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Invasive Walkins

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    April 6, 2016 8:23 PM PDT

    A friend of mine is having trouble with demons. I am convinced she may be experiencing what is known as an invasive walkin.

    These are spirits who try to inhabit a body by tricking its current owner into thinking it is worthless and must die. They often take the form of someone new every time to hide their true identity. Their agenda can be temporarily stopped through interaction. This type of spirit is a sort of psychic parasite which uses the third eye as a power source for visions which seem real, but aren't.

    Advice? Unlike its counter part, an angel of sorts which encourages your soul to belong where it is, this type of demon resides in the astral and can be contracted through self doubt and trauma. They feed off of negative emotions blocking ones access to personal understanding as it gets stronger, convincing a soul it has no choice but to depart. If successful, this type of walkin assumes an entirely new identity and is comforted often by thoughts of world domination and greed, just like a parasite.

    Invasive walkins are found in people who are high stress cases and can be removed by chakra clearing, or stopped by engagement of the original soul which pauses their visions until the engagement ends. They tend to come back with a vengeance if this happens over time beginning where they left off with a new guise, tricking the soul into thinking they suddenly felt fear or sorrow, questioning why they are where they are. This of course, violates their will to be where they wish to, an invasive walkins greatest reward so as such, they will try to work towards this at any length. However, they aren't very smart, since their entire purpose is to dominate, so they can be overcome through the help of soul engagement closing the barrier to the blocked third eye and other chakras as the entity is removed via stimulation of an open chakra. It is a thought form which dissolves as the pent up emotions are able to be released safely and harmlessly, releasing the entity from its bond servant without damage to the original soul.

    To overcome attacks of an invasive walkin, keep track of your aura. If you can't see it, that means you're blocked and can remove it by the clearing of all negative thoughts emotions and feelings from your mind, focusing on visual clarity of what you want via force of will.

  • April 6, 2016 9:39 PM PDT

    Dziękuję za cenne wskazówki. Z mojego oglądu rzeczywistości dla pełnego odcięcia istot demonicznych, konieczna jest zmiana wzorca mentalno-emocjonalnego i przekonań na bazie którego on powstał. Zakłada to pracę wielopoziomową i rzadko kto sam jest w stanie poradzić sobie z tym problemem.