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Let Yourself Soar With The New Moon By Sonja Myriel Raouine

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    July 8, 2016 1:37 AM PDT

    Dearly beloved family of the Crystalline Violet Light in Service of Unity, PEACE and Love,

    As the New Moon energies are renewing our biological vessels, our DNA is upgraded and our Spirits begin to soar, let us UNITE in the Love of the CREATOR as ONE VIOLET LIGHT LOVE ENTITY throughout the coming moon, enveloping the entire planet in the 7th Ray Transmutative Frequency and Resonance of FORGIVENESS and FREEDOM!

    New beginnings are around the corner of this coming Moon, previously unimagined possibilities are rising on the collective horizon, and inspired by the waves of COSMIC LIGHT we shall face the changes, welcoming them as opportunities to LOVE humanity and all life on this planet FREE!

    I ask you to focus the Violet Ray throughout this Moon on transmuting all past vibrations of discordance, war, hatred, nationalism and ego driven pride and greed into pure White Crystalline Light, setting free ALL imprisoned life forms of any and all dimensions involved as to CLEAR the plate of all former imprints of impurity so we can begin anew, building on the Crystalline Energies which Mother Earth is inundadet in NOW in preparation of the Lion's Gate!

    May we serve as vessels for the LIGHT, LOVE, WISDOM and WILL of God, facilitating the joyful and loving purification and cleansing of all old patterns of evil darkness and separation, perfectly protected by AA Michael's Legions of LIGHT!

    May we become aware of the interrelatedness of all life not only on this planet, but throughout the Galaxy, the Universe, the Multiverse - one heart at a time until all of humanity on Earth can rejoice in Unity Consciousness - first on a planetary level, then on a galactic one, a universal one until last but not least we shall reach COSMIC Unity Consciousness!

    May we set the foundation for this RISE in Frequency and Consciousness when the Doors of the Lionsgate* open on the 8th of August!

    To bring about these profound changes which I see as possibilities, no, probabilities, call on the Legions of Light, Saint Germain and Lady Portia, all Chohan's of the Seven Rays and of the Five Secret Rays, all Archangels and Archaii, Elohim and Devi in SERVICE of God's Divine Plan this moon and ask for help from all dimensions in the CLEANSING and PURIFYING PROCESS which needs to take place NOW! Come to know your guides and helpers if you are still new to this kind of work and begin to co-create with the higher realms, unseen, maybe, but clearly discernible by your feeling and intuiting Cosmic Human Nature!

    Beware, you are not alone!

    Beware, you are asked to contribute your share of invocations and pleas, asking for guidance, healing, love and help to be showered upon humanity and all life on Earth!

    ASK FOR HELP – as the call for help must come from the realms where help is needed! – and open up your conscious perception to the answers which you shall surely receive in response to your invocations!

    Re-MEMBER this basic prayer, which you can vary according to your needs:

    I AM God's Infinite Light and BEAUTY in Action – NOW!

    I AM God's Wondrous LOVE and COMPASSION in ACTION – NOW

    I AM God's Perfected WISDOM of INSIGHT and VISION in ACTION – NOW!

    I AM who I AM

    ETERNAL beauty, joy and love, protected and connected to and by the Legions of LIGHT

    NOW and FOREVER,


    So BE it and so it IS, - TATHASTU!

    United we stand in the LIGHT of the CREATRESS, emanating the CREATOR's qualities of Charity, Faith and Constancy, Love, Will and Wisdom, Compassion, Power and Golden Christ Consciousness as we call forth the Threefold Flame of CREATION to renew our entire body, earth, political, economic, and financial system!

    BEWARE - you are CREATORS!


    BEWARE - you are here for a very specific purpose and reason and the time to claim your mighty spiritual power is NOW!


    LOVE your BODY FREE and HEAL it - and thus the planetary body of our Mother Gaia Terra Shan Vej (speak: way)!

    Sonja Myriel Raouine

    * Lionsgate opens every year on August 8th to the 12th, when the Sun is in Leo and is marked by the star Sirius moving closer to earth and aligning in Orion’s belt, which perfectly syncs up with the Pyramids in Giza.