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A Vision for True Forgiveness

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    January 30, 2018 12:44 AM PST

    Working With The Divine Energies of The Creator By Steven Hutchinson

    Below are some of the divine threads of the vast Energies of the Creator. Calling them forth in your meditations and in your daily life will definitely help expand your consciousness and add great impetus to your spiritual growth.

    Call upon your Divine Self & all the Divine Beings of Light helping you to always be guiding you and helping you work with God's Love & Light for the highest good of all.


    From wherever you are now on your spiritual path, make it a daily practice to shine your Light of the Creator's Energies, meditate on them, affirm them.


    For the way that you get from where you are now to where your Soul & 'I Am Presence' are guiding you to be is through consistent and steady action and meditation. Through shining God's Love & Light in the moment, creating with what you have, returning to center, staying present, opening your heart, filling your body, mind and spirit with Love & Light, letting them flow into every cell and truly charging yourself up, so that you restore and expand your divine connection to the Creator and shine as the brilliant divine being you authentically are in every moment!


    Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all of you,

    Steven Hutchinson


    Invocation: "Throughout this embodiment, I ask My Divine Self & all the Divine Beings helping me to help me to activate, experience, anchor & embody with my every breath the Divine Light & Energies that are divinely perfect for me from all of the following Divine Energies of the Creator :


    "The Light & Divine Energies of the Totality of my Soul & Soul Group; The Light & Divine Energies of the Creator;The Light & Divine Energies of My Divine Self; The Light & Divine Energies of all the 144 original extensions of the Creator; the Light & Divine Energies of Divine Joy & Happiness & Christ Consciousness; the Divine Light & Energies of My Supreme Love & Power Body in me, & in every human being; The Light & Divine Energies needed for my spiritual growth & ascension."

    Breathe these divine energies into your Whole Being with your every breath. Imagine, feel, or acknowledge these energies merging with & being embodied in your Whole Being, and anchoring in your Earth Star Chakra and radiating out to everyone in your Presence, and radiating out to all of Gaia and to every human being.


    I ask my Soul to create & maintain Perfect Divine Alignment in my mind & my Whole Being with all of these divine energies... And So It Manifests !

    Breathe in the loving energies of your Soul & Soul-Group, & of your Divine Self, & of the Creator, & of all the 144 original extensions of the Creator - & let yourself feel them in your heart chakra. Let your mind and your Whole Being be filled with these divine energies. Let yourself shine these divine energies to all around you, and to every human being and to all of Gaia.

    Affirm: I am one with the all-embracing Love & Light of Source energy. I am one with the Power of Light & Love that moves through all living beings.

    Affirm: I call forth the Divine Love & Light energies of My Supreme Love & Power Bodies to manifest God's Perfection in me & in every human being, & to manifest God's Miracles that are helping heal & uplift everyone into Christ Consciousness." 

    Affirm: "I Am the Light & Divine Energies of My Soul & Soul-Group & My Divine Self & the Creator & all the original 144 Extensions of the Creator - all working together & manifesting the perfect divine healing, spiritual upliftment, & Christ Consciousness in me, in every human being, & throughout Gaia with each breath of Gaia & each breath of every human being."


    And, "I Am the Light & Divine Energies of  the Totality of my Soul & Soul Group anchoring & embodying in me, & helping me always be experiencing God's Peace, Joy, Creativity, & Abundance with my every breath!"  

    And, "I Am the Light & Energies of Divine Love, Joy, Happiness, & Christ Consciousness manifesting from my Soul & from Mother/Father/God in my mind & throughout my Whole Being & in every cell in my body with my every breath!"

    And, "I Am the most divinely perfect Light & Energies of the Creator working in me with my every breath that are manifesting my spiritual growth & ascension! I Am Divine Clarity in manifestation ! "

    "Am embodying in my chakras & in every cell of my body all of these Divine Energies with my every breath...and I feel & experience these Divine Energies healing & uplifting me as they are continually radiated into all aspects of my life and to every human being for the highest good of all!

    Thank You God! And So It all Manifests with my every breath! "

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    The Vision Alignment Project


    A Vision for True Forgiveness By Michelle Matthau

    Here's a letter we received recently that cuts to the core of so many issues facing the people of the world today. It came to us from Michelle Matthau from Los Angeles, CA. Thank You, Michelle. This one is wonderful!


    My prayers and vision for every being in this Universe is for true Soul Freedom! We are assured this freedom as we all understand the true meaning and transformative nature of "forgiveness".


    "Forgiveness" is not an action that condones wrongful behavior allowing others, or ourselves, to skip mindful responsibility. No! True forgiveness is the soulful understanding and release of the baser energies of anger, bitterness, resentment and even victim consciousness, that keep us prisoners in those same lower vibrations. By continuing to hate or judge that which we feel is wrong, we actually keep ourselves stuck in the magnetism of those lower energies. BUT, as we "forgive" or let go of those emotions, we release our hearts from the tyranny of those harmful vibrations, allowing our consciousness to soar and manifest the good we truly desire and deserve!


    True forgiveness gives us the means by which each and every one of us can take charge of our own energy and therefore our own lives. We can never again be held hostage to outside hate, greed, manipulation, bullying or fear. We are only and completely in charge of our own action and our own experience. What an amazing freeing feeling that is and what a wonderful world that will bring. That is a world where we are free to manifest from our highest good.


    My vision is for THAT world, where "forgiveness" is truly understood and pain and suffering of any kind can be eliminated from our experience. I envision that world where every being has the freedom and ability to reckon and resolve their own thinking and behavior. That is my vision of a world of true Soul Freedom! I imagine and hold that vision in my heart for us all!



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    True forgiveness is not an action after the fact, it is an attitude with which you can enter each moment, each breath, beginning right now

    ~ Rev. David Ridge

    Living Water Unity

    Arvada, CO

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    Master Kuthumi

    19th January 2018

    We are entering into a time of tremendous change, in 2018 you have the ability to manifest your dreams and desires. In truth, anything and everything you have been waiting to experience and embody, whether of a spiritual or material nature, has the opportunity to manifest.

    2018 is a transitional year, your perspective and perceptions of yourself will shift dramatically as you create a vision for this year and the coming years of that which you wish to be. 2017 allowed your perceptions and perspectives to be cleansed and realigned with the source of love within your being. This has created beautiful foundations for you to plant seeds of that which you wish to be and experience. Anything is possible, upon the wings of love you can create anything you wish with your focus and acceptance of yourself.

    Everything that you wish for, wish to embody or manifest, whether spiritual or material is within your being. Imagine yourself as a television with hundreds of channels. You have the opportunity now to choose which channel you wish to watch. Maybe you have been watching the poverty or hardship channels; now you have the opportunity to watch the abundance or fulfilment channels. This means that everything you wish to experience and embody is within your being. Therefore, you simply need to align with it and project it into your reality.

    Mind’s Alignment with Love

    It can be challenging to shift from viewing your life as experiences of poverty or hardship; the way you are thinking now is ingrained in your being. This is why in 2017 and before that time, the way you think was aligned with the love of your soul and higher aspects.

    With your mind’s alignment to love now manifested, there is a need for your mind, mental body, and in truth your entire being to allow this new transition to flow. Your mind and thoughts are now naturally loving, they have always been. However, the loving vibrations of your thoughts have been magnified so you can recognise them beyond the habitual patterns already running within your mind.

    I, Master Kuthumi, and all light beings are inviting you to focus on the natural loving alignment of your mind, to allow it to open and engulf your entire being in the sweetest vibrations of love.

    Take a moment to visualise your mind and mental body emanating love into your entire being, let it be akin to a powerful charge rejuvenating your entire being.

    We are also inviting you to choose what you wish to be, embody and experience for the present stage of your life and the next few years. The new loving alignment of your mind combined with your focus on that which you wish to embody will create a beautiful new awakening within your being bringing forth your focus into your reality for you to experience.

    The more you focus your mind and thoughts to the love and expression of love within you and all you wish to experience - the more you will allow the habitual patterns of the past which no longer serve you to be dissolved permanently. This requires trust and faith in yourself and your co-creation with the source of the Universe of the Creator which exists within your being.

    You are the Universe of the Creator

    When you feel as if the Universe of the Creator is supporting you, bringing to you all you require and creating a smooth pathway for you to walk upon - then this will be your experience continually. When you feel that the Universe of the Creator is working against you and nothing works out for you easily, then this will be your constant experience.

    The key is to realise that the Universe of the Creator is within you; it is a source or well of energy, light and consciousness that you can draw upon from within your being. When you become familiar with the Universe of the Creator within you rather than out in space, you recognise it as a part of your being.

    Trust and faith in the Universe builds because you no longer see yourself as separate from the Universe of the Creator; you recognise yourself as a valued embodiment of the Universe of the Creator. No longer are you working with the Universe of the Creator, for you become the Universe of the Creator. Take a moment to contemplate what this would feel like and how it would influence the way you feel about yourself and life?

    The outcome you would manifest would be that whatever you focus upon would manifest in your reality. You would feel this with a deep-seated certainty, and you would witness your focus manifesting in beautiful and magical ways. You would realise that the energies, feelings, emotions, thought, perceptions and perspectives within your being are immensely important to you, enhancing or limiting the flow of the Universe of the Creator from the source within you.

    When you fully comprehend within your entire being that you are an embodiment and an expression of the Universe of the Creator - you will feel completely supported because you are experiencing your purpose upon the Earth. Not only will your desires, dreams and all you focus on expand encapsulating not only what fulfills you, but others as well. You will find yourself literally creating the divine plan upon the Earth.

    Everything you focus upon and bring into manifestation will have a greater meaning to you, others, and in truth, the entire Universe of the Creator. It is time to become your truth, to co-create in harmony with the wealth of Creator energy within your being. It is your purpose to gift all that is the Universe of the Creator to the Earth and humanity.

    Accessing the Universe of the Creator

    I wish to share with you an invocation to aid your remembrance of your unity with the Universe of the Creator:

    ‘I am ready to recognise my inner truth. I am ready for my soul to reveal to me the powerful source of the Universe of the Creator which exists within my being. I am ready to recognise myself as an embodiment and expression of the Universe of the Creator, therefore allowing the loving fulfilling energy of the Universe of the Creator to flow through my being.

    I am the divine plan of the Creator expressing fully through my being. In doing so, I experience the complete and absolute support of the Creator.

    The more I become familiar with the source and expression of the Universe of the Creator which flows through me, the more I feel supported, loved and valued by the Universe of the Creator.

    I recognise that what I experience within my being now manifests within my reality, therefore I focus on the loving vibrations of my mind and that which I wish to manifest and embody. I am ready for the Universe of the Creator to be revealed from within my being now. I am oneness in manifestation.’

    Take time to meditate and focus your attention inward. Repeat to yourself silently and at a relaxed pace, ‘I am aware of the Universe of the Creator within me now.’ Practice this process until you feel an awareness, connection or sensation within your being that represents the Universe of the Creator to you.

    Allow the energy that you experience as the Universe of the Creator within you expand to fill your entire being.

    Take time to recognise yourself, your truth in the energy or experience of the Universe of the Creator. The more this is achieved, the more familiar you will become with the Universe of the Creator.

    You may also wish to take time to recognise that which you wish to focus upon and manifest.  Allow yourself to visualise what it would feel like to experience that which you desire. Then complete the energy, qualities and frequencies you need to awaken and activate within your being to embody all that you desire.

    I am walking with you always,

    Master Kuthumi

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