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Star Councils of Light: 2018 Sound Healing/Activation

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    January 10, 2018 12:45 AM PST

    Star Councils of Light: 2018 Sound Healing/Activation By Solara An-Ra

     We, the Star Councils of Light, are de-lighted to enter into this portal with you, dear Earth people – the portal of 2018, in your time line. We bring you news that will excite you beyond measure – those of you who are ready for change! For those of you who are fearful of change – who are reluctant to let go of the safety of the shore and glide with the current of life’s stream into the new reality – you may experience cynical or doubting thoughts and emotions as you hear our words. But you will feel an underlying excitement, nevertheless, at the future possibilities we describe. And if you allow yourselves to move with that excitement, you will quickly dissolve the resistance that holds you back.


    Our news is this – that your abilities to perceive that which has previously been invisible or inaudible are in 2018 catapulted into manifestation. In other words, the time is now for these extra-sensory perception skills to manifest in your reality. It will be as if the abilities you have in your dream state – to experience other-worldly realities – are  crossing over into your consciously perceived AWAKE reality. You have experienced the ability to FLY in your dreams; to teleport; to travel through space without vehicles, have you not? You have entered worlds of light and colour that are not of your 3-D realm, have you not?


    And we say to you that you are able to both do and perceive many of these things in your awake state – as your greater Light Body is activated, and as you master the ability to hold a certain Light frequency at will. These are the steps that you naturally gravitate towards in this time period, as they are a part of your evolutionary process. And you are assisted by clearing and opening your chakras, as we have guided you in our recent ‘Daily Quantum Shift Chakra Meditation’:


    There is a particular extra-sensory skill that we wish to speak of now, and which we will assist you in mastering in this message. It is the ability to use sound as a healing, transformational and activational tool.




    Step 1: We ask you to tune into this ability now by listening to a piece of music, and noticing the effect that it has on you. Is your auric field expanding or contracting while you listen? Do you feel yourself grounding or centering – or are you being lifted into a higher vibration – or both? Do you feel your emotions raising towards happiness or descending into fear? This is your first task in this lesson: to learn how to tune in when listening to a piece of music, and to observe carefully how your emotions and energy are being affected by the sound. It is a meditation on sound, as such – and for some of you this is enough, to simply learn how to change your mood, or open your chakras and energy field, or heal parts of your body, through listening to music and receiving it in a new, more conscious way. This will lead you to listen to music more often, to choose the music you play more carefully, to spontaneously dance more, and to become conscious of the effect different pieces have on your mind, body and emotions.


    Step 2: When you have found one or more pieces of music that you like and find uplifting, close your eyes and see if you can perceive any colour or shapes being created by the sounds. It is possible to open your inner vision through your intention, and actually see wave lengths, vibration, sacred geometry or colour that is being generated by or which a part of the music. This is a natural skill of yours, you have simply not been encouraged to do it. Try this exercise when in a group, or with your children, and see what comes up – you will be encouraged in your efforts as several of you experience similar shapes and colours being created by the music. In this process you will be remembering your ancient Atlantean skills with sound – learning how to see and feel sound, rather than only hear it.


    Step 3: Now you are ready to use sound as a healing or activating force. You can train yourself to do this if you are willing to put in some practise, and if you allow yourself to feel a sense of excitement when reading our words. Trust that you have this ability, and you are already more than half-way to its manifestation!

    Begin by experimenting with making your own sounds – both through toning with your own voice, and through playing instruments and singing bowls. It matters not if this is the first time you have ever tried this. Let go of your self-consciousness, and move into the sounds. This exercise requires open-ness, a sense of freedom and experimentation. You can begin with the intention of using sounds to open, balance, or reconnect specific chakras – or to bring light/colour/energy into parts of your body that are out of alignment. Do not expect to get the right sound immediately – just relax your mouth, let it change shape as the sounds come out, and experiment. Continue to open your inner vision to see the vibrations, waves, shapes and colours that are created by or present within the sounds.


    Perhaps the most awesome context in which you can use these sound skills are in healing any aspect of your 3-D world – and in particular, the aspects of your natural world which have been polluted, resulting in the suffering of physical beings - plant, mineral, animal and human beings included. You can, individually or in groups, focus on dissolving pollution or contamination in specific areas. Even the pollution of the collective unconscious, which holds thought forms and beliefs harmful to our society can be transmuted into the light through sound.


    If you are inspired to work with sound in this way, you will be guided as to when and how to chant/sing/tone out to that part of the world, holding a clear vision of the pollution being dissolved through the sound that is being used. Even a few minutes of sounding, coupled with a crystal clear intention, can effect a change for the good! What is essential is that the sound is produced with an open and happy heart, and with an absolute trust that the healing is possible – with the attitude that the desired result is, in fact, already in progress. It is this passion; this trust; this optimism which allows the magic to unfold.


    This is of course true in the process of manifesting every aspect of your lives. It is your attitude which is all-important, and the degree to which you decide to trust the unfolding process. When you resist change and focus on what you do not desire, so you unfailingly create more of the same. Same-old; same-old. When you embrace the future with optimism, action, open-heart and the desire to be of service, your progress is unfailing, and the magic unfolds! This is what we wish for each one of you dear souls in this unfolding year – that magic becomes the fabric of your reality.

    And so it is. Namaste.

    Suggested music for the sound exercises given:  try any of the music on my Spotify – or search for the following on YouTube or ITunes.

    Heart of Gaia: by Ashana

    Healing Sounds: Jonathon Goldman

    Uno: by Deuter - "Heart of Gaia - Ashana" - src="" width="560" height="315">


    archangel haniel

    Love: Your Path to Infinite Possibility By Melanie Beckler


    The only limitations for what you can be, have and experience this year are those you place on yourself.

    Because the reality of the situation is that you’re unlimited.

    And the only thing that can hold you back is believing you’re less than you are.

    And so now, if you’re willing… It’s is your time to step out from sheltering cave that is all you know and believe to be true about yourself and your life…

    Face your shadows and step out beyond them…Into the light of infinite possibility...

    Leap into the wild unknown in the direction of your heart’s true calling.  


    Yes, you may feel vulnerable… Yes, your fears and doubts may arise…

    But its only when you’re in the unknown that you can truly open to truly experience the highest possibilities for your life.

    Because you’re not here to follow the footsteps of another.

    You’re an incredible, unique, Divine being in physical form!

    And now is your time to step out of the shadows and into alignment with your highest Divine path…

    Where you can joyfully be of service to others in a way you love that’s also in alignment with the highest interest of all.

    And through this you naturally open to the true joy, abundance, and fulfillment you so desire and deserve.

    You have an entire team of guides and angels who are supporting, guiding and assisting you…

    And yes, you are energetically supported in making the leap… But you’re the only one who can do it for you.

    Are you willing to release the past? Are you willing to let go of the fear, and doubt…


    and turn the page on feeling unworthy…

    So that you stay open to the new possibilities coming your way…

    And one step at a time, progress into the unknown…

    Following your joy and inner inspiration… Listening to your intuition and inner guidance…

    To leave the past behind… And rise. The doors are open.

    And your most incredible, vibrant, and inspiring life is yours to create…

    Are you willing to do what it takes?

    With love and gratitude,




    There's an interesting energy in the air today... Are you feeling it?

    It's tied to some new Divine ascension codes streaming in...

    That are triggering some major questioning and reflection!

    This energy is seeking to support us each in aligning with a higher level of authenticity...

    To support us in navigating the shifting paradigm...

    And its setting us up to make progress in the direction of our highest purpose...

    Because there's an incredible surge of co-creative energy, forward momentum, and inspired action coming soon...

    But first, it's so important for us each to get really clear about who we really are, what our next steps are, what's possible, where we're headed and where we are each we are in or out of alignment with our highest authenticity.

    Which is exactly why these Divine codes of questioning are streaming in now.

    It's a part of your ascension process and will likely continue to bubble up in its own unique way for you throughout the weekend and into early next week...

    Give yourself permission to reflect, question and contemplate without slipping into judgment.

    Take some time to meditate, go inward, let go of focusing on the external...

    And reconnect with your inner heart light and highest authenticity.

    You're not alone in feeling reflective... And we're each being encouraged in our own unique ways to really look at where we are, and how we're going to be moving forward this year.

    The key to making the most of this questioning energy is to question everything (without judging) against the lens of your highest authenticity.

    Where are you on the right track?

    What needs to be changed or resolved?

    How can you more effectively serve with love and joy?

    Are you acting in alignment with your highest authenticity?

    What shifts are required for you to more vibrantly thrive?

    The doors of opportunity are opening for you step up into alignment with a greater level of your authenticity and embodying your highest light this year.

    But first... A little contemplation is in order to make sure you're making choices, taking action, and moving forward in a way that is authentic for you.

    Stay grounded and present to support you in this process.

    I also highly recommend listening to the Aligning Your Core Light Free Angel Message here:

    With love, light, and gratitude,


    Archangel Haniel connects in this empowering channeled angel message to assist you in clearing your energetic space and attuning your vibration to the power of Divine love.

    Love is your path to infinite possibility.

    Learn how you can clear your energetic field from density and energy which is not yours, to realign with what is most important on your divine road map to living authentically aligned with the light of your soul and spirit.

    Simply breathe, relax, and listen to connect with Archangel Haniel, and the beautiful frequency and message broadcast from the realm of angels.

    Podcast: Download - src="" alt=""/>

    Archangel Haniel"

    Beloved one indeed I am Archangel Haniel. I greet you with an orb of healing divine light, which cleanses your mind, body, and spirit and the energetic climate where you are. Cleansing the energy in and also around your being at this time…

    As your scientists have observed and learned, a solid object as you perceive it is actually particles flowing around with space between. In this manner, all objects while appearing solid and separate through the lens of illusion, which you view your reality, at the atomic and cellular level, at the energetic level are interwoven together, are connected, are all one energy of the light, which you are a part of and which you are able to co create within.

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    But in this way something that is seemingly outside of you, like the emotional storm or climate of another, the ever unfolding flow of worry, fear, and focus upon scarcity of another, in your proximity, can fuse with your mental and emotional atmosphere and seemingly out of nowhere where you have been feeling balanced, present, joyful, and well, and then you are bombarded with a storm of emotion, with the chaos of a cloud of thought and your personal energy can become affected indeed.

    As you interact and take on, worry and density, fears, thoughts, and perspectives which are not even your own, which ultimately do not serve in the sense of lifting higher and progressing forward, but rather weigh you down and pull you into dramas and challenges. Engaging your ego mind and falling further into illusion, rather than lifting in love on your spiritual path of awakening, of authenticity, and of seeking truth.


    And so at this time, consciously focus within on stillness, quiet, and calm. Read these words but release the thoughts of your second mind, the dialogue behind your main point of focus… Your second mind, which is engaged when you are consciously choosing to do something, and you suddenly think or hear, “I can’t do that. I’m not able to do that… What are you thinking?”

    Release that voice of doubt now. Let it go.

    Additionally, your angels who are on hand to help release the thought forms of others present in your space… Clouds of thought built up over time from minds left unchecked, untrained, and free to run. Visualize these dense clouds of thought releasing into the light of the Divine, and allow silence, stillness, clarity, and calm take their place.

    Your ego, historically and in your own life has served a purpose, but for many is running out of control. Ego is running the show and you, as a spiritual being with your desire to advance, to experience your angels and to experience the authentic connection with your higher self must learn to take control.

    By learning to take control of ego mind, to pause its perspective and judgment, you are then able to listen with your heart. Tune into the perspective of intuition rather than ego, and listen to the voice of love and understanding, which comes from your higher self, from your soul, from your guides, and from your angels.

    In every moment visualizing a blank slate before you. Clearing the clutter of thought out from your mind and clearing the clouds of thoughts belonging to others away from your energy, creates the sort of sacred silent space, an orb of quiet calm and peace around you where you are then able to hear the guidance which is flowing your way, for it is not filtered out through clouds of thought often built up over years and never released.

    There is a purpose for your thought, yes, of course. But remnants of thoughts past, and trains of rapid, scattered, negative thinking adversely affect you in many ways. The lesson here is to return time and time again to present moment awareness, to calm, centered, awareness of your oneness with all and detached from the worries and doubts and fears which flow through you from time to time. Letting yourself be transparent to these types of thoughts, and let them go.

    Your emotions, and the emotional storms of others and of yourself act in a similar way. You can be bombarded by emotion if you don't regularly take the time to center, return to stillness, and return to neutral. And then, any time when a challenging emotion overtakes you, neutralizing, releasing it into the light, returning to present moment awareness, non attachment, and non judgment.

    Imagine an orb of light around you in which the negativity, and density, and challenges of others cannot cross, and cannot enter. The sacred space of clarity is a sort of doorway for you, offering you the opportunity to lift and to enter in, to link with spirit without the distractions of thoughts and emotions of others. Without the distractions other types of negativity and density and energies of others may bring from within this space.

    Feel your energy flowing down, connecting to the earth, experiencing your oneness with earth and with all that is.

    Feel your awareness, your presence, your energy gathering in and returning to you. Your power returning to you in this moment. And now let the light flow up, opening your chakras one at a time, opening your root, sacral, and solar plexus, releasing blockages and allowing the divine light to flow up.

    Continuing up, opening your heart, throat, and third eye. Allow the divine light to flow, continuing up through your crown chakra, and now up above your crown, up above your upper chakras, up above the light and into the divine realms, into direct presence with source and all that is. Go up, lift, and bask in the infinite supply of divine light present here with you now.

    Divine light which is rejuvenating your being, cleansing and restoring your vibration, clearing your slate, and empowering you now to infuse the energy around you with conscious, positive thought of what you desire to create.

    Feelings of love and joy infuse your conscious thought with power to create in the physical realm. You have this ability, and you are supported by your guides and angels in this.

    Simply think or say, “Angels, help me to manifest positive in my life. Help me to align with the intentions of my soul and higher self for this life. Help me to stay in a state of love. Help me to experience magic and the connection with angels. Help me to live empowered.” And so it is.

    Now, your road map is open, personally and collectively. Infinite possibility lies before you depending on what you choose to focus upon and to act upon, thinking and setting your intentions and feeling good about your goals and then taking action initiates change.

    Keep moving in the direction of your dream to make it so. Balanced intention and action, merged with support from the divine and angels, strengthened by your awareness and presence and mindfulness, shows you that anything is possible.

    Yes, you can. Yes, you are able to. Yes, your time is now, your life is now, to consciously create and to return in the present moment to neutral, to love, and to awareness.

    From this awareness, if you notice the storms of thought and emotions and negativity of others, put on this orb of light again. Imagine it around you and within the orb only love remains. All density, negative thought, or doubt, or challenging emotions are released into the light. Any negative thoughts others which may flow your way bounce off this orb of light and are released. This orb is the energy of unconditional love, which serves you and uplifts you, which empowers you.

    In working with love you can do anything. Love is the path of infinite possibility, where you are able to walk forward experiencing growth and experiencing your higher self… Vibrant, enlightened, present, and well in physical form.

    At this time, feel your energy connected to the divine and to all that is, flow down in through the crown at the top of your head, through your third eye, your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, sacral, and root. Balancing and restoring these chakra energy centers, cleansing and purifying.

    And this light now flowing down, grounds you to the earth, and to the present moment, the point of your power, the point where you are able to create change and make a difference.

    Live in love to positively impact your life and all that is. I am Archangel Haniel. You are loved, blessed, and uplifted. I leave you with my blessing and with a final surge of light to cleanse, balance, purify, and rejuvenate your being according to divine will for the highest and greatest good. And so it is. Goodbye for now

    Many blessings of love and light,


    All the possibilities of your human destiny are asleep in your soul. You are here to realize and honor these possibilities. When love comes in to your life, unrecognized dimensions of your destiny awaken and blossom and grow. Possibility is the secret heart of time.” 

    ~ John O'Donohue


    You are ready to leave behind the limited version of yourself. You are ready to recognize your truth, that you come forth now from the moment of creation as a stream of a whole and perfect Love, ready to appear to bless the world, ready to appear as the awakened heart of God, ready to be that which reaches from above and touches every precious human life, ready to be made manifest as an angel or a guide, while appearing as a person as well, ready truly to be your unlimited self as a multidimensional being of Love.

    For you know that this is what you are.


    Video: "Love: "Your Path To Infinite Possibilities" - src="" width="560" height="315">






     Image result for light body



    As we take a few moments of silence, allow yourself to engage with the concept of unity, wholeness, and light. Allow this light body to come into your awareness as your entire body and being is light. The concept of density and the idea of your flesh is an illusion. At its base you're only light.

    Begin to see and connect to the wholeness, matrix, greatness and light pattern of your being. Spend some time connecting to the light of your being. When you feel ready take a couple of deep breaths, stretch, move your body, and gently come back to this time and place.

    Wish you a day with lots of love & light. Tercy







    Message from Ann...

    Messages from Ann

    Hi Everyone,

    You never know how Love will touch your life... By Ann Albers

    This week I was waiting in line at a grocery store customer service desk when an older, Indian gentleman turned around and offered me his place, "If you're in a hurry, you can go ahead of me." What a sweetheart! I thanked him but told him that for once I wasn't rushing.

    A client had canceled before my lunch break, and while I "should" have been at home answering emails, the idea of running errands appealed. "I like to ask," he continued in his delightful accent. "The mothers are always so busy!" I joked, "Well, I don't have kids, but I'm mom to a lot of adults. I feed everyone!"

    His face lit up! "Oh my wife! She feeds everyone! She is not my wife! She is my LIFE! We've been married 40 years." Love emanated form him, as he spoke of her with reverence. He proceeded to tell me they had large gatherings of people at their house each month just to talk. His wife fed everyone and they had only five rules: No politics, no religion, no selling, no drinking, and no smoking. They invited total strangers just to meet and eat. "You should come!" he told me. For the thousandth time this life, I wished I could clone to enjoy all the delightful souls I meet.

    I ran into him again as I was leaving. "I was just telling the clerk how sweet you are," I told him. He smiled and joked, "Oh no! I'm short, old, and ugly!" I looked him in the eye and teased, "That's not who you are! That's just the costume." He smiled even more broadly. "This," he said softly, gesturing at all the people still in line with a sweep of his hand, "This is all just Halloween!" We shared a silent moment of shared mystical truth and grinned like two kids with a beautiful secret. I saw the Divine in him as clearly as he saw it in me. He surprised me with a big hug. "I love you darling!" he told me with soul-level sincerity and the innocence of a child. "I love you too," I replied, practically dancing out of the store!

    This is the "real" world – a world of tolerance, love, and authentic expression. Occasionally, in this earthly dream, we get to experience the "real world" when love and kindness, humor and grace are shared freely, with innocence and without reservation. This soul blessed my day, my year, and now all of you with his innocent, loving heart.

    Can you imagine how we could change the world if we were all a bit more open to the adventure. I can. Let us dream it together.

    Here are some tips this week to help you trust the journey...

    1. Trust everything is perfect even if it doesn't look that way

    We are always exactly where we need to be to learn what we need to learn. The more you trust that, the better life gets.

    If your bank account is low, trust that you're learning about real abundance. When my clients cancel I trust the Divine Orchestration of my life. If a relationship doesn't work out, trust that you are going to receive more love. When a cold tried to set in near the end of my vacation I realized my body was telling me it was time to eat kindly once again.

    The more you affirm and believe that everything is perfect, the more you'll see and experience the perfection.

    2. Surrender to yourself... not your "shoulds"

    If you find things don't look the way you think they should, stop. Breathe. Ask yourself, "Given life as it is, people as they are, me as I am, what next?" I "should" have answered emails when my client canceled. I felt like running errands. Shoulds rob you of God's grace.

    3. Open to the adventure

    Control is highly overrated. So is knowing how everything is going to turn out. As children we opened to life, live in the moment, and embrace our days as a grand adventure.

    Years ago it wasn't on my agenda to take a certain route home, but it felt right. As soon as I turned off the freeway there was a woman with a stalled car. I went to get her some gas and she insisted I take some money for my time. I had just prayed for a little financial help. She had prayed for someone to assist her!

    The next time something doesn't look as you wish, surrender to the adventure. Magic and miracles await!

    May 2018 bring you joyous adventures, and more than you'd ask for!

    Love you all!


    Video: "Align Your Core Light" - src="" width="560" height="315">

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