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Meditation To Integrate Your Angelic Self ...And More...

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    April 7, 2016 2:00 PM PDT

    Below the first photo you will find a beautiful meditation called, "Meditation To Integrate Your Angelic Self by Amparo Alverez", plus excepts from Lord Melchizedek's technique for clearing out past emotions, and a powerful invocation brought through by Natalie Glasson to aid the plant kingdom as well as our own spiritual growth.




    But I am also delighted to invite everyone to check out my YouTube channel, which is called "Spiritual Upliftment". This is a channel with many uplifting guided meditations...and I encourage everyone to check them out, or to simply meditate every day in whatever way you prefer...for every person in the world who has a daily habit of meditation, going within & experiencing the Creator's Loving Presence is also helping to bring peace & healing to our world.




    In the meditations we ask that we be guided and over lighted in every moment by our own mighty I AM Presence & Soul & any and all Ascended Masters, angels, Archangels, & Elohim we acknowledge to help bring forth into greater manifestation the Awakened Divine Human...and the Presence of the Creator & our Soul within each of us...and I also encourage everyone to meditate in a peaceful & quiet area, creating your sacred space & calling upon Archangel Michael for Divine protection during your meditation.

    Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to all,

    Steven Hutchinson


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    Meditation To Integrate Your Angelic Self by Amparo Alverez


    Archangel Michael:

    "Greetings, Beloved Ones. We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now moment, and we invite you to open your heart for our message for you...

    You have stepped through several important energy portals and now you are ready to spread your wings and explore the new dimensional level, you have just entered.

    You are a multi-dimensional being and you have soul aspects in many different dimensions and realms.

    This includes the Angelic realm, as well.

    As I am speaking to you right now, your Angelic soul aspect is waiting to connect with you and to assist you on your journey of ascension into the Higher Dimensions.

    This Angelic aspect is here for you to be integrated into your current experience here on Earth and to create a bridge to these Higher Dimensions.

    Would you like to begin to integrate your Angelic soul aspect more into you physical and energetic vehicle?

    If so, we have a wonderful meditation for you:

    Meditation to Integrate Your Angelic Self

    Breathe deeply...


    Imagine, for a golden warm light to pulsate in the center of your heart...

    Imagine, for this golden warm light to expand into your body...

    Imagine, for this golden warm light to expand into your aura...

    Imagine, for this golden warm light to fill the room that you're in...

    Now, imagine that a bright Angelic Being is floating above you...

    This Angelic Being is your Angelic soul aspect. Your Angelic Self.

    You can feel the presence of this Angelic Being in your Crown Chakra...

    Imagine that the golden light within your heart center is moving up your head and out, towards this Angelic Being...

    Imagine for this golden light to connect with this Angelic Being and to begin to draw it down, into your head and further down into your heart center.

    Breathe deeply... in and out....

    With every breath in and out, allow for your Angelic Self to expand into your physical body and aura...

    When you feel complete, return your awareness to this now moment.

    Welcome back. smile emoticon

    Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

    We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

    Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

    I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

    ~~~~~ Thank you, Archangel Michael!








    Melchizedek Clearing out of Past Emotions Quick and Simple Reconnection Technique by Anna Merkaba


    Here's a great technique from Anna Merkaba, taken from her article, "Melchizedek Clearing out of Past Emotions Quick and Simple Reconnection Technique", found at:


    Anna: "The “Clearing out of Past Emotions Reconnection” technique is very simple and incredibly effective, as I’ve been testing this technique out on myself in the last few weeks and it works!


    So without further ado, here are the tools:

    Tool 1 – Melchizedek’s technique: At the moment of experiencing whatever emotion that comes over you, here’s what you would do:

    fda46b18bef9d90972d37bd343ffecd6Step 1: The technique involves holding two fingers (index & middle) on your forehead where the third eye is. Thinking of the emotion that you are experiencing and stating “I understand that I am experiencing _____ (put whatever emotion you are experiencing here), for example “ I understand that I am experiencing anger. I fully understand that this is the emotion that I am experiencing. I understand and I acknowledge and accept that I am experiencing Anger. But… “

    Image result for heart chakraStep 2.
    As you acknowledge this emotion, you tap 3 times on your third eye with your fingers and then you move your hand slowly down to your heart chakra middle of the chest and as you hold your fingers on your heart chakra you say “But, although I appreciate having experienced the emotion of ___ (anger), and I do understand that I am experiencing this emotion due to whatever circumstances, I wish to replace this emotion with ___ (here you state whatever you want to replace this emotion with, for example “with peace” so that I can evaluate given circumstances from the place of Love” and then you tap 3 times on your heart chakra.

    You should feel better immediately. Which would allow you to take a look at the situation that is causing you to feel this emotion from an impartial perspective where you would be able to evaluate what has happened and what has triggered you to feel this emotion, get to the root of the cause, understand the lesson, learn from it and finally let it go.


    This technique is to help you to quickly get back to balance and keep a balanced outlook, to help your emotional body adjust to your heart’s signals and find balance in the most conflicting situations. However, you still need to really look at any situation in-depths in order to really learn from it and truly to let go of whatever the trigger is, that keeps you in an unbalanced state.

    Here is where the Second Part of this equation comes in. What you see here is a grid that should help you by focusing your mind, and helping you to continue the releasing and letting go process. This is a way for you to consciously understand what is happening and release all of this through conscious evaluation and meditation.

    What you would do is write down “what was” in the space where you see “what was” on this grid, think about everything that is causing you to continue experiencing this or that emotion and replace it consciously with whatever you wish there to be in its place by writing down whatever you wish to replace “what was” with “what is” into the space provided titled “what is”. After doing so, you would then meditate on this grid, on this picture you see below. This would help to further solidify a new understanding and cognition of issues that you have experienced which have brought you to this moment and help you move forward."


    Plant Kingdom Transformation

    to Aid Your Ascension

    by Galactic Logos Melchior

    Below is the powerful invocation brought through by Natalie Glasson to aid the plant kingdom. The entire message is found at:

    Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to all,


    "Melchior wish to guide you to support the plant kingdom by using the Galactic light of a silver golden colour.

    I, Melchior invite you to breathe deeply and to allow your conscious awareness to be within your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is a source of nourishment and deep profound love.

    Imagine that within your heart is the most beautiful garden or nature land. It is filled with so many different species of plants. Allow yourself to observe the garden or nature land.

    Activate your soul light, imagine, sense or acknowledge that your soul light merges with the soil which each plant is embedded into. Your soul light is acting as a loving foundation to the plants while also gifting nourishment.

    Call upon my energy, Melchior, to anchor and shower the Galactic silver golden light through your crown chakra and chakras leading to your heart chakra. Feel or acknowledge the Galactic light showering over and through your heart chakra like droplets of rain upon the garden or nature area within your heart chakra. Each droplet of silver golden light holds new light, DNA and consciousness to transform the plants into their new energetic and physical bodies of light and high vibration. Imagine, sense or acknowledge each plant transforming exuding light and a new form of nourishment. You may also feel your own body reacting to the light and nourishment the plants within your heart are exuding. You may feel healthier in your body, as the nourishment of these plants will be compatible for your body.

    Then simply send the energy within your heart to all of the plant kingdom upon the Earth.

    Ground and centre your being as you enter back into your reality."