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Sarah Hall's: The Healing With Mother Mary Meditation and

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    July 11, 2016 3:52 PM PDT

    Last night when I was contemplating what to meditate with, God led me to these two beautiful & uplifting meditation videos. Enjoy both with Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light,


    The Healing with Mother Mary Meditation By Sarah Hall

    Mother Mary is best known as the Mother of Jesus. Her human life of deep spiritual faith and compassion made an indelible mark upon humanity. And since her ascension into heaven, she has continued to be a greatly influential healing and guiding presence on Earth. Mother Mary is famously known for leading the young Saint Bernadette to the miraculous healing waters of Lourdes. In one of Mary's many appearances to Bernadette, when asked who she was, replied, "I am the immaculate conception." Because the words "I am" are the name of God, and also the name by which each of us calls ourselves, this statement reminds us that we are all one, each an expression of God.

    "I am" is the divine spark of consciousness we share with the same force that created the universe from scratch. Jesus said "I am the resurrection". Mary's son knew and practiced that "with god, all things are possible," and was thus able to perform miracles. And you can perform miracles too. Mary's mission on Earth is to help each of us enter that Christ consciousness in which we realize ourselves as God, as capable of doing all that Christ does and more.

    Mary is especially interested in helping children and parents as they create a more peaceful and harmonious Earth, and to help each of us to heal and embrace our inner child, so that in the wisdom of our innocence, we may realize our innate divine power. Call on Mother Mary in any situation that calls for comfort and compassion. Mary's wish is to eradicate all forms of suffering on Earth, and is always there for those who need a Mother's comfort the most: for the sick, the homeless, the poor, or the broken-hearted. As you strengthen your bond with Mother Mary, you'll find that not only are your health and happiness greatly uplifted, but so too are others around you, as she guides you to perform her healing work on those in need.

    The Healing with Venus Meditation

    I invite you to transform yourself today through this meditation, to become your true highest all-loving, all-forgiving self through accessing your core of pure innocence, passion and beauty.

    Venus's divine purpose is to help us experience spiritual healing and enlightenment through the sensuality and beauty of love. You can call on her guidance for creating deeper spiritual fulfillment in your love life. Venus can help with:
    o Healing a broken heart.
    o Helping you recognize when it is time to break up with a partner.
    o Transitioning through a break-up.
    o Attracting a Romantic Soul Mate partner.
    o Heightening and expanding your sexual passion.
    o Using your sexuality as a channel for experiencing spirit.
    o Healing from sexual abuse, fear or guilt.
    o Building lasting partnerships based in both passion and commitment.

    Venus is the personification of the energy of heavenly beauty and Love. She appears most often in our lives as pure energy, moving through us. She is present in great feelings of inspiration, awe, passion, and sensuality. All of these things are powerful reminders of our Creator; reminders that we are one with God, sharing in the same divine Love that creates the Universe. The more you healthfully expand and embrace your experiences of love and beauty, the closer you come to your higher-god-self---accessing greater fulfillment, happiness, peace, the ability to manifest good in your life and your divine purpose, and to understand and wield the deep and infinite power of love.

    Romantic Love is a powerful reminder of God. It is an energy that helps us access the remembrance of all God is in Truth. When we recognize beauty, we are recognizing God. We are recognizing the infinite mystery that created the omni-verse, the great mind of the all in which we exist as God individualized. Romantic Love is one of the most powerful and challenging arenas of spiritual evolution we experience as human beings. According to the laws of the universe, we evolve in response to a stimulus, a pressure, a combustion, or chemistry. The chemistry of attraction between soul mates who come together in the experience of Love is the laws of the Universe at work to create a combustion that will transform the very fabric of humanity. It is the law of attraction that brings Souls alike in spiritual need together to create a synergy, a magic harmony that will allow them both to grow, change and expand in ways they never might have without the spiritual components each soul mate offers the other. We are a species currently experiencing abundant change. And it is through our relationships—relationships of all forms—that we are becoming our highest god-realized selves.

    In Greek wisdom, the Goddess Aphrodite is known in two aspects: as Aphrodite Pandemos, standing for physical lust and sexual passion, and Aphrodite Urania, standing for soul-mate love, commitment, understanding, and spirituality. Relationships, like all things in this universe, are ever-evolving and ever-expanding spiritual vessels. Relationships are a living, breathing part of your life, and must be fed and nurtured with both passion and understanding. One without the other cannot sustain a relationship. Venus is here to help you understand your love life from the highest perspective possible, and to cherish yourself fully as the image and likeness of the creator god/goddess.

    Venus cannot take away from your connection with the one true creator mother/father God. Venus, like the Angels, like Jesus, the Buddha, and like you and I is a divine creation of God. She guides us to God, to expanding the divine within us through Pleasure, Attraction, and Joy. The more you invite Venusian energy into your life, the more you will acknowledge, understand and experience yourself as a creature capable of creating great beauty.

    As you call upon Venus, you learn to love and cherish yourself as a beautiful, passionate, sensual, and open creature of abundant romantic love. All of your relationships no matter what their form, will benefit and flourish with understanding, forgiveness, joy, appreciation and Love. Heighten your experience of Love, and you experience healing, harmonizing and upliftment in all areas of your life. In the words of Louise Hay, "Love is the great Miracle cure".

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