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You Are The Way, The Truth, And The Light

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    June 9, 2016 2:02 PM PDT


    As I poured a glass of water in preparation for meditation, a pink paper rose, that I’d kept in my sanctuary for years, fell down from its shelf and landed in front of me. I was so touched by this gesture from the Spirit realms and knew we would have communication today.

    We come in all honesty and find you wanting, cherishing those conversations between us and the desire for further contact with those you Love.

    I’m feeling a flooding of warm energy across my heart centre.

    We delve into those recesses within your heart and we programme you to accept those responsibilities that have brought you full circle back to us, your guides and inspirers, your cherished Family of Light. And we have been there with you always, leading you on for centuries past, from one lifetime to another in this never, never ending journey of Light. We give expression to your thoughts and feelings on this very subject.

    We express ourselves with great joy to be here with you again my child, and we enter the silence and Peace within your heart, ready to draw breath on a wide variety of subjects. This is the beginning of a new and vibrant pathway that we shall take together as one voice, leading the population of Earth on a vibrational journey that shall better help them understand what we are about. We have taken a liking to expressing ourselves from a different viewpoint and this shall be put into practice very soon. We monitor the workings of your heart and allow this to settle and permeate those recesses that need your compliance.

    We have been overlooked in the past but now we bud like a new rose, unfolding and opening our petals to the golden light that streams forth from the heavens. We come at a time of ripeness and fullness of Love to open the chambers of your heart and bring forth all that is stored and hidden. We rely on you to smooth the way for others to follow and we shall not be put out for we have done well in the great scheme of things.

    We have listened with an open heart to those around us who could make no sense of the world in which they live, and we come to offer our condolences. We come to offer a way forward that will enable greater clarification, and we have an unending supply of material that is coming to the surface to be reviewed and given the light of day! Please muster the necessary resources needed to undertake this mission for we have branched out in a new direction, deliberately, to give you greater insight into how you can help the people around you. This will come as a great surprise to you! Believe us when we say, we need people like you to carry the banner of eternal hope. There is no death, only the physical shall pass away, the Spirit remains seeking new identities, new expressions of the Love within.

    We open up the floodgates and let you through, participating in a grand recovery of human beings who have lost their way. We set them back on track, negotiating and realising a new pact of immeasurable growth that will enable a finer conclusion. It is the humble and the innocent who lead the way, and those who have suffered physical abuse shall be led out of the shadows.

    We welcome into the mainstream, a wide variety of souls who have each experienced detrimental atrocities and we go forward arm in arm, analysing those commitments that have led us thus far. We do not give vent without reason for life has treated many of you shabbily and to a certain extent without rhyme or reason. Against all odds you fought back to regain your true status and to become formerly identified as righteous citizens of Earth. We depend on the majority of you to come forward now and state your intentions for we shall not be left behind.

    There never was nor ever has been such jubilation from those here in the higher realms, for we are getting to that part of your journey where sparks shall fly! No longer will we be held back, unable to speak, we shall not be trampled on or brought to justice for offences that are pitiful in the eyes of God. We shall stand up for what we believe in, we shall raise our eyes to the sky and thank God for our status here on Earth. This is where we come to do God’s bidding, this is where we make a difference. This is where we shall sing aloud, honouring that place deep within our hearts that begs for mercy for the oppressed. We speak for those who have no voice, we speak for those who are willing to learn, and we speak for those who come in their thousands to champion the cause of upliftment for mankind.

    Please bring a pen and paper when you come to talk with us, write down those words filling your mind. Do not forget what we bring, for we bring these words to help you, to honour you and to nurture you, for YOU ARE THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT and we bring these words from the Great Divine, from that great unending source of energy and Light. We bring sustenance to your hearts, we bring Peace and Joy in unending measure.

    Go now and rise up, be strong, hold that Light within you, let the embers of Love burst forth into Light, igniting the hearts and minds of all you connect with, enriching the landscape around you and the people you meet. Bring some sunshine into the lives of those who are downcast. Life is for living, go out and live, be joyful, be happy, be your ‘true’ self. Do not hide that Light under a bushel, but shine, shine, shine!

    Thank you friends for those enlightening words, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for watching over me and leading me always onwards to the home in my heart which is Love.

    These transcripts shall be recorded and circled widely so that they may give others the impetus not to lose faith. Life is never-ending, it goes on forever and ever as do you all. Reach out and grasp the embodiment of life that is yours now. Make the most of your time here on the Earth plane and take those experiences into your heart to share with others along the way. Remember we are always with you and will always be so!

    Bon Voyage dear friends, Bon Voyage! Set sail for that new world that is there waiting and it shall be so! Amen.

    We all have the capability of channelling and as our Star friends have said, bring a paper and pen to your meditation sessions so that you can write down what they bring. It is wonderful to read back their messages and I for one would never remember what they have said if I didn't record it. Happy journeying's my friends, and much Love to you all, Eileen.