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The Expansion of Your Channel By Natalie Glasson

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    January 16, 2018 5:55 PM PST

    In 2018 we enter into an exciting time for those upon the Earth consciously connecting with the light of the Creator and wishing to awaken the sacred light within others. Those who recognise the light within and around their being and existence on the Earth, may become aware of expansion taking place within their channel. While this shift in ascension is what all light conscious souls have been asking and waiting for, it may also require the activation of your inner courage, as well of the release of fears.

    Every human and being upon the Earth has a channel, this is a direct link to the Universe of the Creator which exists almost like an energetic funnel extending from your crown chakra and merging with your chakra column. Every being has the ability to express and deliver the Creator’s energy through their channel, grounding and anchoring these sacred qualities into the dimensions of the Earth.

    Every soul’s channel is already present and in use daily. You are channeling throughout your day without realising it. Energy can be expressed through your channel in multiple ways and forms, each are a unique expression of an energy which cannot be described, labelled and explained. It is for all to discover, explore, master and advance their channel, progressing to evolved expressions of the purity and truth of the Creator.

    Many beings channel aspects of their ego, mind, emotions, soul and spiritual guides without realising. Advancing your channel is to align your channel to the ultimate truth of the Creator, allowing this to be the source from which you express the divine.

    Your Community of Guides are Co-Creating with You

    You have a community of guides who are devoted to you, their purpose is to assist you through your ascension process upon the Earth. Your community may consist of 12 guides or anywhere to or beyond 144. Your community of guides may consist of a myriad of sacred beings such as angels, archangels, star beings, ascended masters, elementals or goddess beings.

    Each member of your community of guide is stepping forth to surround you in a powerful and awakening light which is flowing through them from the Creator. They gather their energy in unison, directing their light to your crown chakra at the top of your head. They begin to magnify the light building within your crown chakra directing it into your channel; down through your chakra column and up into the Universe of the Creator. They are creating a powerful beacon and flow of light which is expanding, developing and empowering your channel. They will continue to work with you for many days, weeks or even month until the desired outcome has manifested.

    With your channel expanding so the volume of light flowing through your being enhances, as if igniting your entire being with new frequencies of light and Creator consciousness. It is like a cosmic breath grounding into your being, enhancing your sensitivity to your community of guides and the purpose of your devotion. Each of your guides has tools, abilities, techniques, wisdom and talents they wish to promote within your being.

    There is a need to take time to imagine, sense or acknowledge the presence of your community of guides surrounding you. Their light focused at your crown chakra, creating an umbrella of light above you with light extending down through your chakra column and up into the Universe of the Creator. Allow yourself to see, sense or acknowledge the expansion taking place within your crown chakra guided by your community of guides.

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    The Expansion of Your Channel by Master El Morya

    Focusing the Expansion of Your Channel

    The expansion of your crown chakra welcomes the expansion of your entire being, allowing you to feel a greater expression and embodiment of the light of the Creator. When there is no focus to your channel you are able to receive the benefits of your channel, such as enhanced light, vitality flowing and divine inspiration. To advance your channel and explore the purpose and ability of your channel there is a need to develop your focus.

    What do you wish your channel to be?

    What do you wish your channel to bring into your embodiment and life?

    What abilities do you wish your channel to activate, promote or develop within your being and life?

    Now is the time to create the focus of that which you have longed to experience or activate from within your being. Maybe you long to express healing through your channel and don’t know how.

    Maybe you wish to channel music but do not have any experience with music.

    Now is the time to state the abilities you wish to manifest, accept and embody within your being. The intentions you create will be woven by your guides and your soul into the light of your channel and the awareness of your being.

    Remember that your channel isn’t expanding so you can be famous and acknowledged by others for your spiritual capabilities. It is expanding to bring greater fulfilment to your existence upon the Earth, to increase your confidence and trust in yourself as an expression of the Creator and to allow you to explore the essence of your being with greater depth. When you trust in your expression of the Creator you may find yourself being of service and co-creating awakening with others, this will be a result of your understanding of your unison with all.

    If you wish to experience abundance, peace, joy, physical health, truth, wisdom, romantic love, friendship, manifestion or anything that flows into your mind in this moment, you can focus to allow your channel to be an expression of this. For example, with your community of guides you may form a channel of abundance which allows the Creator’s energy of abundance to flow through you, activates abilities of manifesting abundance, insights of how to support others in experiencing abundance and so much more.

    Having Courage

    You may discover that there is a need to become familiar with the energy of courage within your being. What courage feels like, how it can be expressed from your being and when courage is divinely guided. With your deepening friendship with your inner courage you develop a greater familiarity with your inner power. The expansion of your channel will promote the further awakening and expression of your inner power.

    Often your greatest spiritual dreams and desires for yourself and your reality seem impossible or unattainable, this is when courage is needed and required. Courage promotes your inner trust, faith and hope. Courage allows you to align yourself with that which you wish for, which is what you already are. This alignment allows you to embody and become the energy of that which you wish for, therefore awakening this aspect of yourself into realisation. Courage, trust, hope and faith are required as a constant energy to be present within your being and creations.

    The Only Block

    There is one energy which can block and limit your experience of the expansion of your channel and the beautiful abilities, talents and gifts it will awaken. This energy is fear, in truth, your fear of receiving and experiencing that which you wish for.

    Invite yourself to acknowledge how the expansion of your channel will alter and shift your life? How will the manifestation of that which you focus upon change your life? What do you fear the most? Recognition of fear allows the creation of liberation and freedom especially within your channel and the abilities it is awakening within your being.

    Take time to co-create with your community of guides, to focus and realise all that you are,

    Many blessings and constant love,

    Master El Morya

    Read More from Master El Morya - Audio download of Natalie's message - "Judy Satori - A New Beginning - A Super Moon - Complete Regenesis Transmission" - src="" width="560" height="315">




    Patricia Cota-Robles />

    January 11, 2018 - 2+0+1+8=11

    1-11-11 = New Beginnings 

    11= Reflects Transformation from the physical into the Divine


    Our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven are sending their Infinite Gratitude to the Lightworkers who were physically present and the thousands of Lightworkers around the world who consciously wove their Light into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. This occurred during our first Free Seminar for 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. Our God Parents are also sending their blessings to the I AM Presences of the rest of Humanity who participated in this opportunity to add to the Light

    of the world, whether the person was consciously aware of it or not.


    Phoenix was the ideal location for this initial expansion of our newly empowered Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. The Phoenix Bird rising from the ashes is the perfect metaphor for the New Earth of Love and Oneness rising out of the ashes of the old Earth of separation and duality.


    Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth our Father-Mother God were able to breathe higher frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love than we have ever experienced into our grid. This Divine

    Light will bathe the Earth for the entire month amplifying the Lightwork of every single person a thousandfold. On February 11th, at our Free Seminar in San Jose, California, we will again unify our hearts with Lightworkers around the world to weave the 2nd wave of Light into our Grid of Love.

    In addition to empowering our grid with new frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love our Father-Mother God infused new frequencies of Christ Consciousness into the grid which are designed to lift every man, woman and child on Earth a quantum shift toward Christ Consciousness.


    Christ Consciousness is the enlightened state of consciousness we were invested with by our Father-Mother God when we were first breathed forth from the Core of Creation. After we fell into the abyss of separation and duality, we lost Christ Consciousness and the ability to communicate with our I AM Presence. Since that fateful time, we have been struggling to reverse the adverse affects of our fall from Grace and to reclaim our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God by returning to Christ Consciousness.


    Our Father-Mother God have given us an invocation that will assist every person’s I AM Presence to assimilate these new frequencies of Christ Consciousness. Dear One, this month please hold the sacred space for this powerful activity of Light and repeat it as often as you are inspired to do so. 

    This is a multidimensional activity of Light that is accomplishing far more than we are

    able to perceive with our finite minds.


    And we begin…




    I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. What I invoke for myself, I invoke on behalf of every man, woman and child on Earth in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned. This is possible because WE ARE ONE

    and there is no separation.


    On the Holy Breath, I now breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically through my Heart Chakra. With every Inbreath, I align with the Love of my Father-Mother God and the Sacred Breath of the Holy Spirit.


    With every Outbreath, my God Parents open my Heart Chakra to new breadths and project their

    Divine Love and Power into the physical plane of Earth.


    Through this activity of Light, the portal within my right-brain hemisphere and my Heart Chakra, through which the Love of my Mother God originally flowed to bless all Life on Earth, is once again opening to full breadth.


    As the full Divine Potential of my Mother God’s Pink Flame of Love pulsates through my Heart Chakra, it is brought into perfect balance with my Father God’s Blue Flame of Divine Power which is also pulsating within the Divinity of my Heart.


    My newly balanced Heart Flame has a dual pulsation. The first pulsation is the In-breath—assimilating and absorbing the Power and Love of my Father-Mother God. The second pulsation is the Ou-tbreath—expanding and radiating out the Power and Love of my Father-Mother God.


    My Heart Flame is the inward portal for my return to Christ Consciousness. It is also the Open Door that will allow me to once again communicate with my I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven. It is through this Open Door that the blessings from my Father-Mother God and the Realms of Illumined Truth radiate outward into my daily life.


    On the Holy Breath, my return to Christ Consciousness and my inner journey back to my Father-Mother God are balanced with my outer service to Humanity and all Life. It is within this balance that I open my Heart Chakra once again to the perpetual flow of my Mother God’s pure Divine Love.


    My Father God’s Blue Flame of Power and my Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love are now balanced within my Heart Flame. These two aspects of my Father-Mother God now merge into the magnificent Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. This Sacred Fire blazes up from my Heart Chakra and expands into my physical brain structure activating my pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands, and the ganglionic center at the base of my brain.


    The activation of my spiritual brain centers creates the sacred space for the opening of my Crown Chakra. As this occurs, a greatly intensified frequency of the Yellow-gold Flame of Christ Consciousness begins flowing from the very Heart of God into the Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. These brand new frequencies of Christ Consciousness now flow through my I AM Presence and my Crown Chakra into my pineal gland.


    With this influx of Light the highest frequencies of Christ Consciousness that I AM capable of integrating flow through my pineal gland into my mental and emotional bodies. As I return to Christ Consciousness, my heart and mind are recalibrated to higher frequencies of Divine Love, Oneness

    and Reverence for All Life than I have experienced since Humanity’s fall from Grace aeons ago. The illusions of separation and duality are shattered. I now know that I AM One with all of the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth. At long last, I experience the bliss of knowing that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS and I AM that Love.    And so it is.




    Patricia Cota-Robles

    Era of Peace

    New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

    a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization 

    PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717

     FAX: 520-751-2981, Phone: 520-885-7909

    This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it

    is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

    ©2018 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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    Serapis Bey: Ascension Flame By Elaine DeGiorgio 

    serapis bey eraoflightdotcomSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Main Guide in the vibration of Serapis Bey and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all:

    Dear Souls,

    I Serapis, come forth this day to speak of Ascension, for I have for many Eons been overseeing the Ascension of many Souls upon your Earth and throughout the Omniverse.

    All Universes upon which many of you may connect with through the expansion of Consciousness are shifting into a new paradigm of Love and of Light and of Healing.

    They are coming forth at this hour to work with and alongside this Universe and the Galaxy in which you reside to bring forth love, knowledge, and peace.

    The Councils of Light and The Universal Gatekeepers come forth opening the Universal Gateways of Wisdom and Truth.

    Sounds and Sounds come forth. Universal Sound waves are truly activating upon your Earth to facilitate Healing.  The Healing Energy is now shifting and the connection with the Ancient Alchemy of the former Root Races upon your Earth are truly activating.

    I speak now of Eons past when the lands were a plenty and the pyramids were many connecting the Energy of the Earth to that of the Many Star Nations and Planets and Universes… Oneness ruled the Hearts of Humanity upon your Earth, we now are entering those phases once more and the transmissions of Light are being anchored and the veils between the dimensions become an illusion as you connect and reconnect…

    I come forth in this hour to radiate the Ascension Flame within your Hearts. Connect now dear children - connect with the Crystal White Ray that pours forth upon this hour bringing you back to the beginning and connecting you with your Divinity, your Divine Qualities that you have within you.

    Ascending Souls upon Gaia have now entered a Great Transition. These High Frequency Transmissions that are coming forth from the Great Central Suns at Omniversal Level are coming forth at this time to remove the old remnants and blocks that many of you have experienced in your life upon your Earth, thus bringing you into a more Higher Frequency and Vibration of Light and Love.

    This will bring you into a finer alignment with Source and the Connection with your Higher Self.

    I Serapis, in this hour, hold the Flame of Ascension for each and everyone of you to help you release and heal and transcend… for dear children it is a truly exciting time upon your earth.

    The fruits of your Ascension Process is indeed very sweet indeed.

    I am working with you all and with Mother Sekhmet-Durga and the Sisterhood of the Rose with the invocation of the crystal and diamond rays on your earth overseeing many Sacred Sites.

    The Pyramids of knowledge and Truth are indeed activating in each and everyone of you.

    Now is the Time to connect with The Ankh, the fountain of all creation, and within this you will discover much knowledge  and achieve the ultimate symbol of the balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

    Go forth and create and co-create for all of you dear children have the God Spark ignited within ... create and co-create your Ascension and be the Architect and Mason of the New Golden Age of Light bringing forth Heaven on Earth.

    I come to you to help you embody the truths within your hearts through the ray of the Ascension Flame that hath now activated once more in each and everyone of you.

    I leave you with the Peace and Joy at this time.

    I AM Serapis Bey and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

    Video: "2018 Ascension Angel Card Reading" By Melanie Beckler style="background: transparent; border: 0px; margin: 0px 0px 24px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline;">


    Image result for spirals of light


     Breathe into your body and imagine that the light language that has been coming into your field and connecting to your pranic tube, the space around your sacrum and your spinal column, has been preparing the way for your innate ability to awaken and connect to happiness.

    Set your intention to absorb more of the light and freedom that is in your life in every moment. Some of the sacred geometry and language of light looks like small corkscrews or spirals. Just like a drill can go into something that’s hard and spiral in and make space, these corkscrews of light are softening and opening and creating space in your system so that you can absorb more of the happiness that’s there.

    Spend some time in this process and when you feel ready, take a couple of deep breaths, stretch, move your body, and gently return to the here and now.

    Wish you a wonderful day to you with love & light,