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Connecting with the Essence of Being of Service

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    November 18, 2017 3:33 AM PST

    Connecting with the Essence of Being of Service By Natalie Glasson

    Archangel Raphael

    Greetings and love extend through my being from the Angelic Kingdom. The Angels of Love and Healing wish to be reminded to you; they wish to share their support and companionship with you. They recognise you are Angels of Love and Healing on the Earth wishing to magnify your power and self-realisation of how you can assist the transformation of all especially Mother Earth. I, Archangel Raphael, come to you with the message of the Angels of Love and Healing, as well as my own guidance and inspiration of how to support the healing of yourself, humanity and Mother Earth.

    Many souls upon the Earth experience deep inner pain because of the way that Mother Earth is being treated and the suffering that many humans and animals experience. Souls such as yourself wish to be of service, to release the burden of suffering, restoring power within those who feel powerless while bringing healing to those who are experiencing pain.

    You may believe that there is a lack of knowledge in how to work in harmony with each other and Mother Earth or that there is a beauty upon the Earth which many cannot see. You may be focusing on your own inner spiritual evolution and yet seeing little change in the reality around you. Whatever thoughts and feelings you have about humanity and Mother Earth, I, Archangel Raphael, wish to reawaken your inner power of being of service to support you in making a difference in the world that you love and care for. You are after all of the same consciousness, energy and source as everyone and everything around you.

    You are an expression of the Creator as is everything you encounter. Deep within your soul is the energy of oneness which links every soul. This same oneness allows you to link into the energy of all to create healing and transformation not only to support the ascension and wellbeing of yourself but all of humanity and Mother Earth.

    I, Archangel Raphael, wish to share with you insights that encourage you to be of service by accessing the energy of oneness and unity that exists within all. Not only will you gain a sense of being a part of a greater whole, which is the Creator, you will also begin to understand the reason for the suffering and chaos that you recognise in Mother Earth and humanity. When you see through illusions, it is easy to bring forth or encourage healing to create truth and fulfilment for yourself and others.

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    Support, Love and Acceptance = Unity

    Everything has a purpose, all that you have experienced, your current desires and wishes as well as everything humanity and Mother Earth has experienced is for a reason. Everything that you recognise upon the Earth as suffering and pain especially in humanity is due to their separation from the Creator.

    It is important to realise that this separation was a choice, it may have begun with a small spark of anger or a moment of feeling alone, and this wound grew in power causing feelings of being isolated, separated, having to handle everything yourself and feeling as if you are powerless to do so.

    When you lose your conscious awareness of your natural unity with the Creator and all that is the Creator, you no longer feel supported, loved and accepted. Receiving the support, love and acceptance of the Creator which is naturally given and shared with you whatever you believe yourself to be or choose to create, is the essence of life. Without the support, love and acceptance of the Creator, it is as if you are cutting off your oxygen and expecting yourself to continue as normal.

    The support, love and acceptance of the Creator may also feel of little worth to you as you move through your physical reality. However, it is your lifeline, your essence, your wellbeing and your power that assists you in living a life of fulfilment on the Earth.

    The support, love and acceptance of the Creator is the result and experience of remembering the energy of unity which flows through your being and all aspects of the Creator, it is the essence of and answer to everything even seemingly mundane physical challenges.

    We can understand that your inner energy of unity is your tool for healing self, others and Mother Earth. Feeling supported, loved and accepted is the result of wheedling your tool of unity, it is the experience of these three energies which brings forth a deep realignment with your inner unity and the unity all experience.

    Many souls wish to experience the support, love and acceptance of those around them, this is possible, however, first, there is a need to directly receive the support, love and acceptance of the Creator into your being, allowing it to dissolve all wounds of separation.

    Then there is a need to connect with the unique and beautiful energy of unity within your being. It is through your experience of becoming familiar with your inner energy of unity that you give to yourself support, love and acceptance.

    With this important self-gift, you recognise your inner power and the truth of the Creator beyond illusion. Thus everything and everyone in your reality becomes a reflection of your inner truth, sharing with you support, love and acceptance in every moment of your life.

    You will recognise then that you are in the divine flow, and that it is through this process that healing can be obtained for all. Thus, you have the tools to heal and be of service to humanity and Mother Earth.

    Step By Step Guide to Healing and Beings of Service to Yourself, Humanity and Mother Earth

    • In meditation or quiet time, ask the Creator to shower you with the purest vibration of support, love and acceptance. Imagine your heart chakra opening revealing a large well which collects the energy the Creator shares with you. Feel the abundant energy of the Creator filling the well within your heart chakra and overflowing into your entire being. You may wish to repeat, ‘I am completely supported, loved and accepted by the Creator.’ Continue this process until you truly feel, sense or acknowledge the presence of the Creator.

    • Say with meaning, ‘I ask my soul to lead me now to the source of unity within my being, so I may bathe in its essence and radiant glow.’ Imagine that you exist within your heart chakra as a miniature version of yourself beside a shallow river. The river is a white pearlescent color, you can stand in it, and it just covers your ankles. Allow yourself to follow the direction of the river, enjoying walking through shallow liquid light. This river will lead you to your inner energy and source of unity. When you reach the source of your unity you will notice that it is so vast and expansive as it is connected to the unity within every human, light being, Mother Earth and the entire universe of the Creator. It is at this moment if you feel ready that you can allow yourself to move into and experience the vast expansive unity that is the Creator.

    • With the support, love and acceptance of the Creator and your connection with the unity of the Creator, there is a need for you to begin to gift this sacred energy and power to yourself firstly, knowing you are worthy and deserving. Then gift the same energy of which there is an abundance to Mother Earth as she is your loyal companion on your soul journey of the Earth. Hold Mother Earth in this sacred energy which is channeling through your being, allow Mother Earth to transform, heal wounds and realign herself to her inner energy of unity which is akin to a mirror of your source of unity. Only when you feel ready, send the same energy to humanity and all souls upon the Earth let the energy flow through you and hold all souls in this sacred light. You will be able to observe as they begin to heal, transform and realign with their inner unity, which will mean that they are choosing unity rather than separation. You may also wish to gift the same energy to all the beings of service and love within the Universe of the Creator as an expression of gratitude for their constant support and connection.

    • Take time to return your attention back to your own energy of unity, explore this energy If any energies of separation that you experience in your own reality, recognise within the realities of others, within humanity or Mother Earth come to your awareness lead the energy of separation into your inner unity for transformation and healing. Remember that which you see, sense and acknowledge within others exists within your own being, this is why it has come to your awareness. Anything that does not exist within your being does not enter into your awareness. Know that you can be of service to humanity and Mother Earth just by looking within your being, recognising the separation and unity that is present and bringing yourself into alignment with the support, love and acceptance of the Creator.

    I, Archangel Raphael, am present to be of service with you,

    Archangel Raphael

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    Open Portal 11:11 - By Tania Gabrielle

    1111 portal eraoflightdotcom

    I’m sure you’ve experienced being stopped in your tracks upon seeing 11:11.

    For a split second you feel as if suspended…

    Anytime you notice 11:11 imagine receiving a special message in a bottle as the universe communicates with you 1 on 1.

    On Saturday we’re going to FEEL the 11:11 phenomenon in a big way!

    November 11 in any year activates the double 11:11 portal. But THIS year 11.11 happens shortly before 2018, a special year resonating to the 11 portal for 365 straight days!

    11 is made up of two 1’s. In numerology 1 symbolizes a fresh start, new momentum, action and beginnings. Doubling up the 1 in 11 creates an irresistible feeling of opportunity.

    Creation is birthed in a void. All original ideas are born in this space, where the eternal moment hovers between what was and what will be – and you surrender to the infinite void of pure, pulsating potential.

    There is no judgment in this space.

    All that is required is your full engagement with what lies before you.

    So on 11.11 walk through the gateway with no agenda, no pre-conceived ideas or judgment. Open your heart wide to receive miracles.

    Your TOTAL participation dissolves obstacles and separation.

    In risking everything to be here and present now, you engage directly with the Source of Creation.

    Notice how the number 11 reduces to 2 (1+1 = 2) – symbolizing two beings as ONE, in balance, at peace, able to compromise, sensitive, kind and listening.

    When two become one, you are in sync with the natural flow of life and love.

    By forgetting yourself and letting go of your fears, you enter not their space, you don’t move from your mind into theirs – you move into YOUR heart… and from that space listen intently to their light.

    You BECOME a receiver of that Light and a beacon of wisdom and joy.

    This is the TRUE path to abundance.

    In an instant you can access this pure, loving frequency of the divine – through the deepest, purest listening.

    If you force the process, you tune out the frequency. You lose touch.

    Only in surrendering, in risking everything do you unlock your internal 11:11 gateway of light.

    Empty yourself, listen and keep refilling with Love!

    Love and Abundant Blessings,

    Tania Gabrielle.

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    Soul Codes Are The Song Of Your Soul - By Kyria Aluéla Lumina

    Your Soul is a Pure Crystal Diamond full of Fire. Sound and Special higher dimensional Light language codes can open the door to your higher self and soul allowing cosmic wisdom and love to pour into you and assist you in healing.


    “These SOUL CODES are Sound and Light-Language messages from your Soul and Source that trigger an alchemical change in you on many levels: mental, emotional, physical-cellular and reconnect many more DNA strands. This awakens you more fully to your true self and multi-dimensionality.” 


    You are sound and light, as sound created form.

    Sound created all there is

    Your Soul has a Sound to identify you.

    This SOUL CODE Blueprint makes you a unique creation from source. 

    You will come to know the Divine through sound. The kingdom of heaven is within you. Only there lies the eternal treasure we all seek…inside lies the creative power of the Universe. Be courageous to dive deep and look within to find your true self and be one with all there is. Chanting OM continuously is one way to experience this.

    The right Sound creates a bridge between the lower human physical self to the higher self and the soul. Sound, especially when you chant, activates the pineal gland and opens the heart – the doorways to heaven!  Your Soul, Higher Self and I AM Presence, resonated to specific Sounds and Vibrational Messages, as you  are a unique creation. I call these divine frequencies “SOUL CODES”. 


    Your own SOUL CODES are your cosmic identity or your soul blueprint. They are frequencies in sound and Light Language.  They make up your astro-chemistry of the light-body, which created the physical body. These codes also create sacred geometry which speaks to the mental body, as geometry is its language, so your higher self understands the encoded messages within your SOUL SONG.  They trigger and activate the pineal gland ( 3rd eye) to open and expand. They awaken you to reconnect to all of your soul experiences, even from other dimensions and planets.



    with Sacred Geometry, Color and sound 



    If you feel ready for your next step and level of existence and living, and wish assistance in finding Heaven within you to let go of what is holding you back, you can receive your “SOUL CODES”. These ‘human soul codes’ from the First Creation Human genetic pool are used to clean your genetic negative karma and reprogram the original divine angelic human blueprint back to it’s perfect state. 

    Diamand soul octahedron-1

    The Diamond Soul 

    2016 we had 9-9-9 completing a cycle of 9 years. We can shift to another level now in 2017 as we have 1-1-1, a new beginning of a new 9 yr cycle, as NEW HUMANS. 

    Some soul groups are ready to ascend to their higher Self and I AM Presence- Christed Self in the 5th and to the SOUL in even higher dimensions. Many are becoming multi-dimensional in  consciousness.

    Chanting meditations can help you access your soul if you are disciplined and do it for a long time. This can assist you to open your 3rd eye/pineal gland and crown chakra and then to connect with your I AM. Once connected there…one can receive the SOUL CODES from the Diamond Soul source. Then alchemical changes happen in the physical body and Lightbody, as the merging and unification takes place. 



    These Sound and Light-Language messages from your Soul and Source, trigger an alchemical change in you on many levels: mental, emotional, physical-cellular and your DNA (amino acids). DNA is Sound & Light information of your Lightbody – The Adam Kadmon. Once fully connected to your Lightbody and Soul, you will expand your awareness into new realms and vibrate at a much higher frequency.

    If you can go into silence and meditate and chant and tone for a very long time, you may be able to receive your own soul codes by yourself. Not all can do this alone and may wish guidance and activation assistance. 



    If you wish, I, Kyria Aluéla Lumina – aka Kyria Mystica- the Vocal Alchemist – can assist you by channeling and transmitting your own personal SOUL CODES, which I hear when I tap into your soul blueprint and then chant them. They bring in Sacred Geometrical patterns which is a Light language which the soul and higher self understands, therefore healing you, and connecting to your soul, to find your true purpose.

    The SOUL CODES  totally transform you in an instant and change your life for the better. The Codes are understood by your soul and then your soul communicates with your I AM PRESENCE, Higher-Self and then with the physical mind and body. You suddenly feel free, lighter and connected.  You will know yourself better and your path becomes clear to you.

    There also are TWIN FLAME CODES as well, which I can also assist you with to re-connect you with your Twin Soul. 


    I channel your SOUL CODES from source and your soul,  and guide you with some chanting exercises for you to do also during the session.  Some of you, may need some preparation in form of another kind of healing release session, to get you ready for these codes. This I can determine, depending on where you are in your spiritual practice and growth. style="text-align: justify;">

    *Listen to some of my recordings on: style="text-align: center;">

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