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Recognize The Power Within Your Spinal Column

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    January 19, 2018 12:57 AM PST

    Recognize The Power Within Your Spinal Column To Raise Your Vibrations

    Federation Of Light Message On Jan 12, 2018 Via Blossom Goodchild

    Blossom: Good morning to you. The Energies, as they are settling on this Planet FEEL SO GOOD …

    when we make the choices to give time to acknowledge them. A lady wrote in saying that when she

    had listened to the GAME CHANGER video … she, all of a sudden … realized/felt … what a

    personal/universal … power station the spinal column is! Like a ‘Radiating technology Light

    Source.’ She asked if you would kindly speak of this?

    Federation of Light (FOL): Greetings to ONE and ALL. We are recognising the CHANGE

    upon your Planet as more and more souls ‘plug into’ the newer Higher Energies. We are

    noticing the very Light upon your Planet brighten, and can visibly see the upliftment

    taking place. We are able to FEEL the CHANGE and this fills us with much excitement.

    We are so very much further ahead than we once were, and it is good for your souls to

    acknowledge this also. For in doing so … that too, creates yet another Higher shift.



    Yes, the lady speaking of the spinal column is indeed, correct. It is a beacon … a pylon

    of Energy that radiates out, not only into the entirety and complexity of your Being, yet,

    is also an antennae to ‘pick up’ on all that it requires.

    It is the very ‘back bone’ of who you are. And when the lady stated that it is a Universal

    Power station … she was correct again. In that, it is a connection port.

    In your visualisations, you imagine your different chakras lighting up in different colours

    and opening up and activating etc. It would be very ‘useful’ for you to do the same with

    your spinal column.

    We ask you to visualise your spinal column as an activated antennae  radiating Light

    and colours. It is useful to visualise it as a column of Light that is ‘Alive’ and sending

    out information as well as receiving it. We also would express it as a ‘Homing device.’

    Blossom: Could you elaborate on that?

    FOL: We would say that it is an anchor … for your system. You are sensing Blossom, the

    visual we are giving you, yet, we are finding it ‘tricky’ to put into words.

    Blossom: The visual is a red electricity pylon reaching high up into the sky.

    FOL: And it can pick up on all Energies around it. It can also draw on Energies from

    ‘home’ … from your True Home and bring them into your Being and as we say, anchor

    them in.

    Blossom: I am a little confused, for I thought it was our Crown chakra through which such things


    FOL: This is correct. Yet, the spinal column, would we say, helps direct and ‘pull into’ …

    ‘infuse’ … these Energies into the individual system. It is an integral part of the ‘system’

    in which ONE is housed and it goes without saying of its delicacy.

    To visualise it as ‘straight’ without kinks or curves will prove to be empowering. It is so

    important in its design to serve … not just the body, yet, the Light that you are, also.

    You are picking up on the fact Blossom, that we are struggling a little to describe exactly

    what it is. Yet, may we suggest that you ‘tune into’ your spinal column and allow it to let

    you know what relationship it has with you … and why?

    It is a driving force … and to give it honour would prove to be beneficial … for then one

    shall connect with it and understand it on a much deeper level. Blend with it … give it

    Gratitude and it shall show you its secrets that lie within … waiting to be discovered.

    Blossom: Secrets?

    FOL: Indeed! Dearest souls, in these New Times … as you each offer more ‘time and

    service’ to self … you will discover the ‘chit chat’ one can undergo, with so much within

    the body. Every living thing has an outlet that enables it to communicate. It is simply a matter of understanding its language and from what ‘angle’ it is coming from.

    It is a matter of ‘tuning into’ … ‘homing into’ the Vibration of ‘anything’ in order to be

    at Peace with it and ‘be on its level’. This can be accomplished by request and

    breathing …

    Blossom:And patience?

    FOL: We would bring to mind the statement of ‘ It is not about the destination … it is

    about the journey!’

    Enjoy exploring new heights … now that you have reached them.

    REMEMBER NOW that your Vibration has risen into a Higher more POWERED state of

    Being. Therefore, it is Fun … it is Good … to experiment in all kinds of ways, in order to

    discover this NEW HIGHER YOU.

    Blossom: Someone asked that if we breathed in and out in a Higher Loving place of Vibration ( as

    you had mentioned in Nov 8 conversation of Last year)  … would that put our frequency at 7.8Hz  …

    and as the Earths signature pulse/frequency "Schuman Resonance"  is also at 7.8Hz then would we

    have the best chance to re-create World Peace? (Out of my league of understanding as you know!!)

    FOL: We would say that the Frequency of Earth and indeed one’s self, is ever

    changing … from moment to moment. If it was resonating say at 7.8Hz, then there are

    many layers of that stated Frequency in which the Vibration dances within.

    A disaster of say, a bomb … or the influence of a volcanic eruption can alter the

    ‘balance’ of that Frequency and take it to its lowest point of the frequency in which it


    In the same way, a shattering circumstance for a Human Being will have the same

    effect. It is only through the deliberate sending of Love Light from/of/as/ the Highest

    KNOWING one can bring forth … that the balance can be restored to its most

    comfortable position. 

    Blossom: I don’t understand numbers, and therefore, I accept that it is difficult to bring such

    ‘talk’ through me, regarding numbers and HZ … (We have travelled down this road before.) Yet,

    regarding this year’s revealing’s and outcomes with the TRUTHS that unfold … will that effect the

    ‘resident frequency’?

    FOL: Of course. For in that which is to be uncovered there will be an attachment to it

    of deep shame … an attachment to such things that carries an Energy that is of the darker clouds. The Truths revealed, will take many into deep depression and therefore, create the imbalance we

    have spoken of.

    This is why, as in our last communication, we ask you to ‘Step up your game’, so that,

    because … of/within … your knowledge of WHAT LIGHT CAN DO … you are able to

    counter balance all such lower energies and thoughts and UPLIFT THE ENERGIES into

    the Vibrational Frequencies that have been set within your Earth’s ...

    stratosphere/atmosphere … at this time.

    These ‘uncouth’ scenarios that shall be ‘brought to Light’ could not be done so until the

    Energies of your Planet were of this particular frequency, because the intense and

    unbelievable discoveries that are to be brought into the open, will indeed bring the

    Energy down.

    Therefore, it was necessary for your Planet to be strong enough to be able to override

    these coming events … and due to YOUR LIGHT upon it; shining it out … it is now in a

    position to do so. To be able to uphold the LIGHT AS IT IS … in order to then, once all

    has again settled … to continue on raising the Vibration and the Soul-Spirit into the

    Land of the free!

    Are the pieces of the puzzle falling into place a little now, Dearest Souls? Are things

    beginning to FEEL more sense?




    The CHANGE IN ENERGIES due to the CHANGE IN SELF is nothing more than

    outstanding. You can surely FEEL It?

    Well, I cannot answer for everybody yet , for me … oh, yes indeedy! A KNOWING POWER within

    FEELS so connected to ALL OTHERS that are FEELING the same. Such Gratitude for BEING is a

    natural given these days and I LOVE IT … and all I can say is … BRING ON /IN … more of the same!

    Your choice entirely. We are humbled by the strength of you ‘Earthlings’

    Oh, titter titter!!

    For the courage and strength you carry is second to none! WE LOVE YOU.

    And WE LOVE YOU! In Love and thanks for your friendship!


    Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to

    keep the Energy as HIGH as we can. every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY! link to be able to access all my YouTubes is


    Video: "Ascension Activations For You By Susan Shumsky" - src="" width="560" height="315">


    Andromedan Starseed Rainbow Crystal

    Light Transmission: Channeling a Deep

    Healing Light Into Gaia By Steve Nobel



    There are a number of Starseeds on this planet with Andromedan connections.

    Andromeda is a beautiful system with many helpful races. Some of these are

    humanoid and others are taller and have the appearance of great winged angels. This winged race has long connections with the earth.


    You can think of these beings in this transmission as angels or as star beings

    (although here I have referred to them as angels). The frequency of these beings

    is extremely loving and wise.


    In this transmission you will be held by six archangels from the earth plane along

    with four Andromedan angels who create a grid of rainbow crystal light around you.


    Within this grid you receive a transmission of rainbow crystal light to clear aspects

    of your physical body as well as a transmission of light that is sent via your energy

    fields deep within the crystalline grid of the earth to promote a deep healing and

    cleansing within Gaia and all kingdoms of nature including the human kingdom.


    Steve Nobel gifts us with the help of the Archangels with an incredibly powerful

    healing for ourself & Gaia in this new video. Infinite Blessings of Love & Abundance

    to All of You, Steve


    Video: "Andromedan Starseed Rainbow Crystal Light Transmission: Channeling a

    Deep Healing Light Into Gaia" By Steve Nobel - />



    New 5D Alpha Earth Transmission: A

    Communication of Grace From Our

    Collective Future

    In this remastered transmission, you will receive a high frequency transmission from the future.

    This is a communication of grace from those further along the timeline who share with us a

    vision of a new earth many decades in the future. (Recorded by Steve Ahnael Nobel February


    We are in an important time, a crucial turning point in our collective evolution. The old 3D world

    is dissolving. A new earth is being birthed. The emerging 5D paradigm brings us to live in

    alignment, and the gateway is open for us to explore the bounteous wonders of the universe.

    Here growth involves fun, play and flow. There is no need to struggle.

    The planet is starting a new 26,000 year cycle of evolution and we are here at the beginning

    point. The Earth, and all those walking the 5D timeline, are being cleansed of the past and

    opened to a new future timeline. This timeline is being held by a new planetary grid of energy.

    This transmission focuses on opening the connection to our Higher Self along with Archangel

    Metatron who together shift our vibration from fear to love, separation to unity consciousness.

    It also invites in the energies of a number of star beings who are helping us in this planetary

    shift. Our Higher Self, AA Metatron, and four star groups (Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus and

    Pleiades) open up for us a doorway to the 5D timeline to a New Earth. This doorway leads

    beyond this period of global transition (2012-2030) through the phase of dawning (2032-2070)

    and beyond into the birth of a new civilisation on the earth (2070-onwards).

    Video:New 5D Alpha Earth Transmission: A Communication Of Grace From Our

    Collective Future" By Steve Nobel  src="" width="560" height="315">



     Mirroring the Divine By Richard Rohr

    Thursday, January 11, 2018


    In Christianity the inner self is simply a stepping stone to an awareness of God.

    Man [sic] is the image of God, and his inner self is a kind of mirror in which God

    not only sees Himself, but reveals Himself to the mirror in which He is

    reflected. Thus, through the dark, transparent mystery of our own inner being

    we can, as it were, see God through a glass. 

    All this is of course pure metaphor. It is a way of saying that our being somehow

    communicates directly with the Being of God, Who is in us. If we enter into

    ourselves, find our true self, and then pass beyond the inner I, we sail forth

    into the immense darkness in which we confront the I AM of the Almighty. 

    Thomas Merton [1]

    Your life is not about you; you are about Life. You are an instance of a universal,

    eternal pattern. The One Life that many call “God” is living itself in you, through 

    you, and as you! You have never been separate from God except in your mind.

    Can you imagine that?!

    This realization is an earthquake in the brain, a hurricane in the heart, a Copernican revolution in

    the mind, and a monumental shift in consciousness.

    Video: "Vlog 45 - A Quantum Shift Towards Christ Consciousness" By Patricia Cota-Robles width="560" height="315" src="">