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Opportunity for Celebration By Shanta Gabriel

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    January 1, 2018 9:50 PM PST

    Opportunity for Celebration By Shanta Gabriel

    The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

    All situations are opportunities for the Divine Light to shine

    through you as times of celebration, not fear.

    Shanta GabrielOften when I come into a situation that is unknown or unfamiliar, I notice that my first impulse is to feel fearful. This does seem to be a fairly common response to the unknown aspects of life. It takes consciously slowing down on my part, taking that deep breath and remembering what my intention is. I may even ask for protection or remind myself that It is Safe to be in new situations.

    Prayers for Divine Light to flow through me and any situation or relationship I am involved with sets the energy I want in my world. Fields of Living Light are malleable and can be used to change any fearful or difficult circumstance that comes up. Because the Light of God contains both Divine Intelligence and Love, the frequency shift is immediate. Creative Solutions may even start to manifest right in front of me. That is definitely an opportunity for celebration.

    Harmony is one of my go-to intentions. I want to be in harmony with myself, with others, and in harmony with the situation — whatever it is. I want to remember to come back to my original intention and let the situation reflect that energy. When I do this, it is amazing to watch things start to unfold in a brighter way. I become much more at ease with myself, and attuned to my most Divine Nature. Another cause for celebration. In fact, it seems that all of Heaven rejoices when I come back into Alignment with my Divine Self and in Harmony with what is occurring in my life.

    The Angelic Dimensions are very aware of what is transpiring in our lives. They are uniquely available for us to call on during this time of opening and evolution. The blessings of the Archangels soothe and inspire us as we navigate these new dimensions of consciousness. Knowing there are Angels watching out for me and assisting my life helps me to stay out of the fear realms that stop me in my tracks. It is easy to go into fear. Fearfulness is all around us in the consciousness of humanity. It takes courage to move out of that mindset. It is a bold step to remember that I have another option besides fear.

    When I consciously create new qualities for life within and around me, I am using the Fields of Living Light that are now available in this dimensional time of higher frequencies. It becomes divine alchemy that transforms my life and the way the world responds to me. Alignment from Heaven to Earth is the prayerful process that Archangel Gabriel inspired 25 years ago. As our world has evolved, it has become the most resourceful, and even magical, way to bring new levels of Love, Freedom and Harmony into my life.

    There is an exquisitely mystical feeling within as we work with the Archangels who are surrounding us in Light. This Divine Truth transcends any fear and creates a brilliant opportunity for celebration whenever we allow it to be.

    Divine Presence,

    Thank you for helping me to slow down and open to the support I have available in every area of my life. I ask to be in Harmony with the situation I find myself in at this time. May I allow the Divine Light to shine through so I can receive the assistance that is available.

    I ask for Benevolent Outcomes and Creative Solutions for times when things look so dark and feel so uncomfortable in their unknown state. Let me rise above the fear that tries to surface at these times. I am inviting the Angels to show me the way. Flood my heart with Divine Love and allow the presence of the Angelic Dimensions to lift my consciousness so I can truly remember that I am not alone, no matter what it looks like in my life.

    Whenever fear occurs, I want to remember that there is an opportunity in each situation that is calling me to expand into new and exalted perceptions. I truly want to learn to celebrate and focus on hidden opportunity when challenges arise. Help me to remember to set my intentions for more Love, Clarity and Harmony every day. I now allow myself to receive this assistance and know that my Higher Self is bringing forth my soul's gifts so I can become more resourceful, open and trusting at all times.

    Especially may I remember to celebrate the fact that Love exists within and through all situations and will never leave me. Thank you God, and so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel

    December 24, 2017

    Calling in your Guiding Light By Shanta Gabriel

    Shanta Gabriel

    Archangel Gabriel:

    Dear Ones,

    Welcoming Light into the world for Solstice is especially important, however calling Divine Light to you at any time is a Prime Directive for an empowered life.

    When you do this simple task your life takes on new proportions of Grace and Ease. It does not matter in what hemisphere you live, welcoming Light to the world enhances all life.

    Light carries all the attributes of God. Divine Light holds the Intelligence and Divine Love from the Source of All That Is. That means when you call Divine Light into your heart, and direct this Light wherever it is most needed, the quality of Divine Intelligence within the Light will know what to do for the Highest Good of all. You can trust that sending Light into troubled places in the world will change the frequencies and allow Creative Solutions to be revealed where there were none before.

    When Light fills every cell in your body, you feel healthier with abundant vitality and strength.

    When Light fills your emotional body you feel more illuminated and inspired with insights that give you an empowered way of seeing your life.

    In your mental body, Divine Light fills your mind with expansion and a clarity that allows you to bring forth greater connection to your Soul’s gifts. When you call Divine Light into your work and your relationships, new guidance and unconditional Love are revealed. That is why it is called your Guiding Light.

    The Archangels are illuminating the world during the empowered time of the Holy Days. The energy of this special time allows the boundaries between nations and all hearts to be dissolved in the power of Divine Light. This means that the full force of the Angelic Dimensions is open and ready to intervene as it serves you in miraculous ways until the portal closes on January 5.

    This activation is one of the gifts of the 12:12 Alignment. When Christed energy empowers Divine Love to awaken in the hearts of all who are receptive to aligning with the Source of All Light, the prevailing energy of Unconditional Love expands to unite the world in a beautiful web of Divine Light.

    All your needs are met within the power of this Light. You are a Light unto the world. Breathe Light. Receive Light. Give Light. Be the Light that you are. And so it is.

    Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

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    Messages from the Angels

    You are the Miracle By Ann Albers

    Message from the Angels:

    My dear friends, we love you so very much,

    Celebrate! It is the season where humanity temporarily sets aside their differences and shares their beautiful diversity, generosity, kindness, and compassion. In the fabric of the One Love that weaves us all together, we feel your hearts. We feel your joys.

    We also feel the tears of sadness some of you cry as you stop distracting yourselves with busyness for a few short days, and feel the pangs of longing for love, connection, and joy. Even this, dear ones, is love rising to the surface. We are gently holding you all, nurturing that light within you. This light is present within, even in the darkest times.It longs to rise up within you, fill you, and become a beacon to guide you.

    In the midst of hustle and bustle around you, or even in times of quiet loneliness, take a few minutes to connect with this Light.

    Breath deeply and take the time to look around you. Even in the middle of a crowded store, you can shut your eyes for a second, breathe deeply, feel your heart. From that still perspective, look around you. Look at the room. Look at the people around you.

    Imagine you radiate this light from within. Imagine you are the guiding star, showing others the way to love. Imagine you are the light in the manger in a darkened night. Imagine you are the candle that doesn't extinguish. Imagine, dear ones, you are the miracle of the season.

    For indeed, you are the miracle dear ones.
    You are the light. You are an embodiment of pure love! Whether your feel it or not – regardless of circumstance, or situation – you are nothing less! The Christ child, lying among animals in a manger did not look like the purest embodiment of love to walk the earth. The lamp didn't look like the miracle it turned out to be. Whether you feel joy or loneliness, peace or chaos, generosity or lack... that light lives within you.

    In silence you claim it. In allowing it to fill you, you birth it into your life and into the world.

    Breathe deeply now, as you read this. Focus on the light in your heart. We are aware of each and every one of you as you read this. Breathe. Believe. Receive. Allow us to help fan the flames of that light within you until you feel it in each and every cell and pore of your body. Allow us to help it soothe your emotions, and illuminate your thoughts. Allow us to work with you until you feel the loving presence of angels and the beauty of your own brilliant light!

    Our holiday wish for your dear friends is that you feel that love within you, that you know the miracle that you are regardless of appearances or circumstances, and that you – like the candles or the child in the manger – become a beacon of hope, light, and inspiration for others.

    God Bless You! We love you so very much.

    -- The Angels

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    Messages from Ann

    Ann Albers:

    Hi Everyone,

    I love this season. I love it no matter what is going on around me. I love it in spite of my broken toe, in spite of the fact that a crazy energy messed up my eyes for a week. I love it in spite of family and many friends being far away. In my heart we are all family and as I wait my turn in crowded stores to buy the Christmas groceries I feel nothing but the warmth of my "human family" around me. Granted, some are rushed, cranky, and crazy, but I make it a game to see if I can get even the most stoic to soften up – not with the sugary, sappy, cheer they can't stand, but often with humor or the compassionate empathy they need. We can all use a little more love.

    I stuff my purse with candy canes and hand them out to clerks and random strangers. I send out cards and fill each one with love before it goes in the mail. I figure out how to make gluten free, vegan chocolate peanut butter cups for friends that otherwise can't have those kind of treats, and I make a huge dinner for my friends. I have to practice self control not to give more than I can afford.

    It is a season where I am "allowed" by the world to come uncorked and let the light flow freely through me. As I give I receive. As I smile at a stranger I know the blessing of God's love within me. As I do quiet and kind acts, I feel the presence of angels, who are unseen, but always with us. As I share love, I feel its presence glow and grow within.

    Too often it is easy to focus on what we don't have. My family is far away, so I create a space that feels like family for those I love. In years past when I had just quit my engineering career and had only one friend left, I went out and did kind things for strangers – buying gifts for kids in need, handing out cookies to the dry cleaning lady, the mailman, the postal store guys, and other service folks who helped me all year. I baked cookies for the young couple sitting at the Christmas tree lot in the cold one Christmas eve and nearly wept because they showered me with an outpouring gratitude. Giving to others is an act of giving to myself. Love longs to flow through us. We long to feel its flow.

    I think one of the most memorable angel-gifts was years ago. I bought a massage pad for myself. As I was checking out at the store, the young clerk told me she was wishing she could afford one for her mother who had back problems. I was at my car in the parking lot when the angels told me to go back into the store and buy another one for her and her mother. It wasn't cheap, but I know God supports me, and I trust my guidance, so I did. She burst into tears. Her boss let her leave early. We hugged. In that moment, she was my family. I received far more than I gave out of that interaction. A few days later someone gifted me with the exact amount I'd spent.

    In spite of all this external fun, I still do as the angels suggest. I take time to sit in the backyard each day if only for a few minutes wrapped up in a big blanket, to "be" in the stillness and feel the Presence of God within.

    Love truly wants to fill us and bless us and pour through us... and it makes Christmas a beautiful loving experience birthed from within!

    Here are a few ways to feel the light during the busy holiday:

    1. Enjoy the Journey

    If you've got to shop in a crowded store or be in traffic, don't fight it. Slow down. Smile at people. Chat with strangers. Perhaps slowing down IS the gift. Enjoy your baking, your escaping, whatever you do... The light is there but we rush around so fast we don't always feel it.

    For those of you who have lost loved ones, slowing down will also allow you to feel, sense, or know their presence around you. Often in readings someone asks their loved one in spirit, "Where are you?" Often the reply is, "I'm here but you never sit still to feel me!" When we rush around we can't even feel our own hearts.

    So, whether it is God, your angels, your loved ones, of just the peace, love, and joy of the season you wish to feel, slow down. Sit in silent presence a few moments here and there, and focus on your heart. Breathe. Believe. Receive.

    2. Give Love Freely... and you shall receive

    We know this but far too often we get caught up in wishing others would give us – the love, the holiday, the atmosphere, the kiss under the mistletoe, etc. Our culture sometimes promotes incredible stinginess with love. "Don't love someone unless they earn it," we are told subconsciously in a million different ways. That is like telling a river not to flow until those downstream earn its water.

    To withhold love blocks our very nature, joy, and blissful experience of life. Send a card or an email to someone who might be lonely, even if you know they could create better. Pray for the rude folks in the parking lot! Smile at the grumpy people.

    Whether love flows from others to you, or out through you, you feel Love! I choose not to wait for the outside world to generate this experience for me. Feeling loved can be a glorious "inside job!"

    3. Be loving to yourself too...

    Don't forget to give yourself some nurturing over the holidays. Whether you are joyous or lonely, self care is the gift that allows you to keep giving to others. When you give yourself the love you wish others would, you feel fuller, happier, and filled with light!

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Happy Belated Hanukkah. Joyous Kwanzaa. Whatever you celebrate or don't, may your heart be filled with light and may you feel the ever Present Love that connects us all. Let it flow!

    I love you,


    Photo of the week

    Look To The Light By Ann Albers

    Ann Albers

    Message from the Angels:

    My dear friends, we love you so very much,

    In the dark of night a lamp burned brightly. Centuries ago, a star twinkled in the darkness. Those who focused on fear felt the darkness. Those who focused on the lamp felt the light. Those how focused on the star found light, hope and inspiration for their lives. Those who focused only upon the dark of night missed the miracle that would give hope to countless generations throughout history.

    Even today, focusing on the light in any given situation in your life is what allows you to access love and miracles. Focusing on the darkness brings you only more. If you seek it, you can find the "burning lamp," the "babe in the manger," or the "guiding star "in any situation? You can look for the love right here, right now, regardless of circumstance.

    We never dignify the darkness by focusing upon it. We see only the light and love trying to emerge in any given situation. As we look at the unkind behaviors of so many, we see wounded children inside them crying for love. As we look at the impoverished we see souls striving to find an abundance of love in spite of their circumstance. As we look at the wars and division in your world, we see souls trying to bring their truth to the surface who simply do not yet know how to kindly sort themselves out.

    As you focus on the light in any given situation you see it, experience it, and move towards greater light.

    For example, in your world today there are a great many stories of abuse coming to the surface. It is a time when the feminine energy is rising up saying, "I want the true masculine, the protector, the do-er, not the oppressor or the abuser." This is true whether it is a woman on the news speaking up about a man who abused her, or a man quietly sitting at home, unable to cry because his angry mother bullied or abused him. The energies within are not necessarily tied to gender.

    When you see these stories on the news you have choice. You can focus on the dark or the light. You can say, "How horrible! How could they do this! Crucify him!" Or you could say, "Handle this situation so it is not repeated, by all means, but dear God please uplift these sad and hurting souls that thought it was OK to abuse another human being. Please uplift and heal the ones who were abused. Dear God heal all hurting hearts."

    You can turn to the light and give thanks that what was once "acceptably hidden" is now coming to light so that hearts, and systems, can heal.

    This is why so many of you love the holidays. They give you a time with plenty of permission to be focused upon the light and love and goodness in the world; a time of being kind; a time of being generous, a time to give and receive, and a time to help one another. This season is a time when Love is allowed to shine more clearly into the world than usual. It is a time, every year, to celebrate the rebirth of light in a world that sometimes forgets.

    So during the holidays and indeed all year long, look for the light in the darkness. Seek it, see it, and be it. In doing so you will live a light-filled, delightful life!

    God Bless You! We love you so very much.

    -- The Angels

    Message From Ann

    Sometimes it is easy to find the light. Other times, it takes a little more creativity...

    Life does throw you a few curves at times. It doesn’t always look as we wish. People don’t always act as we want. I am not always the person I want to be. But the angels' advice holds true - Focus on the light in any given situation and lo and behold, you can transform almost anything into a more loving experience.

    Here are a few tips to help you sail through life’s challenges without getting stuck in them:

    1. Focus on the desired outcome

    It is all too easily to feel bad, victimized, or upset when life or people don’t turn out as we wish. You do need to let yourself have your feelings. However, the trick is to let them flow, let them go, and refocus on the desired outcome.

    When people are unkind, I feel my feelings, then focus on feeling the love in the entire universe again. When I have unexpected bills, I focus on them being easily paid. When someone is acting up I focus on what it would feel like to handle them with dignity and grace until I can get away from the unpleasant behavior.

    If your car was headed into a storm and you kept focused on the clouds, you’d drive right into them. Instead of you focused on finding the blue skies, you’d take a different course. By focusing on what you want, you aim towards it!

    2. Don’t dignify the darkness / turn to the light

    No matter how challenging a situation or unpleasant a person’s behavior, we have the choice to focus on it, or to focus on something better. The world teaches us to focus on the darkness, but we can choose to focus on the light.

    If a person is acting badly, focus on handling it with firmness and love, including self-love. Or focus on something else, someone else, or at least the fact that they must be crying for love. If a situation is hard to deal with focus on what you can do, what you do have, or how you want things to turn out.

    Turn to the light and your life will transform into greater light. Focus on the darkness and you remain in the dark.

    3. Add humor

    As the saying goes, sometimes you have to laugh instead of cry and I much prefer laughter. Laughter dissipates the darkness as surely as a flame melts ice. It is true I’d prefer not to hurtle demons out of me at 4am, or write Christmas cards while waiting for roto-rooter!! However, if I must, at least it makes for some good comedy!

    I hope your holidays go better than expected, however, when the unexpected arises, you can transform it quickly by looking to the light. Instant transformation - Just add love :)

    Love you all!


    Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,

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    December 2017

    Happy Everything! Today, And Always! By Ailia Mira

    My Friend -

    Thank you for being part of my life in 2017. I was feeling into the gift I could give to you, this season that would mean the most.

    I realized it was actually a message! That shouldn't come as a surprise given that I am a messenger :) ha ha ha.

    So here it is:

    Beautiful Being: dare to believe that what matters now, and what matters every moment of life is what matters to you.

    Each of us are perfect expressions of Life. Each of us have the potential to live life fully in so many beautiful and awe inspiring ways. Each of us are free to choose what we invest in with our focus and thereby make real.

    Sometimes we spend a lot of time in life thinking about and pondering, "What is my purpose?" We want to live meaningful lives, we're wired this way and it feels like to live a meaningful life, to make a difference, we need to know what our purpose is.

    There is another way to accomplish this. A way that is fluid and natural, simple and direct: trust what matters to you.

    Dare to believe that Life is arising within you, nudging you toward the best ways to be here, as you! You can allow yourself to relate to what you desire as intelligent guidance; the wholeness of life showing you how to be who you truly are.

    This holiday season, no matter how life is going for you. No matter what you want and how close that is, or how far away it seems, may I affirm that?

    What you want IS how Life is communicating with you, lighting the way.

    I invite you to be who you want to be here! I encourage you to go all-in in being the version of you that gives you joy!

    I am with you on this. I am happy to support and inspire you in that and also share the journey.

    This holiday and as you consider 2018 and what that might be for you, I ask you to allow yourself permission to reach for what you want with joyful exuberance.

    Choose what feels good to you, what makes you happy. Over and over and over again...

    Happy Everything!

    With love, Ailia

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