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The New Dawn - Be Warriors of Light In These Times

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    January 12, 2018 12:50 AM PST

    The New Dawn - Be Warriors of Light In These Times

    Federation of Light Message On Jan 6, 2018 Via Blossom Goodchild

    Blossom: Happy New Year and all that jazz! Today I am open to receive that which you offer through Love to assist us all, through what seems like it is going to be a year full of changes. Judging from what you said last time!

    Federation of Light (FOL): Greetings from on High! We savour each communication we have with you and FEEL the need now to amp up that which we do offer, into a more ‘telling’ position.

    For centuries, it has been KNOWN that ‘Beings from elsewhere’ ... from 'outside of your system' … have visited your Planet. Many decisions have been made and many outcomes have derived for the Good, from such choices.

    Dearest Souls … NOW … in these days ahead … let it be known that there will no longer be the secrecy. It is part of the Divine Plan for worlds to merge. For souls to integrate, no matter where from, how they appear or indeed, what they choose to uphold.

    Blossom: What do you mean by ‘what they choose to uphold’?

    FOL: In that, the changes that are to occur within the next decade, will make your world, as it stands today, unrecognisable … FOR THE GOOD.

    Of course, there will be ‘menus’ that do not suit All. Yet, there will also be in place, a structure that each soul recognises as improvement for the system in which one finds themselves within.

    Blossom: You are using the word ‘system'?

    FIL: Indeed. For there has to be in place a system that works … FOR ALL.  As Each soul walks into the Peace of themselves, as Each and every Being upon your Planet FEELS the NEW ENERGY as it settles within and upon Mother Earth … there will be … there can only be … a system of logistics, in order for the flow of ‘Life itself’ to function in a natural way.

    Much, as we have said, is to be ‘uncovered’ … and when it is ... and it will be … one … will no longer/can no longer … wake up to a new day without questioning the ‘system’ that one has been encapsulated with in. We would go as far as to say ‘incarcerated’ within.

    As Truths are revealed … there will be MAJOR shock to the ‘system’ to one’s own individual workings. To begin with, one will be in disbelief of what they are being told and shown. Yet, as the TRUTH settles a little, all that is ‘opened up unto you’ can only bring about further enhancement to the LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

    For as it ‘dawns’ on one … as to the betrayals that have been carried out … the co-ercing … the absolute disruption of what once was … a strength from within begins to stir.

    As you FEEL this stirring … recognise it for what it is. At first, it may well present itself to you as an anger that you have never experienced. For indeed, your Being has been wronged. Yet … WE KNOW … that you are upon your Planet at this time for a reason.

    And that reason is to clear all Energies that are involved in such betrayals and bring yourselves and your Planet BACK INTO THE LIGHT FORM THAT IT USED TO BE.


    That is why you are here. You say you have been waiting and waiting for something to happen. Well now, dearest friends … it’s happening!

    Look beyond what you are told by your media. Look INTO you hearts and FEEL that which you KNOW to be taking place and send it LOVE.

    For LOVE Dearest Souls … is needed NOW, more than ever.

    Blossom: I can feel such a stirring in me from your Energy. As if the Volcano is about to erupt.

    And it is.

    For so long now, we have come through with messages to help you in finding your True self … to emerge in Light from the density that you reside within.

    Some of you have found yourselves ‘bored’ with that which we choose to say. Yet, we have made it our mission to continue playing the same record, in order for your strength, for the understanding of your soul … for the wakeup call within you … to bring you to this very position that you will find yourselves within as the days uncover more and more.

    Some will feel they see no point in continuing … for the lies they have been fed have reached so deeply into their Being’s that to realise ‘this is not how it is’ … becomes too much for them to ‘turn around’. For some … to think ‘outside’ the box will simply be too hard for their mind, heart and soul to comprehend and they will FEEL such confusion and turmoil within, that they will want to ‘leave’ the Planet.

    That which is to be uncovered is so great that it will have that effect on some. On others, as we say, a stirring will occur and one’s TRUE self will surface.

    There will be a KNOWING that THIS TIME is what you have been waiting for within.

    There … will no longer/can no longer … be a lethargy, a lack of enthusiasm about one’s LIFE.

    One’s LIFE, Dearest Souls … should be/will be … an expression of Divinity in its Highest form.

    One’s LIFE, Dearest Souls … should be/will be … Joyous within every breath.

    The mediocrity … the mundane partaking of what HAS to be done to keep one’s head above water, will cease.

    For when these things are uncovered the CHANGE WILL OCCUR.

    So, we state, that although to begin with … it will seem as if everything is falling apart … and it will be … the PHOENIX within you arises … in the KNOWING that the call has been given.

    Out of the ashes … out of the downfall of the entire system that is now in place … shall emerge …

     A NEW DAWN.

    The pieces shall not be put back together, for the fragmented rule is not to be rebuilt.

    Yet … from such a crash … a NEW SYSTEM shall be put in place.

     A system that is FOR THE PEOPLE OF EARTH.

    And this system shall be assisted by those from ‘other places’.

    As the walls that those of lesser Light hid behind, crumble … so too, shall there be the joining of souls from other worlds.

    Those who have been waiting in the wings … Those who have been on standby … for so long … are eager to partake in the rebuilding of the NEW system.

    A system that allows LIFE TO FLOW AS IT SHOULD.

    Dearest souls … do you feel this?

    Do you hear what you have already been told before you came to this Planet?

    You have KNOWN within you … that there is so much more … there HAS to be. Yet, you have been dampened down to such a degree, that you no longer remember the TRUTH of who you are.

    YET … YOU WILL … To such a degree that it will blow your mind!

     So, we would like here to just reiterate and make clear …

    That ...Although the ‘lid will blow’ and it will be ongoing for quite a while … for there is not just the one ‘cover up’ … not by a long shot … the sunny side of the street over to which you cross, will be the balance. For as you must come to terms with what has been going on … you shall also be more than happily accepting THE NEW LIGHT OF DAY.

    Whereupon, gifts of Glory … talents of unimaginable skills will be awakened within you … will be bestowed upon you … in such a way that the JOY that is brought forth from such miraculous findings, will completely override any debris left behind from Truths revealed.











    There will be no need for secrecy regarding contact with ‘Us’ and those like us.

    The fear will be gone … leaving us FREE to be as common in your skies as the bird on wing.

    So much to look forward to.

    We are full of excitement and yet, we would ask you to brace yourselves. For the road ahead will be a bumpy ride.

    We tell you this, not to ‘concern you’ … yet, to prepare you. For when such things begin … as they already are … you will be READY.



    To SHINE YOUR LIGHT SO BRIGHTLY, so that those who have no idea which way to turn, who to believe, what to think, where to go … will see and FEEL YOUR LIGHT GLOWING in the upheavals and be guided by it … led through, by you … to the understanding of what is taking place.

    For you shall explain … that what appears to be almost a ‘state of Anarchy’ … is merely the road to FREEDOM.

    YOU WILL UPLIFT THEIR BEINGS BY BEING LIGHT… and as your Light penetrates deep into their souls ... their fear subsides and they too, will then understand what is taking place … and in turn SHINE THEIR LIGHT to yet another who is lost … and so the momentum builds and  …



    You live in a world that is conducted by time. All this we have spoken off on this day WILL COME ABOUT IN DIVINE TIMING.

    We do not use the word ‘soon’. We simply say that there is no time set out for this. We cannot say that on such and such a date … such and such will be revealed. We … cannot /we are unable to … do so. Yet, KNOW Dearest Souls, that ‘time’ will not be relevant. For ‘Disclosure’ on all matters will unfold piece by piece by piece and we say to you … You will need time to absorb each goings on … You will need time to recoup before the next ‘unveiling’ and so on and so on. All the while ... Building in Strength … Building in Truth … Building in Love.

    Fasten your seatbelts … and prepare for take off!

    Blossom: Struth Ruth! Bring on The Truth! WOW! In such Love and thanks to you for walking along side us during these momentous times!


    Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can. every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY! The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is

    Video: "Affirmations: Starseeds Awaken! This Is The Year of the Butterfly" By Steve Nobel - width="560" height="315" src="">

    Three Ways to Accelerate Your Ascension This Year by Master El Morya Via Natalie Glasson

    If there is no download button, right click and save.

    Greetings, I am Master El Morya, the Chohan and overseer of the First Ray of Light. It is my purpose to oversee and activate within others the Creator’s qualities of wisdom, divine will, power, courage and action, and also to assist and encourage all to exist as the divine will of the Creator. In times of change, transformation and awakening, the First Ray qualities are required to create inner stability, security and empowerment.

    With the First Ray of Light, you learn to once more understand the Creator and the presence of the Creator within your being and reality. You Come to acknowledge the divine inspiration that flows from your being, the reason and purpose for your actions and the actions of others, as well as the greater picture of ascension for the Earth and beyond.

    And the First Ray of Light assists you in understanding how the divine will of the Creator moves through you; can be expressed through your actions, thoughts and emotions; and can be embodied as well - further grounding the divine will of the Creator into the Earth.

    The First Ray of Light, represented by a red color, enables you to move in harmony with the Creator; receive the support of the Creator; and know yourself more fully. Your inner truth is activated, as is your inner power, and these merge to awaken your entire being into a new level of spiritual awareness that influences your way of life and creations.

    You are encouraged to delve deeper into your being to recognise what is aligned with your power and courage so you may engage more fully with these sacred qualities of your being.

    You will also be guided to ask what within you is aligned with the divine will of the Creator. This is the sacred plan for your existence and incorporates your mission, the reason for your soul’s existence on the Earth, as well as your experience of fulfilment and ascension.

    When you realise within your being the thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and creations which are aligned with your power, courage and the divine will, then you also realise what is not.

    You allow yourself to embark upon the journey of letting go of everything that disempowers you, creates fear and distracts you from the presence of the Creator communicating with you and guiding you forth. This transitional process is filled with such wonder, beauty and magic, as you reveal to your conscious mind the eternal presence of the Creator within your being and navigating you through your reality.

    Video: "Three Ways To Accelerate Your Ascension This Year By Master El Morya" src="" width="560" height="315">

    No 1: Trust

    Embodying the divine will of the Creator requires the activation of trust, especially in that which you cannot see. Embodying your inner power and courage requires you to trust in the love and compassion eternally presence within your being, in truth your goodness.

    Often people are fearful of their power because they or someone else has abused their power, although they cannot remember the circumstances the energy created remains. Trust is the energy that encourages you to fully embody and experience the sacred qualities of Creator, and yet the quality of trust can be challenging to awaken.

    Often patterns of the mind and past experiences can create distrust which means that you are unwilling to commit to the qualities of the Creator already present within your being.

    When you recognise within your being the thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and creations which are aligned to your power, courage and divine will, as well as those that are not, you will allow your distrust to dissolve as you realise with deep knowingness the presence of the Creator within you.

    Calling upon the Creator to support you in your everyday life and ascension will nurture your inner trust as you will begin to recognise the support of the Creator manifesting all around you.

    ‘Beloved Creator, please support me today in my reality, actions, creations and spiritual evolution. Open my eyes and all my senses so I may see and acknowledge your powerful, all embracing divine support within and around me. I am ready to receive your divine support in the most beautiful, perfect way and accept manifestations in my life now. With deep gratitude and love, thank you.’

    No 2: Commitment

    As you recognise the presence and support of the Creator filling your being and reality, so you awaken a sacred energy within you of commitment. The Creator does not wish for you to make promises, vows or even to dedicate yourself to the Creator and all that is the Creator.

    Instead, when, I, Master El Morya, speak of commitment, I speak of the energy of loyalty to yourself and your spiritual evolution. I encourage you to ground yourself into your truth, into all that you recognise yourself to be and all that you know and wish to be.

    My guidance is to inspire you to take responsibility for your own evolution. You are the only soul upon the Earth that truly holds the answers you seek, and these may not be the same answers that others seek.

    There may be others who come into your reality to awaken your inner knowingness. However, it is important to remember that you are the source of your own inner knowingness and remembrance.

    If you face challenges, feel lost, require guidance or healing - know that all you seek is within you. It is very easy to seek answers outside of yourself, this is natural, and I, encourage you to accept and observe yourself when these patterns arise. It is appropriate to accept help from outside of yourself as long as you hold onto your inner power.  

    The key is to commit to yourself, trust your abilities, and know that the Creator will move through you demonstrating, sharing and revealing all that you require. With this inner knowingness, you will build a strong bond with your inner energies, your intuition will blossom, and your expression of the Creator awaken.

    Allow yourself to ask within these questions to bring realisation to your being:

    At what percentage am I committed to my spiritual evolution?

    At what percentage am I committed to my physical reality?

    At what percentage am I committed to my inner truth, essence and fulfilment?

    The word committed can also be changed to trust or faith. In truth you are asking yourself how much do you believe in your spiritual reality; how much are you ready to engage fully with your physical reality; and how much do you have faith in the presence of the Creator within you?

    These questions may bring new insights and understandings to your awareness, as well as alert you to healing that is required to align your being and awareness fully to the Creator. I, Master El Morya, encourage you to take time to contemplate certain situations, goals and dreams that are manifesting now, or you wish to manifest. Inviting yourself to acknowledge if you are fully committed, do you believe, have faith and trust? This will bring forth deeper enlightenment and connection with your inner essence.

    I, Master El Morya encourage you to contemplate what commitment really means to you? Remember that it is a feeling of grounding and knowingness within you, what does this feel like and manifest within your being and reality?

    No 3: Expression

    I have spoken of many beautiful energies, Creator qualities and experiences such as your power, courage, divine will, Creator’s support, trust and commitment. All empower, ground and encourage you to embody your essence and truth as an expression of the Creator.

    There is one more pathway I wish to guide you to focus upon; this is the pathway of expression. You have reached a pinnacle point in your spiritual evolution; you are ready to express the Creator through all aspects of your being. You are ready to be creative, to inspire others, to be of service and to no longer hide your inner truth.

    It is time to be an expressive beacon of all that is the Creator. There are no rules, simply focus on the love, peace and truth within you and you will be guided in every moment of your reality to express the Creator in ways that fulfill you and all.

    Therefore, I, Master El Morya, believe that it is important to connect with the First Ray of Light, the energies downloaded into your being will activate your inner qualities of wisdom, divine will, power, courage and action thus supporting you in trusting, committing and expressing all that is the Creator.

    I am present with you to empower your truth and encourage all to exist as the divine will of the Creator,

    Master El Morya

    Read More from Master El Morya - audio download of Natalie's channeling: "Tuning Into Cosmic Christ Light" - src="" width="560" height="315">


    Christine Day Online Blog - January Newsletter 2018

    Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as 'perfectly imperfect'. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.

    Christine's Message January 2018

    Monday, January 01, 2018


    Happy New Year! 

    Since the moment that physical shifting of the Sun took place, as we moved into the frequency of 2018, I have been energetically aligned into an expanded multidimensional experience.

    I find myself opening into moments as if I am looking through an expanded lens. With swirling colors and textures expanding outwards from my Heart, moving and interacting with other energetic forms that I have not previously encountered.

    I realize this is my newly expanded Heart chamber, interacting with all life force within this resident Universe. My perception is that I am more interconnected to this world of Earth and at the same time, there is a profound shift of deepening unity within the Spiritual realms. My connections within the Universal realms has heightened and my telepathic communion connection within the Collective God consciousness state is much more stabilized and constant.

    Simultaneously there is a deep inner guidance to let go, and allow myself to navigate into a more profound energetic experience within the vastness of my own heart.

    I want to remind you all that we, are interconnected to each other like never before and we need to reach out to each other in communion. The energetic setting within all of our Hearts has transformed enabling us to move together consciously.

    Today I want us all to reach outwards extending that union between us. I know we have been working within our Community circle on the Blog radio show, now this is the time for all of us to move together within another multidimensional connection.

    I send love out to each one of you. Blessings for this powerful New Year!



    Monday, January 01, 2018

    Beloved ones we greet you,

    Humanity has moved into a new potential of awakening as another phase of the ‘New Dawning’ energy has entered your planet at New Year.

    At that moment when you entered the frequency setting of 2018 the Sun physically shifted its position, moving into a more direct path to planet Earth. This movement created a new multidimensional opening on your earth plane, as a series of expanded multidimensional settings of light rays from the Sun entered the planet. The Sun’s rays carry the emanations of God. This shift brings another form of the essence of God to the planet, and you are ready to receive this awakening. Earth has undergone a complete energetic reset since that moment of New Year.

    You, all of humanity have been moved into a different time continuum, into a new phase of potential for self-realization through this expansion of God consciousness that is flowing within the planet. Your Heart chamber is now in direct alignment to those multidimensional forms of God.

    Through this reset there is a rapid process of acceleration in motion that is going to intensify your human experience, the human drama, while simultaneously you are being reconnected, reunited energetically to Self. Letting go and stabilizing within your Heart will be an essential component for flourishing at this juncture.

    The actual physical shift between Earth and the Sun is revealing a series of new frequency settings of light that have been activated within the magnetic core of your planet and there is shift in the central pulse of rotation within the Earth. You are being changed through a new pure frequency patterning that is emerging. This design is being interwoven from the central pulse into your Heart cells. This developed patterning will strongly impact you, expanding your ability to realign within your own unique sacred aspect, which exists within the sphere of the Heart cells.

    Your Heart cells are multidimensional and will fully respond to these emanations of God that are flowing onto our earth plane. As you choose, you will undergo a metamorphic process redesigning your Hearts multidimensional potential, through activating the chambers that exist on a multidimensional level within your heart.

    You have been in a deep and continual process of ‘not knowing’ over the past months, and now it’s as though the Sun’s rays carry a light to illuminate your path. You are able to move as a conscious community, as a ray of light, like a torch.

    Through this New Year dawning, your potential for reconnection to clarity, truth and a remembering of your own essence unfolds through the Sun’s rays. We witness you as you unfold, we hold an energetic ‘Platform’ to support you in your transition.


    The Pleiadians

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