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Co-Creating Ascension with the Trees

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    We envelop you in our energy and welcome you into our consciousness; we are the collective energy of tree beings/spirits. We wish to welcome you into our light, so you may understand our purpose now during ascension, how we are being of service to Mother Earth and how we can co-create with you to support deeper awakening for all. We, the Tree Consciousness wish to guide you as to how to access our energy and why it is important now.


    As physical trees on the Earth, we represent a bridge between the inner planes and Mother Earth. Our purpose is to anchor the energy of the divine into the Earth so that Mother Earth and all who inhabit her may be revitalised by the light of the Creator.


    We are healers of the land and clear the areas where we are physically grounded of negative and limiting energies. It is our purpose to ensure that Mother Earth remains connected and in the divine flow of the Creator’s energy.


    We have a direct connection to the inner planes which emanates from the core of our being into the Earth and her inhabitants. We have a fountain of spiritual knowledge and understanding which we are open to share with you when you connect with our energy.


    Healing and Assisting Blocked Trees


    Some trees are asleep; they anchor only a little light into the Earth, this is often due to being in an area where a great deal of negativity has been created. The trees take on the negative energy with the view to transform, bringing forth the light of the Creator once more.


    However sometimes the negative energy is too dense, and the trees end up taking on the energy unable to transform it. This is when a tree appears to be asleep, there is very little energy circulating and radiating from its core.


    Sometimes the physical health of the tree can suffer, this is not always the case. For those of you who enjoy connecting with the energy and core vibration of trees, we ask you to be aware of this. If you come across a tree which has very little energy flow and does not respond to your greetings, this tree requires your help. The negative energy of its surroundings is swamping it, becoming overloaded and unable to achieve its purpose.


    In these circumstances we invite you to invoke an energy of your choosing, downloading light into the tree. Surround the tree or trees in a bubble of light and with your intention guide the light through the branches and leaves, if there are any, as well as the roots until the energy is gathering in the trunk of the tree or trees.


    Then as if you are inviting the tree to breathe once more, let the tree begin to create its own flow of energy once more, as you simply hold a vision of the tree surrounded by light. You will notice at some point that there will be a surge of energy as the tree begins to heal and restore its being, transforming before your eyes. The tree will also begin to heal, cleanse and transform its surrounding areas which originally caused the tree’s energy to close down. We invite you to be of service to us in this way.


    The United Consciousness of the Trees


    All physical trees on the Earth are connected to the Tree Consciousness which is an aspect and expression of the Creator. Trees create a network and grid system of light across the entire Earth.  When a tree has closed down and withdrawn because of being overwhelmed by negative energy in its surrounding area, this influences the grid system causing a blockage in the flow of Tree Consciousness and limiting the ability of all trees in connecting and communicating with each other.


    The united Tree Consciousness can be accessed through connection with trees on the Earth or through connecting with our energy on the inner planes. When a connection is made, then you can access our wisdom, downloading our knowledge and perspective of the Earth and ascension.


    We remind you of the united consciousness of the trees because it is an important energy to support humanity in accessing their united consciousness. We, trees, are synthesised and connected to each other, although on the Earth we appear as singular physical beings we are one.


    The more trees you connect with, the more you will realise that each tree may express themselves in different ways and seem to have characters of their own. However, you will realise you are connecting with the same energy, consciousness and truth.


    You may also realise that we have the same mission, purpose and reason for being upon the Earth. It is exactly the same for humanity. You are all the same energy with different expressions; you have a united consciousness, purpose and reason for being upon the Earth.


    You all receive the same energy and wisdom. You are present to support each other, giving and receiving support. Can you imagine that your ultimate purpose and reason for existing on the Earth is the same as everyone else? Humanity is strong when connecting with their united consciousness, the energy of oneness and eternal connection.


    Video: "Channeling Co Creating Ascension with the Trees by Tree Consciousness" Via Natalie Glasson -




    Experiencing the United Consciousness of the Trees


    We, the Tree Consciousness, wish to encourage you to ask to connect into the Tree Consciousness, with a focus on recognising our united consciousness. You may ask a physical tree to assist you with this or connect with us energetically during meditation. As you experience the Tree Consciousness flowing over and through your being, allow yourself to experience the energy of unity and oneness that is present. You may recognise it as a strong inner force that brings you to your centre and expands your awareness of all that is around and within you.


    Our Tree Consciousness may demonstrate to you the vast connection of all trees, how it supports Mother Earth and all. Our greatest wish is that our energy activates your own ability to connect with the many and diverse levels of united consciousness within your being. You are connected and as one with all beings, this creates numerous fountains of wisdom and understanding that you can draw upon.


    You may come to realise your own connection with the Tree Consciousness, how we are the same, a part of the same energy and source. It is easy for you to merge with us, the Tree Consciousness, and for us to merge with you as being connected to the consciousness of humanity, your soul, soul group, the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and so forth.


    When you expand your awareness and access the treasured energy of unity within you, everything begins to make sense; you feel centred, grounded and fulfilled. We invite you to contemplate the energy of unity that all experience as a tool to discover yourself and the Creator more fully.


    Activating the Diamond Centre


    At the base of a tree’s trunk and the beginning of its roots is a well of energy and source of light. This is the vitality of the Tree’s Spirit, its essence and core. When a tree allows you to access its source, you will notice it is akin to a liquid light or a vast expansive pool of energy. Its beauty is immense, and it truly demonstrates the flow of the divine Creator.


    Within this source, you will discover much. There is a deep ruby red crystal which holds great power. The crystal holds the foundations of the tree and the Tree Consciousness. It acts as the stability, grounding and centering energy of the tree. Each tree holds the same crystal, each crystal is connected, and energy flows through them.


    We, the Tree Consciousness, wish to invite you to support us in activating the crystal within all trees with the purpose of grounding new codes and energy from the purest vibration of our energy. This is to support the trees in their mission upon the Earth while also anchoring sacred vibrations of stability, grounding and centering into the Earth and therefore humanity.


    We have been guided by the Creator to emanate stability, grounding and centering so that humanity may adopt and awaken this within themselves. Thus the spiritual vibration of all will rise, allowing more light to be anchored.


    ‘Tree Consciousness, I invite your energy and light to flow through my being now. I wish to access your energy of unity and become one with the Tree Consciousness.


    With your permission, I ask to be made aware of the millions of deep ruby red crystals present upon the Earth within each physical tree.


    May these crystals become one, which is their natural state. I now receive this crystal first into my heart chakra where I shower it with love. Then I place it in my root chakra and invite you to anchor through my being the energy and light you wish to penetrate the crystal with, in order to create the necessary activation and the emanation of stability, grounding and centering.


    My purpose as I am connected to the Tree Consciousness is to nurture and nourish the qualities of the crystal. Please support and guide me as to how you wish me to be of service. ‘


    When you feel the process is complete, surrender the crystal and return it to the Tree Consciousness and all trees through stating an intention. Then with a silent request, invite humanity to accept the energy of stability, grounding and centering, as well as the new energetic codes the trees are now emanating. Take a moment to breathe in the energy radiating from all trees around the world, let yourself receive.

    In unity and oneness,

    The Tree Consciousness


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    Free audio download of Natalie's message:


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    Walking Into the Abyss – A Simple Exercise for Overcoming Fear of the Unknown By Richard West

    Guest writer for Wake Up World

    This is a practice I developed a couple of years ago. At first it was just a bit of fun, designed to see how far I could go with it. However, I quickly realised that this exercise could help me to confront all my fears about uncertainty in a relatively safe environment. It challenged me to literally step into the unknown. Even though I knew that I was safe doing so, the exercise brought up my fears very quickly and I was able to confront and soften into them.

    The great thing about this exercise is that even though it’s safe enough, it will still challenge you very, very quickly. It will bring up all your fear about stepping blindly into an unknown situation, but without creating any major consequences for your life. It also provides a very effective way to deal with the fears that arise, so that when you do need to step into the unknown down the line, you are already hard-wired to be able to cope with it.


    The other great thing about this practice is that it is so simple and so flexible that it is possible for everyone to do. It can be done alone, in pairs, or in groups. I do it mostly alone, but it can be very powerful in a pair too, especially as an extra safety net. It can also be planned or spontaneous, for example, when out for a walk in the countryside.

    The Exercise:

    1. Find a place which is well known to you, that is relatively open and has few obstacles or dangers. You could use your garden, an off road footpath, or a field for example. I would not recommend doing this next to a road unless you are with a very attentive partner.

    2. Pick a route which is relatively straight forward and close your eyes. You could use a blindfold, but I would recommend just closing the eyes as you can open them very quickly at any time.

    3. Begin to walk along your planned route. Keep your eyes closed for as long as you can.

    4. You will likely begin to experience some kind of discomfort or fear very quickly. When it begins to arise, slow down or stop. Observe the sensation of fear. What does it feel like to you? Where in the body can you feel it? Accept the fear and don’t attempt to push it away.

    5. Walk a few more paces, observing the fear grow. At this point, although logically you know you are safe, your fears of the unknown will likely be overriding this. Other fears may also start to arise, for example, ‘what will people think of me if they see me like this?’

    6. Walk slowly forward. Know that the fear is just a transient feeling. It is not who you are. Breathe deeply and work to relax as much as possible around the feeling of fear. It is important that you don’t work to push the fear away as that will just create another identity (‘I am not afraid’). Instead, simply allow the feeling and relax around it. The fear can be felt floating in space, but you are just observing it. It is just an experience – it is not you!

    7. Stop. You’ve done great. Breathe and relax. The fear may not be completely gone, but that’s okay. You are not defined by it.

    8. Slowly open your eyes. See that everything is alright.

    9. Celebrate with a smile.

    This exercise, when practiced fairly frequently, will give you a great tool for dealing with any situation which brings up fear of the unknown. Feel free to go at your own pace. You don’t need to complete all 9 steps each time. Feel free to make your own alterations to the exercise. Be creative, and have fun with it.

    Recommended reading by Richard West:

    About the author:

    Richard West is a carer, psychologist, spiritual facilitator and writer. He has worked close to death for 7 years and is passionate about helping people to move on in a conscious way, even though our society is geared to fight against death.  Richard is also a spiritual facilitator at Openhand. He offers services in Spiritual Facilitation and Conscious Dying on his website ‘Back to the Source’ and writes regular articles on his blog (where this article first appeared.)

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    Share This Vision With Your Friends

    The Vision Alignment Project



    A Vision for Healing Our Reactions

    Our Vision for today was inspired by a message that came in from Dawn Katar who channels the Ascended Masters. A couple of weeks ago one of her readings arrived from Ascended Master Ariana, Goddess of Truth, and it had to do with healing every angry reaction we have. Here, first, is Dawn's message - and after that is the Vision we created from it.

    Today's Point of Peace is short:

    Heal every angry reaction you have. Forgive. Bless. Allow.

    And here is our Vision: We see a world where every angry reaction has been healed; where we always forgive, bless and allow . . .

    Thanks, Dawn, for all the good you do for this world and the people in it. (Dawn's web site is




    As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!

    You can align with this Vision

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    A Loving Thought, from my Heart to Yours: By Fran Zepeda


    In every situation, there is a balance of Peace and Love to attain. Tune in and Hold the situation up to the Light & Love of your Soul, your Heart, your Higher Self, your connection with Source, and this will shed new understanding and acceptance of its purpose in your life and of the gift it holds.


    It is not always what it seems, it is not always what you make of it with your perception of what it used to mean or create in your life up to now. An entirely new perspective from the Light & Love of your Soul brings you into a balanced state of Peace and Love and Harmony and Grace where there used to be angst or confusion or doubt or fear.


    All it takes is holding it in the Light & Love of your Highest Self & let that Divine Energy Clear that confusion and fear and the stagnation of your old beliefs with a fresh perspective from the state of LOVE and GRATITUDE and PEACE and GRACE. You will reveal wondrous things.



    With Love and Blessings ~ Fran Zepeda


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