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Cosmic Friendship Icebreaker Question

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    October 9, 2020 12:29 AM PDT

    I've wanted to create a forum thread for this purpose for awhile now, something unique, and full of useful information.

    Lets start off with a question. I've been meditating on a few things. What it means to be spiritual living a human experience. What defines us as a group of people wanting the same thing, not realizing our methods may be different in achieving it. And how we can all discover who we truly are.

    My question to you as a member, is. What's your experience (if any) with self awareness and supernatural reality shown you about yourself? And has this journey changed how you see the world, or have you always seen this light without having to awaken to the inner soul consciously? Either through meditation or direct intuition.

    Together we embark on the same journey through different eyes to know this and come seeking a path of enlightenment through experience and feeling. The core tools of soul incarnate.

    We are Cosmic Friendship. A community of people who are becoming aware of our soul memories one dream at a time.