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My Thoughts About Spiritual Origins

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    April 18, 2016 7:06 AM PDT

    You know that and this is me being completely honest here, I'm not so sure I believe in soul origins? Neither am I a fan directly of soul groups, apart from the energy of resonating souls united.

    My thoughts are that we all come from the same place. That is space. It exists where ever we are, so it cannot truly be separated from us. Our soul is made up of energy, which is condensed space. Therefore our consciousness is moving condensed space. Thoughts themselves are moving in a condensed space. It goes to say we inhabit condensed space by moving around bigger condensed spaces in fluctuation with the lives we lead. Meaning, our soul purpose is to be free, no matter if we think being free involves helping others do it a certain way.

    I can tell you this. All a soul origin represents, is an energy. Many people will interpret it differently, because they are reading it off of you, so because you don't always know your own energy, everyone else will also interpret it variably because they don't know you either. If you could access where you come from, you would know where you felt most at home, to be able to explore it to see if what you are feeling is what others feel about a given place. Try to let your heart rest and your third eye expand when you engage in this process.

    If you think you are from Zeta Reticuli, then you are. You are giving the energy of Zeta Reticuli to be at the fore front of your soul memory, giving you access to potential visions which may or may not even be there now. I once thought I was from Andromeda and the Pleiades because I enjoyed connecting with the energy of those places in my mind by hearing the names of them before asking if what I felt was real. I think about who I am now, and feel that with my understanding of it, I resonate with a part of the energy there, but not everything because I told myself I could be at peace there, without feeling out the energy and how much culture it actually brought with it. Someone told me I was actually from Alpha Draconis and Sirius. The more I convinced myself I was, the less I felt I connected with what my heart was originally saying because of what someone tried to implant there. Be careful of who you know because what you kno will change with it.

    Remember the more energy you inhabit, the more it condenses itself around you so you develop a bond with where your heart directs the energy to as a part of experiencing every aspect to your consciousness. Sometimes this happens all at once, while other times it can appear multidimensional at times, when in fact it may not always be so simple, being that all the dimensions of what you actually experience, originate in your own mind.

    My word of caution aside, you would do well in figuring out what best you resonate with by knowing what you don't, in other words, figuring out what visions you enjoy, then trying to match it with a meditation on the energy of those visions through the heart. If both are in alignment, you have your origin. It could be in another universe completely or it could be somewhere in this galaxy. I recommend you look at star charts to see where your eyes wander off to most frequently to rule out the possibility of you being from another universe. Sometimes old souls feel this way because of how much soul memory they are able to access at once given the time to do so at will. Try to expand the aspect of your mind to look beyond what you like about a place, to know in your heart if it is somewhere you would defend if you had to, while being at home with the people there.

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    April 18, 2016 7:47 AM PDT

    What I mean by energy being condensed space, is the particles that make up energy itself, is space folded in on itself. The thing that makes a consciousness come alive, is a frequency. A simple moving pulsating object. Be it a thought, a planet, all frequency has one thing in common. Space. Waves are condensed space and the way we see waves, is in fact stationary and yet the exact structure of a particular wave fluctuates only if the wave encounters another like itself, but none exactly of itself. The more relative a wave is, the more likely space has created a similar condensed version of itself, but as I say, all things to my knowledge, are of spacial origin.

  • April 18, 2016 7:58 AM PDT

    Z serca dziękuję za bogactwo wiedzy, która może przybliżyć wielu istotom sposób, w jaki mogą poznawać w doświadczeniu i integrować części siebie z róznych miejsc manifestacji. Z poziomu mojej wiedzy istnieje jeden Bóg, jedna Świadomość, która zapragnęła poznac Siebie, swój potencjał w doświadczeniu. Poteżna kreatywna moc narodziała się wraz ze pragnieniem poznania. Tą mocą była Miłość do Siebie. Drogę poznania opisuje święta geometria, a cechy stworzonego dzieła - matematyka. Każda istota jest częścią Ducha, każda posiada wolny wybór w ramach parametrów rozwoju zgodnie z poziomem świadomości, który posiada. Ewolucja każdej istoty wiedzie do jedności z Oceanem Ducha, co oznacza rozpłynięcie się w Nicości. Wzrost ewolucyjny zasila potęga Miłości, dzięki której każda Dusza zna kierunek tworzenia i uzyskiwania coraz wyższego potencjału Energii i wiedzy. Jeśli gdziekolwiek rozwijałeś swoje doświadczenie przez serce, czujesz z tym miejscem, istotą związek. Pozwala to narysować mapę gwiezdnych podróży i miejsc kreacji. Ocean Ducha jest Pusty, choć jednocześnie wysycony informacjami zdeponowanymi przez wszystkie istoty żyjące. Duch poznaje Siebie w doświadczeniu wielu istot.