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    April 22, 2016 2:15 PM PDT



    What is your life purpose? by James Patterson

    My daughter Lily was with me tonight and we went out to her favorite place to eat and had dinner together to celebrate her 18th birthday.

    Sharing as we generally do from our hearts, Lily unexpectedly asked me, "Dad, how do I know my life purpose?" ...with such sincerity and love in her heart.

    I looked in her eyes, seeing my little girl who has now become this woman who is going to college in the fall. All of these memories of her growing up flooded in and brought my deep emotions to the surface as tears in my eyes.

    Then, I quietly spoke to her, "Your purpose is this moment. It is every moment wherever you are and whomever you are sharing with. Lily, people often think they have to achieve some supreme purpose and it is every single moment that creates the next".

    I shared with her my post I wrote a few days ago and shared with people all around the world. She got it!

    Wherever you are...God is??

    Wherever you are...truth is??

    Wherever you are...Love IS❤️

    I explained to her that every moment you can live your truth simply by expressing your heart. I told her that she is now a woman and it is time for her to make her decisions to create her own life. I expressed to

    her my confidence in her ability to do what is most respectful for her and others she comes in contact with.

    Furthermore, I described to her how I see her living her purpose. I had her look at all the peoples' lives she is deeply touching at school, work and in all interactions with her family and friends. I explained to her that these people you smile at and are kind with are drawn to you, as they see your light and you help them to see the light in them.

    Like Lily, we can see every moment as the opportunity to live our purpose! Part of our purpose and essential to everything else we do, is to love and appreciate all that makes up who we are. This is creating our ability to be happy with and love ourselves no matter what changes in our lives. In our happiness, we grow in love and peace to have that much more to share with others.

    It will be sad to no longer have my daughter to spend weekends with. I love her so much and savor each moment we have together. I see God in her and she sees love in me and we are always filled with the truth of the happiness we feel just being with each other.

    Living each moment IS our purpose! It is hard for our minds to see this nonlinear reality in which all is perfectly manifesting with respect to everyone and everything. It requires faith and letting go of limiting beliefs to experience the beautiful gift each moment can be.

    Today, stop at some point in your day and just be still and notice how miraculous a single moment can be. Think about how everything led to this moment and how the whole universe is making it possible. Visualize the people you are sharing life with at home and at work with wonder and appreciation, that of the billions of people on the planet, they have come into your life.

    I feel so grateful to have this beautiful, life changing and indescribable privilege of sharing my daughter Lily's life. I got to be her father! I got to see her Soul come into being through her precious heart. I got to live my purpose over and over again with loving her, guiding her in loving herself and supporting her with creating the most loving and peaceful life...she can create from her heart...moment to moment❤️??

    Live every moment as your purpose??

    Your brother,





    You are...God in action every moment?? by James Peterson

    Who ever convinced us there was a God outside us? Why would we ever believe God created us and did not remain inside all creatures...made by love.

    I believe it is much simpler to see God as Love. Now, we can feel God. Now, we don't need any person or religious figure to tell us about God. We have God??

    Now, there is no need to fight about who has the right God. Now, there is no need to make up all these thoughts about God. Now, we have the choice every moment to express God or not.

    We have returned to the Truth. We have returned to God. We now know God is Love. We now see all people who do not choose love. We can see love is what they are looking for and already have and are fighting us for.

    Feel LOVE right now! Yes, be still and know...GOD right now...inside you...the Real You...I AM...your True Heart??

    Trust me your the feeling of Love inside you...let this you...back PEACE????

    You have everything you need...right inside you! You have LOVE!! You have GOD!!!

    May we all choose LOVE/GOD,

    Your brother,


    James Peterson

    True Heart Path Founder