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The Cross And The Circle

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    November 30, 2020 3:56 PM PST

    The upright vertical line of the cross represents the soul descending into a body or energy leaving God. It is masculine, upright and powerful. The horizontal line of the cross represents feminine receptive soul energy. The cross is therefore Shiva/Shakti.

    The cross in a circle is a symbol of a Great Celestial Conjunction which occurs every 6,500 years in the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of equinoxes. The cycle starts in the age of Taurus, continues through Leo, Scorpio and ends in Aquarius, which for many is a promise of a quantum shift in consciousness. Amazingly, the center of this cosmic cross crosses over the Milky Way exactly where the December solstice sun will be in A.D. 2012.

    The circle represents Oneness, eternity, the immortality of the Soul, and Love because it accepts everything as it is without judgment. Universal Consciousness, the God energy, is circular as it is eternal. Planets revolve around the Sun, nature repeats itself in cycles, and scientists claim that if we travel far out into space we arrive at the same point from which we started. This is the Royal Road to Life.

    The Circle represents the Milky Way.The Milky Way Galaxy is observed as a wide band of stars arching through the night sky and is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros because it resembles a great cosmic serpent of light eating its own tail. The Milky Way can be seen at a galactic central point near Sagittarius. The winter solstice sun will be aligned in the Serpent’s mouth on 21 December 2012, at 11:11 am Universal Time.

    Few world-symbols are more meaningful than Swastikas. The two crossed lines represent spirit and matter, male and female, and positive and negative. It shows that we are the link between heaven and earth The Swastika, a cross with four equal arms, are bent sharply at right angles, all in the same direction —Sometimes the arms are bent to the left, sometimes to the right. This extremely ancient symbol is engraved on many temples and prehistoric buildings in India, Greece, Scandinavia, and ancient America. It has been called the Jaina Cross; Fylfot, Mjolnir, or Thor’s Hammer by the Scandinavians; and in the Worker’s Hammer in Chaldean Book of Numbers.

    The geometry of the Star of David captures the axiom: As Above, so Below―We are made in the image of God. The upper triangle is the world of spirit and the lower triangle is the world of matter. God is reflected in the material world below; therefore what we see in the material world is merely a reflection of Truth. We are merely observers of the reflection cast in the waters of life. We take the images as truth although they are distorted by the rippling surface of the water. We live in a world of illusion and view things upside down.