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Seeing Objectives

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    April 18, 2016 7:16 AM PDT

    One of the more personal experiences I can relate to in my life, is seeing objectives. Imagine having the ability to look at everyone else as one, but not being able to see yourself as one? For many people, this is a challenge, a struggle and a strength because of not what we see, but how we see. It isn't a matter of what we know, but why we remember it and when it is most useful in our lives that we understand it's nature.

    True balance, comes from the understanding of who you are. That is everything that is said around you, reflects how you see the world, because you're seeing everything around you for who you are as a relative focus, but not a focus that speaks of direction. Self direction is very much an open question in today's society, because it can never truly be answered. Questions breed questions, knowledge makes room for more of itself, multiplying in numbers yet dividing in need. This of course, is an opposite reflection of self, so the more this happens, the less we are aware of it. The less we happen, the more others are aware of it. The more aware we become of the thing we are not, the greater the need to know who we are becomes until it is our only thought we shape around us to let it speak to our very spirit. The more aware we are of who we are, the better we can help change aspects of what we are aware of that are consciously helping or hindering our own development. The nature of self versus selves in this way, refers to the balance of time, focus and energy spent on ideals as much as bringing them forward to consciousness.

    The nature of life is to learn and be learned from. We do that best by being a focus to self on a regular basis so we know what we live for.

  • April 18, 2016 8:12 AM PDT

    Każda forma życia bez względu na swoje pobożne życzenie bycia wolną, jest uwarunkowana. Duch zawsze jest wolny, więc jeśli odkryjesz swoją Duchową tożsamość i koncentrujesz się na niej, możesz pozosytawać zdystansowany do wszystkiego, co dotyczy formy, ale nie jesteś od niej całkjowicie uwolniony.
    Forma daje możliwośc rozwoju przez doświadczenie. Jeśli zakończyłeś wszystkie lekcje dla których forma została powołana do istnienia, roztapiasz się się w Oceanie Ducha. W procesie tym istnieje wiele poziomów zwanych przez ludzi wymiarami pionowymi.