening for yourself and others.

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    Experiencing an Alignment of Truth

    • Breathe deeply and centre your attention into the presence of your soul, allow yourself to imagine that each breath is aligned with and merged with your soul until you feel as if you are embodying your soul with great expansion.

    • Focus upon your discoveries in the practice I shared with you concerning your purpose. Bring to mind the quality or qualities of the Creator your soul wishes to fully embody in this lifetime. Continue to breathe deeply imagining that the quality or qualities of your purpose are within your being, expanding with each breath you inhale and exhale, until you experience an integration of the energy within your entire being.

    • Say out loud: ‘I surrender my soul and my understanding of my purpose at this moment to the Creator. I invite my soul to align with the Creator; I invite the Creator to share with me the appropriate energy, light, love and consciousness to support my purpose. Please download this light into my entire being, allowing me to receive the energies and qualities of the Creator that support me in existing as and expressing my purpose clearly and easily on the Earth. May the light alignment, connection and integration I receive amplify the truth of my being and guide me forth to live as my truth on the Earth. Thank you.’

    • Alignments of Truth by Master Kuthumi

    • Imagine yourself as a flower head, your petals extend from the base of your spine, and the tips of the petals reach beyond your crown chakra at the top of your head. As the light of the Creator begins to flow and penetrate your being, allow yourself to open to receive the vibrations of truth directly from the Creator. Imagine your petals unfolding and opening out into the most beautiful flower. You are at the centre of the flower, and at the core of your being is the truth of the Creator; your purpose for this lifetime, your quality or qualities your soul wishes to embody. The truth alignments of the Creator penetrate the core of your being and the truth you hold, magnifying abundantly the qualities your soul wishes to embody as its purpose on the Earth. Take time to enjoy the inner glow of your truth. Feel it expanding beyond your imagination.

    • Feel the beams of light and alignments of truth flowing down through your being and into the Earth as you share all that you are and experience with Mother Earth. This will ground your being and bring the qualities of the Creator you have experienced into the physical planes for you to enjoy.

    The more this process is practised, the more you will experience the benefits.

    I honour the truth within you,

    Your ever-present guide,

    Master Kuthumi

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    Energies are Gathering for Your Forward Movement By Shanta Gabriel

    Shanta Gabriel

    a message fromArchangel Gabriel 

    Dear Ones,

    The energy is gathering. Can you feel the quickening within your body? Can you feel the energy in your solar plexus and your peaceful heart? It is an impending sense of Balance from all your work since the eclipse cycle and the Equinox.  It is a state of purity and empowerment. All that is most needed in your life and on the Earth.

    As you integrate this sense of Equanimity, it re-balances all areas of your life and brings you into present moment awareness. Know that Freedom is at hand and a divine momentum will be clearly activated for your direction forward to the end of this year.

    You are getting ready for harvest. What have you cultivated up to this moment that you are ready to bring into fruition? Where can you draw energy, reclaim it from old patterns? When you do this, it will give you the much-needed strength for this time.

    What areas in your life feel most out of balance? These are questions that will allow you to make the most of this time of forward movement. You are grounding the new energies that are evolving within your being so that you can bring new life into your world.

    To be the Grounded Presence requires your awareness. It relies on your commitment to allow the flow of Divine Love through your body and then actively send it through your Base Chakra to anchor within the Earth

    Divine Love is the powerful catalyst that changes energy from the inside out. The flow of this Light through your chakra system spreads out into your cellular structure activating the cells to higher frequencies. Because Energy follows thought, when you can visualize your heart receiving the Divine Love that is active in these higher frequencies, it will actually pump empowered Light throughout your blood stream.

    As the Light permeates the Earth energy, it activates the nourishing flows of pure vitality within the nutrients of the Earth that feed the ecosystem. The elemental realms also receive this nourishment. The Prime Directive that upholds the Divine Blueprint for Nature requires your love – for yourself as well as for the Earth – in order to thrive.

    When you bring Divine Love through your grounding system it feeds the ecosystem and allows you to also connect with the heart of the Mother of the Earth. When you connect. you will feel how gracefully she can nourish you, and bring more vitality into your energy system.

    The flow of Divine Love through your root system has the power to change the world. Know that this descending energy flow is the practice required for manifestation of your dreams.

    This is the part of the reciprocal plan that is being activated for this time on Earth. The Universal presence of Nature actively awaits the commitment of humanity to bring more Love and Respect into the Earth, so it can feed all of humanity with its nourishment.

    Your spiritual practice is an important step in this process. The deep connections you bring to the Earth, along with your loving intentions, assists in bringing her great teachings and nurturing for all humanity.

    You are the Grounded Presence active within your life, bringing new purposeful focus into the world.

    Manifestation awaits you and all is well. And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel for

    Archangel Gabriel

    Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

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    Radiating Light - Energetic Exercise


    Bring your awareness back to your Council of Light group. We will spend a few moments in silence allowing this light to come in so you can have a conscious experience of how it feels to you. After you have a sense of what this tool of light feels like, begin to imagine that your inner being is emanating this light.

    This light is within your DNA, within your subatomic particles, within the minutest aspects of your being and the smallest infinitesimal particles of your being. Imagine that this light is shining from this very tiny place within you and that it creates trillions of little particles of light that all begin to hum together, stream together, emanate and shine from within your own body.

    As this happen there is an alignment process occurring. You may have a sense of feeling like you are in right relationship with all there is.


    Allow these particles of light in your awareness to string together to create one big ORB of light so that it is within every particle of your body. Spend a few moments turning up the dimmer switch of light in certain areas o your body that don’t feel as if they’re as ‘on’ with this light as other parts. You may have a sense within your own body of “WOW, those light particles aren’t shining as brightly or they’re not strung together as much” Set your intention that the light in that one area, or multiple areas, or your body becomes stronger.

    Especially focus on your neck, head and shoulder area. Spend some time in the back of the neck, turning on the light and letting it shine through until it begins to get so strong that in a way it creates a halo around your head an arch line. The arch line goes from one ear to the next ear, and all the way from one shoulder to the next shoulder.


    This is really important. There is an aspect behind the head, neck and tope of shoulders that is a part of the energy system that is waking up. It will feel like having support where there wasn’t support before. It is like you are being held or you can lean into something. It feels as if it is not hard to hold up the pounds that your head weight. You feel held and supported in this area of your body. Continue to keep the light concentrated in your body.

    Imagine that your body is like the Sun and it has a certain physical location. Imagine that the rays of the Sun are shining outward but the concentration of the Sun’s light remains within its own borders and physical dimension. You’re not diluting the light from your own body in order to expand it out. You’re keeping the light concentrated within your own body and then it begins to radiate, shine, and send out Rays of Light.. When you are ready, take a couple deep breaths and gently bring your awareness back to your body, moving or stretching your body in any direction you choose and coming back to this time and space.


    Wish you a beautiful day with lots of love & light,


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    Understanding The New Energy & Smoothing Your Way By Judy Satori






    What it does and how to tap into it

    Dear Friend,

    From January this year a new spectrum of energy has been flowing to Earth. This energy is like a much more potent and powerful God/Creation energy that is moving all life on Earth and the Earth itself through an ascension cycle. Significant change will continue in an accelerated way until 2033 and then plateau.

    As our human energy fields are continuing to open and recalibrate to the new faster pulsating and very transformative energy frequencies we are going through a great deal of change.

    I can almost hear you all say, “You don’t say” as you read this. It is all rather challenging, but it is more challenging when we don’t fully understand what is happening to us.

    • We are being challenged because karmic energy distortion, energy from past life trauma that was previously locked away deep within our energy anatomy, is being activated to release with the ascension energies and this gives rise to physical and emotional symptoms and life challenges. It is all for the good, but what happens is that we feel sensations in the body, albeit not as intense, of the original physical and/or emotional trauma that that caused the karmic energy block in the first place. The fact that we are in a very different body and in a very different life makes no difference to the soul memory held as energy vibration within us. Deeply embedded thoughts and beliefs are held within a consciousness that does not die. 

    • The energy is constantly and continually accelerating. This means that it is coming in spurts, which are tied in with solar flares, weather conditions and the phases of the moon. So what this means is that we feel good today, but tomorrow might be a different story! We tend to think that there is something WRONG WITH US. 

    • When we don’t feel up to the mark we feel like we’ve lost our connection with Spirit and with ourselves. But this is untrue. We remain just as connected. 

      We just can’t hear. It is like trying to hear through a raging Hurricane Irma.

    So what are we to do … it’s not going to stop happening.

    The key word from Spirit is TRUST. Know that all is well and don’t get upset

    if you have an off day. It’s funny how things tend to work out when 

    we let go of our fixed agenda and let God handle it.

    I have realized this yet again today as feel rather foggy in the head and have just asked Spirit to say what they want to say and I’ll write it down!

    However I have been asked to record a new short audio…the next step after the 8.8.8 transmission that will smooth things over for you for the next few months…until January 2018, when things will change yet again.

    Here it is….

    Smoothing the Way Through Change

    This audio recording will also be on my website home page. 

    You can listen to this recording whenever you need it.

    How do we tap into the energy for our positive support?

    We get as clear of karmic distortion as we possibly can be.

    The energy is coming automatically – we just have to be able to receive it.

    This is why for the past 15 years Spirit has been transmitting so many tools and programs to open into love, which speeds to way of Ascension, to clear karmic distortion, to rewire the energy field and to do everything possible to get us all ready for the process of Regenesis, which is actually human DNA upgrade.

    An advancement of what it is to be human that lies ahead.

    We just have to TAKE ACTION and use the gifts that are being 

    given to assist us.

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    October 10, 2020 2:16 AM PDT
    Steve, so good to see your smiling countenance, dude! Just want u to know I AM grateful for your ardent Light working and looking forward to re-connecting with your precious self! Be good to yourself, Steve (charity begins at home : ) ).