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    May 18, 2018 3:30 AM PDT

    Know With The Gut Feeling - The Power of God's Light That You Are !

    By Blossom Goodchild

    Federation of Light Message On May 6th 2018

    Good morning once again. Where to start?

    Let us begin with greeting you from the heart and allowing this communication to flow, perhaps without agenda?

    And yet, so many are still keen to hear about The Event. One soul said it was like a TV drama … ever awaiting the next episode!

    It is ever unfolding and we choose to assist by offering ways to Enlighten your Beings, in order to keep the momentum and spirits High.

    Such strength in the Energies … flowing in/through … to your Planet. You can feel this strength within your Being, also. For that which flows into your Planet … flows into your Being. We would say it is One and the same.

    However, this day we would desire to speak of matters of a different kind. Yes, you are aware of Energies, within and without. Yet, we ask you to now LISTEN.


    For there lie the answers to the posed questions. Listen to your heart and only YOUR heart and allow its rhythm to ‘teach’ you. Allow it to stretch your imagination … for it is in doing so, that Greater recourses are discovered.

    There has always been talk of going within and listening to the self. Is it the ‘feeling’ we are listening to?  For contrary to popular belief, there ‘aint no voices inside my head!

    It goes beyond that, Blossom.

    Beyond feeling? What? How?

    Because we are asking Each One to take their KNOWING further. Take it more deeply into the grid of understanding ALL.

    Eh … like … Sure!   A few pointers would be good.

    By taking your beliefs into a different space.

    One tries to relax into the self … to find the space where all is quiet and find that ‘no-thing’ within the mind’s quandaries.

    To connect up with Source … Divine Energy … is as simple as plugging in your technical equipment … from which you see immediate results. The Light comes on and you can ‘see’ that you are … wired into/tapped into … the circuit … for want of better words.

    To VISUALISE doing this from your Being … connecting into that HIGHER POWER will do the trick … initially. Yet, we then ask you to GO BEYOND THAT. Once ‘plugged in’ … ACCEPT … TRUST … and ALLOW the flow to take place. Do not search … do not listen for a voice …simply allow the knowledge that you are ‘connected’ … to do 'its thing.'

    What is ‘its thing’?  I know we are told to go within, instead of upwards or outwards. Yet, I personally find that quite difficult to visualise and I am ‘apparently’ good at visualisation. So, not at all promising for those who are not. How do we get there … within?

    By letting go of Earthly binds.

    With respect my friends, many  who read your messages are well into meditation and are aware of such methods … and yet, I feel there is something more you are trying to ‘get through’.

    You are correct.

    When you say, for instance … ‘Go into your heart space. Take your focus to your heart space’ … well, I can do that. I just ‘think’ into the place where my actual physical heart is. Yet, are we supposed to visualise it as the organ it is? Or, as I tend to do … visualise it as a Golden Heart shaped Light? And then … how are we supposed to ‘Get in it’? Yes, we can visualise opening a door etc. etc. Yet, how do we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY get into that KNOWING space inside of ourselves, yet, outside of the Earthly physical restrictions ?

    This is what we are trying to assist you with, Blossom.

    Oops! I jumped the gun there. I apologise.

    Unnecessary to do so, Blossom. We work together.

    Without the pumping of your heart, without the pulsating of it, as the rhythm of life flows through it … the physical body cannot continue to function. Should the heart stop beating … then all else within the body ceases to be.

    Therefore, we would say it is the 'Central System' … the 'Central Station' from which ALL IS. If something out of the ordinary is taking place … the heart beats faster. If there is excitement. If there is Joy. If there is the experience of great sadness … it can be FELT in this ‘space’ where the heart is … because OF it Being the main port, if you like … because all else stems from there. Therefore, all FEELING amasses within the 'Central Station'.

    Yet, I heard, and it felt ‘right’, that the majority of ‘our spirit’ resides in the gut?

    Upon this, we would agree. Yet, it does not mean that ALL FEELING has to come from this area/arena.

    And let’s be honest … to express of the heart exploding with Love, is far more romantic than the gut doing so! So, what actually does it mean … the ‘majority’ Being in the gut? For, if thinking about it … my spirit feels more in my head sometimes. (Other than heart.)

    Your thoughts are in your head. Your soul sense (sensitivity) is in your gut.

    The soul, Being a Light within the gut? Just exactly how is the soul represented physically within us?


    I thought you wanted to speak of matters of a different kind … not being rude … just saying!

    It is not that we cannot bring Energy into this discussion. For ENERGY … IS … all there is. Very little chance of it NOT being involved.

    So, if we could see ourselves, the spirit, the soul inside of us … what would it look like?

    ENERGY! LIGHT ENERGY!  And THIS is where we ask you to take yourselves.



    YOU ARE LIGHT IN ITS TRUE FORM … residing within flesh, bones and a million other workings of the body. It is miraculous, without question. Yet, it is a vessel. Without YOU within it … it cannot hold form.

    You require this vessel … to experience life on Earth.


    Please re read that sentence … for it is of TRUTH and it is important that you understand its meaning.

    The undercurrent of negativity that flows within and without yourselves and the Planet, is designed to hold you back from THE POWER OF LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

    These times NOW, are bringing about THE CHANGE. THE CHANGE within YOU that KNOWS the possibilities of what can be.

    Well, to a certain degree. I know we ‘could’ teleport… receive instant healing … grow limbs even … is this what you mean?

    Indeed. Yet, so much more … MAGIC!


    Within THAT KNOWING … there is the recognition of all possibilities being possible.

    It is our desire to bring you ever closer to this FEELING. This acceptance of what your TRUE SELF … TRULY IS.

    We can KNOW this. We can believe you and KNOW this, yet … there seems to be many bits of the jigsaw lost under the carpet! What is it that we are missing? Because, although I KNOW this to be TRUE … I am nowhere near experiencing it.

    Yet, you are! All of you are becoming closer to it. You can FEEL how much you have changed within yourself. You can acknowledge the Higher Power within you NOW. It is different from even this time of year that is behind you.

    Assuming you mean this time last year! Yes we are changing/have changed. Yet, I still don’t feel anywhere near close to putting my finger on a wound of another and watching it heal instantly.

    Have you tried?

    LOL … Remember I taught you that acronym (get me!) last week? In answer to your question, No, I haven’t.

    Why not?

    I see where this is going! Because, I KNOW it wouldn’t work! Receiving your point loud and clear!

    Let us continue on to make the point even louder and clearer, if we may?  Is it because of the belief in yourself that it would not work or the belief in general?

    In myself! In general, I completely KNOW it can be done.

    So why do you, or indeed anyone, feel unworthy of completing such a task?

    I don’t necessarily feel unworthy … I just don’t feel capable! Perhaps I would put it that I am not Enlightened enough yet.

    Yet, another strong point in this conversation. What … would it/will it/does it/should it/could it … take, for you to feel Enlightened to the degree of KNOWING that you ARE capable of this?

    Giving it a go and it working!  Another little LOL for you. I don’t know! This is MY point. This is where we are trying to get to, is it not? Trying to get to that Inner Knowing that we DO have the Power to heal with one touch.

    Yet, you say you KNOW it is possible. How do you know?

    An Inner Knowing! (You guys are so clever!)

    Then WHY … ON EARTH … do you restrict this Inner Knowing to work only for those who KNOW IT! When YOU KNOW IT?

    I don’t know what the actual ‘Inner Knowing’ is! That’s the missing piece, I am talking about!

    The piece is not missing. It is not lost. It is staring at you in the face and yet, you are looking under rocks and stones trying to find it.

    Ok. Staring me in the face … still can’t pinpoint it.

    There … in front of you Blossom … right in front of you.

    WHAH! Where? Where?

    Do you see what we are saying? It is not missing. It is not lost.


    KNOW THIS … KNOW THIS TRUTH and fit the piece into place. Do you know of that feeling when a last piece of a puzzle is put into place? That feeling of completion? Visualise your puzzle and place the last piece in.

    Do I need to visualise the picture of my puzzle?

    No. For … by/in … doing so, you would be restricting your knowledge to that image. Perhaps, just see it as a picture of nothing but Golden Light.

    No wonder it took me so long to do!

    Again we offer the wisdom of VISUALISATION. For in completing the puzzle, there shall be an acknowledgement within you, that you have found that missing piece and placed it in position. Done!

    Now what?

    Now you practise your KNOWING of Self - Mastery. A Master spends lifetimes perfecting the self-knowing of Truth.  One cannot become a Master without the experiencing over and over of something, in order to understand it and ‘Master it’. Yet, Mastery cannot ‘come’ without … faith in/of … self-Godliness.



    You know some folk will immediately unsubscribe now! (Another LOL )

    Blossom, may we say after working with you for a great length of time … we find the LOL to be an unnecessary additive … for your humour has already Enlightened us.

    Point taken on board and understood!

    For those who are uncomfortable with the word God … as you once were, Blossom …

    Oh, very much so!

    We offer plenty of LOL’s to their Beings. For when they BECOME comfortable with this word … they, themselves, will Laugh at the fact they were once uncomfortable with it.



    You do not serve your soul by telling yourself you are ‘less than’.

    I believe you recently said that it was a bit of an insult to self, to do so?

    Only to get our point across.  And we feel we have done so today … and happily ready to continue in/on another session.

    Holy Moly … we have done a rare thing and gone about half an hour over time. Not that I mind. It is just unusual.

    We ask that one reads this particular message over and over … allowing the ‘Energy’ of the words to ‘sink in’ and BECOME your reality.

    There is indeed, much to absorb and we are excited to see THE CHANGE within Each One … as they place the piece of the jigsaw into position.

    In loving thanks guys! Time for a cuppa I feel. And you are saying, I could boil the water with just a thought.

    Are we? Or, are you?

    It matters not. All things are possible. Yet, I might leave that for an experiment down the line!


    Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can. every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY! link to be able to access all my YouTubes is

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    Sending Love and Light

    How to Send Light and Love By Melanie Beckler

    Have you ever wondered if there was more you could be doing?

    If there was something simple you could do to help friends and family who are stuck in hard times? Or something you could do to make a difference when you hear about terrible, and tragic happenings in the world?

    There is!

    Sending light and love is a simple and yet incredibly powerful lightworker technique that you can do from wherever you are.

    And I'm going to share with you exactly how to send love and light here.

    So that the next time you hear about violence, illness, or pain happening in the lives of those you care about or even across the world, there will be something you can do about it.

    Sending light and love is simple, but powerful.

    It helps to stabilize shifting energies, and uplift those who are going through hard times.

    And the good news is, it's incredibly simple and with the help of the angels it can even be done incredibly quickly, from wherever you are.

    So when you overhear something terrible on the news, instead of letting that adversely affect you, you can simply send love and light.

    Instead of getting weighed down by the problems of others... Help them, by sending love and light!Click To Tweet

    Here's how to do it:

    If you like this video… Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here! 

    How to Send Love and Light

    Let’s send some love and light out into the world! Are you ready?

    Sending love and light is a powerful light-worker technique that you can do at any time.

    You can do this to surround a loved one who is feeling challenged, you can send love and light to areas in the world that are experiencing hardship, or to surround people like politicians or leaders in the world who may be needing a little nudge towards the light and a vibration increase.


    You can also surround yourself with love and light, which is actually a foundational piece in sending it.

    Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

    To send love and light, you first need to fill yourself with love and light.

    To do this now, consciously focus on your breathing as you relax and focus within.

    Focus in the area that is the center of your chest, your heart chakra area, imagining your heart beginning to glow with light of the Divine, and then, just place the intention:

    “I now ask that my guides, angels, and the Divine, please surround me with love and light, please fill me with love and light.”

    As you set this intention, imagine light glowing brilliantly all around you, filling your heart, filling your entire spinal column, and activating all of your chakras together as one glowing white light.

    As light flows within and around you, let yourself vibrate higher, let your light shine brighter, with incredible light, bringing all of your awareness and energy into this moment.

    Let yourself be filly present in the moment, not thinking about the past, or worrying about the future. Not focused on someone else’s energy or anywhere else in the world. Right now, just focus on your breath, on your breathing, on vibrating higher and filling yourself up with light.

    It may help to imagine you’re standing in a waterfall of light, an orb of light, or that light steams are flowing in all around you… However you do this is fine.

    Breathe in the light. Fill up with light. Let your light shine.

    Now, focus on a person or on a geographical location you would like to send love and light to.

    Imagine this place or person completely surrounded with angels and with light.

    Imagine light in beams, flowing into their present point in time, dispersing darkness and negativity and illuminating them on every level with light of the Divine.

    Ask your angels and guides, “Angels, thank you for surrounding “this person, or location” with light and with love.”

    Continue visualizing light glowing all around them, totally illuminating their mind, body, and spirit.


    And now that you’re completely filled and illuminated with light as well, you can also imagine light flowing out from your hands and from your heart.

    Because again, you’re filled with light, so now you can flow it onward.

    And so, as you breathe in, feel light flowing in through your crown and along your spinal column.

    You’re vibrantly shining with light.

    Now when you exhale, send the light out through your hands, through your heart, and with your intention, “For the highest and greatest good, according to divine will, I send you immense love and light in the way that will most serve, guided by angels, according to Divine will, for the highest and greatest good. And so, it is…”

    Simple right?

    If you followed along you just successfully sent love and light! If you just read… Go back and try this now!

    This is powerful light work. Thank you for your willingness to fill yourself up with light, to create a powerful ripple of love and light around you by bringing it into your life.

    And thank you for your willingness to send love and light to those you care about, and to all who are in need of it… It makes a huge difference, one person, and one moment at a time.

    Sending you light and love now,

    Melanie Beckler

    Video: "Judy Satori's Full Moon Regenesis Transmission 5 - Advancement of Cellular Change" - src="" width="560" height="315">

    Loving Others in Their Own Chosen Path By Shanta Gabriel

    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

    For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel assures us that how we treat others can bless our own lives in beautiful ways.


    The Gabriel Message Card for this week


      Loving others in their own chosen path is setting the energy

    that you want in your world.


    This is one of only two Gabriel Messages that relate to other people. In essence, it is a Golden Rule teaching.

    We know that it is important that we treat others as we would like to be treated. Archangel Gabriel is saying that when we do this, it sets powerful energy frequencies into motion that circulate through our lives so we also receive what we give.

    When I think of how I want to be treated and how I would truly love to treat others, I am attracted to the Buddhist concept ofLoving Kindness. It simplifies everything when I use the attribute of loving kindness as my focal point and basis for all relationships, including with myself.

    One of my heroes is H.H. The Dalai Lama. Being born on his 10th birthday is one of my only claims to fame. I love his humility, his humor and especially his wisdom. In A Policy of Kindness, he says:


    An affectionate disposition not only makes the mind more peaceful and calm, but it affects our body in a positive way too. On the other hand, hatred, jealousy and fear upset our peace of mind, make us agitated and affect our body adversely. Even our body needs peace of mind and is not suited to agitation. This shows that an appreciation for peace of mind is in our blood.

    Another relevant quote from this amazing man is on my refrigerator:

    If you see yourself in others, who can you harm?

    These are powerful motives to love others as they are and allow them to choose their own path in life. Most of us have a number of stories about those we have tried to change to our way of thinking. Even though it rarely works in any relationship, most of us will still try our best to be...well...very convincing.

    I want to remember that the most kind and loving way I can relate to others is by allowing them to be who they are while respecting their choices in life. This may mean that we cannot stay together, but for our soul's evolution that is the most appropriate thing that can happen for the highest good of all concerned.

    We are also being reminded that what we do for ourselves and for others affects the world. So for the sake of the planet and for our own happiness, may we remember that Loving Kindness improves our Health and Wellbeing as well as sending the frequencies of Respect, Compassion and Peace into the world.

    Divine Presence,

    May the Light of Divine Love shine through me into the world and into all my relationships. May I offer other people respect and kindness no matter what their choices in life. As I allow others to live as they choose, I also ask for a special blessing that all beings learn to live from their heart so all may be blessed.

    And may I remember how important it is to give myself the same Loving Kindness that I offer to others so that Peace can prevail upon the Earth and within me. Thank you God and so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel

    The Gabriel Messages #10

    Loving others in their own chosen path

    is setting the energy you want in your world.

    Archangel Gabriel:

    Dear One,

    When you love others and allow them to follow their own chosen path, it awakens the energy of compassion and acceptance within you. This energy fills your heart and permeates your world. It allows you to receive this same energy from others, which can give you a sense of freedom to be all you can be.

    At times the chosen path of others may seem destructive to you, and it is not the energy that you would choose to be around. In these situations, often the most loving thing you can do is allow them to follow their chosen path, and you must give yourself permission to follow the path which is in your highest good. This may even mean never seeing them again.

    Set the energy you want in your world by awakening your consciousness to all the good available to you. It's a matter of choice. Attune yourself to only that which you would have in your life. Release the need to be right. Close your mind to the negative thoughts that threaten your happiness.

    Moment to moment, make the choice to live in the Light of True Love. As you do, you are being a true bridge from Heaven to Earth.

    Making the choice for Love allows you to be in the world but not of the world. When you make the choice to love others as they are, you pave the way for a mass awakening of Love on the planet so all may be free.  

    Receive Love, give Love and be Love. With this loving energy as your intention, remember your Message from Archangel Gabriel for today:  


    Loving others in their own chosen path

    is setting the energy you want in your world.

    Shanta Gabriel for

    Archangel Gabriel

    May 6, 2018

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