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Awakening Divine Abundance By Goddess Hathor

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    June 25, 2016 2:03 AM PDT

    In the first article below, you will embark on a wonderful experience listening & feeling the sacred sounds at the core of your Divine Being...and the Sacred Sounds of the Goddess Hathor...and the Creator...and the Creator's Abundance flowing in and through you.

    And the second article gives you a powerful visualization & experience of the Creator's Sun in you... Enjoy both with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light, Steve

    Awakening Divine Abundance

    by Goddess Hathor

    Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Download Audio Version

    When love and consciousness bind unity is created, unity is the truth of every soul; it is the truth of the Creator and the Goddess. I am Goddess Hathor. It is through sound that I communicate with you now. Invite yourself to listen deeply, not with your ears, with every cell of your being. The sound emanating from the core of my being vibrates through your being allowing us to connect in harmony and at a new level of understanding. The universe is composed of and with sound. The Creator communicates with you through sacred sound vibrations, some resonate deeply with you, these are sacred sounds already in realisation within your being. Other sacred sounds from the Creator inspire remembrance, or even resistance, which is a blessing as it signifies you are ready to make a big leap within the source of your being; your soul and the Creator.

    Take time to be silent and listen with every part of your being to my sound vibrations flowing through your being. What do you experience?

    Take time to be silent and listen with every part of your being to the sacred sound of your own being, recognise the sound your entire being creates. Hold the intention of connecting with the sound of your core. What do you experience? How does it differ to my energies, Goddess Hathor?

    Take time to be silent and listen with every part of your being to the sacred sound vibration of the Universe of the Creator. What do you experience?  The Universe of the Creator is expansive and holds so many aspects of the Creator, each are expressions of the Creator, creating their own sacred sound vibrations. When tuning into the sound of the Universe of the Creator, a united, harmonious sound can be experienced. The sound of every soul and aspect of the Creator is different and diverse, yet creates a whole and complete sacred sound which is full, healing and beautiful. You are a sacred choir member generating through your unique sound the united sound of the Creator found throughout the Universe of the Creator and within the core of the Creator. With this understanding, you can easily acknowledge your importance in the Universe of the Creator and your equal unity with all as pects of the Creator.

    When listening to sound frequencies and vibrations, you may not hear the sound; there are numerous ways for you to experience the sacred sound. It may be as an energy moving over your being, as a feeling or emotion within you. Imagine that you were present before an orchestra, even if you were deaf and unable to hear any sound, you would still experience the impact, energy, and power the orchestra creates. It is the same within the Universe of the Creator. Often the frequencies expressed, for example from my being, Goddess Hathor, are so high that they are beyond the range of your physical body’s hearing. This does not matter because your soul hears everything and will deliver the messages to your conscious awareness.

    I, Goddess Hathor, send one sacred sound to you to express my truth, my one sound is composed of seven goddess beings, and we resonate in harmony with Venus. Although we are seven goddess beings we exist as one, like a family united, we are from the same source, like aspects of the one soul. This information is shared with you so you may recognise and remember that one sound vibration, light frequency, energy vibration is an abundant expression which creates the impression of one. You are one human form upon the Earth, and yet you are composed of an abundance of light, sound and energy vibrations. When you allow yourself to look deeper, beyond your human body you can recognise the great abundance of the Creator which supports your form and existence. This I, Goddess Hathor, label as Divine Abundance.

    Divine Abundance is not one energy; it is the creation of numerous aspects of the Creator existing and vibrating in harmony to present a manifestation, form or creation. Divine Abundance has the power to manifest anything at any level or dimension of the Creator’s Universe. Anything is possible. Divine Abundance manifests through intention, belief, acceptance and embodiment. It is available to every soul and flows through every soul. Divine Abundance supports each soul in creating a reality upon the Earth or the inner planes which offer the greatest experience of fulfillment. When you begin to understand or remember the truth of Divine Abundance, then you will understand the key to unlocking the presence of Divine Abundance within you and expressing the same into your reality.

    Allow yourself to sit peacefully accessing a meditative state of being. Say the statements below one at a time and allow yourself to experience the great source of energy and truth they each hold and activate within your being. Take time to embody the statement even if it is only with the support of your imagination.

    ‘I am united in oneness with all aspects of the Creator, divine sound and energy flows to and from me.’

    (Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

    ‘I am composed of so many different vibrations of light, love, consciousness, sound and energy, each are an expression of the Creator and harmoniously create my current body and self.’

    (Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

    ‘Harmoniously I express the Creator as an individual expression and as a vital aspect of the wholeness and fullness of the Creator.’

    (Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

    ‘Every part of my life is my creation; each part is composed of numerous aspects of the Creator and yet appears as one object, one situation, one person or one experience.’

    (Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

    ‘I now honour all the aspects of the Creator, which harmoniously create expressions of the Creator within my being and reality.’

    (Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

    ‘I know every intention or request I create is greeted by and formed from Divine Abundance; numerous energies harmoniously creating my manifestation.’

    (Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

    ‘Therefore, the Divine Abundance I experience is the unity of the Creator in manifestation.’

    (Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)


    When you have taken the time to experience the statements above you will recognise that collectively they are a beautiful meditation which can offer greater understanding of Divine Abundance while individually they offer a unique insight into your truth. Everything and everyone is a beautiful expression of harmony, unity and oneness. It is often a person’s inability or resistance to recognise the unity, harmony and wholeness of their own being and their connection to other beings including the Creator which results in experiences of lack of abundance within their being and reality. When you recognise that Divine Abundance is the unity of expressions of the Creator creating form, then you realise this must also be the truth of your being and your creations. A belief, acceptance and recognition of unity dawns, therefore, a perspective of plenty rises. You realise that if a belief in separation dissolves then a belief in unity and connection emerges, this means all walls, blockages, resistance or experiences of lack begin to be erased. The only belief is of constant flow and connection, constant support and nourishment, in truth a constant supply of plenty. Practising the above meditation will aid you in developing and remembering your natural and inner sense of unity with all. With the consciousness of unity within your being you naturally and automatically allow yourself to connect with and recognise Divine Abundance. Not only do you realise your divine right to experience Divine Abundance you also empower yourself with the understanding that you have the tools to direct the Divine Abundance into your reality. Your tools are your intentions, requests to the Universe of the Creator, recognition of Divine Abundance and ability to express Divine Abundance, thus form will take place.

    To support the key of Divine Abundance, which is the unity of many aspects of the Creator, it is wonderful to use the affirmation, ‘I embody and experience ……………… in plenty.’ Examples of this affirmation are: ‘I embody and experience love in plenty.’ ‘I embody and experience peace in plenty.’ ‘I embody and experience the Creator’s support in plenty.’ ‘I embody and experience loving friendship in plenty.’ And so forth. You can create numerous affirmations which describe your reality as plentiful blessings of all aspects of the Creator harmoniously united and manifesting in beautiful forms within your reality. Thus you will embody and experience the Divine Abundance of the Creator. Allow yourself to be creative, allow yourself to recognise how lovingly connected you are to the Cre ator and all aspects of the Creator. This brings forth a new enlightened perspective of your being and reality with divine experiences of fulfilment and abundance.

    It is time to awaken Divine Abundance within all aspects of your being and allow your soul to live a reality of fullness, compassion, love and truth. Free yourself from limitations with the sacred flow of Divine Abundance. It can manifest into anything you wish to experience. Call forth the energy of Divine Abundance from within your being and the Creator, let it flow through your being and enjoy the energies and shifts you experience.

    You may wish to call upon me, Goddess Hathor, to support you in your explorations, understanding and experience of Divine Abundance.

    With Goddess Blessings, I will always be present to guide you,

    Goddess Hathor

    The Sun Emblazoned in Your Heart

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    Heavenletters - God said:

    The Sun clears the way for you. The Sun enters your heart and lights it up. In your mind right now, pick up the Sun in your hands and scoop the Sun into your heart. The Sun will fill your heart, and happiness will be yours.

    There isn't anything you can't do with the Sun Emblazoned in Your Heart.

    Where did you think the sun belongs if not in your heart? Vitamin D is all well and good, yet a blazing unmistakable sun in your heart is the Mainstay of a Bright Golden Orb from every heart shining out to every heart. This is love. This is You. This is what your heart is meant for – to send beacons of light, Light Crisscrossing from Heart to Heart.

    And, of course, imagine too placing the Light of the Sun into your mind as well. When it comes to the Light of the Sun, your heart and mind are One, perfectly balanced and in tune with each other. Lit by the Sun, there is no argument between heart and mind. The heart and the mind don't tug at each other, trying to find themselves. Heart and mind are in perfect harmony. When there is harmony, where can disharmony exist?

    As your heart and mind are filled with the Light of the Sun, there is no separation, no tension between them. Filled with the Light of the Sun, what on Earth could heart and mind be in conflict about? The heart becomes the Sun, and the mind becomes the Sun. There is no telling heart and mind apart. They are no longer located because they have become One. There is no mind to stretch, no heart to please. As One, heart and mind are perfectly pleased. There is no difference between them.

    Oneness doesn't argue with itself. The Oneness of what once were Heart and Mind is like a single arrow that now hits its target, or it is like a shot out of a cannon that makes inner and outer One. The Sun bursts forth like the Sun, and the Universe is alight.

    Intelligence isn't even needed because Intelligence is. There is no getting away from Intelligence. Consciousness Is. You are Consciousness. You are the Sun of Life. You are the Sunshine, and you shine.

    You light up the world. You are the Light of the World. This is not the first time you have heard this.

    The sun that shines doesn't have to think about itself and what it does. The Sun IS the Sun. There is nothing to think about. The Sun Shines, and the world is bathed in light, as you are bathed in light. You ARE the Light of the Sun. You reflect the Light that you are. In Truth, you were never anything else but a Bright Light whichever land you are in the world or out of the world.

    In the world, you have a lot on your mind. In Heaven and on Earth, you simply beam. What more do you want? And what else does the world want but your Light rotating around it and brightening the entire Threshold of the World?

    You are the Threshold. You are the Sun shining in every heart.

    All is Light. There is no darkness. There are no cover-ups. There is no dross. There is no tarnish. There is nothing but Light, and Light is Infinity. Your spirit rolls over in Infinity. Your spirit soars in Infinity. You are Infinity. You are the Light of Infinity. You are a Sun that does not set. You are a Sun Risen that the Universe hails. You have thought that the Universe provides for you. You provide for the Universe. You are the Sun, and you are the sum-total of the Universe.

    You have had a different sort of picture of yourself. As you place the Sun in your heart and mind, you are the One Sun That Shines on All. Hear the beat of the Metronome of the Sun. Experience the Tom-Tom of the Sun as it pulses in your heart for all to hear.

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