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Message From the Pleiadians & Christine Day For May 2016

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    May 11, 2016 2:36 PM PDT

    Message From the Pleiadians May 2016

    Thursday, May 05, 2016

    Beloved ones we greet you,

    The shifts that are occurring on your planet at this time are monumental. There are many continual transformations taking place on multi-dimensional levels. Carried within this energetic shift is a force of light consciousness that is compelling those of you on your path, propelling you forward into your destiny placement within what we call a ‘divine Framework’.

    Through this birthing process this energetic Framework contains a frequency change that strongly impacts you and your life now. This frequency holds a pure containment of Truth that will enable you to access a Grace that is part of your natural heritage of fulfillment on many levels. This is an aspect of your enlightenment process being activated now for you to utilize, enabling you to realign to a higher consciousness within yourself.

    Today, right now you are being asked to simply stop struggling and to open up in a state of acceptance of where you find yourself. Allowing everything to fall away in this moment and to witness all that you have created for yourself at this time in your life, a grand creation!

    Through you accepting where you are in this moment in your life, your struggle ends. An aspect of the illusion here on your planet is ‘the need to struggle’. This time for struggle to end is made possible through this energetic dimensional birthing of the ‘Framework on your planet.

    This ‘Grace’ energy held within the ‘Framework’ is designed to support you to be able to move beyond the illusion of your 3rd dimensional life and to move and align yourself into that state of self-acceptance much more easily than before.

    You open into a state of self-acceptance. Acceptance involves you being willing to let go and to open up to all of your imperfections of who you are in this moment within your humanness. Your struggle ends through your self-acceptance. Through this acceptance, you will be able to open into an expanded dimensional unlimited moment. Within this space you will align more completely within the Framework, within the ‘Grace’ and experience peace. Here you will find rest and liberation.

    This whole energetic transfer is designed for your individual homecoming process. This transfer energy is enabling you to create tremendous shifts within your world. You have been waiting to align to this destiny moment of dimensional change. There will be necessary requirements for you to align into this changing profile by allowing this sacred energy to move you naturally through your moment-by-moment experiences in your daily life.

    Know that by letting go, and simply meeting this energetic setting, you will find a deep fulfillment within, as you move yourself consciously to each expanded experience of the moment. Through these powerful energetic changes that are taking place on your planet the misinterpretations of your story will begin to break down on many levels.

    Your life is no longer working in the way it has in the past. There are subtle shifts in many small insignificant ways and there have been some dramatic changes in very major aspects of your life. This breaking down process is an indication of the transformational cycle that your planet is going through. Through this monumental dimensional transition of change taking place, nothing can be the same, as it has previously been known.

    Within this prevailing phase, the 3rd dimensional illusion can no longer be held in place. There are cracks appearing through the veils that have been holding this illusion in place.

    Now is the time for you to move forward to receive your own personal expression of this change. As you choose to reach forward aligning through your heart space you can receive a new experience of being.

    We wish to remind you of the powerful tool of the sun’s rays at this time. The frequency of the reflected light of the sun will enhance your ability to fully align within the energy of the ‘Framework’, supporting you in your transition through these multi dimensional settings.

    We witness you as you take these powerful steps forward within yourself.


    The Pleiadians

    It Is Up to You

    Ailia Mira
    a message from The Council of Radiant Light, Ashira channeled by Ailia Mira
    Wednesday, 20 April, 2016

    Greetings Earthlings.

    We greet you from a star that is close to you and yet in your conscious experience, is known only as light. We know that you are cognizant that there is life in the heavens and we speak to you in that state of inner knowing.

    Your planet has opened up energetically and with this, new potentials are in play. Not many humans are living the fullness of these potentials yet, and yet we watch know, it is just a matter of time. We watch with respect and honoring of you and great curiosity and enthusiasm for what you are creating.

    The time is now to awaken and express your divine self; the essence that you are. Before this time, Earth was differently focused and so were the inhabitants of this planet. Now Earth has shifted and the movement into Divine Expression is underway. We encourage you, to follow. To consciously shift from exploring the mastery of limitation and into inner knowing, sovereign alignment and flow — liberating Divine Expression.

    All that you are, knows how to do this yet you, beloved Earthlings are entirely free to choose to continue to experience and explore limitation or to shift and tune into the ascending planet and follow her lead.

    It is up to you.

    As you change your focus, if you were to do so, we would see your whole energy field reorganize. You might feel as if what you were leaving behind, actually became more prominent in your awareness if you were not knowing that as it cleared you would sense it, energetically and know it, as it occurred to you, on its way out of your fluid and form-shifting embodiment.

    Then, the light would begin to turn and flow, taking shape in new ways. New paradigms of wholeness would open within your field and you would find that you are no longer simple here, and simply human. Experientially you would know yourself as of the stars and of the Universe in a very real way. A way that is felt as much more than an idea.

    As you make this shift, most of you will become aware that you are playing at this ascension game from many different areas of focus, including here with us, on Arcturus. Many beings train here for entry there on Earth, and that is how we know you some of you directly; as a skillful master who trained for this and is now turning the tide of your own embodied flow.

    You are the beings who are opening up new capacities! Turning the focus of what you elaborate and share and are and explore on Earth from discovering the nuances of limitation to tuning in...and with inner alignment and flow ravishingly exploding into your own potentials as embodied light, truth and love.

    The energy qualities of light, truth and love, comprise all things and you are organized in a unique arrangement of these qualities, as is your planet. Your planet is a love-planet. You know this, don’t you. You know that love is where it’s at on Earth. You feel this deep within and when you know this and answer to it you sync up with the planetary field in ways that are very beneficial to your body’s well-being and your consciousness expanding into more light.

    Given this, we hope you see how precious this moment is. This is a moment in which a whole planet says — oh, yes! Home! Going home! Let me sing my song and dance my dance and flow my flow and be me! Do me! Share me! Shine me! Let me move throughout this creation as all lines merge into the pure timeline of REUNION as ONE and enjoy that. Let me dance it all out while I am here as me and light it up. Make this sky and earth, resonant and resplendent with my exalted presence. Inspiring and tickling others to do the same.

    Oh light within me as love and truth. Oh truth within me as love and light. Oh love within me, loving truth, loving light. Fuse me into a new arrangement of particles and being that expresses my divine self, here, now.

    The time is now. Let me awaken and be true to all that I am. Let me awaken to the new potentials emerging now and with great skillfulness and joy, for I am here to fly. I am here to sing my song of love and light, truly and with the expressiveness that is me, may I know myself as ONE with this realm. One with all that is here…for it is expanding and ascending and it is going to merge into a more fantastic and yet different and unique Universal arrangement and this time, this moment, this richly ordained and expressive experience will never be again.

    You can feel this within you, can't you.

    Awaken all that is within me now that wants to be here, play here, express here, in me, through me as me. Let the light that is, shape and shine as me. For all to see and through this, know the glory of God; the Oneness that is.

    Adoni. Adoni. Adonia. I AM. I AM. I AM.

    Indeed. Masters, you are. In all that you are.

    It's up to you to choose your orientation to embodiment. To decide what path you are on. Are you spinning everything out into more and more parallel expressions? Are you coming to center...aligning, flowing and expanding into a Unity of Light?

    We simply sing the call within:

    Set yourself free! The time is NOW. Be who you truly are.

    I AM Ashira, with Ailia of the Council of Radiant Light in collaboration with the Arcturians

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