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Realigning the Earth’s Energetic Network

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    December 29, 2017 1:25 AM PST

    Lord Maitreya

    Blessings and love extend from my being to you and all of humanity. This is a blessed day, as it signifies a powerful shift within the energetic network of Mother Earth. You are invited to be of service to Mother Earth and all of humanity by joining all of us on the inner planes in our intention and activation now.

    The energies and consciousness of humanity are now appropriate to support Mother Earth in a major shift of healing and realigning her energetic network and meridians so that the truth of the Creator may flow with ease and perfection once more.

    It is during the winter equinox, and in fact each equinox of the season, that the veils between humanity and Mother Earth become thin. A greater connection and a deepening resonance with Mother Earth can be accessed. It is on these special earth days that Mother Earth opens her energies to the divine and the Universe of the Creator to receive all that is appropriate and necessary for her own growth and that of all earth beings.

    Many of Mother Earth’s energetic lines or meridians which span across the entire world still remain broken or misaligned. In some areas, this is for a specific purpose, such as those in the area not being ready for the power that will be available due to the energetic network realignment. In other areas, there is a need for the energetic networks of Mother Earth to be realigned to bring light, love and a new surge of truth to the land, people and all beings present.

    The energetic networks of Mother Earth distribute the life force energy of the Creator throughout the Earth. They distribute life-giving energy to all while being channels for delivering remembrance, inspiration and truth. When the meridians of Mother Earth are broken or misaligned, then the people and beings of that area often lack in spiritual knowledge and awareness as well as knowledge of the Earth.

    Mother Earth communicates to humanity in many ways, and yet one of the most powerful ways is by delivering her energy and wisdom through her meridians, energy networks and chakras. I, Lord Maitreya and many Ascended Masters wish to ignite a healing which will allow for humanity across the entire world to receive the love and wisdom that Mother Earth wishes and desires to share with them.

    This will mean that souls will feel a greater connection with and compassion for Mother Earth, will be more willing to work alongside Mother Earth rather than against her, and will be able to access the sacred knowledge of many generations of how to be in harmony with the Earth.

    Many souls seek wisdom and enlightenment from the Creator. It is true that the Creator is within everything, and yet they do not realise that it is Mother Earth’s sacred soul who can share the most profound enlightenment concerning ascension, mastery and fulfilment upon the Earth.

    Mother Earth has all the keys and answers that humanity seek, and humanity is at a stage of resisting Mother Earth and all she has to share. Such resistance within humanity is a resistance of their own true self. Therefore, our purpose during the realignment activation of the energetic networks of Mother Earth is to empower humanity to know and accept themselves more fully.

    The Activation

    I, Lord Maitreya, wish to guide and encourage you to work with the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom, and of course Mother Earth, to bring forth the necessary healing and shifts.

    ‘Lord Maitreya, make me an instrument of your light and the light created by the Ascended Masters who gather with you. Let the awakening and healing light that will realign Mother Earth’s energetic networks flow through me.

    May I be a powerful expression of the truth that is being delivered to all energetic networks in the body of Mother Earth, for all beings to access and receive. I open myself up to work as one with you now. Thank you.’

    Upon the inner planes, I, Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters draw forth through our beings the healing energies and truth as gifted by the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. We work in oneness with these energies and sacred aspects of the Creator asking for the greatest truth to unfold into our beings as we gift this to you now.

    We invite Mother Earth to be present with us in her purest form. She joins us on the inner planes as a deliverance and guide of the most sacred truth, while also being a receiver within the body of the Earth. She is present within all stages of our activation process. You may sense Mother Earth’s love and consciousness flowing through your being.

    As a united source we enter into the core of Mother Earth, through her body and into her spiritual home within the Earth. You will notice that the essence of Mother Earth’s grace, compassion and devotion fills the air.

    All aspects of the Earth can always be found within Mother Earth’s spiritual home within the Earth, and they exist in their purest form with Mother Earth. These are energies, aspects and sacred templates of the Crystalline Kingdom, the Tree Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom, and of course humankind. There is a sacred template for everything that exists upon the Earth.

    We, Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters, create a circle, which we invite you to join. We now begin to deliver around the circle the Light we continue to channel from the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom, Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. This creates a powerful energy surge of light which now intensifies and expands within Mother Earth’s spiritual home at the core of the Earth.

    Within the centre of our circle you will see and acknowledge the sacred templates of Light of the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. These are the most sacred and purest vibrations and frequencies of these aspects of the Creator.

    We invite these sacred templates of active and alive energy to join their light, creating a sacred and powerful expression of the truth of the Creator.

    We invite Mother Earth’s template of Light which holds all that she is at the most sacred vibration, to join energy and link with the templates within our circle. In the centre of the circle, you will see or acknowledge the most beautiful vision of Mother Earth at her highest spiritual potential. She is radiant, beautiful, inspirational and powerful.

    It is a joy to recognise Mother Earth in this way, and we would like to invite you to hold the intention of imprinting this synthesis, union and the highest spiritual potential of Mother Earth and all her expressions into your energy field so that it may merge with your entire being. The imprints of sacred energy patterns will then filter into the consciousness of humanity and then into the minds and awareness of humanity, through your simple acceptance of all that you are experiencing now.

    As our energy continues to flow and the beauty of all that is Mother Earth exists before us, we ask that you gift from your being, with a simple intention, the human Light template that you hold within your being.

    As the templates of humanity imprints as a light pattern into the synthesised energies of Mother Earth before us, a powerful healing, transformation and activation takes place for both Mother Earth and humanity.

    All resistance between humanity and Mother Earth begins to dissolve; humanity awakens their appreciation of Mother Earth and all that she has to share. The spiritual frequency of humanity is heightened allowing many energies of illusion and limitations to dissolve.

    A deepening bond between Mother Earth and humanity forms that serves and empowers both. It is beautiful to observe the transitions taking place.

    Together we hold a vision of the many energy networks and meridians of Mother Earth as we expand the energy we are experiencing and the sacred transformations as a flow through our beings occurring before us within the templates of Mother Earth, Humanity, the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom and all other aspect of the Earth.

    The energy overflows, travelling across the entire world as we hold the intention of healing and realignment for all appropriate areas of the energetic network of Mother Earth. We hold an intention of the truth of Mother Earth and the Creator embedding into all aspects of the Earth and humanity. Allow yourself to experience this beautiful awakening.

    When the process is complete, we will dissolve the synthesis that we instigated between the templates because the energy is now grounded where it is needed. We will return to the inner planes. We invite you in the coming days to let the energy we created to continue to flow throughout your being, imagining this light flowing into the energetic networks of Mother Earth all around the world.

    With deep gratitude,

    Lord Maitreya

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    by Patricia Cota-Robles

    December 2017

    Because of the unprecedented influx of Light that has taken place over the past several years, the I AM Presence, which is the Divinity within every person’s Heart Flame, is at long last reclaiming dominion of our Earthly experiences. The Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence is allowing the entire Company of Heaven to work more closely with us than ever before.

    These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God are asking us to join with them now, in unified consciousness, to empower the Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love that Lightworkers have been cocreating on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth over the past 50 years.

    This Activity of Light will enable our Grid of Divine Love to assimilate the unfathomable influx of Light our Father-Mother God will Breathe into the Grid, in a rhythmic momentum, during Humanity’s Global participation in the monthly Free Seminars we offer through Era of Peace. The Divine Intent of this influx of Light is to expand the Lightwork of every single person on Earth a thousand fold.

    The Company of Heaven has given us the following Invocation so that you and Lightworkers all over the World will be able to easily weave your magnificent Light into the Chalice of Light we will form through our unified Heart Flames during the Free Seminars every month.

    In deep Gratitude for our ability to serve Life in this way, let’s join together in consciousness with the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth, as we unify our Hearts with the Hearts of our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven. Together we will magnetize from the Core of Creation the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Flame of Transfiguring Diving Love that Humanity and the Earth are capable of withstanding at a cellular level.

    And we begin…

    Breathe in deeply and go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame. Please join me now with the full power of your attention and your Divine Intentions.

    I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke our Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity. Beloved Ones, come forth NOW! (pause)

    We are One with ALL of these magnificent Forces of Light. Through our sincere Heart Call, they have joyously come to help Humanity’s I AM Presence empower and sustain the Lightwork of every man, woman, and child on Earth a thousand fold.

    Beloved Legions of Light, we ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by Humanity during this sacred and Holy Time. Purify this energy with the power and might of a thousand Suns using the New 5th-Dimensional Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. Weave this purified energy into the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness, so that every electron of precious Life energy released by the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth at this time will be used to exponentially expand the Light of God through the Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love that is now embracing this Planet and ALL her Life.

    We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished right here and right now. We also accept that through Humanity’s I AM Presence this Activity of Light will be permanently sustained, increasing daily and hourly the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow with every Breath we take.

    Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you now Breathe the highest possible frequencies of Divine Love, Oneness and Reverence for All Life into every person’s Heart Flame.

    In Oneness with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth and the entire Company of Heaven, we now affirm within the Divinity of our Heart Flame:

    “I AM the Cup, the Holy Grail, through which the Light of God now flows to Bless every particle and wave of Life evolving on this precious Planet.

    “I AM my I AM Presence, and I now invoke my Father-Mother God to Breathe their Infinite Light into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. As this exquisite Light blazes through the Grid of Divine Love it bathes the Earth and expands every person’s Lightwork a thousand fold.”

    This unfathomable influx of our Father-Mother God’s Infinite Light lifts every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth into a Higher Order of Being. (pause)

    As this wondrous Light is anchored within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame, it expands into the Heart Flame of every other person on Earth unifying Heart Flame with Heart Flame. Through this amazing Activity of Light, the I AM Presence of every person becomes a power point of Divine Love and Oneness unified in consciousness with the I AM Presence of every other person.

    Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, we are empowering our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. This Forcefield of Light is extending from the very depths of Humanity’s pain and suffering into highest frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God’s Infinite Light. This Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love is the Bridge to Freedom over which this Blessed Planet and ALL her Life are now Ascending into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Perfection on the New Earth.

    Through this Activity of Light, we are reclaiming our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. We are truly becoming Love in Action. We are collectively changing the core vibration of the primal Light substance that has gone into creating the present negative conditions that are surfacing all over the Planet to be healed and transmuted into Light.

    This Activity of Light is bringing into tangible form the archetypes for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. These patterns are now flowing into the Heart and Mind of every man, woman, and child through the Mental and Emotional Strata of this Planet.

    The I AM Presence within every person is the Open Door for these resplendent patterns of Divine Love. We are the CAUSE of Divine Love now being established on Earth. Together we are setting in place the basic Spiritual Forces of Divine Love over which the Earth and ALL her Life are at last Ascending out of our long exile in darkness into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light associated with the New Earth. The Love of God is now thriving on Earth through each us, and through the I AM Presence of every person on the Planet.

    Through this Activity of Light, Humanity is being raised into a profound Awakening of Supreme Love Consciousness. We are, here and now, the Masters of Love we were always destined to be. We are Beings of Love, accepting responsibility for Loving this sweet Earth and ALL her Life FREE. We are One with this Blessed Planet, and the Planet is One with us.

    Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are now intensifying their Light through every person’s Heart Flame. This influx of Light is lifting ALL Humanity into a higher octave of Divine Service. Every person on Earth is being permanently invested with a Cosmic Forcefield of Divine Love. This forcefield is initiating each of us into a Higher Order of Service to Humanity and the Light, as our Lightwork is being intensified a thousand fold through our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love.

    Beloved Father-Mother God, we accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously Accomplished, even as we Call. And so it is!

    Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.

    If you have the Heart Call to do so please help our Father-Mother God’s Clarion Call tangibly reach the maximum number of Lightworkers by forwarding this email to your mailing list. Please share on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you have access to.







    ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI - MAY 20, 2018


    DENVER, COLORADO - JULY 15, 2018





    Patricia Cota-Robles

    Era of Peace

    New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

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    ©2017 Patricia Cota-Robles

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    Open Your Heart & Transmute The Net of Light Into The Net of LOVE! By Sonja Myriel

    Dear sisters and brothers in the CHRIST light,

    Mary Magdalene’s energy is drawing near. She asks us to OPEN OUR HEARTS and dare to FEEL again!

    There are 13 Codes of Light, if you so will, 13 qualities of the HEART she wishes to remind us of, 13 levels of CREATION, 13 dimensions and 13 doors to open. Beginning with the night from the 24th tot he 25th of December, there are 13 nights, 13 holy, sacred nights which prepare us fort he fulfillment of our task and mission on earth fort he coming year. I would like to invite you to OPEN those doors tot he SECRET CHAMBER of our HEART in those 13 nights, one after the other, and in preparation, WRITE DOWN 13 WISHES for your heart’s fulfillment and growth!

    Each night you draw one oft he wishes and without looking at it, burn it, if possible, outside when the night is falling.

    Your last wish ist o be opened on January 6th and this is the one wish which is left for YOU to work on for its fulfillment. The rest, the other 12 wishes, is being taken care of.

    I will provide more insight into each night’s qualities as messages for you are passed on to me. The source of inspiration for this powerful undertaking of opening my HEART in those 13 nights oft he darkest time oft he year is the book „De Maria Magdalena Code“ by Gabriela and Reindt Gaastra Levin.

    Let us dare to FEEL again – and thus allow our bodies to rejuvenate and recharge as we are connecting ourSELF back to SOURCE, back to LOVE, back to HOME where all our needs are met at the blink of an eye and no harm is known! Let us reclaim our CREATIVE POTENTIAL! We have been training to control our thoughts and subsequent emotions and actions to be allowed to CREATE again from the bottom of our HEART’S LOVE! Now ist he time to combine our visions for a better future with our heartfelt LOVE … and entert he flow of MAGIC CREATION!

    In preparation for 2018 to become the most special year for us in terms of self-determination, let us OPEN OUR HEARTS night after night and RELAX into the ARMS of TRUTH, FAITH and the primordial TRUST in our ESSENCE, our I AM PRESENCE who holds us save and provides us with all that we need in ordert o continue on our PATH of manifesting LOVE into the world of matter, instinct and lust!

    Now it’s time for us to write down some HEART-OPENING wishes, one for each coming night – and you shall hear from me again when I AM called to continue my messages.

    The CHRIST LIGHT is REBORN through US this Christmas!

    The NET OF LOVE is being BROUGHT tot he LIGHT!

    Let us rejoice and be consciously AWARE of the many awakening flames of LOVE on Earth’s surface this Christmas, and as we are becoming ONE with our MOTHER LOVE, our PLANET of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE through the OPENING of our HEARTS, we are allowing for the LIGHT of GOD to once again flood the gates of our separated consciousness and UNITE US BACK to our DIVINITY which in turn allows us to recognize the DIVINE in ALL that IS!

    The net of light shall NOW be transmuted into the NET OF LOVE, both princples mingling and mixing, feminine and masculine UNITING, to create an entirely new facette oft he Divine Plan on EARTH: the 3rd component, the CHILD of LOVE and LIGHT!

    The Net of LOVE and LIGHT is all around us! The CHILD is inspecting possibilties for incarnation. Let us create those SACRED PLACES where the seed of LOVE and LIGHT may flourish!

    So BE it and so it IS!

    Sonja Myriel RAouine

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