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Three Steps To Enhance Your Physical Enviroment

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    December 18, 2017 11:57 PM PST
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    Three Steps To Enhance Your Physical Environment ... And ... A Holiday Gift From The Intenders Of The Highest Good ... And ... Awakening Your Inner Happiness By Emmanuel Dagher ... And ... Christine Day's December Newsletter & Pleiadian Broadcast



    Enjoy while receiving Infinite Blessings of Love & Light,

    Steven Hutchinson





    State the following declaration out loud. You may find this exercise even more potent, if you stand up and move into a powerful posture with your body. 1. I call upon the energy of pure Divine love. I ask that this energy of pure divine love move and awaken in my body, my home, and the planet. I activate pure Divine love in all physicality in and around me. 2. I neutralize anything before it comes into physicality that is not in alignment with pure Divine Love. 3. I program all physicality with the infinite spring of health, wealth, and joy.

    Repeat the above process & declaration again, declaring these statements out loud, clearly, and confidently...

    The Council of light will deepen our connection to you and ask you to also repeat these simple statements. 1. Pure Divine Love inhabits all physicality, My Body, Home, and Planet are programmed with Pure Divine Love. 2. Pure Divine Love inhabits all physicality. All physicality is neutral. 3. My body, home, and Planet express pure Divine love through health, wealth and happiness. Take three deep breath to complete this process.


    Wish you a Wonderful Day to YOU with all good wishes, love & light. Tercy



    Become Selfless Beacons of Light in the World

    Have the courage to claim your highest purpose in this life, fulfill your soul’s desire and spread the message of Universal Love (Oneness). Pure love is not an emotion, sentiment, attraction, desire or something that you fall into. Love, at its core is the spiritual, cosmic essence that makes up who and what we are. It is through this deeper insight that one discovers that all life is sacred, interconnected and divine.

    All infinite expressions of life originate from this one, creative intelligence that can never be created, divided or destroyed. If you truly LIVE with this expansive sense of consciousness, moment to moment - you will find the holistic cure for fear, victim-hood, powerlessness, suffering, loneliness and personal limitation. ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


    Video: "Sacred Sounds To Experience Relaxation, Happiness, & Divine Freedom"






    The Intenders of the Highest GoodShare This Newsletter


    A Holiday gift From The Intenders Of The Highest Good


    I Intend That I Am Guided, Guarded, Protected, Provided For, & Aligned With The Highest Good At All Times

    The Intenders Highest Light House

    A Holiday Gift for You

    In the Spirit of the season, the Intenders would like to share a very powerful piece of information with you. It is our heartfelt intention that this article brings new life to your intention making and helps you in great measure! It's called Boosting an Intention.

    A few weeks back I received a download from Lee Ching telling me we could make a change to our "guided, guarded and protected" intention. He said because so many people are being challenged financially to make ends meet nowadays that we needed "a boost" to our intention making. That "boost", he said, involved us adding the words "provided for" into the Fourth Intent of The Code, so that now it will say "I intend that I am guided, guarded, protected, provided for and lined up with the Highest Good at all times."

    About a month ago I took Lee Ching's advice and started including the words "provided for" into my daily intentions and I can't tell you how much this has helped me! All sorts of things have come into my life since then - new friends, unexpected donations, more food on the pantry shelves, etc. I feel more abundant. It's like I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief now that I've been intending that I'm provided for.

    Over the years, many of our intentions have become household words, but perhaps none more than "I intend that I am guided, guarded, protected and lined up with the Highest Good at all times". People love this phrase; we know this because we hear it often in our Intenders Circles, phone conversations and emails. It caught on from the very first time Lee Ching said it to us in one of our early Intention Circles. Something about it resonated deeply, and over time, it became one of our most popular intentions - so popular, in fact, that we included it in the Fourth Intent of The Code: Simplify.

    Now, as we said, this new addition completes the phrase, making it say, "I intend that I'm guided, guarded, protected, provided for and lined up with the Highest Good at all times." If you're ever feeling like you're unloved, not cared for or provided for, we recommend that you intend this for yourself. It really makes a difference. As Lee Ching says, "You'll see!"

    (excerpt from Tony's new book, The Highest Good: A Return to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - Coming in 2018)

    There is a direct relationship

    between the making of an intention

    and the manifestation of it.

    Nancy's Timely Vision

    One of our long time Intenderpreneurs, Nancy Markow from the Denver area, sent this uplifting vision to us last week. She writes: Tony, Happiest Holidays to you. I intend all is well. I came up with this vision today and thought I would share it with you.

    I envision a world where love is infused into every thought, belief, perception, expression, action, and reaction by all individuals, corporations, governments and in ALL media and marketing! I envision a mass awakening to the importance of unconditional love for ourselves, each other, the planet and all its creatures. And I envision a world where we've released any need for an enemy, lack, and fear.

    I see a world where all corporations, governments, and beings in power are putting the health of the planet and all its inhabitants before profit and gain; where we are encouraged to live simply and support others to live; where the mass popular and mainstream media are teaching and encouraging norms that honor the highest expression of all beings and a bright future for humans and our planet; where we enjoy Media that only promotes education and the healing of the immature ego tendencies.

    I am excited to witness, on a daily basis, multiple times a day, the awakening of hearts and minds; where people are making choices that support their Highest Good and the Highest Good of everyone everywhere. So be it.

    And So it is! Thank you, Nancy! ( You can check out Nancy's website at: )

    As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!

    You can align with this Vision

    by double-clicking the "YES!" Button below.


    Clicking the YES Button will also show the Total Alignments to date.



    Click Here to Sign up for The Vision Alignment Project. It's Free!


    The Intenders would like to express our Highest Gratitude to all of you who supported us this year by buying our books and donating your monetary gifts to us. We intend that this Holiday Season and the coming year bring you all that you desire, and that your life keeps getting better and better - because you've intended it! So be it and so it is! It is Done!

    You can create a world

    that is always in support of you.

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    Awakening Your Inner Happiness By Emmanuel Dagher



    Hi my miraculous friends,


    Thank you to everyone who joined our "Awakening Your Inner Happiness" healing session today!


    If the link doesn't work, please go to my community page on Facebook and you'll see it there.


    We moved so much energy today! Please make sure you are well hydrated and notice the subtle and not subtle shifts that begin to show up in your life as a result of our collaboration.

    The replay is equally as effective, so you may want to watch it again because you'll receive something different from it each time.

    If you're enjoying this broadcast, please share it with someone you love!

    A little review of what came up today:

    How to embrace real happiness and joy.

    Release patterns of chasing the feeling of happiness and joy.

    Opening ourselves up to the qualities of joy and happiness which include ease, grace, love, peace, comfort, and balance just to name a few.

    How to have a clear understanding of happiness that no longer limits us from experiencing more of it.

    How to shift our energy around sadness and move back into happiness.

    We got an expanded understand of time.

    We learned about linear time and eternal time.

    We learned how to embrace the present with greater ease.

    We activated our inner child to play and have fun again.

    We cleared out many blocks that kept us from being present and happy.

    We did a fun exercise at the end that helped us activate the feeling of joy more in our body.

    And much more!

    If you enjoyed this video session, please pass it on to anyone who you feel would like more happiness and joy.


    The replay is available at:





    p.s. Just in case you missed yesterday's prosperity healing session, the link is:






    Video: "You Are The Divine Architect Of Your Life By Emmanuel Dagher"






    Christine Day's December Newsletter & Pleiadian Broadcast



    Tuesday, December 05, 2017

    Hi, It is hard to believe that we are in the final month of 2017. I feel as though we have been in this incredibly fast tunnel being propelled through this year. The Pleiadians have given me some amazing information of what will be taking place at the time of New Year, and some glimpses of what we can all expect energetically at that juncture.

    This makes for an exciting month, leading us into a series of expanded frequencies never experienced on our planet previous to any other time frame. We are moving into a next step of our destiny, which is due to be made activated at the time of New Year. This is will be a profound happening for those of us on the awakening path.

    We, on Earth are going to launch into a different realm of conscious reconnection through a sacred design that will be activated at the time of New Year. This design is set to activate the creation of movement, through the repositioning of the Sun in direct relationship to Earth. This movement will take place at the time of New Year.

    This repositioning will create a shifting of intensity within the light rays of the Sun that come to the Earth. With this repositioning of the Sun, the Sun’s rays will be carrying a more expanded dimensional frequency of light to Earth. These rays will carry a pure frequency, holding emanations of God. This divine light will interact within our Heart cells, and they will bring renewal to each one of us who choose to consciously interact with these expanded rays.

    Through these open rays we will be individually realigned to our multidimensional selves. We will be reopened to meet our ‘New Dawning’ potential of reconnection to clarity, truth and a remembering as our own essence unfolds.

    I can already feel a response within my own Heart as I perceive this energetic shift in advance. I know we have all been waiting for this next step. I intend to consciously work within my own Heart to support this upcoming transitional phase. I have been adjusting our Communication Portals on the land in readiness for the launching of this expanded frequency of light that is coming onto our planet. I am already witnessing a new energetic entering our planet in readiness to support and accommodate the expanded connection to the Sun.

    The Pleiadians are asking for you to bring your focus into your heart. This will lead into you developing another level of conscious connection in preparation to receive these higher light vibrations from the Sun. They say our Hearts are designed to be the main receptacle for holding our own sacred multidimensionality.

    I am putting out a call to all of you, that we bring our consciousness together, forging a union at the time of New Year. That we, those of us on the path, commit to honoring humanity at that moment of transition. Together we can create a form of unity of love and purity for our planet.

    I send love and blessings to each one of you, Christine




    Tuesday, December 05, 2017

    Beloved ones we greet you, The birthing of a new consciousness within humanity is gathering momentum. You are being moved towards a new potential of awakening as another phase of the ‘New Dawning’ energy will be entering your planet at the time of New Year.


    At this very juncture the Sun will be physically repositioned, being realigned to form an expanding relationship to Earth. This readjustment will create a multidimensional opening of the Sun’s rays. Activating a higher frequency of light, which will carry emanations of God.

    These light vibrations will be transmitted within the Sun’s rays onto the planet. The Sun’s rays have always carried pure frequencies of the God element, however, now you are to receive a higher emanation element of God. This repositioning of the Sun strongly impacts your planet. These expanded Sun’s rays are designed to be absorbed through your Heart cells. Those who are seekers of Truth are to be moved into a new phase of self-realization. This expansion of God consciousness will flow within your Hearts. You are destined to be in a direct alignment to multidimensional forms of God.

    The actual physical shift between Earth and the Sun will reveal a series of new frequency settings of light that will become activated within your planet, within the magnetic core and the central pulse of rotation simultaneously. You are going to be changed through the central pulse of your Earth with this awakened energy realigning you to all life force.

    Through this happening of rapid acceleration there will be an intensification of the human drama and experience. Simultaneously to this, you are to be reconnected, reunited energetically to your multidimensional purpose.

    There is to be a total reset on your planet from the time of the New Year leading into June 2018.

    Know that the entire Galactic Council will be monitoring this process on your planet. We, the Pleiadians will be holding a specific energetic framework within the Earth plane to support all life force in this transitional phase. All is in hand between now and the time of the New Year. All focus is in supporting you in your metamorphosis.

    Be committed to the vastness of your Heart within each moment. Let go and breathe within each moment of time. Claim yourself through your Heart.


    The Pleiadians

    Video: "Broadcast December 2017" By Christine Day -