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The Search for ‘Your Self’  by Hugh Colmer

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    November 30, 2020 4:00 PM PST

    Is it possible to expand humanity’s vision of God without expanding humanity’s vision of itself? Most of us in the West have great difficulty believing that we are aspects of the divine spirit or energy that pervades our universe. Past civilizations revered the human body and many temples and pyramids were based on its form. Even the nine months of the development of the seed in the human embryo is a reflection of the nine incarnations of the Avatar Vishnu.
    The Jewish Patriarchs taught that the human body was a miniature universe which indicates that they understood only too well the Hermetic axiom, “As above So below, and So below as Above.” The worship of the parts and functions of the human body began in the later Lemurian period and merged with Atlantean sun worship.
    The ancients told us we begin as a grain of sand and throughout eons of time become a universe. ‘I am that I am’ and all that exists means that we are indeed part of the light that created ‘All that Is’. They are one, we all are one.
    The Buddhist Jutakas Books give 550 incarnations of Buddha. They narrate how He appeared in every form of animal life, and animated very living body on earth from insect to birds and animals and finally to mankind, the microcosmic image of God on earth, the immortal divine spirit which has animated every living being. If there is one atom misplaced in the body, that body could not remain in existence. Though individual spirits are myriad, collectively they are one. For each human spirit is an aspect of the one all pervading light. This divine spirit animates the flower, the particle of granite, the serpent, the lamb, the lion, the bull and the man.
    A new attitude toward science and religion will enable us to realize that we are our reality and that our thoughts and actions create it. Consciousness is not abstract. When we are aware that God, the ‘Supreme Intelligent Power of Light that permeates every atom and every form in the whole universe, is centralized in us we can assume that power.
    Every one has the Kingdom of God within yet this message is not emphasized enough by our religious leaders. We have been so confused by the dogma of organized religion that we don’t know where to turn for spiritual advice. The advice of the Masters is to know the Self. Knowing yourself is not an ego trip it is the knowledge that we are a divine consciousness in our bodies that creates our reality. Unfortunately we have old programs playing in our heads that torment us when we over react in the heat of the moment. The only solution for those who think their world is falling apart is to release their fears for then the fear ceases to exist. It is an absolute that thought creates reality and we create all that happens.
    Unity in Diversity
    Unity in Diversity is taught by all of our great teachers. Yet the Master knows His devotees only too well and is under no misapprehension that this requires great dedication. Most of us do not realize that we have the spark of divinity within us to grasp our inner reality. Reducing the egotistic ‘I’, whilst developing the divine ‘I am that I am,’ is the eternal way to ignite this spark. The eternal path to the ancient truth will teach us how to spark, develop and manifest our divinity.
    Billions recite the name of God out of habit, social conformity or to gain a reputation as a guru. But few have steady faith to seek the unending joy that the contemplation of the name of God can confer. Avatars, Gurus, Saints and Sages gave up the temporary security of material wealth, for the lasting joy of inner peace. This, they discovered, can only be attained by tapping into the life force of their own higher being. Through the centuries, countless scholars, poets and speakers have been well aware of this unvarying truth.
    We have been indoctrinated to believe that God is outside of ourselves and we blame Him for the things that don’t work in our lives. The Sexual Addictions of the Masters of the Universe makes it very clear that we can’t point the finger at anyone until we have cleansed our own temple of its dysfunctional thoughts and belief systems. The situation is not radically going to change until we take responsibility for our own personal universe.
    Religion and science has led us astray from our divinity although modern physicists are coming to the conclusion that the atoms of consciousness that pervades everything is God. The ideals laid down by ancient wisdom for ensuring a peaceful life are as valid now.
    The Bible contains the truth of God as it has absorbed the truths of the Vedas and the Upanishads, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Sumerian Enuma Elish, the Greek Gnostics, the Hebrew Kabala, the Koran, Mystical Christianity and the teachings of the Secret Doctrines, all of which lead to the eternal ancient truth. The three basic beliefs of ancient wisdom are: The inevitability of Karma in Life; The fact of rebirth; and Divine Incarnations. If we reject these ancient truths we have an extremely limited reality of life. Although few accept ancient wisdom as the basis for their lives this is where all spiritual effort walks.
    Religions were created to constantly remind us of the mystical knowledge of ourselves. The only blind faith that our religious teachers should promote is that the divine spirit is in us. If our teachers do not emphasize this they are a impediment to our spiritual growth.
    The Sons of the Law of One, those who believed in oneness of the universe, and the Sons of Belial, those who believed in the misuse of natural elements have been warring factors since time immemorial. The Old Testament is a short hand version of those ancient days and it is not difficult to see that the major problems facing the world today are not new. In Atlantis the scientist priests worshiped power over the natural elements which inevitably led to conflict and destruction of the planet as seen in the world-wide story of Noah and his Ark. Let us be the Arks of this age which will carry the divine spirit of God into the next millennium.
    Perhaps this is an appropriate moment to talk about Avatars for there is great confusion on the subject. An ‘Avatar’ is the all pervading universal soul. The Logos, the Messiah, the Christos, and the Divine Spirit are all one and the same thing. Scientists call the Logos, consciousness that existed before time. Time is not in motion, but we move through time as our consciousness moves from one event to another. We exist in time as an eternal, multidimensional, existence of oneness. The Egyptian god, Thoth Hermes, said that the divine spirit of the Logos wheels in vast circles in the heavens knowing that all that has being is expanding to encounter other beings. This immortal spirit descends into human form and pervades the whole body and becomes Christ consciousness. Every one can become a Buddha or a Christ. And so throughout eons of time every Great Year or a 2,160 year Zodiacal Age sends the divine spirit in human form. We are now entering the Age of Aquarius and it is time for the pure clean waters to pour from Aquarius’ urn to purify the ocean of life from the impurities of the Kali Yuga.

    Without ‘Love ‘our world is meaningless. When we experience the unconditional love of an Avatar we are never the same again. Where can we find a teacher who can take you to that place? Many travel to the East to find a satisfactory answer for their ‘Divine Discontent’. Even when an Avatar repeatedly tells us that we are as divine as He is we give his message lip service. There is an old maxim, when the student is ready the Master appears. Jesus was not the first, or the last, great master to tell us to, “Know Thyself,” The Mystery Schools have always said that beyond what we know as a physical reality there is a divine energy directing the senses, the intelligence and the ego. A great reservoir of spiritual knowledge exists from the teachings of Cristna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. These great ascended Masters followed the path of the universal mystery schools founded on the principles of God and Love.

    Sons and Daughters of the Great Central Sun
    There is a deep urge in us to visualize the ‘One’ source of energy in the cosmos. Scientists seek to find a law that will explain all the sources of energy and all forms of matter. Science does not name the eternal consciousness that existed before time. Religions call that consciousness, God. Spiritual Masters call that consciousness ‘Love.’ which is nothing less than life itself. The definitive statement, “I am God,” “I am Love” are the words that carry the greatest vibratory influence ever known.

    The main reason why ancient astrologers concerned themselves with the sun’s celestial motion was because of the connection between time, the planetary positions and the human mind. It is only now that people are becoming conscious of the true motives behind their thoughts or actions, and why they over react in the heat of the moment.
    When we speak of ’Light Bodies’ we are referring the consciousness of the central sun that existed before the beginning outside of time and space. In many cultures the Sun has been revered as a god. The Sun is not just a burning form of gas as our scientists would have us believe, it is a portal of initiation to the intelligence of the Great Central Sun of even Greater Central Suns.

    The Sun is ‘The Prototype of Humanity’ and a metaphor for our divine spirit. The rising sun crossing the horizon sends an electrical charge through the earth’s magnetic field and has a correspondingly stimulating effect on the rhythm of the body and thus on the senses. Sacred history is the record of the psychic changes that have taken place over thousands of years, witnessed by the rise and fall of great civilizations who failed to remember that they were divine. So it is not surprising that ancient civilizations worshiped the sun and in fact the lives of gods like Osiris, Dionysus, Orpheus and Jesus are allegories of the sun in the zodiac. Isn’t the influence of the sun on the rhythm of life obvious as it gives us life everywhere we look? The myth of sun-gods is at the very heart of religion at its best. The worship of the sun-god was quite universal in the ancient world. Nearly all the great cosmological myths forming the foundations of the various sacred books of the world are based on the Atlantean Mystery Sun rituals. These Mysteries were passed on to the Hindus, Buddhists, and Egyptians, later to the Gnostics, Greek Hellenics and Hebrews before they were transferred to Christian history without the wisdom to interpret them symbolically.

    The incidents in the life of Jesus were purposely altered to match incidents in the lives of the numerous Sun saviors who preceded him. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing new under the sun… no pun intended… and it behooves us to delve into the
    meaning of myths and allegories as there is more truth in myths than in history as we know it.
    It is only through the study of earlier religions that we can fully understand Christianity. The accepted gospels and the Apocrypha of the Church itself are based the celestial symbolism of the Sun. Christ is a Sun-god, Christmas Day is a celebration of the Birth of the Sun conceived in the constellation of Virgo at the end of August. The real crime against humanity is that we have not been taught that we have the divinity of the Sun within us. The inner Christ expresses itself in the world only through our thoughts, feelings and actions. Right thinking, Right Feeling and Right Action—are the motivating force of the universe that moves humanity to assume their Christ power.