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Angelic Expansion to Aid Enlightenment by Lord Melchizedek

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    July 11, 2016 1:35 AM PDT

    Angelic Expansion to Aid Enlightenment

    by Lord Melchizedek

    Channelled through Natalie Glasson 8th July 2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

    My Presence with the Universal Golden Light flows forth to greet you, enveloping your entire being in love and universal wisdom. I am Lord Melchizedek, overseer of the Universal Level and a Christed Being. My purpose today is to help you experience pure bliss and joy from the Angelic Realm, especially at a Universal Level.

    When we allow ourselves to recognise the Creator, we see, sense, and acknowledge beyond our imaginations being touched by the Truth of the Creator. The Angelic Realm are truly masters at creating a beautiful state within and around us that allows the Truth & Presence of the Creator to touch us, manifesting beauty, wisdom and greater experiences of the Creator’s love.

    Whether you feel a connection with the Angelic Realm or not, these Divine Beings have a wonderful gift of supporting you in creating space within yourself, your reality, and the Universe of the Creator for the Creator to be more fully & consciously present within you. This could be recognised as expansion; you and the Universe of the Creator are composed of and embody expansion. The Angelic Kingdom encourage you to recognise your expansion and to multiply it. There are no limits to expansion, & when called upon, the Angelic Kingdom will support you to recognise and experience this within your being as well as in your surroundings.

    The Universe of the Creator, as well as the Angelic Kingdom, are beautiful examples and reminders of the expansion of the Creator. Both can be observed and experienced, yet you can never truly understand or grasp their complete energy.

    This is something we on the inner planes accept, through our acceptance, we are able to grasp a greater understanding of expansion, especially within our own beings. It is through expansion that the Universe of the Creator and the Angelic Realm embody the great purity of the Creator. This is the same for all beings. As you allow yourself to expand so, you create space within your being for the Creator to be present and for you to realise the Creator more fully within your being. In truth the more you allow your energies to consciously expand, the more you allow yourself to access enlightenment & bliss.

    All beings of the Creator’s Universe are expansive and focus upon the expansion of their beings. However, it is the Angelic Kingdom who act as very pure and easy to recognise examples of expansion. Their energy is not attached to a person, place or even a purpose. They simply allow their energies and inner truth to expand, in doing so they allow the truth, purity, & purpose of the Creator to be embodied within the space they create. Thus they are inspired as to the divine will and plan of the Creator. They become expressions of the Creator with clear intentions which are aligned with their essence. While also being greater than their essence, they become enlightened extensions of the Creator.

    Any and all beings have the ability to embody the essence of the Creator in the same way that the Angelic Realm do. It is simply easier for the Angelic Realm as they are already without attachments and limitations, which are the challenges of the Earth. Focusing upon expansion & the Light of the Creator will also help release the programming & attachments & help expand your awakening & more fully experience your Divine Self. Thus expansion can create space and even time within your being and reality for enlightenment to dawn, be accepted and remembered.

    Allow yourself to call upon the Angelic Realm to surround you and anchor their energy into your being.

    Call upon the Angels of Expansion to be present with you as well.

    Then call upon the Angelic Body to anchor into your being.

    The Angelic Body is an energetic form which represents and holds all the beautiful qualities, blessings, and abilities of all Angelic Beings. When we call upon the Angelic Body, we are inviting a synthesis with the core of all Angelic energies. This can be a very powerful process and download of awakening energy into your being.

    One of the core energies of the Angelic Body is expansion, as well as healing, wisdom, and sacred abilities. When you call upon the Angelic Body you have the opportunity to access the essence of all Angelic Beings. However, it is more truthful to say that you will access and synthesis with the appropriate and required essence of Angelic Beings for you. Accessing the Angelic Body can be an intense and deeply profound experience as a synthesis of supreme Angelic vibrations merge with and awaken from your being.

    Simply call upon the Angelic Body to connect with and anchor into your being. Imagine, sense or acknowledge Angelic light flowing into your entire being as you simply hold the intention of acceptance and expansion.

    When you feel the integration process is complete allow yourself to call upon the Archangels to deepen your development, recognition and experience of expansion within your being. The appropriate Archangels will come forth to work with you. Simply focus upon receiving Angelic light with each breath you inhale and recognise expansion within you with each breath you exhale.

    Take time to observe the presence, experience and sensation of expansion within and around your being, acknowledging what expansion means to you. With time you will realise that the expansion supported by the Angelic Kingdom is truly and absolutely evident within your being.

    Finally, allow yourself to call upon the Creator’s energies within and around you to anchor more fully into your being and to fill the space created by your focus upon expansion. The presence of the Creator’s energy will create even greater experiences of expansion within your being while also promoting and reawakening states of enlightenment for you to experience and explore.

    It is through your acceptance, recognition and focus upon expansion that states of enlightenment manifest & expand. It is through the manifestation of enlightenment that greater expansion is experienced. Cleansing, purifying, healing and aligning your being with the Light creates space within your being that helps you to become conscious of this process & further unfold the expansion and enlightenment energies of your being.

    It is time to allow yourself to expand beyond that which you wish to experience, that which you wish to be, and even beyond all that you imagine or dream yourself experiencing. Now is the time to allow yourself to think and perceive your reality beyond the limitations which you can currently create for yourself mentally. Not only are old energies falling away and new energies dawning, old perspectives and limitations of the mind are ready to be erased while new expansive perspectives are ready to be born into your mind and consciousness.

    The energies of the Earth are changing and transforming dramatically, the same is occurring within your being. The Earth is accepting and manifesting a new body, aura, energy and reality holding the essence of expansion. It may become challenging to exist within the new energies of the Earth as they slowly manifest if you are holding onto old limitations and beliefs in your mind.

    In the new energies of the Earth, there is a need for souls to let go of beliefs and hold the essence of expansion, as this will allow the Creator to be more fully present. And as you consciously practice allowing the Creator to be more fully present & expand within you, then enlightenment becomes a natural state of every being. New ideas and concepts flow forth from the Creator into souls upon the Earth which will act like seeds in fertile new vibrations of Mother Earth.

    It is souls upon the Earth who will truly create the pure embodiment of Mother Earth and manifest the divine plan of the Creator upon the Earth. Through focus upon expansion, you will access greater states of enlightenment, which will help the Divine Plan of the Creator for these new stages of ascension to manifest upon the Earth for all to experience.

    Call upon the Angelic Realm to begin this glorious and fulfilling process of expansion, enlightenment and creation for your own reality, ascension, and the Earth.

    You are each continuous sources of divine light and inspiration; I thank you for this.

    Lord Melchizedek

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