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Igniting your Spark of Creativity By Amu Raea

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    February 15, 2018 2:17 AM PST

    Igniting your Spark of Creativity


    When you feel yourself as being 'empty', without passion, desires, nor thoughts, and maybe bored as hell... take time to feel into the Essence of your Divine Senses. Take time to allow this Breath of Life into your Being, beyond the need for words, definitions, or structures.

    Perceive those moments as a blank page, on which the artist that you are can express freely. A pure and ineffable state of being, in which your Heart's Passion can express freely, and creatively.

    Everything you are looking for, whether it is solutions to any problem or answers to any question, are already within the Essence of your Being. Beyond all that mental activity, feel, sense into your own desires, and simply let the Wings of your Dreams carry you the rest of the way.

    Sprinkling Alchemy Dust onto your problems

    Do not resist your feelings whenever you feel sad, want to cry, feeling heavy... allow all of these feelings and thoughts to pass through you without trying to manage them, process them nor even to transmute them. Those are always temporary, and the more you allow these to pass through your being without resistance, the least these will get compressed into a tight nut of energy, and risk to explode at one point. Let these out, let these free, and on the other side of the spider's web you will realize there never really was any spider anyway.

    There isn't really any key to any perfect life. When you realize that you no longer need words to describe or define it, you no longer try to think about the sizes, the shapes, the colors, the details, simply sensing into the feeling of fulfillment, the fulfillment of your dream home, your unlimited income, the partner of your desires... it only takes one breath, and no thought, to feel into the Essence of that Reality.

    As you allow yourself to sense into it, simply immerse this feeling inside of your being. Integrate the Essence of it in the deepest place of your being, the Ineffable Core of your Existence. And this is therefore what you will radiate in your consciousness, as being your reality.

    Take time to sense into your Knowingness, your Sense of Imagination, your Sense of Creativity, without thinking about it, without mentally trying to access those senses. Simply by knowing these are already there, allowing yourself to open to your senses, getting the feeling, and the essence. Any time you are looking for answers, or solutions, find the feeling, the essence of it as being already there, there are always solutions to anything, there are always a thousand ways to do anything.


    As you allow your Heart's Passion to be felt, sensed, you are also allowing it to be expressed through the Human Facet of your Being. This creative expression is what sprinkles "Alchemy Dust" onto the problems and questions you may have, creating your own answers, creating your own solutions.

    This is like molding the clay, you do not have to force yourself to always feel a way or another. Simply take time to feel into it as many times as you can, and let the Essence be integrated as deep as possible every time you sense into it. Ultimately, once you have allowed it to sink in deeper and deeper, the feeling will always be there, the Essence will always be part of you as a Being of Consciousness, and you won't even have to try to get there. Because you will know it is already there, one breath of awareness away.


    Your Master Self doesn't care about anything much other than enjoying the experience of its own Existence, and sharing it with the Human Facet of your Being. As you continue to sense and feel the Passion of your Soul, the Ease and the Grace, the Joy of Being, integrating the Entire Essence, the feeling of it, you will allow yourself to open up more and more to your Senses, your Mastery. And if you please, sense beyond all the words that were written here, sense into the Essence, do not focus on the words but the feeling of all this, integrate the Essence of this Feeling. Let this Essence immerse itself deeply into your being.

    And then you will realize that you do not need the words nor the human intellectual explanations, because you get it beyond the words. Let's wrap this up into One Essence. Let's call this "The Master Sense". Not trying to get a mental high, not trying to get to a higher level of consciousness or awareness, because you know there are no higher nor lower level. There is simply you, your awareness, and what you choose beyond the words, through your Divine Senses.

    Many have been trapped in the mind, everything has become mental for them, and they forgot the natural way they could realize their Mastery, they forgot they didn't need to mentally will-power everything. It is actually simpler to relax into your Divine Senses, and allow what is natural to flow on its own. And I must insist, please do not focus on the mental and intellectual understanding of all this as these are simply distractions. Focus on the Feeling, the Senses, the Essence.

    And yes as I have said, it is all one breath of awareness away, immersing into your Divine Senses. You no longer need words to explain concepts that are beyond the limited human mind. You get it through your Intuitive Senses, because that is the most natural way you can experience this type of Knowingness. Beyond will-power, living in the River-Flow of your Allowance.

    "And well... what is this Burst of Passion going to bring back to me?" ~ Well I don't care... I just know it will be a Grand and Majestic Experience.

    Beyond agendas, simply Living, and Being~

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    Lady Nada

    9th February 2018

    As the overseer of the cleansing energy and vibrations of the Creator’s light, I, Lady Nada, come forth to share with you the exquisite cleansing and awakening which is taking place within the souls of many upon the Earth.

    The ascension process is moving so fast currently that it is difficult for many to keep track of the shifts activating and awakening within their being. There are so many levels of your being, and each is being activated, cleansed and recalibrated to support your remembrance of the Creator. It can be challenging to know and understand everything that is taking place within your being. Therefore it is appropriate to observe your energy and become familiar each day with how your body, mind, emotions and spiritual self feel and appear to you.

    In doing so not only do you give yourself space to notice how your being reacts to energies and your environment, you also begin to observe a journey taking place within your being. Such awareness can give you a sense of trust in the process you are moving through, feeling more able to understand your needs each day.

    You will also begin to recognise the sacred link and connection between each of your energy bodies while being able to trace stagnant or limiting energies back to their core.

    The most beautiful spiritual practice that I can share with you and which we encourage on the inner planes 8th Ray of Light is to become familiar with whom you are in each given moment, without judgment or expectation. It is a sacred and loving acceptance of all that you are, which offers an in-depth insight into the ascension process your soul is moving through.

    I, Lady Nada, encourage you to take 5 – 10 minutes a day to simply observe your body, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. In doing so, you will become friends with your truth. If you become aware of any pain, suffering or stagnant energy as you observe, simply continue to observe with love in your heart. You may discover that simple observation is a powerful tool that allows healing to take place. All energies that you hold onto and that require to be released simply wish to be acknowledged, once this takes place, often they heal and dissolve.

    Video: "The three Stages of Soul Cleansing By Lady Nada" src="" width="560" height="315">

    Stage One

    Your soul is currently exploring expansion. The first stage of cleansing your soul is currently experiencing is the process of releasing, receiving and embodying the space of the Creator. This is a very beautiful process because your soul is releasing and letting go of many energies, perceptions, wounds, patterns and limitations that it has carried through many a lifetime. This process of release takes place through your soul expanding its energy at an earthly physical level and a spiritual inner planes level.

    It is a great moment of celebration, your soul is ready and feels safe to magnify and multiply its energy, thus enhancing its power. As your soul expands releasing and lets go of unneeded energies, so its vibration quickens and an experience of liberation dawns.

    Your soul is free to exist without limitations, merging more fully with all aspects of your being, Mother Earth and the earthly reality while also exploring the Universe of the Creator.

    Remember that you are the Creator, therefore you fill and exist within everything. Your soul is exploring its connection with all that is the Creator and embodying the truth of the Creator. This is extremely invigorating, activating and pleasurable for your soul because your soul is journeying through remembrance of all that it is as an expression of the Creator.

    Through expansion, your soul is creating space to receive, collect and embody more of itself and the Creator. Your soul is exploring the abundance, fulfilment and wholeness of the Creator, awakening and drawing these sacred energies into its core.

    All that your soul is experiencing on the inner planes and the Earth is filtering into your physical body. The vibrations, consciousness and shifts taking place in higher aspects of your soul are impacting every part of your being and life upon the Earth. You have the ability to draw these energies and the joy the higher aspects of your soul are experiencing into your being and existence now.

    Affirm: ‘I am speaking to all aspects and levels of my soul. As you move through a process of releasing, receiving and embodying the space of the Creator, I surrender all that I am to daily receive the benefits of my soul’s current expansion journey and progression. I am an embodiment of the highest truth of my soul upon the Earth now. Thank you.’

    Stage Two

    Quickening of lower vibrations. Your soul is delving deep into the lower vibrations of all that you are. Your soul is empowered and is carrying magnified light into stagnant, lower vibrational energies within your being and within other embodiments of your soul on the Earth, simultaneous lifetimes and on the inner planes.

    Your soul is anchoring so much light into lower vibrations of your being that all that is your soul is vibrating, pulsating and becoming powerfully energetic. This is encouraging higher aspects of your soul to quicken, becoming powerful beacons of light.

    As your entire being, reality and soul vibrate at a quicker rate, so the Creator showers you in blessings, light and love.

    This is immensely empowering as it enhances your feeling of being supported and loved unconditionally by the Creator. Your soul soars, synthesising and remembering the Creator, establishing new connections, and showering your being with positivity, truth and excitement.

    Your physical self and personality begin to release with ease all perspectives of lack and pain, as there is an overwhelming feeling of being loved and supported by the Creator that creates a beautiful flow and fulfilment to your life and existence upon the Earth.

    Due to the current cleansing mission of your soul, you may feel negative or painful energies becoming more visible within your being as your soul vibrates the light into lower energies to transform them.

    At the same time, you may experience empowering feelings of being loved, supported and blessed, as your reality flows with ease and perfection. It may feel as if your dreams are manifesting in your reality.

    Be aware that you may swing from recognising the pain within your being to feeling completely fulfilled and loved. This will be natural at this time, and there is a need to simply accept that your soul is working on a very deep level for the greater good of your ascension.

    Stage Three

    Your soul is contemplating and experiencing its wholeness. Your soul is magnifying all the beautiful Creator qualities it recognises itself as, sending waves of these sacred qualities into your entire being.

    Due to this, you may experience surges of energy, emotions or feelings moving through your being at different times throughout your day. Such surges could cause confusion as from nowhere you may find yourself feeling blissfully happy or deeply connected.

    You may also experience inspiration to take action in your life or to develop certain skills and abilities. This is a beautiful process as it will allow you to become more familiar with the sacred qualities at the very core of your being and essence.

    To contemplate and experience the wholeness of your being, your soul will begin to download light vibrations from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Dimensions, Inner Plane chambers and so much more.

    This is a way of activating new beautiful Creator qualities within your being and at the core of your soul. As new light vibrations from throughout the Universe of the Creator penetrate your soul and entire being, remembrance of the wholeness of your being will dawn, with new previously unrecognised qualities and abilities emerging to be observed and accepted.

    When you experience energies flowing and pouring into your being, know that it is your soul contemplating the fullness and wholeness of your being. It is a time of celebration and awakening of all that is your truth.

    Please know I, Lady Nada, am present to support you in the cleansing and evolution of your soul,

    Lady Nada

    Read More from Lady Nada - audio download of Natalie's message: "Judy Satori's 'Singing The Song of Your Soul" src="" width="560" height="315">



    Mother Divine - Sing Your Unique Song via Karen J. Vivenzio, February 8th, 2018



    Dearest of hearts, listen to me, you have your own unique song that you were born to sing. Each and every beautiful soul, a bounty of blessing to behold. For in you each is a Divine and special gift, a blessing from heaven for you to walk with.

    Not carrying a burden or drowning in despair, no need to wonder, there is a gift there. You must delve deep within your sacred mind, into the heart of deception to see all the lies.

    You are worthy, you are great, you are the dearest children of mine, for I AM your Great Mother Divine. Sending you the blessings of my heart, the light within you growing brighter each day, with each day closer to the end of the play.

    New stage has been set, the script is in hand, it is up to you dearest children of mine, to find out what it means to be Divine. For you are the way-showers, the harbingers of hope, the ones who feel lost but are the saviors of the world. For the light that you shine when you sing your bright song is enough ammunition to collapse the darkness until the new dawn.

    Without you the world cannot sing. Without you the world is not anything more than a state of fear waiting to be overcome by the lightness of vibration – hold it now, clear. Shine your light, your sacred Divine, shine it so bright so that others may find the glimpse of hope in their own hearts and minds.

    Standing in the stillness to welcome the changing of tides. For now has come the moment dear children of mine, to welcome home the human angelic tribe. Tribe of light from the most ancient of times … alas it is ONE to UNITE and EMBRACE the friends you have made, and to turn to your enemies and hug them now dears, for that is how the human vibration clears.

    Removing the remnants of the world that has gone wrong, moving into your hearts to sing a brighter song. For in the moment of time you find yourselves in, it makes no difference where you begin. Simply step forward and ask for more light. Ask for the blessings of the daughters of mine, to hold true to your ideals and to balance the vibe, so that men and women both stand in line to welcome home the angels Divine (the angels inside).

    For the truth must be known that no his-story is true, it hasn’t been this way since your youth. Stories re-written to keep you all smitten with tales of disaster, moving you away from your center. Forget all you know on the surface, for what lies within is the truth of your glory.

    For so many tales have been spun, you no longer see the beauty that lies within and connects you to Me. For I AM your Mother, your Great Mother Divine, birther of heaven and all that is life.

    Life is nothing more than infinite light taking many different shapes and sides. It is time now to unify all the refracted, shimmering lights into one beautiful rainbow of light that shines and shines, calling forth the best in what it means to be both human and Divine. This is the blessing I leave you with tonight. Call on Me to comfort you and I will help you find the gifts you hold deep inside.

    I AM Your Great Mother Divine and you are all dearest children of mine. Holding true to the highest of vibes, you are the harbingers of the infinite and universal mind. It is time to unite and shine your beautiful light.

    Peace, Love, and Blessings –

    Via Karen J. Vivenzio, href="" target="_blank">


    Author –Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

    It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!

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