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Recognising, Upgrading and Embodying Your Soul’s Contract

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    May 2, 2018 3:44 PM PDT

    Recognising, Upgrading and Embodying Your Soul’s Contracts By Natalie Glasson

    Greetings, I am Master Kuthumi, the World Teacher at a Planetary Level alongside Master Sananda. My purpose is to demonstrate and remind all souls that it is through the embodiment of love that wisdom can be accessed. You may wish to visit me during your sleep state or meditation within my ashram upon Sirius at the University of Ascended Masters. I am available to explore any subject or topic with you to aid your spiritual evolution, there is simply a need for you to make your request clearly to me and we can begin our work together.

    I, Master Kuthumi, come forth to you today to highlight a stage of ascension which is dawning and requires your attention and observation. Throughout numerous lifetimes upon the Earth and the inner planes, your soul has created many contracts and agreements to aid your ascension, the ascension of the Universe and the greater union of all with the Creator.

    Some of these contracts are achieved easily and effortlessly creating the necessary activations within your being. In these cases the commitments, and the energy connected to the contract dissolves instantly. In other cases, the contract spans across lifetimes and even civilisations and takes a great deal of effort to be completed.

    Each contract is akin to a promise made by your soul; often these promises can be found in the Akashic Records on the inner planes; an archive of the experiences and wisdom of all souls. The promises of your soul are often made with souls who incarnate on the Earth, Mother Earth, an Ascended Master, Archangel, Angel, your community of guides and so forth.

    These contracts are not to bind you together, nor are they to torture or pressurise you into pathways you do not wish to follow. The purpose of your soul creating an energetic contract is to set an intention that acts as a guiding light to your soul’s fulfilment.

    You have the option not to complete the contract once it is made, this decision comes from your soul rather than your personality. Your soul will choose contracts with other souls or beings of light to create the deepest learning and fulfilment possible and available to you.

    Sometimes your personality may see this as a burden or hardship even if your conscious mind is not aware of the contracts of your soul. However, the process of your personality letting go and trusting your soul is an aspect of the experiences wished for by your soul.

    The Current Ascension Wave

    Some soul contracts were created so many civilisations ago, and yet their energy remains within your being uncompleted. In the current stage of ascension which humanity is advancing through, the energy waves anchoring are bringing to the conscious awareness of many their soul contracts.

    This stage of ascension has a specific purpose of allowing the individual to discover more about themselves and the journey their soul has taken to this moment. It is also an opportunity for a deep cleansing and purification of your being.

    Some contracts simply need to be observed in order to be completed and embodied; others merely need to be released as they are no longer relevant, while some need to be rejuvenated and upgraded in order to serve your current reality and existence.

    The main purpose of the Creator bringing to your attention your soul’s contracts is so that you can experience a renewal of your being and pathway upon the Earth, energising your spiritual growth and direction so you may be of service with power and vigour. Your spiritual evolution has progressed so far that no longer can you hold onto energies that do not serve you and no longer can you be unaware of the pathway your soul so readily guides you upon.

    Your community of guides are calling forth specific Ascended Masters to work with you in this matter; it could be likened to sifting through an old box of photographs, remembrance dawns while you also cast aside anything that no longer has meaning to you.

    During meditation or quiet time, you can ask your community of guides to share with you which Ascended Masters they have called upon to work with you. With divine timing they will reveal to you whom you can call upon to assist the healing, erasing, rejuvenation and upgrade of your soul’s contracts. If you are unable to discover the Ascended Masters working with you, you can still call upon them to assist you.

    On the inner planes within the University of Ascended Masters upon Sirius, a large beacon has been created and a new chamber to house the beacon. The chamber has been named, ‘The Chamber of Soul Contract Renewal,’ and the beacon has been labelled, ‘The Beacon of Soul Contract Enrichment.’

    The beacon is of a deep blue colour and holds the purpose of erasing contracts that no longer serve you; it also has the purpose of rejuvenating and upgrading contracts. You are invited to sit within, ‘The Beacon of Soul Contract Enrichment,’ any contract that comes to your awareness can be released to the beacon to be permanently erased. The beacon will erase the energy of the contract from your being.

    While sitting within the beacon you may become aware of contracts which are still relevant and require to be upgraded or energised. In this case, as you exist within the blue beacon hold the contract and your focus within your soul, ask for a direct link and synthesis of the highest Creator light to merge with the contract and aid the necessary transformation. As you observe or acknowledge the process, so you will become aware of how the contract has transformed, its influence and synthesis with your entire being to aid embodiment.

    Which Contracts Do You Erase, and Which Do You Upgrade?

    Your soul and the Ascended Masters your community of guides have called upon will support you in understanding the contracts which require to be released and those needing to be energised. The contracts may come into your awareness as a limiting belief, thought pattern or behaviour that you continue to repeat.

    You may be aware of how you support someone in your life often only to find that they harm or limit you in some way. This is an opportunity to allow some people to leave your life and other relationships to be healed. Pains in your body may be from contracts that have expired and need to be let go of. Limiting situations can also be from contracts that no longer serve.

    You will notice a contract that remains true or has been rejuvenated because you will feel inspired and expanded in your energy with a sense of fulfilment or desire to take action. As contracts are rejuvenated so you may receive guidance, new abilities awakening, remembrance or wisdom rising into your conscious awareness. You may also discover yourself making new contracts consciously to aid your fulfilment.

    It is important to know that your soul’s contacts will be erased or rejuvenated whether you actively take part in the process or not. It is an aspect of ascension taking place now for all. There are of course benefits to directing your conscious awareness to focus upon and explore your soul’s transformation as you will learn more about yourself and soul, creating a deeper connection with your soul.

    ‘I call upon the Ascended Masters who have been chosen by my community of guides to oversee the transformation of my soul’s contracts. Please draw close to me and surround me with your light, love and support.

    It is my wish to be consciously aware in the most appropriate way for me of the transformation my soul is now moving through. Please help me to become aware of contracts created by my soul that now need to be released.

    Assist me in releasing these contracts consciously or unconsciously to ‘The Beacon of Soul Contract Enrichment,’ with ease and perfection.

    Help me to become aware of my soul’s contracts that require to be rejuvenated and upgraded within ‘The Beacon of Soul Contract Enrichment,’ whether consciously or unconsciously to assist me in experiencing the positive influence of the transformation within my being. Support me in remaining balanced and at peace through the entire process, thank you.’

    In love and wisdom always,

    Master Kuthumi

    Read More from Master Kuthumi - audio download of Natalie's message: "Natalie Glasson's Free Webinar - Let's Help bring Divine Peace, Love, & Unity To All !" - src="" height="315" width="560">

    Are you feeling it? New waves of light...By Melanie Beckler

    Hey there, 

    We're amidst another wave of cosmic life force energy streaming in now... Are you feeling it? 

    I noticed the energies the night before last... I was hanging out on the couch and Whoosh... 

    Light... and then heavy. Sort of like standing in the Ocean, getting hit with a big wave and completely knocked off your feet!

    This is often how new waves of light work. 

    The energy is incredible... But it quickly reveals and dislodges the deeply suppressed wounds, traumas and emotions both at the individual and on a collective scale. 

    So I was sitting there... And for no reason at all, I felt light, bliss and peace, and then suddenly exhausted, with emotion welling up inside me. 

    The energies then continued yesterday with lots of crown (and higher) level activation's and continued transmuting.

    As these waves of light continue streaming in now... 

    Give yourself the gift of letting go! 

    Collectively we're very much on the edge of a whole new way of being... 

    On the edge of truly stepping into new levels of joy, vibrant wellbeing and light... 

    To make this leap... From the edge into the new... 

    There's a process of revealing our deepest shadows, stepping into the unknown, and letting go of the old ways of understanding ourselves and the world. 

    We are amidst the process of rediscovering each of our vibrant Christ Consciousness as individuals...

    And THIS is what anchors the highest possiblities for us collectively. 

    We each are the awakened rainbow crystalline bridge between worlds. 

    Between Earth and Spirit... 

    And between the present status quo and the highest possibile trajectories in the new light. 

    To offer some support, I wanted to share with you today a FREE Flower of Life Meditation today. 

    Relax and listen to fill your every cell with golden light, raise your vibration and instantly wash away lower emotions, stress, and fear-based energies.

    Text of Flower of Life Meditation Here >>  - love and blessings, 


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    Excursions into the Fifth Dimension

    The Arcturians through Sue Lie

    Your transition into the fifth dimension is getting very interesting now. You may feel that you need to “chill back” a bit, as you somehow know that what is meant to be, is in the process of becoming.  

    Once you let go of the time-bound and external sense of control, you will find that you can more easily allow yourself to BE within the fifth dimensional NOW. Once within that NOW, you will be more able to experience living in the NOW. 

    Then you will be more able to release the many questions and comments that often have left you feeling confused, concerned, but also engaged. Once you fully realize that you are following an inner directive that is guiding you towards the Fifth Dimension, many new persons, places, things and experiences will begin to change within your life. 

    Throughout this “change,” you will slowly, or quickly for some, remember some of the peak experiences you have had when you visited your innate, fifth dimensional reality. These peak experiences will likely occur while you were visiting the higher dimensions via deep meditation or sleep. 

    However, through whichever way you have these experiences, we Arcturians suggest that you put your total attention on your memory, as it is true that higher dimensional  realities can quickly leave your third dimensional memory.  Hence, we ask that you deeply attend to, and ground your experience into Gaia. 

    These “peak experiences” are actually a gift from your own Multidimensional SELF who is assisting you to activate the higher, Fifth Dimensional Operating System of your own Multidimensional SELF. 

    The experience of this activation ignites a memory of the higher dimensional operating systems that you use in your higher dimensional frequencies of reality. We, the Arcturians, are now ready to assist you as you ground this fifth dimensional, and beyond, energy field into Gaia. 

    This “Fifth Dimensional Operating System” is an energy field which you all will each experience via your own inter-dimensional, as well as third dimensional, experiences of:

    • Remembering

    • Experimenting with

    • Grounding into your spiritual life 

    • Grounding into your self 

    • Grounding into Gaia 

    Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, Friends and Guides, are assisting you to expand your consciousness, so that you can better perceive the fifth dimension and beyond.

    We ask that you share any mental, emotional, and/or physical experiences of higher dimensional energy fields with Gaia. We also ask that you call on your own Higher SELF to assist you to remember any experience or sensation of: 


    Interacting with, 

    and/or Grounding yourself into your Multidimensional SELF 

    and/or your Multidimensional Reality. 

    Having even a brief experience of the unconditionally loving energy fields of these higher multidimensional realities will change your life forever. 

    These unconditional loving energy fields are: 

    Common in the fifth dimension, 

    Possible in the fourth dimension, 

    and Extremely difficult in the third dimension.

    Therefore, you will often open your Light Portal by doing something that you love to do. If you do something that you enjoy, and you know that others will also enjoy it, this feeling of joy allows you to surrender into the experience of doing, “NOT just what we need to do, BUT exactly what want to do!"

    This experience of joy within your daily life will expand the amount of synaptic junctions in your brain to flash ON at once. Most humans are using about 25% of their brains, but you have the ability to use a great deal more of your brain.

    However, if you use this expanded brain as “power over others,” or even in a selfish or a controlling manner, it will work against your ascension process. You see, energy out is energy back.

    Therefore, if you put out negative, fearful energy, that is what will return to you. Within every thought and every feeling, you are creating your future, which will return one day –likely when we least expect it.

    All life is a circle. As you move around this circle, life after life, meditation after meditation, you eventually see the theme for your present incarnation. In fact, you will be called on by your Higher SELF to LIVE that “theme of your life.” 

    Then, instead of having random experiences, you will allow your consciousness, your brain, your thoughts and your emotions to flow into the NEXT OCTAVE. It is then that you will be able to communicate with ALL life, likely in the same manner that you have used for many incarnations.  

    Are you ready to listen to your SELF?  It is this listening to your SELF that allows you to resonate to the next octave of reality. This octave leap will expand your consciousness to include conscious experiences of your own Fifth Dimensional SELF.

    Also, as you release more and more of your third dimensional indoctrinations and remember more of the messages from your Multidimensional SELF, you will begin to transmute, first your 3rd Dimensional consciousness into Fifth Dimensional consciousness, and eventually your 3rd Dimensional physical body into your Fifth Dimensional Light Body.

    As you continue your process of transmuting your third dimensional thoughts and emotions into your fifth dimensional thoughts and emotions, your actions will follow suit. You may even be able to remember your fifth dimensional SELF enough to slowly, or quickly, become ONE with your own Higher SELF.

    You cannot become one with, or merge with, your fifth dimensional self until you fully accept that YOU are the Creator of YOUR life! Fortunately, you can eventually remember your  Galactic Family, as well as all that you have learned and remembered during your excursion into your third dimensional human self.  

    Those of you who can remember your SELF, may also remember when you have gone back to your Ship to be debriefed. Some of you will remain on Gaia for as long as your 3D bodies will allow, and some of you will incarnate for as many times as it takes for you to return via ascension.

    But ALL of you will always remember that YOU are galactic beings who have chosen to take a human earth vessel in order to assist and participate in planetary ascension. Many of you are being reminded in your dreams and meditations that itis the NOW for you to begin, or continue, this process with your Greatest Wisdom and Your Open Heart. 

    Then, as you expand your consciousness to embrace the Fifth Dimension of HERE and NOW of the ONE, you will release the behaviors, and even the thought, that humanity can dominate planet Earth. 

    In fact, humanity will begin to release the belief that humans are free to harm their planet in any manner. Then, you will move more and more into your Spiritual Wisdom, which comes from the Fifth Dimension to open your hearts to Unconditional Love and erase even the thought of conditional love—which is not love at all. src="" height="320" width="320" border="0" />

    The above article in the Washington Post states that NASA estimates 1 billion earth-like planets in our Galaxy alone. You are NOT alone. You, the humans of Earth, are just beginning to remember that you ALL have the ability to communicate inter-dimensionally with your own Higher Selves, as well as with your friends and family that resonate to the Fifth Dimensional planets and Fifth Dimensional starships.

    Your Higher SELF communicates inter-dimensionally via a form of Light Language. Light Language is composed of your higher senses of Clairvoyance (inter-dimensional seeing), Clairaudience (inter-dimensional hearing), and Clairsentience (inter-dimensional feelings.) 

    These Fifth Dimensional, and beyond, forms of communication are activated by your innate Unconditional Love, which is a cornerstone of all Fifth Dimensional communications, ideas, emotions, thoughts, memories, and commitments. 

    As your thoughts and emotions resonate to a higher frequency, such as the Fifth Dimension, so do your perceptions and interactions with all life. These higher perceptions and interactions increasingly shift your “sense of self” from being a physical human to being a Multidimensional Being. 

    Then your “sense of  SELF” encompasses your Galactic Family, your Higher Self, your Ascended Master SELF, your Elohim SELF, your Angelic SELF, your Archangel SELF, as well as frequencies of SELF that you have not yet discovered. 

    You may not have ALL of these higher dimensional components attached to your current earth self, but all humans, even the dark ones, have the ability to remember the incarnations and situations in all the components of their Multidimensional SELF that have been activated.

    To make sure that these higher dimensional conversations are a normal part of your life, put aside a “cast in steel” time and space in which you dedicate yourself to communicate with the higher frequencies of reality. These meetings are NOT about your 3D, physical self, and not even about your 4D astral self.

    These meetings give you an opportunity to: 

    Meet with Mother Gaia to assist with Her planetary ascension. 

    Visit your Starship, and all your friends and family that support you from the Fifth Dimension and beyond.  

    Remember the Mission that YOU chose to fulfill within your current incarnation. 

    Remember that you took this earth vessel NOT for yourself, but for Mother Gaia!

    What you perceive is what you believe, and what you believe is what you perceive!

    When you realize that whatever you believe is your teacher, your higher dimensional reality becomes your “Interdimensional Reality.” Then, as you communicate and interact with this Interdimensional Reality, you will increasingly remember, perceive, communicate and interact with these higher dimensional realities surrounding Earth, but most people forgot.

    Humanity forgot these realities because they could not see them through their third/fourth dimensional perceptual field, as they could through their Fifth Dimensional perceptual field. One can only consciously perceive the frequency of reality that they believe is “real.” 

    It is for this reason that most humans are unable to perceive the Starships overhead, while the fully awakened humans can perceive the Ships via the Unconditional Love of their High Heart and the Multidimensional Vision of their Third Eye.

    It is within your High Heart (located between your Heart and your Third Eye) that you can perceive our Starships. However, for a clear vision, one must have connected the energy fields of Unconditional Love within their High Heart and the Unconditional Love of their opened High Heart with the energy fields of the Multidimensional Perception of their Third Eye.

    It is your unwavering belief that Gaia, and all Life on Gaia and beyond, are multidimensional that allows you to perceive the higher worlds, even if you cannot see or hear them in the same manner that you see and hear in your 3D World. 

    In closing, please be aware that humanity has been indoctrinated for many incarnations that you can only believe what you perceive with your third/fourth dimensional perceptions. 

    However, there are many forms of higher dimensional perception that you will learn, and or remember, as you allow your consciousness to expand back into your innate Multidimensional Consciousness.

    Just as it is your state of consciousness that directs your perceptions. It is your personal beliefs that direct your state of consciousness. Furthermore, since you have taken your 3D earth vessel, What you perceive is what you have been trained to believe.

    It takes a brave, and awakened, human to trust their own, personal, higher beliefs enough to use their expanded perceptions of Clairvoyance to SEE our Starships, Clairaudience to HEAR us speaking with you, and Clairsentience to SENSE that we are with you. 

    We close this message by reminding you to remember the extensive training that you received from your Galactic Family before you took this present incarnation! As soon as you can expand your human consciousness to encompass the Fifth Dimension and beyond, it will seem as if you have awakened from a long dream, but NOW you are Home!

    Feel free to share what you love to do and what brings you joy in the comments below!

    Observe the energy field that surrounds you when you speak of it.  

    Video: " Judy Satori's Full Moon Regenesis Transmission 5 - Advancing Cellular Change" src="" height="315" width="560">