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The Lifestream Where There are No Limitations by Shanta Gabriel

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    March 29, 2016 2:38 AM PDT

    The Lifestream Where There are No Limitations by Archangel Gabriel Through Shanta Gabriel

    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

    For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us that our dedication to God shifts us into a powerful stream of Life where we become powerful co-creators.


    The Gabriel Message Card for this week


    When you dedicate your life to God you move into the Lifestream of Pure Consciousness where there are no limitations.


    I love the idea of a Lifestream of Pure Consciousness.

    That word Lifestream is extremely inspiring to me. To me, it means that there is a River of All Creation that flows through us at all times.

    All we have to do to co-create a new reality for our lives is to align ourselves with this energy of Pure Consciousness and step foot in this Lifestream. The hardest part is to trust and just allow ourselves to relax and receive from this loving presence of divine energy in whom we live, move and have our being.

    Whenever I face transitional times, which is very frequently nowadays, I find it helpful to rededicate my life to God. I do this sometimes with great formality, and sometimes it is a part of my intentions for co-creation. I know that my life flows much more gracefully when I make a loving commitment to allow the Divine Power to inspire my actions. Again and again, I turn my daily life over to God and ask to be guided throughout all that is transpiring in my world.

    After my spiritual practice, when my vibrational frequencies are uplifted, I can then pray for the world and feel a resonance in my heart that tells me that I have indeed stepped into the infinite flow of the Lifestream where there are no limitations.

    Divine Presence:

    May all beings awaken to the depth of love and wisdom within their hearts. May all the waters of the world be purified, allowed to run free and find sacred balance. May the trees be honored and respected for the life that they offer us.

    May all the world leaders find wisdom and love in their hearts and take care of their responsibilities in Divine and perfect ways. May all the animals be blessed, cared for, and respected for all that they give to the world. May all of humanity live in balance with the Earth.

    May we all be blessed with beautiful reminders and live in the flow of Divine Creation! And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel

    March 27, 2016

    The Gabriel Messages #8

    When you dedicate your life to God, you move into the Lifestream of Pure Consciousness where there are no limitations.

    Dear One,

    When you dedicate your life to God, an expansion occurs. When your energy fields expand, the limitations of the physical world begin to drop away. You feel lighter, uplifted, more joyful. Your heart resonates at a deeper level of truth. You begin to operate at a higher level of awareness. This new awareness brings you a more enlightened perspective on your life.

    It is a wondrous feeling to be in a place of enlightened perspective. All of a sudden you look at your world with new eyes. Your attitude is one of love and compassion, and you become more forgiving of situations that normally would have upset you. This is the grace available to you from the Divine Source. It is always available to you and exists as a stream of heightened energy frequency, or Pure Consciousness.

    How do you reach this heightened state of awareness? Through prayer and communion with your Higher Self, by connecting to the loving Source of all that is, and by breaking free of the bonds which limit your thoughts and conscious awareness of life.

    So many people contain their thoughts in limiting boxes. Because things appear to be a certain way, they believe it to be truth. The Angels are here to show you another way of looking at life, one in which there always exists a greater level of truth, and where love and harmony are the qualities you can manifest. When you breathe deeply and visualize your energy-field expanding, you are allowing this greater level of truth to become apparent to you. It becomes even easier if you ask your guardian Angel to show it to you. Asking is a form of prayer, and there is opportunity available to see the "larger picture" if you want to. Prayers are always answered.

    When you pray, you open the door for a greater level of energy to work in your life. This is the pure potential energy that becomes available to you as you turn your life over to God. We call it a Lifestream because this is the energy in which you live, move and have your being. It is the essence of you, because you are a part of All That Is. When you remember this truth, and give yourself time to commune with the Higher Power within you, limitations drop away.


    Right now, take the time to dedicate your life to God. Imagine this Lifestream of Pure Consciousness flowing around and through you in rivers of love and light. Be willing to have your limiting beliefs drop away so that miracles can occur for you in your physical world. Sometimes it might appear as though only a miracle can make the difference in your situation. Allow this to occur as the natural result of remembering the Divine Spirit that is really in charge of your life.

    The Angels are available to assist you, as close as a prayer. Open yourself to a new way of seeing your world where love, joy and harmony abound. All this is possible when you remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

    When you dedicate your life to God, you move into the Lifestream of Pure Consciousness where there are no limitations.

    Shanta Gabriel

    for Archangel Gabriel

    March 27, 2016

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