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The Prayers You Offer for Others ... By Shanta Gabriel

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    The Prayers You Offer for Others
    are Your Ticket to Higher Consciousness By Shanta Gabriel

    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

    For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel is reminding us about the Power of Prayer.


    The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


    The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness,
    because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

    Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do when faced with situations that seem beyond our comprehension, but that is a time when we can fall back to the power of prayer. Offering a prayer is proactive way to give something positive to any difficult situation.

    There have been many studies on the efficacy of prayer. All of them have found that healing follows the energy in our prayers. We may never see the results of the blessings we are offering to others, but we can trust that it had a beneficial effect, because that is the promise from science as well as from a spiritual viewpoint.

    When we pray for others, it settles our minds and hearts in a way that nothing else can. There is an All-knowing Intelligence within the Light of the Divine working in the field of energy that we create with our prayers. This energy fills and surrounds us with a healing Love that will never abandon us and can be sent where it needs to go for the Highest Good of all concerned. We are always connected with this Divine Presence, through our focus, our thoughts and most especially through our prayers.

    Divine Presence,

    Thank you for helping me to remember that there is a Creative Solution in this situation and I can invite that energy to be present at any time. I ask that Divine Light totally fill and surround each person involved so that this situation may be lifted up into the power of Divine Love for healing.

    With every breath I take, I AM receiving precious Love into my being so I can radiate more Love into the world. May all beings receive Divine Love into their hearts and be blessed. May I remember that there is a benevolent outcome in every situation when Divine Love is present.

    I gratefully receive my tenfold return from all the prayers that I offer to the world. It is in Divine Order for us to receive what we give. Thank you for helping me to be a clear channel for God's loving energy and the blessings flowing through me to the Earth and all humanity.

    Thank you God. And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel


    The Gabriel Messages #11


    The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.


    Archangel Gabriel:

    Dear One,

    Sometimes it feels as though prayer is the only thing you can do for another person, even though you wish you could do more. Prayer is, however, the greatest gift you can give.

    When you pray for another, you are sending a blessing of Divine Love and increased light-filled energy. This can bring them an expanded perspective on their life, an awareness of a Greater Power working within them as Love. They may not know why they feel better, they just know they do.


    God's love is the power that can heal all things. All you have to do in prayer is ask that another be filled with Divine Love and a perfect outflow of energy from a Higher Source will occur.

    Prayer is often the last thing one thinks about when situations become disturbing. In truth, prayer is most helpful as the first and not the last resort. You may not know what is best for another, but their Higher Power does.


    Each person has a guardian Angel ready to respond to the prayers offered for another. It is very simple just to pray that the Angels bless someone and lead them to their highest good. Praying for such divine outworking has tremendous potential and power. It opens the door to the place where miracles occur.

    When you pray for a miracle in any situation, you are letting the Universe know that you are willing to receive it. A conscious opening occurs. Ways are revealed which have not been previously thought of. It is the natural order to have miraculous occurrences in life. Your awareness of this truth increases your faith and belief in Divine Solutions. This belief is what opens the door. Your faith is the healing elixir in all situations and prayer sets it all in motion.

    All that is released to Divine Spirit with the intention of perfect outworking for the highest good of all concerned is blessed. This blessing increases the return of energy to the person offering the prayer.  A pure surrender to the Divine Will is necessary, with the intent to allow a greater power to work through each person and each situation. This is the way to create miracles.

    Prayer is a simple thought, a blessing given freely. It needs no special place, time or words. Your heart carries this spiritual energy, and has the intention for good. This is all you need to bring blessings to the life of another and into your world. As a bonus you are blessed also. This is a universal gift to you for desiring good in your world and in the lives of others. It is the Grace of God. Receive it freely, with gratitude.

    Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

     The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

    Shanta Gabriel for
    Archangel Gabriel
    May 13, 2018


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    Practice Breathing While Listening To The Energy Of Love Within Your Heart Space By Blossom Goodchild


    Federation Of Light Message On May 14th 2018



    Hello, hello! I am looking forward to today’s chat. It will be the last one for almost a month, as I am away to Blighty to shine my Lighty! Many folk were keen to know more about visualisation in order to be able to ‘make things happen’ and bring THE EVENT closer. One soul  has sat in meditation circles for decades and even attended visualisation classes, and is still not able to see/visualise except for a black/blank screen. He wondered what advice you may give? Another wrote in (perhaps answering the previous gentleman’s question) by saying ‘One very special ingredient in these exercises was desire… strong intent matched with the pure emotion of desire, desire focused in the purity of the heart, to feel it and open fully to that want ( for want of a better word.) It's when one desires something badly enough, the emotion and desire becomes the engine and power (or driving force) behind the visualization technique to fully activate it. Would you care to comment?


    Welcome Blossom and to Each One we offer our sincere thoughts towards assisting you in this matter. Indeed, the gentleman offering suggestions of ‘the desire’ would be ‘spot on’, as you would say. We would add to that the ‘FEELING’ of the desire, would then bring it about.


    Yet, if one cannot … see/imagine/visualise … at all, what can they do?


    With the greatest of respect to that soul, we would ask this. If one was to look at a cake with many candles on … stare at it for a while … and then close their eyes and ‘look at the cake again’ … They would see the cake.


    Look at a chair … stare at it … see it … close the eyes and … see it again. Everyone is capable of doing this. This IS visualising. You are visualising something that YOU KNOW the shape of. You know the shape of everything that is within your awareness. Practice closing your eyes and thinking of things … Easily done. You do not necessarily have to ‘see’ the picture. You can ‘think’ the picture. Yet, if you are ‘thinking of the picture … you are visualising it … just by the fact you are thinking about it.


    Try to think of an object and not ‘see’ it … It cannot be.


    Ok. That is good advice and coupled with the desire and FEELING … things so far, are going well. However, this is on a sort of ‘practical’ level. Where it all goes a little awry, is being able to ‘take the soul into that visualisation’. That is the tricky part … for the thoughts on doing so, are coming from the head space.


    Let us add to the mix … the Intention.


    The Intention of the desire … through the feeling … to say … ‘Go within the heart space’. We suggest that the Intention of ANYTHING should come from the KNOWING that every action taken is for the Highest good of all. And then we would add to that … THE BREATH.

    So, for example … if we were to ask you to 'Go within' …


    Breathe deeply for a while … to do so for five minutes is far better than for three breaths. Listen to the sound of the breath and ‘think of nothing else’. In fact … ‘IMAGINE’ the very air ( like divine golden sparkly dust) being inhaled … in /throughout … your body and then IMAGINE all the stale sparkly & stagnant energy from inside being blown out as you exhale. Concentrate on this for much longer than you feel you should.


    Set the Intention and the desire.


    Can I interrupt here? What is the difference between an Intention and a desire?


    The FEELING. The ‘Intention’ is, in this instant, ‘ To go within’. The ‘desire’ in this instance is to FEEL the absolute KNOWING of ‘WANTING’ to do so. And within THIS wanting … allow the FEELING to arise.


    The feeling of ‘what’?




    Your Intention is … to go within.


    Your desire is … to FEEL what it is like to BE THERE … WITHIN.




    All the while continuing listening to the sound of your breath until it ‘works for itself automatically’ within that deeper Vibration of itself.


    And then … here is the best bit ...  remove the need to ... see/imagine/visualise … anything at all!


    Just BE there.


    Not so easy to do because the mind is still ‘thinking’ what should be happening?’


    The mind shouldn’t have come with you!


    How do you leave it behind?


    Breathing and listening to the breathing. THIS takes YOU there, and leaves the mind behind.


    I have had the pleasure of being in this space many times … I LOVE IT. This ‘Going within’ then … is BEING … nowhere … just in an empty space, correct?




    And yet my ‘mind’ is aware that I am in that empty space.


    Yet, you have reached the ‘space’ where it is not interfering … where YOU are allowing yourself simply to Be.


    I see. Or hopefully, I don’t!


    This ‘space’ of nothing - ness … this ‘getting there, within’, is where everything takes place. This silence of mind is where everything you desire for Yourself and All … Your planet … Everything … is created .


    Yet, I thought you needed to visualise what you wanted?


    Your DESIRE has already done that. Your FEELING has already done that.


    You cannot desire something, without the thought of that desire. You ‘think’ the desire … because your feeling’s tell your thought …  that is what you want. The foundation of that desire has been set. The KNOWING of that desire has been set.


    To then ‘Go within’ … with the Intention of bringing about that desire … allows it to ‘do its thing’ on its own creative level.  By ‘not interfering’ with thoughts and mind … allows it to BE created.


    This is all very interesting. I am a great follower of manifesting and ‘The law of attraction’. An Energy called ‘Abraham’ speaks of holding the ‘visualisation + feeling’ of that which you want for seventeen seconds and Bingo … the wheels are put in motion. So, I am a little confused.


    Let us unconfuse. The desire … the Intention to … is thought about … for this amount of time. We have no issue with these 17 seconds. And it is imperative that one FEELS the reality of this Intention. Then, to ‘Go within’, as we have suggested … holding that desire, yet, letting it go.


    This is not unconfusing me!! Yet, I do seem to know what you mean.


    And let the law of attracting it, manifest within that nowhere space. Where … as we say … it can be created … out of the thought, feeling, desired form you gave to it before entering the nowhere space, where everything is created.


    Ok. Getting that. Yet, for those who simply cannot visualise, how can they then manifest? How can they hold a vision for 17 seconds, if they can’t visualise? I mean this gentleman has been to visualisation classes … you can’t say he hasn’t tried.


    We speak to all those who ‘think’ (with the greatest of respect) they have this issue. Yet, let us give another example, if we may?


    Say, for instance, this gentleman wanted to go on holiday. He looks at the brochure. He closes his eyes. He ‘sees’ that which he wants to manifest. He holds that VISION in his mind and then ‘imagines’ being there. The sun, sea etc. and continues to hold that vision ... now allowing the feeling in. Everyone has felt the warmth of the sun. So one recalls that feeling … one is imagining the sun … and then FEELING its warmth. One could be in the North Pole and still feel this warmth within the Being, through talking oneself … in to it /through it.


    My thoughts are going to last week’s channelling, when you said to ‘Visualise. Visualise. Visualise. Are you not now saying the opposite?


    No. We are saying to do so and then adding on the necessity to take it that step further by 'Going within' … within that visualisation … and then letting it go … before getting there, as we have said earlier.


    It is all making sense to me, on some level … I think! I can’t even remember where we started!


    Dearest Souls, we would like to mention here THE EVENT. For in past mentioning’s over the years, you have always felt Blossom, that we brought the subject up … only to let it die down again. In this instance, we desire to say, that these suggestions we are making, WILL bring you ever closer to it taking place.


    As opposed to it coming ever closer to us?


    It is One and the same.


    To have the ... Intention/desire/Visualisation/Knowing … of this occurrence … continuing /flowing … through your Being, is what we would ask of you. Hold the thought … the FEELING OF IT TAKING PLACE in a sacred place in your heart. Hold it in there tightly … KNOWING on a deeper level, that whilst your life appears to be taking place on the surface … such a large part of your life is preparing for This EVENT to take place … on a deeper level. Preparing and making ready.


    Just throwing this in … How can we visualise it … hold that vision … if we don’t know what THE EVENT actually is?  What exactly would be useful to visualise in this case?


    What do you visualise when you hold it in your thoughts, Blossom?


    Well, let me see … The minute I think the words THE EVENT … I automatically take a deep breath. For me, then … I see in my mind’s eye, a pink sky and ‘something’ yet, I don’t know what …‘entering through’. All I can do then, is go into this … feeling/visual … of either falling to my knees or lying on the ground in absolute wonder.  That’s as far as I get.


    That is as far as you need to get.


    Shouldn’t I be imagining what comes afterYet, I can’t seem to do that. That’s just a blank.


    A blank canvas awaiting the artist.

    Dearest Blossom … we feel it is time to remove our connective correspondence Energy for today.  We are aware of course, of your impending trip. We very much look forward to your return, whereupon we shall once again take up these conversations … which we are happy to say, seem to be enjoyed by so many.


    So it seems, indeed. I never thought that a conversation I have in my head, would be spread far and wide. Yet, this helps me to accept and know that this is so, because you are of TRUTH … and it is my deepest honour to continue.


    In Loving thanks.


    We consider the fact that so many enjoy these conversations, to be an honour to do so, also. The plan is coming together, in the name of service.


    Enjoy your trip.


    It is my intention and desire to do so!

    Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.


    Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

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    Ana Yahud. Wa'ana 'ahtum bik.


    By Jeff Parness


    One week ago Friday, I had the privilege of speaking with two Palestinian journalists in Gaza on the telephone, Jamal and Mohamed. I spoke with them in both Arabic and English.


    Mahrhabahn yah Jamal Minshawe wah Mohamed (Hello Jamal and Mohamed) Ismi Jeffrey. (My name is Jeffrey) Ana min New York. (I am from New York). My grandfather was born in Jerusalem, Al-Quds.


    To which Jamal and Mohamed responded:

    "Wow! Jerusalem is a very special place."


    I continued:


    ANA YAHUD. (I am a Jew). ANA MIN AMRIKA. (I am American) AND I CARE ABOUT YOU.


    Jamal and Mohamed immediately responded:


    "Thank you for those feelings Jeff. We send them back. We care about you too."


    I believe Peace is built one relationship at a time. Between one person and another. I believe that Peace is about recognizing the fundamental humanity of the other. I believe God wants us to build connections between people. And I believe those connections between people are Holy.


    Most importantly I believe in the right of Palestinians and Israelis to both live in freedom, dignity, and security, as equals in the eyes of God, our Creator.


    This special phone call with Jamal and Mohamed was made possible by some wonderful people from Holland, Ton and Annelise, who traveled to Gaza to provide trauma support for Palestinians. Ton and Annelise and their friends then travelled to Israel to come to The Lighthouse to Gaza, a very special place near Kibbutz Be’eri and very close to Buraij, where Israelis and Palestinians have been gathering each Friday for the past eight weeks to open their hearts, open their minds, and open their ears to listen to the voices of the people from Gaza.


    I traveled from New York to be at The Lighthouse to Gaza four times in the past month. I brought with me Stars of HOPE, wooden stars painted with messages of love and compassion by children from around the world. But the real reason I keep going back to the weekly meetings at Lighthouse to Gaza is to learn about Hope.


    Rami taught me about the power of walls. Walls separate. And walls make it easy for us not to see the people on the other side. But when we build physical walls to separate and protect us, we also build walls in our heart that make it harder for us to feel the humanity of the people on the other side. In doing so, walls diminish from our own humanity.


    Roni taught me about the power of love. A resident of a village right next to the separation wall with the northern part of Gaza, Roni had rockets land on her house. She had a friend killed by rockets. But Roni taught me that her humanity means that she MUST care for the people on the other side. To have love in her heart for the people on the other side. To hope for a better future for them and their children. They are our neighbors. We must care about them too.


    Ghadir, a Palestinian woman from the north of Israel has travelled to the Lighthouse to Gaza and brought friends many times. I watched as she cried openly one day knowing that her Palestinian brothers and sisters would be wounded, some killed, by Israeli army sniper fire not far from where we were sitting. I watched as Israelis comforted her, put their arms around her, shared her pain.


    I believe Humanity is about acknowledging and feeling the pain of the other.


    As a Jew from America, I recognize how painful this week will be with the 70th anniversary of the Nakba. My heart breaks for all the Palestinians mourning the loss of their homes, their villages, their homeland, and their way of life. My heart breaks for all the people, young and old, who will die this week, or be injured physically or emotionally from the continued trauma, from expressions of rage, from the military response with bullets, with bombs, with tear gas. Your pain is real and I acknowledge it.


    As a Jew, I must also acknowledge the pain of the many people on this side of the border too. Of the many Jews who were uprooted from their beloved communities across the Arab world in response to the Nakba. I have met many here who still mourn the loss of their connection to their beloved villages and cities and way of life from Tislit, Morocco to Baghdad, Iraq.


    And as a Jew, I must acknowledge the pain of all the people here who still bear the trauma of the Holocaust, of the six million Jews, men and women – 1.5 million of them children – who were systematically marched into the gas chambers by the Nazis in the years leading up to the Nakba. Their trauma, their pain is still very real too.


    What I learned at The Lighthouse to Gaza is that if we do not transform our pain, we transmit it.


    But with all this pain, I still have Hope.


    There is a Holocaust survivor here in Israel by the name of Azriel who volunteers his time to drive Palestinian families from the checkpoints in the West Bank to Israeli hospitals so that their children can receive dialysis and chemotherapy. He is a volunteer with The Road to Recovery בדרך להחלמה, a group started by Yuval Roth whose brother was killed by Hamas fighters in Gaza. Yuval chose to transcend his pain by helping Palestinian families receive medical care. He built something positive. He is a shining star of hope. A symbol of Humanity.


    I have hope because of Robi and Bassam, and Rami and Ali, and all the other Palestinian and Israeli families who chose to mourn the loss of their loved ones to this conflict TOGETHER – as a way to create relationships with their grief. These holy relationships are what break down our fears and our hate. Robi and Bassam and all the other members of פורום המשפחות השכולות Parents Circle Families Forum منتدى العائلات الثكلى know that our tears are all the same color.


    I have hope because of my friends Sulaiman and Chen, Osama and Maia, and all the other members of Combatants for Peace who decided to throw down their weapons and follow the path of non-violent political protest to bring about a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and independence for the Palestinian people. They are not naïve or foolish. They are honest and self-reflective. Maia shared the painful words in a movie about the group: "When I was in the Army, we put our boots on the necks of the Palestinians just to let them know who had the power." These are painful words to hear as a Jew. But they are genuine.


    I have hope because of Ahmed, a former member of Hamas whose family came from Gaza. He paid his respects at my Jewish grandfather’s grave in Jerusalem with the words "It is an honor to meet you and to know that your family cares about Peace as much as my family does." It is possible for people to change.


    And I have hope because of all the extraordinary people I have met in recent weeks from נשים עושות שלום - نساء يصنعن السلام - Women Wage Peace, Other Voice קול אחר صوت آخر עומדים ביחד نقف معًا and Machsom Watch - מחסום ווטש who are aspiring for moral and spiritual perfection. Who are doing things with their actions, with their voices, to say: "People of Gaza, we hear your pain. You are not alone. We are with you."


    I have hope because of the moral courage of a former Israeli tank commander in the Yom Kippur War from a very prominent military family who sat at The Lighthouse to Gaza, pointed to the border, and said: "1.8 million people over there are living in the world’s largest open-air prison."


    Each one of these people are trying whatever they can do as citizens to change the political situation, the military situation, the consciousness of the people and leaders. Each one of these people is a living example of the biblical commandment to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.


    And I have hope because of the friends I have made in Gaza through the use of technology to create genuine connections of respect, compassion, hope, and love. Jamal, Mohamed, Marwan, and Omar.


    One of my favorite videos on the Internet is of the mystical Rabbi Menachem Froman, of blessed memory, who walked into a Palestinian Muslim village in the West Bank in a Jewish prayer shawl after radical Jewish settlers burned the mosque. Rabbi Froman spoke to the crowd: "Real men of God do not burn houses of God." He then led the crowd in a chant of Allah Hu-Ahkbar! He was right. God IS great.


    But my God, our God, the God of Abraham, also demands we speak the truth.


    On the eve of Israeli Memorial Day, the saddest day in the Israeli calendar, David Grossman, the recipient of this year’s Israel Prize for Literature, addressed thousands of Israelis and Palestinians who gathered at a park in Tel Aviv to mourn together. He proclaimed that after 70 years, Israel does not yet have a home. Israel has a fortress. But not a home. A home is where people can relax. And Israel will not have a home until the Palestinians have a home.


    He spoke the truth. He feels your pain.


    There is a story in Jewish tradition that a woman came to her Rabbi with a very difficult problem, a very emotional problem. A problem of grief and loss. The Rabbi responded to her: "I cannot solve your problem. But I can cry with you."


    I realize my words here will not bring any immediate help to our brothers and sisters, our neighbors in Gaza. My words will not restore electricity. Put food in the bellies of children crying out in hunger. Provide clean drinking water. Put needed medicines on the shelves of hospitals. And my words may not speed up the process to help the Palestinian people live in freedom, peace, and dignity.


    This will be a difficult week. A painful week. And I pray for the moral courage, vision, and commitment to our shared humanity for all the leaders on both sides.


    But I hope in some small way, my simple words may reach across the border of Gaza and touch your heart and soul. And in some small way give you hope to know that there are people on the other side who have genuine love in their hearts for you, your families, and your future.




    Jeff Parness
    May 13, 2018
    Kibbutz Be’eri
    The Lighthouse to Gaza


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